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Morning Wakeup Call Message    August 27, 2003  St Germaine

My dear ones, I wish to address this assembly at this time because I have a matter of utmost importance to the people of the world. It is one of direct intervention and one that is increasingly needed for the people of the world to regain their freedom from tyranny and disorder in their lives.

            When this came to my attention the other day, it came on the flurry of wings of the Dove. It came from the hierarchy of the angels, and it came to me from the pens of the people who saw the retributions of the Holy and the dammed.

            I am St. Germaine of the Lighted Realm, and I am coming to you with the Violet Flame of truth and justice on this day, and in this assembly of people of the world.

            When I came to earth to work on this project of utmost importance to the world, I came with the knowledge that the road would be rocky and at times cumbersome.  I came also with a resolve to bring this to the fruition that is expected and demanded of the people.  I came with the attitude that there is nothing that cannot be accomplished within the scope of the possible, and that includes all there is.

            My dear ones, this is the day of the coming of the Lord.  This is the day when the student of the Lighted Realms is you and is all who walk this earth.  When the keeper of the flame brings the spark to each of you, you will find that there is nothing that can extinguish that flame that has grown from the truth that is inherent in each of you.

            I bring to you a challenge; I bring to you an ordeal that is set aside in the name of the Creator.  This is a time when the world is changing before your very eyes.  There is no longer the continuing stream of difficulty that is being bombarded from the stream of your intent.  What you are living now is the remnants of that intent to bring a degree of chaos into your lives, and bring to your lives all the elements of the agreements that you made with each other all those millennia ago.

            That time has come to an end, my dear ones.  That time is over, and the new way of life is beginning.  Lay down the accoutrements of battle, and pick up the sword of truth and light and love.  For this is the day when the visitor from the galaxy is showing himself to all of you.  This is the time when the steward of the solar system is taking his seat at your side and telling you that it is time to love one another and stop all this bickering that is taking place.  He comes to you at this time, for it was foretold that this is the time to extinguish the candle of fear and allow the light of the Love to shine forevermore and be the beacon that rests on the manifestations of all that you create.

            This steward in your night sky is the beacon for you to realize it is now time to put aside your differences and just love.  Live every moment in love and set aside the need to be right, the need to defend yourselves against the supposed opposition, and the wonders of the ones who have worked so long and so diligently to bring the negative reality to all of you.  They played their parts so well, they dare not give it up, for they feel it their own, that is the nature of the shadow land.  That is the nature of the forgetfulness.

            Remember who you are.  Allow the truth to come streaming forth, and allow the visions of the forefathers to come into fruition and bring this system to its knees, and declare itself in the hands of the Lighted Realm and the people.  This is the destiny of this planet, and it is the destiny of the people who live here.  It is the destiny of the solar system to host the wonderful part of its family and welcome the wayfarers home.  This is the time of the coming of the sun, and the time is joyous and the time is grand.

            Fulfill your deepest intent and awaken to the various aspects of this time in your lives.  There is a time for the advent of the Holy, and this is that time.  Remember the ones who have come to assist and give them your hand in co-operation, for they are nothing without you, and they may as well return to the home of the Lighted Realm and wait for the others to return, unless you come and stand by our sides in this time of transition.

This one who receives my communications has asked me if it is her place to guard the secrets of the communication she received last night, or to fling it to the far corners of the globe.   It is I who suggested that her mission in this is to allow the eyes of the world to know, to see, and to hear in their hearts the message of one of the Lighted realm that is being shown to the world by another.  This other one too has stood at the alter of the one who is the central part of this issue of which I now speak, the one of the Lighted realm who offers us his protective light as we work with you in the interest of NES ARA. This one is assisting in the way he has chosen in the council that was held before the onset of the coming together of NES ARA.  This has been a venture that was born in the Lighted Realm from the intent of the people on earth.  We read your call, and leant our assistance when the time came to bring it to the ones who started the manifestation of the properties of NES ARA.

            Now it is almost at your table. Very soon, there will be a feast of celebration and the guests will be everyone on earth, and the favors will be rich beyond compare, for they will rest in the hearts of everyone of you, and will fill the places next to you.

            I leave you now and ask that you keep the light on and the supper spread, for the warriors are coming home and they are famished! Their hunger is for the light that they have worked so diligently towards, and they will sup of it forever.

            Blessings to you all!          Thank you dear St. Germaine,        Nancy Tate

Morning Wakeup Call Message,   July 25, 2003

There’s a time in every one’s life when one has to be loyal to oneself above all others, and that time is now. When you gather together in your fields of clover and tell each other of your doubts and fears, you are shaking loose of all the previous truths that you have accumulated through this life of tyranny and absolutions.  Good morning, I am St. Germaine, and I come to you in request for all of you to take another look at NE S ARA and know in the depths of your heart where you really stand as far as the validity of the law is concerned.

            There has been a great deal of talk of late of the passages of time that it is taking for this law to come forward. Do you think that this is a necessary part of the procedure, or do you wonder at the truth of the delays and where they are really based? This is a legitimate concern, for there are those who would see that there is nothing to this law, and it is nothing but a smokescreen put up by the illuminati to strengthen their cause.

            I tell you this, there is no court in the land that is not 100% behind NES ARA. This is a certainty. There are as many courts in this land that are in the control of the illuminati as there are that are in the control of the people. This is fact, my friends, and this too will change.  When you see that the organizations that were long controlled by the few who live in the shadows are coming out into the light, it is because they have seen a helping hand, and they are grasping it in the knowledge that there is something fine and light at the end of that hand.

            Let us consider, If you will, that there is no illuminati in the world.  What would the world look like?  Is there any part of today’s world that does not reflect the fear that is generated by these ones?  Is there any aspect of your everyday life that does not carry at least one small particle of the fear that is infused into your societies?  This is the measure by which you can determine your part in the aspects of the society you live in.   With this measure you can see how wonderfully you can affect this society and allow the shadows to disburse.  And you can do it in a lot shorter length of time.

How can you do it?  By banding together and creating an immovable force of light that permeates every nuance of society, and does it NOW. This is the way you can make a difference in your life and that of the society you live in. There is no greater force than that which lives within, and that which proves that God the Source of all is the highest power in the existence of all that is.

            You can show the world that you have sovereignty, and that you are taking the world back into your hands by every means that the light within you inspires. There are those who have a dream for this nation and this world. They have put together a law that covers all the injustices that have come from the shadows and infiltrated all aspects of your lives. This has been allowed to carry forth for all these eons in purpose, and now it is time to push those shadows away, and bring the light back into the societies and watch the miracle of life take a different turn.

            You can make a difference. You can take your initiative and go out there and allow this law to work for you. You can go into the marketplace and demand that the truth come out. You can go to the banks and tell them that you know about the changes coming and that you are paying minimum balances. You can go to the streets and tell the people that there is a new law coming and it represents the people and the light. You can go to the lawmakers and tell them that you celebrate their original cause of helping to keep the peace and bring justice to the people. You can go out into the public at gatherings and tell the people about this law that will bring their co-operation and their trust in the government once more. You can live your life with the full knowledge that abundance is in your hands and in your lives, and that there is no need for squandering your prosperity on a few who would seek to take from you your hard earned dollars just to feel a bit more powerful. You can own this law, and you can be the ones to bring it forward, through your collective actions and faith in the power of the light. This is a nation and a world of masters, and a world of absolutes. So this is the time to go forth and be what you know you are. There is no time like the present, so here you are my friends with a great deal of love and compassion go out there and take your country back and your life.

            We are behind you all the way, and we love the ground you walk on for it is hallowed. Blessings!

Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate

by Taansen
Prophecies Of A Golden Age In This Time

        All throughout the centuries, the predictions and prophecies have come, of the new dawn, the new morning, and the new day of divine consciousness on Earth.  Just as day follows night, so the enlightened beings have known of the periodic cycles of vibratory frequencies.

        Around every 26,000 years, one cycle of day and night is completed.  We are now at the end of another one of these cycles, at the end of an historic dark age of night.  That is why the sages have been saying we are due to enter a new cosmic day, a golden age.  Some say this corresponds to the proximity of our sun to the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

        The purpose of the cycles of dark ages is not to force humanity into ignorance and suffering against its wishes.  On the contrary, it is we who chose to incarnate into such times.  We may not remember such choices, but made they were, for the purpose of learning how to generate our own light . . . without depending on the light of the atmosphere.

        As Buddha said, "Be a Light unto yourself."  In a golden age, the entire atmosphere is charged with the bliss of divine light - - so like children playing in their king's palace, young souls need not generate their own light.

        In dark ages, however, the divine light is withdrawn to other dimensions, and evolving souls are left to learn how to awaken their own inner power.  It was never intended that we suffer, but suffering was the inevitable consequence of making choices during the dark ages that omitted the development of our own inner light.

        Universal justice is perfect.  Contrary to the opinion of the asleep and the ignorant, the wonderful laws of nature work flawlessly, consistently, and impartially.  Existence is gloriously perfect, precise, and reliable in its rewards for karma.  The vibration you send out comes back to you.  "What you sow, you reap".  Action and reaction; cause and effect.

        In a dark age, violations of natural law take a long time to bring retribution, and so the violations tend to multiply.  In a golden age, however, retribution is much faster.  At the peak of a golden age, the consequences of our vibrations are instantaneous - - thus the term "instant karma".  That is why in a golden age, violators cannot survive, and only the virtuous flourish.

        During this period from 2003 to 2012, we are now in the final ascent of the last stage of the phase transition between the ages.  The Earth is being sprayed by light energies from above in preparation for a density level transition to a higher frequency.  That is why the consequences of the vibrations we send out are coming back faster and faster.

        The rate of increase of spiritual light is increasing, going from a gradual gradient on the curve to an evermore straight-up direction.  One of the Revelations prophecies predicted the violators looking for places to hide, and the light becoming so bright that they could hide nowhere - - not even behind rocks.  Because that time is coming soon, already we are seeing a vast expansion in the number of exposes of the wrongdoings of the violators in the public media.

        This makes it look to many people like things are getting worse, but in reality, things are getting better.  It's just that with the increasing light, the corruption that was always here, is being revealed.  After it is revealed, then it dissolves, because it cannot stand the light of day.  So the light is a tremendous blessing.

        As Swami Beyondananda says, "Some people say the sky is falling.  But I say, it only looks that way because we are ascending."

        Another Revelations prophecy is that of the apostasy, also predicted for happening around this time.  The definition of "apostasy" is "the mass abandonment of a former loyalty".  This has already begun, and is only going to accelerate more and more towards the year 2012.  This is symbolized in the title of one of David Icke's books, "The Robot Rebellion".  Those who were directly or indirectly loyal to the dark agenda Illuminati will find themselves losing that loyalty and turning instead towards the light.

        Numerous seers have spoken of the complete destruction of the evil forces during this time.  This is because of the increasing speed of the consequences of karma.  Those who have sent out destructive vibrations are experiencing the return of those vibrations onto themselves with increasing speed.  Thus the destruction they will experience was self-created, as are all human destinies.

        A prophecy from Hinduism relates that "At the end of Kaliyuga [the dark age], when the sins would be 80, so all pervading that the kings would themselves becomes thieves, then Lord Vishnu would take his twenty-fourth incarnation as Kalki by taking birth in the village of 'Shambhal'. He would take birth in a Brahmin family of Vishnuyash. By killing and destroying the sinners, he would re-establish the superiority of virtuosity and religiousness."

        The symbolism of "Shambhal" is also reflected in the Buddhist prophecy of "Shambhala": "Several thousand years ago in the Himalayas the Shambhala Prophecy foretold the future of the planet.  It predicted that sometime around now, the entire planet comes under the control of a Big Brother, unified under oppressive, militaristic rule.

        "At that time, the land of Shambhala, previously hidden, becomes visible to the rest of the world.  Big Brother decides to conquer it, but the Shambhala forces emerge with overwhelmingly superior technology and in one short battle remove Big Brother and his coterie of power.

        "This ushers in a Golden Age on Earth, during which individuals all over the globe find the conditions ideal for pursuing personal evolution and enlightenment.  Science and technology develop unprecedented understanding and effective methods of improving the quality of life.  The Earth is restored and regains abundance.  All beings are happy and healthy, growing intellectually and spiritually, living life meaningfully."

        Thousands of prophecies from all parts of the world have given variations on this theme . . . and never before has there been so much overwhelming evidence that THIS is the time in history to which they are referring.

        Finally after thousands of years of working, waiting, and preparing, now everything is in place for the fulfillment, the healing, and the completion of the original vision of the divine, for this next golden age to be unprecedented.  During this dawning golden age, it may be possible for Earth to fully awaken for the first time, and become a Star, a World of Light.

        We can be so thankful to all of those who have gone before us, to everyone who has been sending good energy to the human family. This collective goodwill has brought the fragrances of endless gardens.  It is such a joy for us to witness some of the crème de la crème of mankind associating with the incarnations of full awakening. For the Divine Intelligence to shower the world with such nourishing wisdom and healing energy, shows everyone that we really do stand in solidarity for the Light with the Divine.

The Arrival Of  N E S A R A

        NES ARA (see www.nesara.us) is the legal, political, and economic template to unleash quite a powerful wave of acceleration in the coming of this Golden Age, washing out across the planet. Although a large part of it is the transformation of the money system, it will do far more than just the superficial things with which money is typically associated. Rather, it will display a very intense beam of light in the international banking circles, bringing healing to the distorted psyches of all people, and spreading indirect blessings to the entire existence.

        It will restore confidence in the integrity of mankind, it will discredit the ones who robbed and deceived humanity, it will make the hidden compassion and generosity of universal divine intelligence visible on the surface of human affairs, and it will empower many of the good people of the world to exponentially amplify their evolutionary influence for the benefit of the whole world.

        That is why it is apparent that the NES ARA is an inevitable destiny in fulfillment of the divine plan. It satisfies the cosmic guidance of this time in history, rising as it is to empower a whole generation of cultural creatives, spiritual healers, consciousness teachers, life-supporting entrepreneurs, economic wayshowers, planetary peacemakers, celestial artists, heavenly musicians, cosmic dancers, and rainbow lightweavers of all varieties.

        Such was the vision of this dawning Age of Enlightenment, and its fulfillment was predicted by numerous seers. Many times during the past it appeared as if those predictions were wrong; that somehow the vision had been killed by the rolling burdens of darkness. But now is not the age for continued disappointments, as have already happened for thousands of years. Now is the Age of Truth, when the Sun of Awareness is Rising, and the crimes of the laggards can be hidden in the darkness no more.

        Saint Germaine and the other Cosmic Coordinators of Earth Ascension have hearts as wide as the sky and as generous as the ocean. It has become obvious to those of consciousness that their political instrument, NESARA, is a royal channel of the fulfillment of the divine plan, to bring to the Children of Light of all religions, paths, and persuasions the wealth and prosperity that will be needed for paving the way for the Heaven to land on Earth, and for the Age of Enlightenment to dawn. It is an auspicious floodlight of the golden destiny of the loving peacemakers in this age.

        Now is the time for the condensation of heavenly frequencies into third dimensional matter. This is the decade of the precipitation of the manna from heaven and the celestial rain from the Great Spirit. This is the year for the crystallization of the empowering energies of the Atma, the Divine Self in us all, into the physical Power of Love. This is the season for the seeds of good karma to blossom into the fruits of spiritual nourishment and the flowers of happiness, freedom, and harmony. Now is the moment for the fulfillment of "As Above, So Below".

        Cherished Brothers and Sisters, Solar Salutations to you for having held the light, for having shown your heart-truth, and having maintained the vision and the balance. You will certainly be rewarded, all the more so in addition to the inner reward you already possess in the here and now.

        Despite losing our Heaven in the dark ages and having every reason to be bitter and negative, the supporters of NES ARA are now the opposite. We are consistently showering our blessings of compassion, nurturing, encouragement, strength, wisdom, and Love, to everyone.

        Our resonant vibrations of oneness provide the hint of this rendezvous being our reincarnationary reunion after a trans-millennial cosmic journey. Our harmony and attunement go far deeper than any single lifetime.  Let us celebrate this event . . . it is re-defining life on this planet "Earth Shan", "Planturia", "Placentia".

        It is understandable that thousands of years of FEAR have permeated our entire species. It is with good reason that this fear has enveloped all of us. Fear is an art, though. A little of it is natural and keeps us from stepping over a cliff to our demise. Too much of it, though, causes us to make a mountain out of a molehill and multiply a small problem into a big one. Too much fear creates whole new problems out of nothing, where there weren't any before.

        Today we are informed of a wide variety of victories for justice, peace, righteousness, and equitable balance in human affairs in recent years.  We are aware of streams of events and myriads of news items from all over the world that are too many and too diverse to pinpoint in any one short message like this. But they constitute a vast improvement in the integrity of the human landscape.

        Yes, the world still has a long way to go, to perfect ethical cleanliness, but the way has definitely become much smoother for a project like NESARA to succeed.  The inevitable success and smooth flow of the NES ARA implementation is one of the areas in which the enlightened seers have had a constant, unbroken, uninterrupted, and crystal clear foreknowing, gradually increasing over the recent years and accelerating in its clarity in the recent months and weeks.

        We are not being overly optimistic. We are very well aware of the atrocities of the terrocrats, having been inundated, flooded, overwhelmed with volumes of that information for decades, far more than most, and having tasted some of it ourselves. We know very well what the corrupt have been doing. So in saying things have improved, we know what we are talking about.

        We are fond of the saying:  "The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist believes it will change. The realist adjusts the sails."

        In talking about the general improvement in the economic ethical landscape, we are realists. If this has the effect of improving the optimism of some readers, so be it. Realism is a balance.

        It has been reinforced by all kinds of additional confirmations, and strengthened by growing and deepening certainty and clarity. This is the kind of foreknowing that is definite.  A number of us share this clear vision, and we are seeing with increasingly bright mountain-top clarity, that the level of extreme and growing urgency for the entire human race is such that the highest good, the greatest, most paramount benefit, will be achieved solely by NES ARA coming sooner rather than later.

        Realizing the "time is of the essence" wisdom from the ancient Oracle of Delphi underscores the lack of justification for any further delays.  The clarity of this knowingness, this bright-sunlight vision, reveals that there will be no advantages to anyone by further postponement, even to those whom NES ARA removes from power; because ultimately even they benefit more from NESARA than from their own misguided strategies and abuses of power.

        The time value in this situation is similar to a patient dying of a disease in his bed. The urgency is to get the doctor's medicines and healing treatments to the patient as soon as possible, regardless of what it takes to accomplish the speed, because the longer it takes, the closer to death the patient will be, and the more difficult it will be to bring the patient back from the door of death.

        In reality, among the world's population, what is dying is a combination of the faith, trust, health, and the collective leveraged influence of the Children of Light on the rest of the world. Empowering these harmless people, which will bring a stunning series of transformations for the rest of the world, sooner rather than later, will get leveraged exponentially into ripple effects spreading out to all creation.

        This wave of positivity will serve to come back to all of us in the form of wars cancelled, diseases cured, free energy technologies being released, new inventions benefiting the lives of all, and the entire quality of life on all levels being raised - - worldwide, from physical to spiritual and everything in between.

        The soonness of this experience will have a leveraged effect on the whole future history of the Earth. The later it is delayed, the less will be its benefit, and the greater will be the collective pain and suffering.

        The other risk in taking too long, of course, is that the pre-NES ARA energies to support the lightworkers will run out, and the ability and the willingness of the non-NES ARA-supported population to continue issuing such energies is diminishing. So in more ways than one, "time is of the essence" for simply spiritual survival.

        Anyone on the planet who may argue for any further delays we will suspect of being a double-agent - - pretending to be our supporters but in fact working against the will of cosmic intelligence.

        The clear vision is that we need not worry any further about the safety of the prosperity distribution mechanisms or the consideration of any further systems or structures to try to prevent terrocrat interferences.

        Corruption has been getting cleaned out, gradually and progressively, and the Patriot Act's bark is worse than its bite.  98% bark and 2% bite equals 100% effectiveness in a fear-based government controlling its "sheeple". But for the few who get wise, F.E.A.R. equals "False Evidence Appearing Real".

        All this has contributed to making it difficult to rebuild our lives. And yet there are tremendous talents, beautiful abilities, fantastic gifts, and glorious skills in many of us just waiting for the right season, the right soil, the right atmosphere in which to blossom and bear fruit.


World Peace And Heaven On Earth

        World peace itself, believe it or not, is now just a matter of money. There are enough wonderful good hearted people willing to study with great saints who have proven they can reduce war and crime by training groups of meditators . . . but it takes money for bringing them together and paying their living expenses.  The wealthy of the world are slowly, slowly, waking up and beginning to support these things . . but too slowly.

        The world has more than enough wealth in it to support every individual in abundance on this planet.  If the wealth already in the markets and banks were evenly distributed, every last man, woman, and child on the planet would be a multi-millionaire.  Buckminster Fuller, the late genius with 48 Ph.D.s, was the first one to write and speak of this fact, to our knowledge, in the 1970s.  And this is not counting the additional wealth hidden in reserves by the Ascended Masters, waiting for mankind to mature sufficiently to inherit it.

     It can only be appreciated that the divine does indeed require no poverty or suffering on the way to the unfoldment of our full cosmic potential.  Man creates his own poverty and suffering, through the misuse of his free will, and learns the lessons it creates.  He puts his finger in the fire, gets burned, and gets educated - - "not to be repeated".  "Been there, done that, got the T-shirt".

        With just a little prosperity, harmless and loving people everywhere can leverage it into wonderful educational and social programs that will help people feel Love and spiritual awakening, which will in turn lead to the essential shift in the collective consciousness needed to turn the tide of how the world's power systems steer their resources.

        It is already happening . . but too slowly. As it accelerates, suffering will decrease, war will end, crimes will stop, diseases will be cured, starvation will end, prosperity will explode, happiness will rise, peace will become powerful, governments will become truly benevolent, the lion will lay down with the lamb, and all the greatest prophecies of all the greatest saints will come true.

        His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi refers to this as "200% of life; 100% inner fullness and 100% outer fullness".  Osho Rajneesh, Mata Amritanandamayi, Supreme Master Ching Hai, Adi Da Samraj, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Sri Karunamayi, Sri Satya Sai Baba, the Dalai Lama, Sri Chinmoy, and other Saints, Masters, and Avatars have likewise spoken of this truth.  As this combination of inner enlightenment and outer prosperity precipitates increasingly into worldwide form, it is bringing the greater evolution of all souls.

        Every human being should have a few spiritual practices, to spend time with every day, for the purpose of directly experiencing the unbounded ocean of pure bliss consciousness every day.  These spiritual practices should come from a contemporary embodiment of the highest enlightenment with which one can conceive and connect.  All of the Incarnations mentioned in the last paragraph are among these.  All but Osho are still in the body, and Osho's communities are still flourishing, providing several hundred different meditation methods and spiritual practices.  In addition, the various Ascended Masters, such as St. Germaine, also teach practices - - such as focusing one's attention on the Mighty I Am Presence.  Whatever one's choice of teaching and practice, the essential thing is to make absolutely sure one is gaining direct experience on a daily basis of one's own inner Unified Field of Oneness.

        Whether one calls it Pure Being, Samadhi, Nirvana, the Holy Spirit, Allah, the Nagwal, Zen, Tao, Dhyana, Tequori, the Unified Field, Pure Consciousness, Transcendental Isness, the Self, Atma, Pure Love, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Great Spirit, Thetan, the Spiritual Sky, No Mind, Be Here Now, Source of Oneness, Great Central Sun, Infinite Silence, the Center of Centers, or the Holy of Holies . . . whatever the name, one should experience it daily.  One's life should revolve around it.  Nothing should be more important.  No other priorities for one's time should take precedence.  The time set aside for this experience should be sacred, like the axis of a wheel, around which everything else spirals.

        One cannot expect to enjoy the 200% of life without this.  As all the religions have said, one can have 100% of all the wealth in the world, but if one is missing the inner spiritual dimension, one has lost everything, because one has lost oneself.  But if one goes for 100% inner fullness, then 100% outer fullness will follow naturally.  "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all these things shall be added unto you."

        With this 200% quality of life, the grander scheme of philanthropy is fulfilled, families are in bliss together, love relationships are repaired, marriages are restored, physical bodies are cured of diseases, time is purchased for deeper involvement in one's religion or spiritual path, stressful working conditions are abandoned, former tyrannical bosses are left behind, renewed educational courses are resumed, and endless varieties of "onward and upward" are realized. All this and infinitely more the presently dawning Golden Age will make possible.

        Corruption throughout the world is being cleaned up! We celebrate observing the countless places where evil people are being transformed or removed en masse.  Innumerable banking positions formerly occupied by ruthless thieves have been replaced with good, innocent, pure, and highly evolved people in recent years, months, weeks, and days. Light has been replacing darkness in finance, government, education, medicine, military, and many other sectors. The way has been paved for the Age of Enlightenment to unfold smoothly.

        Yes, as of 2003, massive corruption still exists, and yes, far too many destructive people are still in positions of power. It's not like they're gone completely, by any means. But huge progress has been made - - huge progress that isn't reported in the mainstream media.

        Tidbits of it, though, does make it even into mainstream media - - like the hundreds of cities, counties, and three states across the U.S. (Hawaii, Alaska, and Vermont) which have passed legislation opposing the federal so-called Patriot Act. Cartoons making fun of the mad tyrants in D.C. are proliferating as never before.

        World consciousness is rising, and it is very exciting.  The spread of Heaven on Earth is 100% more irreversible with every year that passes.

        There is a huge amount of good news, positive events, and wonderful developments to make everyone feel good. There is plenty to be thankful for; plenty to celebrate, and awakening to ultimate spiritual freedom is DEFINITELY coming closer for all human beings with each day that passes.

        During this period we have had the opportunity to stabilize our inner fountain of happiness during poverty and adversity. Having passed this test, from here on out we know from the proof of experience that our peace is from the divine within, independent of what goes on outside.

        The arrival of our outer paradise living conditions will simply expand this. The person who said that power corrupts was wrong. It is not power that corrupts. Power only reveals, expresses, and expands what is already within one. When people with the seed of corruption within them attain absolute power, then they are corrupted absolutely only because what they had within them flowered to fruition.

        By contrast, those who have developed virtue while without power, will find that virtue only expanding further with power.  Having seen the inner flowering during outer adversity, now the foundation is permanently created for an everlasting future of infinite further unfoldment, both within and without.  It is a multidimensional divine celebration to see this.

        This is illustrated by a little humor. Do you know the difference between someone who is religious and someone who is spiritual?

        The religious person is afraid of going to hell.

        The spiritual person has already been through hell.

        What many of us went through in the dark ages is to be regretted, but the gold underneath the hammering is starting to shine brightly.


Enlightened Administration of Wealth in the Golden Age

        In the Golden Age, the administration of power in purity, harmlessness, innocence, and harmony with universal natural law, is reflected in the following qualities.  One's:

        *   work ethic is strong
        *   attitude is positive
        *   talents are fine
        *   connections are sound
        *   relationships are good
        *   energy is dedicated
        *   discipline is consistent
        *   habits are pure, and
        *   intelligence is sharp.

        These qualities go beyond business - - into the realms of humanitarian virtue, exalted generosity, and eternal friendship.

        The Cosmic Consciousness within every human being is a Pillar of Light bringing Healing and Higher Consciousness to the whole planet.  The waves and ripples from everyone's awakening to its Presence will wash out over millions and millions of people. It is a spiritual phenomenon. It is an absolute fact that it is divinely guided.

        For spiritually awake people, the motive for money is very different than it is for the greedy person. For the greedy, the motive is fear, it may be revenge, or ego trips, parasitic control of others, manipulation, aggrandizement, addictions, indulgences, and so on.

        By contrast, for the spiritually aware people, especially those who have little finances,  the motives are entirely different. Besides just the basics like food, clothing, shelter, proper natural medicines, communications, and transportation, the motives are for:

        *  self development
        *  helping others
        *  bringing much greater happiness to one's environment
        *  supporting causes that universally benefit all mankind
        *  enhancing one's education to become a better contributor to society
        *  resolving conflicts
        *  bringing peace
        *  spreading Love
        *  assisting others in healing
        *  spending more time in spiritual practices
        *  developing one's saintliness more fully
        *  responding to those who wish to learn the same things by providing teachings to them
        *  having more to share with friends
        *  uplifting society through socially responsible investments
        *  fostering the geniuses who can leverage the improvement of the general quality of life
        *  creating favorable conditions for spiritual enlightenment, and
        *  increasing the overall beauty and enjoyment of the whole world.

        Further, the way one's wealth is earned is highly important.  A highly conscious being of evolved spiritual development has access to vast talents and mind powers, and yet has zero interest in using any of them for any avenues of gain that would cause separation, division, conflict, harm, sorrow, loss to others, or any kind of violation of natural law.  Such a being would rather live in poverty than to violate natural law for gain.  S/he never accepts what isn't offered, which is another way of saying "never steals", and never uses coercion to force another to give something against his or her will.

        The wisdom "Tis more blessed to give than to receive" becomes a living reality for someone in this consciousness, as does the golden rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".  Thus while the evolved being has superior wisdom for the stewardship of resources, s/he likewise is very particular about the choice of avenues to their acquisition.  The avenues chosen minimize disadvantage to all life, and maximize advantage to all life.

        The wise do not struggle for money; neither do they make poverty a virtue.

        It is true that money cannot buy happiness. However, for those who are already intrinsically happy, but who lack the means to fully experience it or express it, money can provide the catalyst that amplifies exponentially the intrinsic joy one already has in the heart. What is great about this truth is that it brings a lot of bonding between good people - - countless good people of resources, talent, knowledge, expertise, and international harmony. Especially the most positive and supportive of this class become friends for life.

        These are the Children of Light - - those who consciously incarnated to participate in this aspect of the Divine Plan.  Common among them are the virtues of forgiveness, calmness, evenness, honesty, strength, smoothness, balance, purity, focus, accuracy, responsiveness, generosity, humility, fairness, kindness, sweetness, lightness, and reverence.

        They have also shown a talent for being broad-minded and all-embracing in gracefully coordinating the many diverse opinions on everything from business strategy to taxes to religion. They have displayed a wonderful way of respecting all viewpoints, showing neutrality on non-essential things, sharing facts where they knew them to be true, volunteering their lack of authority or absence of credentials where such was the case, and never trying to flaunt their opinions or coerce others into thinking the way they do.

        This is a very valuable and much-appreciated quality - - the ability to just be a friend and fellow traveler to a large group, rather than a boss, a know-it-all, or a superior. This shows a high evolution of genuine spiritual qualities, and has made everyone who has really read and understood them recognize an authentic brother or sister.

        Thus what we can really celebrate about this age, besides having the successful outcome of restored financial prosperity for everyone, is a true brotherhood and sisterhood of like-minded hearts and souls who share in fellowship a common ideal of a better world for the rest of our lives.

        As one Enlightened Master, Sri Sri Ravishankar put it, "Everything is changing. And this is all there only to heat you up, to bake you. You are baked in joy, and you are baked in sorrow. You are baked in this event, and you are baked in that event. So everything in the world bakes you, heats you up. And if you put your finger deeper into it, you will get burned. So move lightly."

        Those awakening to Self Realization are definitely the next generation of kings, royalty, and tycoons - - not the dark ages type of the past, which was into domination and exploitation.  The Self Realized are of the future, the Golden Age - - gaining true power, the kind of material wealth that comes with the full approval of Heaven and Earth.

        Those who are moving into qualification for ascension practice harmlessness - known in Sanskrit as "ahimsa" - consciously avoiding being destructive to any living thing, at all times.  This includes enjoying the vegetarian or vegan diet, which avoids supporting the killing of any beings that have eyes and nervous systems.

        As Zig Ziglar said, "You can have anything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want."  Ultimately, this takes the form of helping others enter the enlightenment of Self Knowing.  This is true power.  This is the path to the establishment of permanent divine royalty, the kind of benevolent administration that has been the celebration of all great peaceful civilizations, and the fulfillment of heaven.

        That is the lasting wealth, in which all glories, both worldly and divine, are secure forever, both here and in the hereafter.  This is achieved by opening one's innermost soul to everyone.  It is stabilized by celebrating one's heart pouring out, in pure Love.  This openness  creates a very healthy evolution of heart.

        As a human species, we have been evolving quickly, and it is fabulous to see.  To these inner feelings, we added our mental prowess - - our creative ideas, our constructive guidance, and our special talent for oceanic expansiveness.

        The mundane business of the everyday world has often seemed monotonous and tedious, but that is only the beginning phase.  Soon the next phase will commence, which will champion far greater energies on higher planes of vibratory frequency.  This will bring immense satisfaction and continuously growing fulfillment to all.

        We celebrate the magnificent destiny we are creating together.  We thank the divine love intelligence for the bright vision of a better world this world has been given through the master coordination of pure Being.

        With the golden thread of purity of intent and integrity of purpose in all our affairs, we are the rainbow lightweavers of wealth and wisdom for all people.  All beings will be rewarded for eons, with the thankfulness of all creation, the endless friendships of countless spirits, and the joy of seeing infinite universal gardens bloom, bear fruit, and multiply.

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