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 From: Turtle Woman
To: Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2003 8:50 PM
Latest Vision From Native American Shaman Nestor NightOwl

Dearest Dr. Boylan:
Thank you for sharing this information. It resonates.  I have been debating about attending the Star Knowledge Conference, as the autowritings have repeatedly indicated that something very big would be happening around this time and that the Denver area is in particular danger.  In sharing emails with others, it seems a lot of people are picking up on this being a critical time.  Blessings and hopefully will see you in Colorado Springs. Love and Light,
Turtle Woman.
----- Original Message ----- 04/15/03


Tonight I heard from Native American shaman Nestor NightOwl. Spirit had directed him to call me and share a vision he received a week ago.
In this vision the Pope (John Paul II), dressed in his formal stiff gold-brocaded altar vestments, approached him, and called Nestor by his birth name, which he has not heard in 20 years. Nestor has never been Catholic, and was surprised by the Pope's choosing him to visit (astrally). Nestor said the Pope was a clear as day, that he could see every fine detail of his face, to the level of the hairs on his nose.
The Pope gave Nestor to understand that he (the Pope) will be dead shortly. Nestor got that it would be in weeks, not months from now. The Pope stated that he has come to a new understanding of things, and that many ideas he has held for a lifetime are wrong:
such things as the existence of a Hell or Purgatory. Pope John Paul said he was ready to let go of this life. Pope John Paul told Nestor that the prophecies given by the figure the faithful know as the Virgin Mary are about to come to pass: those she gave to simple peasant children decades ago: the Prophecies of Fatima, Portugal, of Lourdes, France, of Medjugorje,
Bosnia-Herzogovina. These prophecies have to do with End Times events, and resemble what in modern metaphysical lore are called Earth Changes; and what the Hopi Prophecies call the Times of Tribulation.
The Pope did not put an exact date on when these Prophecies will manifest, but Nestor got the impression that it would be rather soon. Nestor felt that these were connected with current world events unfolding, such as the War on Iraq, etc. The Pope
said that these unfortunate events must play themselves out, that events have to unfold as they are set; that they will usher in an era such as the world has never experienced before. Nestor got the strong impression that out of the world-events tumult would arise the circumstance in which the presence of the
Star Visitors here would become so manifest that even the most hardened scoffer could no longer deny their reality. And that such would bring in an era unlike any previously known. The Pope also told Nestor that people have to pay attention now to the slightest intuition or other psychic indication they get, that it will be important to do so. Nestor was reminded of indicator signs which a Navajo Elder passed on to him, as told by the Old Ones. These signs that the Times of Tribulation are upon us will be three: 1) when one hears a low moaning outside, 2) when there is a fine red dust in the air, and 3) when a person while walking feels themself tilting some to one side.. Nestor believes that he will be drawn back soon to the U.S. Mainland from Kauaii, and hopes to be able to attend and speak at the Star Knowledge Conference May 23-25 in Colorado Springs. He feels that by that date "big things will be happening." Nestor was puzzled as to why he was directed to bring his vision to me. But I was not. For in so doing, his vision will be spread around the world. And since I and my associate, investigator Paola Harris, are friends with Monsignor Corrado Balducci, the Vatican's tacit point-man on Star Visitor matters, that Nestor's message would be shared with him as well. I thanked Nestor for sharing his vision and message, and secured his permission to share them publicly. And so you have this guidance to add to what vision he previously got about May, as well as the predictions of Dr. Leo Sprinkle's Guides, John Kimmey, and Marian MacNeil's Star Visitor contact "Neuman". [See attachments.] We are in for some changing times, and apparently not far off.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Healing By a Star Visitor and Message For Humanity
by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

I begin this narration by expressing thanks to Tunkasila
(Grandfather Cosmos) and Maka Unce (Earth Grand-Mother)
[traditional Native American spirituality understanding of
Supreme Source] for the healing described below.

Since November 22, I had been troubled by severe pain down
the outside length of my left leg. This pain became so severe
that by November 29th, though of stoic nature, I could not take
it any further. My physician prescribed first one, then another
synthetic narcotic pain-killer. These somewhat muted the pain,
but did not eliminate it. The pain wore on for days more.

On last Thursday (Dec. 05), I drove over to Sonoma County,
CA on ACCET business to the home of Marian MacNeil, the
new Secretary-Treasurer of ACCET, to deliver the Secretarial
materials to her. (I am Vice-President of ACCET.) Marian is
the Deputy Moderator of UFOFacts e-list. [Her address:
macki58@hotmail.com] She is also a certified hypnotherapist,
psychic and energetic-healer. Ancient Celtic/Wiccan culture
would describe her as one of the "Wise Old Women". [Not
many of these escaped burning at the stake in late Medieval

Marian is also an experiencer, and has had repeated visits in
person and by telepathic communication with the Star Visitor
who calls himself Neuman. Neuman is very much a solid
flesh-and-blood Star Visitor whose face features a sloped-down
rostrum something like a limp dolphin beak or an overgrown
bird beak. Otherwise he has rather humanoid features. Though
he frequently chooses not to appear on-site visibly but rather to
make contact telepathically, he is a 3-D being, as I understand it.

After completing our discussion of business, Marian asked
if I'd like to hear from Neuman. I agreed and the telepathic
dialogue began. Some of the dialogue was personal, so I'm only
sharing those parts which are of public informational value.

Before long into the dialogue, Neuman directed Marian to
pause and immediately prepare for healing work. Marian took
me into a different room, where I sat while she placed hands
on my head and neck. Neuman indicated that a healing would
begin at once and flow to me through Marian as "conductor".
I must say that I could feel the force in real time and the pain
stopped at once!

We then adjourned back to the other room, where Neuman
resumed his messages and responses to my questions. These I
now share with you. Neuman identified his home star system as
in the galaxy adjacent to the Milky Way, if you were to view it
from the perspective of proceeding from Earth straight out from
Galactic center to beyond rim, and then looking to the nearest
galaxy on one's right.

Like many other Star Visitors, he reported previous incarnations
on other planets, in his case in the Arcturus and Alpha Centauri
systems. In response to a question from me, Neuman affirmed
that yes, he knew my departed friend Dr. Michael Wolf and
Dr. Wolf's frequent Star Visitor companion, "Kolta", a Zeta
Reticulan. When I asked Neuman to comment on the predicted
upheavals for May, 2003, he responded that the upheavals will
be social, physical and political. They represent a choice for
humanity: the outcomes are humanity's responsibility.

He characterized the geophysical component of the May
upheavals as "Earth entering her 'menstrual cycle'," i.e.,
sloughing off of old potentials that no longer are  life-supporting,
to make way for truly life-supporting resources. Part of the
upheavals will involve tectonic plate movements, resulting in
earthquakes on a scale that have not existed since humans
started doing measurements in this Fourth World cycle.
such epic plate movements have occurred in Earth's past,
beyond the historical memory of current humankind.

The current Richter Scale, which only goes up to 10, will be
inadequate to describe the magnitude of such plate movements
and fissures. These geophysical events will of course include
reactivated volcanoes and lava flows. (I commented to Marian
that my recent trip to Hawaii Island, where Kilauea Volcano is
actively erupting and sending lava flowing, made me reflect on
how the villagers there have learned to take lava flows in stride,
and move to a new location as flows threaten an existing village.
Flexibility and awareness are hallmark attributes of those who
will transition into the coming Fifth World.)

Neuman also stated that a large planetoid fragment is on its way
in "back towards Earth", (thus suggesting its orbital path brings
it close to Earth.)

In its travel, it will dislodge from current position several
fragments in the Asteroid Belt. Apparently the large planetoid
will not strike Earth but come close. However, one of the
sizeable asteroids dislodged will travel to Earth and strike in the
South Atlantic Ocean between lower Africa and lower South
America. While Neuman did not spell out the consequences
of this asteroid strike, he did comment that it would serve as a
"wake-up call" for humankind.

Neuman also said that the Star Visitors will take care of other
rogue asteroids set careening by the pass-by of Planetoid "X",
so that those on trajectories towards populated locations
onEarth do not arrive. When I asked if humans would notice
the Star Visitors at work averting threatening asteroids, he
replied that "those who look up to the sky will notice," and
will note the helpful influence of the Star Visitors.

But not everyone looks up to the sky. He also stated that "the
government knows about [the Planetoid], and is not telling
the people anything about it." Because of this governmental
dereliction of duty to public safety, "the people will eventually
stop paying attention to governments," because the governments
knew but did nothing to warn the people.

Neuman also foretold that as Earth goes through major
upheaval/renewal in May, moving her tectonic plates and
rearranging the contours of Earth's surfaces, there will be a
reduction in density of everything as we move towards a "fifth
density" level. Just as the Earth lightens up and becomes more
comfortable after stretching and rearranging herself, so, too,
humans will note their bodies and bones becoming more
spongy, less dense in this transformation process. The rest of
material Earth will also have a less-dense, more porous/spongy
quality to its solidity.

I thanked Neuman for these communications, which dovetail
well with the four prophecies I have reported earlier [see
attachment], and with various future visions which experiencers
have been shown by Star Visitors during encounters.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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