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"This Is a New Beginning for you"
Online Channeling and Messages  May 8, 2003
 Greetings Everyone!


The energies are fluctuating between minor lulls and out and out barrages. At times it is as if the energies are being shot through a tube, concentrated and coming at us as direct hits. Many of you have reported sudden changes in your energetic systems. Some of you have even been vibrating as these high frequency energies pass through. Others are still experiencing shifts.


Tones are incoming with new dynamics and frequency levels. Some of you who have, all during your lives, only heard tones in one ear are now hearing them in both ears. Often with the incoming tones there are shifts of balance from within as if the room has tilted or your reality has just shifted. It can be hard to stay on your feet when this happens. So what is it?


What I am given is that there are communications coming to us that are in pure energy form. Not the usual telepathic or cognizant types of transmissions. The Masters tell me that we, in a sense are being re-booted with attunements that are re-harmonizing us, calibrating us toward the coming changes. These new harmonizations are bringing to us information in pure form. Information that becomes a part of who we are. Our thinking minds cannot perceive this information because it is not of though waves. It is of higher frequency than our brains are able to access. This information, these attunements bring us closer to the Source, to Light.


Once we have established this new level of being within ourselves, we begin to become more sensitized to everything within and around us. It is as if many people are becoming hyper aware to their inner and outer environments. The most subtle of changes in the energy bodies are becoming noticeable. This, which being a bit disconcerting at first, is a fantastic thing. It carries us beyond our third dimensional illusions and into the now. Into the moment and therefore the Truth that is inherent in each moment.


Once you have become present in the moment, you begin to know, simply know, what all of your possibilities are. What paths you have to choose from. You begin to see opening doors where others are closing fast. More change. This can, at times feel like static within your systems because you are unaccustomed to operating from a standpoint of such high frequency levels.


Caution is advised when you feel the static, the chaos within, not to go to fear levels. I have spoken to and worked with many this week who are quite outside of the moment, choosing anxiety over stepping back to assimilate the changes. It is imperative that we roll with the flow and allow these new aspects to assimilate fully.


How? By allowing ourselves the quiet time that we need. Getting different types of exercise than we generally have. Stepping back from the everyday chaos, if even for a few moments at a time, and noticing how we are feeling in the moment. Asking ourselves what it is we are really feeling, not what our bodies may be conveying. Asking ourselves and the Universe what it is we are to know in that moment and further, if needed, for a translation of that which we are sensing. As I said, our minds are unable to interpret these new situations, but our essence, our consciousnesses are fully able to transcend the anxiousness, the chaos and take us directly into Awareness.


That Awareness is what we all seek in our own ways. We call it many things, but ultimately it becomes our connection to the One. From there, we are the One.


So it is that we must remember that we can never rationalize the finer points of our existence, rather become them. It is there that the Truth we have sought awaits within us.


I must ask for your assistance. Many, many of you write me each day. It is my heartfelt desire to answer each and everyone of you personally. I so love hearing your experiences and often learn from them myself. I really love giving assistance where possible. What is happening is that as the list continues to grow (and this is fantastic!) I am becoming overwhelmed with the sheer volume of personal e-mails and therefore already often weeks behind in responding.


First of all, please keep forwards to a minimum. When you write to me, please do everything that you can to keep those e-mails as short as you can.  As most of you know, I do offer private sessions for the more complex questions and situations. I am easily reachable for those via the website. Thank you from my heart. I often struggle with how to give as much as possible to all of you as I honor the needs that each of you have for answers in your own journeys. I really want to be there for you.


I wish you peace in your hearts, expansion in your journeys, Truth from your core to your totality and the wisdom take that Truth to the highest place… yourselves.


Blessings and Light,


Online Channeling

May 8, 2003


Anastallah, anah, anah nahedre anastallah antui asi, asi, asi Of the Light we come to you en masse and with full hearts which are the essence of our Light. That sacred place of Being. The One.


Upon our last transmission we began to speak to you of the coming times. We wish at this moment to continue.


It is that we have been giving you tools toward the becoming of yourselves beyond that which is the touchable, dense and third dimensional you.  We will continue to do so.  We wish in this now to speak to you of things beyond, and opportunities that are quickly approaching.


As was given previously, there are now anomalies occurring upon your planet which are causing much change in your local environments. There are severe weather patterns coming to many of you which spawn difficult situations.  There are seismic activities of which we have spoken, now occurring as well.  These are the beginning of the signs that changes are at hand.


There are anomalies in your skies as well.  Rings around your sun and you moon.  Strange combinations of colors and Light. These are symbols of the coming changes.


Escalation in world affairs has begun.  Wars for causes that are of personal gain and passion have become of progress.  This was written.  There has been much devastation in the names of God and Man.  There are many soils which are ripe for conflict.  Other soils which are raw from it.  Armies are amassed, displaying the fullness of their power, stomping their feet like angry bulls, yet they are ultimately powerless.


What these armies create within the reality in which they function is devastation and destruction of innocent people who wish for nothing more than peace.  This is not real power.  The real power comes in honoring one belief system to the next, one being then another, creating a world of harmonious being.  A world of mutuality. . Sharing that which one country has toward the benefit of another which has not. There is real power.


At the same time, however, it is also given that there must be chaos to affect change.  That change is a rising of the overall consciousness toward a shift to magnificence. In such a way, there is an innate power in it all…

All of these events are symbols of change within your realm. There is a new (at least to your history) and interactive choreography within the celestial bodies which is causative of changes within you.  The gravitational relationship between you, your planet and the relationship of your planet to all other celestial bodies is changing.  The magnetics of your planet are reducing to shift point.  Your sun is showing signs of magnetic instability.  That which we have spoken of your weather patterns and seismic activities are direct and outward signs of this.


The energies incoming to you as well as those being emitted from your local Universal environments are of dramatically different aspects and frequencies than you are accustomed. Those energies are ultimately constructed of Light. They are moving through you. At the same time, your gravity moves at the speed of light. In such a way, there is at times a direct conflict between that which is your gravity and that which are the incoming energies. Further, the energies being emitted from your environment, your planet are heavier, denser, as the planet attempts to shake off that which is occurring upon her, within her.


The direct results of these occurrences to you are that there are changes within your bodies.  Your neurological systems become reactive by heightening the speed and intensity of the electrical and electro-magnetic charges throughout your bodies.  When this occurs, you feel anxious, unbalanced, scattered.  Those which are the muscles which hold you together become hyper stimulated and therefore may be cramping or sore in general.  You feel lighter yet the heaviness that is still within you is in direct conflict.   After all, you are made of the same minerals that form the very Earth upon which you reside.   In a way, you are experiencing within you, your own responsive seismic activity.


There is balance to be found within these changes.  It is to move, breathe, and allow the conflicting energies to balance and assimilate within you.  It is to release yourself as conscious beings toward the beyond, the infinite.   It is to begin to understand that there is more than one you.   That which is the you that you can see and feel, the one that feels and sees from a physical nature, and the others which can soar far beyond that you and into the infinite world of simple being.


You are becoming of that self, those selves again.  You exist concurrently on many, many planes . There are other aspects of yourself which are experiencing far different as well as nearly identical aspects of the same experience that you are of in this plane.


In such a way, the anxiousness you are feeling within your bodies is a need for pulling toward unification of yourselves in relation to yourself.   It is that your energies are harmonizing with all of you.


It is that there is an event up coming in which, once harmonized and freed from your corporeal selves, you may participate.


All of the signs and activities that we have spoken of are indicative of an opening of a major star gate which will occur with certain planetary alignments in early November of this year.  This star gate is an opening to the infinite.   It is an opportunity to experience the infinite without having to leave that life of which you are familiar.


It is that those of you who have found balance within the new harmonizations will be able to project your consciousness outwardly through this star gate and experience the infinite.  To experience that which is the Ascension point and return again with full awareness of that experience.   It is that you will be given within that experience a fullness of the knowings that you have forgotten.  A Mastery of Being-ness.


Returning from this journey, you may exist as beings of higher essence being fully of the light from which you have come. It will be as if you are experiencing that which it was in the Beginning.


This is a new Beginning for you. It is an opportunity for you to change your consciousness from never ending questions to a totality of answers. To bring those answers back with you into this reality will contribute to the shift point that is coming.


When there is enough Light brought back into your plane, the overall conscious will respond accordingly. That which is the consciousness will reach a point of critical mass, and there will occur a dimensional shift that will change the reality of the existence of all things within your realm.


Does this mean that your world will turn upside down?  Certainly not.  It is simply that the realities inherent in your world will shift toward a higher plane.  At least most of those realities.  There are some which will fall into darkness, but then this is how it has always been.  There must be balance in all phases.


It is to know in this moment and each moment thereafter that you are in the process of becoming.  This is the age of the return of innocence. To that which is Light that which is unquestionably who and what you are in your infinite being-ness.


Knowing this, imagine what it is to exist from within that Light, bringing that same Light into your current form of Being.  Pure Bliss. Unconditional Being-ness without  any of the aspects that make your current existence difficult.   Unconditionality.  Perfection. Honor, Essence and emission of love in its most pure form. Bliss. 


And so it is to know that while you are in that process, you are that process.  Nothing within you ever changes without your participation.   There are a myriad of opportunities beginning in this now.   Become present.   Become.


And so it is that we return to Light.



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