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Awakening-Healing News Index 2003      Our Reality and It's Transformation

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
2 Imix, 14 Tzec, 12 Manik         10/26/03

Greetings! We arrive once again, dear Hearts! Today, we intend to discuss how your reality operates and what we are all doing, now, to transform it. The process began, many eons ago, when the original souls, whom Heaven had assigned to this reality, worked together with this sector's heavenly Administration to form this reality. Mother Earth, owing to her importance, chose to become a special water-world. The remaining questions concerned where in this vast galaxy she would reside, and when this event was to occur. Many billions of years ago, she settled in this solar system, positioned near the outer edge of the Orion Arm of this galaxy. Her first task was to bring into being a diverse and living network of life. Knowing that, eventually, guardians would be needed for this evolving eco-system, Mother Earth asked this sector's heavenly Administration to send different suitable species to her. Soon after this was done, three potential candidates, suited to the task, migrated to your world. We have described the results of this operation many times before and mention it again, now, only to initiate this conversation. Later, we shall refer to it to explain some vital points.

      As you know, all realities are merely byproducts of the true intentions of Heaven and the consensual perceptions of its most sentient inhabitants. This process produces a reality's grids and sets up the web (prime structure) that shapes this reality. This web, in turn, creates the basic 'rules' governing how a reality's matter, energy and space inter-relate. Such interactions are part of a broad spectrum of possibilities. In the end, consciousness is the most crucial of these responsibilities; of them, the most relevant is choice. You have chosen how your reality was constructed and how it will be transmuted into something else. It is an ever-unfolding process. Always, your reference point remains the divine plan. Lord Surea decreed, at the beginning of each reality, how it would evolve. Your role is to use this prototype, together with your glorious intentions, to produce the desired result. Heaven promises to guide you and, in right divine time, to correct any problems that you cannot. This sacred partnership will create the means by which the entirety of physical Creation will unfold.

    The crucial component is consciousness. More than simple awareness of who you really are and why you are here, consciousness is a condition that lives in a constant state of 'now'. That 'now' is a reality's past, present and future. In such a state, it is possible, simultaneously, to be in this reality and in the great sum total of all realities, acting as one. Here, the divine plan becomes the book, which you can easily read. In fact, you are able to read all of its nearly infinite chapters at one and the same time. You transcend and ascend. You become the keeper of knowledge and the giver of divine wisdom. In this state, you learn that all consciousness is interconnected and that life is immortal. Immortality flows from the perpetual nature of Creation and from the Creator's Love, whence comes all things. This process produces Life and, before it, the inter-dimensional Light used to create one's soul. That Light is fused with the Creator's divine Love. As has just been mentioned, this operation creates Love and consciousness. As it is generally used, Creation is purely a living, conscious universe.

     This living, conscious universe is very different from that envisioned by your present forms of science. The energies, forces and matter that comprise physicality work according to the 'rules' set forth by each reality. Each dimension of physicality contains an almost infinite number of realities. Every reality sees its sister realities through its own blinders - the rules that govern that particular reality. In fact, a multitude of different realities makes up each galaxy, the expanse between them and other galaxies. Physicality was not created by a massive 'big bang', nor is its growth finite. Instead, a plan for interaction was created, and an enormous order of heavenly administrations, as well as a succession of chosen highly sentient inhabitants, constructed physicality's present 'map'. This map, therefore, is quite distinct from that familiar to your astronomers. It differs, dear Ones, in that it first places a high status on the initial equality of all realities, and then carefully rates them according to their true assigned potential.

      Everything within a dimension comes to an end according to a divine grand plan. This plan defies any logic set solely upon the principles inherent within that reality at any given time. Instead, you need either to 'tap into' the divine or be able, simply, to connect with sentient Beings from other realities who are willing to express their 'truths' to you. The transcendent truth of your science is that it is rife with anomalies. We have already explained this to you. The process is for you to expand beyond your current horizons and begin to admit your level of ignorance, and how that ignorance can be transformed into wisdom. Through this understanding, you will end your isolation from yourselves. You will truly learn how the divine plan works and how it can become a most useful blueprint. With this detailed plan, you will gain important clues concerning the structure of this universe. It can also reveal how connected you are to Creation, and to this and other aspects of physicality.

    Remember, dear Hearts, that each aspect of physicality is a sparkling jewel, divinely co-fashioned by the Creator, Heaven and you. This sacred triad gives form to physicality and brings about the miracle you see in the night sky. Every night, before your eyes, an exquisitely beautiful series of objects appears that defies your physics. This work is proof of what we are describing. Physicality is an interminable series of conscious, living events and, for that reason, they have an affect on you and your global society. Astrology is now a poor, but still useful, suggestion of its former self. Many ancient doctrines of Creation, which stem from societies once existing in every corner of your globe, are still other useful tools in understanding this matter. Your hidden literature contains passages that show your true past, and describe your past selves and your inevitable salvation.

     The point we wish to make is that all is well. That which you have come here to do will be done and, in fact, has already begun. What yet remains is for you to manifest the next leg of your journey. We are all working busily to ensure that this event occurs according to plan. Here, we are resolutely doing what is divinely allowed. Although this process is not always to our liking, we are resolved to see that all unfolds as it is meant to. This means that Heaven and you, together, will have the final decision-making power in these developments. Heaven's free will and your limited free will, ultimately, will determine the outcome. Last week, we mentioned briefly that, although upcoming events will not develop as we first had wished, the desired result will manifest, nonetheless. Therefore, dear Ones, remain totally confident and utterly willing to do whatever you must, in a positive way, to achieve your success.

      Because consciousness is a living process, it evolves continually. Its development is aided by the divine plan, and supervised by the Creator and the infinite Legions of Heaven. Your present task is to acquire a better understanding of this enormous and perplexing operation. Only through inner Heart logic can its workings be discerned. The tools of the mind, at this moment, are not enough. In the course of this brief message, we have shown you how and why this is a living, conscious universe. Subdivided into different dimensions and realities, it contains all manner of corporeal and non-corporeal life. The nature of its interconnections is clearly a mystery to you. This dilemma has not lessened the enormous amount of speculation surrounding it that confronts you each day. Know that the next moments in your history will enable you to move beyond speculation, toward truth.

      Today, we have discussed the events of your reality from a different perspective. We wish you to know that extraordinary events are unfolding. Always be prepared to act unhesitatingly and to use your astonishing talents to help others. Remember that together, we shall be victorious!   We now take our leave.   Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the ceaseless Prosperity and perpetual Supply of Heaven is yours!   Selamat Gajun!   Selamat Kasijaram!! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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