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St. Germain: Special Message on NESARA

May 1, 2003   Channeled by Kara Kincannon 
From: Kara Kincannon [mailto:kara-kincannon@iwon.com]

Source of Light Message From: St. Germaine
Tele-communicated through Kara

I have channeled the Masters, ET's,and the Angels for 25 years now. This has been my purpose. I delight in this service. Master St. Germaine has been a focal point of information that has been shared to me an countless others. There has never been one discrepancy in any of the Masters information.  All has proven through time to be 100% correct. I am now asking Master St. Germaine to come through and give to us all, any information he chooses to share with us about NESARA.  I personally have been oblivious to this group.  I was skeptical and foo-fooed it off.   I have in the last two weeks been brought full circle to this group (NESARA) and feel there is something very real about it.  So I am asking Master St. Germaine to give us information about this NESARA group.

Greetings Dear Ones,

Know this. To all beings of Light here in Service to implement the New Now Age for Humanity.  In just a few of your earth days there will be an Announcement of the NESARA Omega Group, that I started and I and many other Ascended Masters and the Golden Galactic Federation have been holding for humanity's correct time to begin to transform the old dark agendas of the dark ones whom have been in power for many millenniums of time. That day and this time is Now.

I will not go into a discourse of this history, for it is all on the Web-site of NESARA.  The time of separation, lies, murder, and greed are over.   As I am speaking through this one. George Bush Jr. is making the last attempt he will ever have at still trying to deceive you .

He does not speak for Americans, nor does he stand for the Constitution of the United States of America.  The darkness knows not of whom he serves.

This is being allowed for his speech will show you after our announcement of NESARA and the World Court, whom I have personally set up to do just this.

They will Tell the Truth and give back everything that has and was taken from the people of America and the World.

Know this, all will be made very clear in the following days, for nothing will remain hidden from you ever again.  The truth is and will and already is in place now with many White Knights who will come forth and share all of this with the whole world.

AMERICA is my Responsibility!!!!!!!!  And respond I will for now we have been given full Divine Intervention from the Source to do just this.    AMERICA is the New Frontier for the Establishing of Heaven on Earth and you are the Pioneers whom have carried these burdens through to completion.   You are the Heroic Warriors of Light that have kept up the battles for Truth, Justice and Liberty for All. Battle fought well and WE have all Won!!!!!!!!

The Battle is over, and now the Building has and is begun. Prosperity for all.

Many of you are prepared and stand ready to appropriate this wealth to the masses.   The New World Servers whom are ready to take their offices to reform America to it's original Vision.   The Lady of Liberty holds the torch for all Humanity again to live in Peace, Freedom and Prosperity for all!!!!!!   This wealth will continue to flow.   This is just the first wave of prosperity to come forth.   Know this, there is no lack in Oneness, ever.   We are rejoicing for we know the many surprises many of you will be receiving in the next few days.   We ask you to honor your gifts by co-creating new systems of service to the hearts and lives of the suffering that the dark ones have caused.   Always ask for Divine guidance in all affairs.   At this we will close.   Rest in the assurance that there will be no more delays.

We Bid You Peace St. Germaine

Footnote: as I began this transmission on my Word Document, the power to my computer went out and I had not saved it.   I had to reboot and to my amazement it was there.   The part where St. Germaine had just begun to speak was gone, so I had to start all over, but he came right on in with no problem.   Also I have yet to read anything on NESARA's Web-site. I will now go and read it as suggested.

Thank you St.Germaine.

Source of Light Message
"Day of Reckoning"

Master St. Germaine Speaks to:   All Earth Angel Special Forces

Greetings Dear Ones,

Now is the time and the day and the hour you have waited for and envisioned for the future has now arrived. Because of your Ernest dedication and commitment to Serve the truth of Ancient Ones of Ancient days. We have held this Wisdom throughout time and you as the Emissaries of Light and Love have accomplished the first wave to be set for the 5th dimension to inpour through your consciousness of Oneness to Now be brought forth as Above so Below..

The building of the Cities and centers of light is upon you to receive now your next Heavenly instructions. The activationís of the new cellular DNA bodies is done in and through each of you to Now Accomplish these Truth Centers across the globe. All of heaven is celebrating this day with you. The Light and divine Will of the Source Creator has been followed through and the grace abounds in joy and peace for all humanity!!!!!

The wars and separation will cease now and forever. The bells of freedom and peace ring forth throughout out the cosmic matrix of all Eternity! Nothing will stop you ever again from full expression of your knowing divinity!

In the next few hours all will be in place for the undoing of the old world/dark agendas to collapse before the whole worlds view. The Day of reckoning has begun!!

Continue to hold your hearts in great compassion for all, especially the dark ones, whom need your love and light more than any now. They have served their time of karmic agendas and all is forgiven and then must be forgot.

You are Now in the moment of grace, which means you are receiving the light of all creation to be co-created here as Heaven on Earth Now. This is the Now Age of this Earth being restored to itís original state of Oneness.

With this Dear Ones we will bid each and everyone of you Earth Angel Special Forces to forever celebrate in Joy this day of your Confirmation.

Master St. Germaine

Tele-communicated through Rev. Deborah Kara Kincannon 

Source of Light!
Building the Now Age!!!!!!!!!
For Soul readings, Group events and Services,
Rev:Kara Deborah Kincannon
Aguilar, Co.

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