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Threshold of a Most Exciting Period

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
11 Akbal, 1 Ceh, 11 Ik

Selamat Jarin! We return to give you more information. In the last few weeks, many events have transpired. Any remaining opposition to the announcements is finally being cleared away and there is a strong possibility that some major statements will be made very soon. We are observing this final drama very closely. We need to be sure that our earthly allies are completing their remaining tasks in a secure environment.  Of course, the matter dearest to our hearts is the official disclosure of our existence and benevolence.  To reinforce this announcement, we have developed a series of carefully prioritized contingencies.  At the moment, our many liaison boards are cooperating fully with the express wishes of our earthly allies.  We are confident that these matters will be resolved quite quickly. Moreover, we have increased our surveillance of all of your planet's trouble spots.  Presently, we are issuing a steady stream of critical information, prepared by our security forces, for our earthly allies.  As ever, we wish to prevent the initiation of any new wars.

      Heaven has allowed us a new and broader range of scenarios for the events that lead up to first contact. These sacred edicts permit us to intervene in ways we previously were denied. We intend to use these declarations to ensure that the current global cover-up of our existence is transformed into full disclosure. One of the major goals of first contact is to bring an end to your present quarantine and to proclaim your entry as full members into the Galactic Federation of Light. The other is to assist in your return to full consciousness. Both must occur if we are to consider this project successful. What excites us is that now, we have heavenly permission to secure its success. Moreover, Heaven has notified us that it has significantly increased the degree of its intervention in this matter. Your success is of paramount importance to Heaven and to us. Therefore, Lord Surea has issued a number of divine protocols that express full support of our enlarged mission objectives. Our fleet has been informed of this, as well. Accordingly, we have put a new mission board, headed by several of your Ascended Masters, in charge of this first contact.

      First contact is not only a chance for you to meet your space family, but also an opportunity to witness an immense number of heavenly acts. By transmuting your existing beliefs, they will bring you back into a profound and intimate relationship with Heaven. This new relationship will precede your restoration to full consciousness. It will propel you into a realm that has not existed on earth for tens of millennia. In advance of this, Heaven has asked us to carry out a number of tasks once we receive official acknowledgement. First, we wish to instruct you fully in the history of your great avatars, prophets and messiahs so that you will be prepared for their manifestations. Each is now in the process of setting the energies for their return. Second, we will give you a detailed history of Atlantis and Lemuria, revealing their exact locations and showing you what remains of them both on land and in the waters of Mother Earth. It is important for you to know about this. Major crystals that can affect your environment have been activated recently at many key temple sites.

     These crystals are being reactivated to prepare the final adjustment of your reality's new grid. Because this process, ultimately, will need your input, it is necessary for you to be aware of this and of the energy physics that it produces. Therefore, you must see Mother Earth, primarily, as a 12-faceted crystal that can be broken down into 144 smaller facets. At the center of these facets are the main energy (electro-gravitic) nodes of your world. When properly connected, these nodes constitute earth's living nervous system. To maintain the health of this system, your distant ancestors used various immense controller and record-keeping crystals. A number of large stone edifices, now scattered throughout your continents, were also built to assist in this most necessary task. However, most of those that remain, remnants of ancient crystal Lemurian and Atlantean temples, are located only in the depths of your oceans. By employing our technology, you can be transported to these now-inhospitable sites.

      As this process sets in Mother Earth's new grid system, it is increasing the dissolution of your present reality. This, in turn, is moving you into an accelerated daily timeframe, resulting in your increased inability to remember simple things. Your consciousness is inextricably linked to this reality's grid. As it changes, it becomes more difficult for you to exist in the old reality. You are either more aware, or less, of your shift into greater states of consciousness. The reason for this dichotomy is rooted in the subtlety of the changes. Remember, dear Hearts, that you are experiencing extremely intense modifications. These adaptations are enabling you to incorporate more Light and to integrate a multitude of subsystems that have lain dormant within you for more than 13 millennia. Your reality's grid, too, is being altered to an extent not approximated for the same period of time. We serve as Heaven's overseers and these events demand our close attention.

      In addition, we are being asked to introduce you to the ruling Council of Agartha (Inner Earth) and to your former off-world overlords, the Anunnaki. The latter changed its name to Annanuki to show that they are no longer your overlords. These two groups have been a vital part of your history and desire to become an important component of your future. The peoples of Inner Earth wish to unite with you in forming a new galactic society and the Annanuki would like to become part of your new solar system star-nation. Both are Beings who long have disagreed over how to assist or control you. The time approaches when you will reach into your hearts and embrace them again as members of your space family. In this, dear Ones, remember that you have participated in a most compelling galactic drama.

      As a final step, we will introduce you to your local Spiritual Hierarchy. All of these divine Beings are most anxious to end the lack of direct communications that has plagued you for many millennia. This will be the time for an opening to Heaven. Heaven will instruct you in your guardianship and offer guidelines for the swift success of your essential tasks. At all times, dear Hearts, know intuitively the degree to which Heaven desires your success and with what grace Heaven blesses it. You are soon to meet the Devas, fairies and other 'wee' people of your legends. They will show you how Mother Earth's ecosystem works and why it is truly a living, holistic organism. They, in turn, ask only your blessings and your full cooperation. These sacred Beings wish you also to know the cetacean nation better and to respect it fully, as well.

      Clearly, much is about to be revealed and much more is actually unfolding on your world. With our technologies, we are able to know all that is occurring on your world. Our purpose remains to prevent a major catastrophe, such as an off-course asteroid or extensive Earth changes, from interfering with your success.  This process also allows us to intervene, when appropriate, in your affairs. Heaven has set in motion a definitive scenario that delegates clear responsibilities to us.  If events warrant, you will see us carrying out incisive actions.  However, we prefer the actions of our earthly allies to speak for us.  Nonetheless, if Heaven so decrees, we will review these decisions and act independently.  At this time, we are ready to act swiftly if required. Our Earth operations' fleet Motherships have been moved to a much closer position.

      Today, we have revealed yet more information concerning events now unfolding. We ask you to consider these announcements as the threshold of a most exciting period in your earthly existence. Conscientiously use your knowledge and talents to make this transition as easy as possible for your global society. We now take our leave, dear Ones. Blessings! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the never-ending Supply and Prosperity of Heaven is truly yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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