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Awakening-Healing News Index 2003    Part 2  Recognizing Low Vibrational Energies
"Christos Light"   Message From: Joelle   5/21/03  Channeled by June Stephansen

Negative Energies / Part 1

 A Positive Approach to Extricating Negative Energy


To understand negative energy is to recognize that it is all around us and not let it consume our very beingness.  We see this energy as a dark threat, but somehow we get caught up in these negative thoughts and actions not only by ourselves but others.  To deter negative thought energy one must consciously make an effort to refrain from negative thinking.  When approached by others who seem to be deeply imbedded in negative thoughts, conversation, and actions, it is important not to get caught in the trap of delving into their stuff, negative energy that is not yours. By deflecting this energy, we can adjust its foreseeable outcome by not allowing it to overtake or control our beingness.  Being fully aware of its destructive qualities is the key to denying its power over us. 


Negative energies can be found all around us and it has many different guises.  They can appear as negative thoughts, negative actions, negative speech or conversation, and anxiety held within the body producing other undesirable affects such as illnesses.  Negative energies can appear nonphysical as phantom energy lingering in places such as the therapist’s office, doctor’s office, veterinary clinic, at the mall, even in your home.   Another type of phantom energy is that which is harbored in the chakra(s).  This kind of negative energy can be a carried over from past life(s) or even early childhood of any given person.  It lays dormant for many years and then it actively participating in our lives and or manifesting as an illness or emotional block.


Most of us are not even aware of this happening around us but we do feel its affects.  Negative thoughts and actions are made up of fear, anger, anxiety, jealousy, manipulative, destructive thoughts, judgmental thoughts, gossip, unhappiness, sadness, misery, hatred for another, depression, guilt, suicidal tendencies, bad illnesses, fear of being unloved, fear of abandonment, divorce, death, and yes material objects that give off negative energy caused by people who are overly active in negative type of behavior, thoughts and actions.


Many spiritually awakened have an advantage of being attuned to all kinds of energies surrounding us through self awareness as well as having enhanced sensitivity of the senses.  By physically removing yourself from the presence of people who exhibit this kind of negative behavior, you are protecting your higher self from unnecessary exposure of lower vibrational frequencies of those who have not awakened or are in the early stages of their spiritual growth.  If you feel you can handle those individuals projecting this energy by ignoring it then you have jumped a major hurdle.  The higher self can choose to ignore negative energy thoughts and actions out of existence if there is enough forethought. 


Besides being aware of the known positive and negative energies, the enlightened soul who is a healer is sensitive to healing (positive) energies as well as phantom (negative) energies that are hidden. But more importantly the higher self then assimilates the negative aspects of energies and puts them in proper perspective by changing the initial affect of its threat by neutralizing, releasing, or integrating the energy.  The reason I bring this up is because many healers find themselves curing client’s that are affected by phantom negative energy by means of clearing the chakra(s) affected. 


Of the many people who have negative thoughts and actions do not know or realize the negative impact they are causing not only to themselves but to the people around them.  Many of these people who actively partake in this kind of thinking are usually not spiritually awakened yet or evolved enough to understand the potential hazard of such thoughts and how powerful or reckless negative thought energy can be.  An interesting fact is that old karma of a negative nature, from past life experience(s) have been known to crop up in this lifetime taking on new aspects for causing illnesses.  As a healer I have found sending my client’s on a couple of trips to the chakra clearing practitioner had resulted in the illness disappearing completely.  To my satisfaction I started analyzing these results which led me to the realization there was a connection of built up stored negative energy (karmic baggage) in the chakra(s) that was in correlation or related to phantom illnesses found in the client’s body.  As a healer if I could heal the illness on the short term, but knew I had to release what was causing the illness to reappear.


With great admiration for those of you who have already recognized the threat of negative energy, and have taken the necessary precautions to remove its influence from your life, I applaud you, for you had done this consciously through your higher self.   And for those of you, who have never really thought about negative energy to this extent, I implore you, through your higher aspect to consciously rid yourself of negative energies by releasing from its grips.  For only then will you be able to free yourself from the negative energy patterns of low vibration. 


I Am That I Am, Joelle of Sirus B

Senior Medical Officer, Galactic Federation

New Jerusalem Starship

  Rev. June Stephansen               jstephansen@earthlink.net

 This article may be used for personal use. All material to remain intact.  Please freely share. 


May 23rd  Channeled by June Stephansen
 "Christos Light"        Message From: Joelle

Negative Energies / Part 2

Recognizing Low Vibrational Energies


The 3rd Dimensional Earth plane is where all of us humans of the outer earth realm have resided for the many thousands of years.  The 3rd dimensional physical plane and the 4th dimensional astral plane are where the low vibrational frequencies are most felt.  Low vibrational frequencies reside in the emotional body.  Upon the spiritual awakening of a said human, the vibrational frequencies of that human start to elevate to another physical dimensional plane (in our case 5 D) in the process of our human evolution.  Thoughts then transfer to a higher vibration to the higher self.  Consciously we are able to choose what and how we think from higher vibrational energies and incorporate it into our 3 D world that we are presently manifesting these new energies.  So what are the characteristics of the thoughts that are generated in this new thought form?  We start feeling immense love, happiness, increased integrity, having good will toward others, and compassion.  Our spirituality transforms our attitudes and intention to how we want to perceive this new world we live in.  We definitely feel reborn without passing through death veil.  Although subtle at first, we become totally immersed in it.   These new Positive Vibrations are very addicting.


Low vibrations send out signals that seem to get misconstrued with our over indulgence for materialism.  Yes we live in a material inspired world.  All emotion we send out is of a low vibration unless one has been elevated out of it.  Yes even love as we perceive it in the 3 D is a low vibration.  Because we fail to capture the true meaning of what the “Love” word really means.  But let’s talk about how these low vibrations influence us day to day.  We get up each morning and are inspired to have a nice day.  Anyway that is what we want to believe our reality is or is going to be like.  Too many variables influence the outcome.  Other people, our families, our boyfriends, girlfriends, our health, situations at work or at home play in manifesting the outcome.  Even our wants for our immediate or long term future are manifested out of materialism.  Being of materialistic in mind is to be self-centered.  Everything we do and contribute to, is for the end result of how it will benefit the “ME” aspect.  Therefore the material world idealism is to promote self-centeredness in everyone.  What can I do to benefit “ME” for in the end it is for my best interest and well-being and personal satisfaction.  Meantime there is “No SOUL” satisfaction involved in this kind of vibration.


In the 3 D world we only know what our left brain wants us to know.  That is where the negative ego resides.  Everyone who lives for materialism has a negative ego.  Our “EGO” feeds the monster.  You see the whole idea is to want more out of life.  With “more” being that of a material nature, it doesn’t satisfy the “SOUL”.  We have been doing this for centuries and now have an opportunity to abandon this thought process through communion with our higher self. 


So what do the “Worst Kind” of Negative Vibrational frequencies look like if we were to see them?  They appear in TV News broadcasts and in various News Medias around the world and are meant to put fear and anger in our hearts- pursuing war and ultimately going to war, mass murder, genocide, terrorist disasters, nuclear disaster and etc. are forms of man-made emotional negative vibrations.  Ultimately, you hardly ever hear anything “Good” when hearing or seeing / reading the news.  This is done consistently on purpose.  It’s to get you riled up!


Other horrendous reports the News Media seem to incorporate into our everyday lives not only in news coverage, but Hollywood and the movie makers seems to think we are amused by it- made for TV movies and sitcoms that promote bad behavior as being okay unless your caught, murder, rape, sexual harassment, verbal harassment, stealing, cheating, lying, physical abuse, child abuse, corporate raiding, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, as well as stupid things we can do at home to harm or kill ourselves and harm, maim or kill our kids. 


Low Vibrational frequencies can also force Mother Nature to step in and rearrange the world we live in by releasing uncontrollable forces over the lands and atmosphere.  By releasing these forces due to the low vibrational frequencies of the 3 D earth to make way into the 5 D new earth.   Responding by producing earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, tidal waves, and Hurricanes has caused alarming natural disasters around the earth.   We call this Natural negative vibration which is in full course of action now.


In a day to day life low vibrational frequencies appear unassuming.  You see we live with them all our life we tend to think of them as common occurrences like, control of others through religion that necessitates guilt feelings among its flock.  Or a Politician who makes many promises but never makes good on them.  Men who want to control their girlfriends or girlfriends who manipulate their boyfriends.  Controlling, manipulation, obsessive behavior, grief ridden behavior, jealousy, greed for money and material things as well as power are sanctioned as normal behavior.  This list can go on and on because it is unending.  Only when a person can reflect on their higher self and change the thought patterns to a higher vibration will they truly be free of its affects and even this takes time to adjust to.    



I Am That I Am, Joelle of Sirus B

Senior Medical Officer, Galactic Federation

New Jerusalem Starship


 Rev. June Stephansen               jstephansen@earthlink.net

 This article may be used for personal use. All material to remain intact.  Please freely share

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