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DK Teleconference Class, Wednesday, October 1, 2003

"More about Mastery"
Channeled by Reverend Teri Newlon     revterri@lifetimeaddress.com

Djwhal Khul, here. Tashi delek.
We're going to start with the Violet Flame today, and with the Violet Flame,
let's go to the 3rd Eye, please, and see the entire 3rd Eye Chakra, the cone
shape that comes out the front there, turning violet, maybe even blue/violet
for some of you, with an iridescence or laser-like quality.  Then, out the
back side of the 3rd Eye, same thing, a cone shape coming out at the base of
the skull, a blue violet or just violet.  That should get our intuition and
our telepathy working together as a group today.  Then see the entire body
engulfed in Violet Flame.  (Pause)  Good.

Then we can continue to practice that Mastery 101 auric field that the
Masters wear in body, which is a beautiful white, at least an inch thick,
brilliant white full-spectrum Christed color.  (Pause)  Next layer out is a
beautiful yellow/gold at least a foot, maybe two or three feet, depending
upon what you're feeling like there.  When you're in a very close proximity
to another person, you may want to pull that in to about three inches, but
right now I would leave it at least one foot, maybe two or three.  Then the
next layer out is the clear white, or the diamond white.  (Pause)  Good.
Again, there are at least a couple of ways to make an outer protection field
there.  You can either go with a cloak-type energy, which looks like a thin
coat of flat black color around the very outer edge.  This is particularly
helpful if people keep thinking about you or they're mad about a
conversation you've had or they're still upset by something you said several
years ago or whatever.  You just want to make yourself invisible on the
inner planes.  The other method would be to put a shiny mirror finish on the
outside, maybe a chrome white or a light gold chrome color, something
reflective.  With that one, if people are projecting at you they simply get
their own reflection back.

And, yes, I do suggest a boundary or a border of some sort, even though
obviously your energy field is going to be bleeding into the energy field of
other people.  Within thirty or forty feet or so, you're kind of
inter-meshed, and within five or six feet you're in a denser aura, and
certainly within one foot or closer your energies are inter-mingled quite a
bit.  So you can bring everything in, or condense it in, as tight as the
skin or about as far as the hairs on the skin would stick out --- they're
your little antennas or your feelers there. So about however far out that
might be on your body, that would be where you can pull the field into its
densest point as needed.  Say you're in a big crowd of people, everyone is
panicking, and you're staying calm and centered and going into stillpoint.
Your field will pull in and condense so you're not picking up the frenzy of
the crowd.  Then your action would be to go to the nearest exit, or
whatever.  It keeps you safe when others are responding to panic.  For
example --- there are many other reasons why you would want to use it ---
but particularly if you're a sensitive person and you tend to have a
bleeding heart or pick up other peoples' pain, or process for other people,
that sort of thing.  That's not ideal, that's not a state of mastery.  That'
s a form of co-dependency with a sort of psychic twist, if you will, or an
intuitive twist or a spiritual worker twist.  Only if your job is to attune
to an object and find out who the owner is, or do some healing work where
you need to feel a muscle or feel a joint.  But it's not your job to do
other people's processing nor to get in the trench with someone who's trying
to bury themselves, get in the trench and try to shovel them out.  You might
offer them some other way out, like, "Instead of shoveling dirt on yourself,
why don't you build a staircase and climb out?"  You can offer suggestions,
but you don't jump in and process with them.  When you look at the energy
field you can tell when someone's wearing the energy from the office, or
wearing the energies from the family unit, or from the neighbor, or some
political event they're been paying attention to, or a war that's going on,
or a war that's in the past, or whatever.  It shows up in the energy field.
So right now, if you want to, you can ask that anything you might be wearing
in your field that is not yours be cast out permanently.  Take a nice deep
breath and just cast it out.  (Pause)  Good.

All right then, let's focus on the 3rd Eye once more and with that
cone-shaped energy, what you can do with your organic, sympathetic nature
(sometimes I call it copycat nature because organic energy copies energy) is
copy a very clear intuition, copy the 3rd Eye of the Masters.  If you would
like to do this with any of the other chakras, maybe you'd like a masterful
Root Chakra --- the first, second and third are usually the ones that are
the most congested and sometimes the Heart Center low in the sternum.  You
can ask that your Root Chakra duplicates that of a Master.  You can use
mine, Kuthumi, El Morya, St. Germain, Master Jesus or whatever energy you
want to duplicate there.   Then ask also for the 2nd Chakra, front and back,
then the 3rd Chakra, and the Solar Plexus, front and back, to be aligned.
Sometimes I think you need to give it a quarter turn; it's not pointing
front and back; it's askew a little bit.  It's as if you felt stabbed in the
back --- and you can do that with the 3rd or 4th Chakra, again, aligning
perfectly with that of a Master.  Now, the Heart Center, for some of you,
really contains two Chakras, one just above the Solar Plexus right at the
sternum, and another one just beneath the collarbones.  So, the high heart
would be the planetary chakra and the low heart the personal love.  Some
still have the one basic heart chakra there at the base of the sternum.  So,
whichever it is, you want to duplicate the chakra of a Master.  (Pause)  And
the Throat Chakra --- we might as well do all of them while we're at it ---
ask for the Throat Chakra, front and back --- this is the chakra that's
undergoing the most changes right now.  It's in development in the Age of
Aquarius; this is the chakra being developed in the mass consciousness.  It
has to do with expressing your will as a divine being, not lower personal
will, but your will as a divine being.  And, sometimes the process of being
cleared is many lifetimes where you messed with an early end to your life,
or a rather dramatic ending to your life, because you were speaking truth,
or standing up for a religion, or doing something where others disagreed and
thought it would be fine to kill you because you were in disagreement.  That
's happened quite a bit historically on this planet.  So, again, the Throat
Chakra perfectly aligned with that of a Master.  The 3rd Eye already we've
done, so then the Crown Chakra and the chakras up above that, more
wheel-shaped or globe-shaped.
Now another thing I would encourage you to invoke is just a commitment to
yourself to process only your own stuff and only as much as is necessary.
"I agree to process only my own stuff and only as much as is necessary for
maintaining well-being and balance."  There's so much going on in the inner
planes, the astral planes and the mental planes of consciousness.  There's a
lot of energy flying around.  It looks like debris after a storm and you see
debris all over the place.  You don't need to go adding to it, adding to the
junk pile, if you will, by deliberately digging for things.  You want to
keep moving into the state of mastery and gaining clarity and just letting
things drop away.  Then if you have something specific you need to process,
like sitting down with a relationship partner and discussing something, yes.
It's very inappropriate during this time frame, but also the more that you
get into evolution within your own consciousness the less processing you do,
and at a certain point there's a realization that there are no karmic bonds as well.

You hear a lot of people saying, "I'm going to stay in the relationship
until we resolve our karma," or "I've got a karmic contract to," whatever.
Karma is transcended at a certain point of evolution.  It's not something
you're bound to unless you believe in it.  Again, be careful about that one,
too.  Sometimes you're called on to simply leave a relationship because it
isn't working, so you'd use the excuse that you're going to stay in it until
you fix your karma so you don't have to get another relationship and repeat
it.  Well, the other way to look at that is when you decide, "I love myself.
I'm not going to keep torturing myself, and I certainly don't want to repeat
it again with another partner.  I'm done."  You're freed from that
experience once that internal decision is made, and then usually what needs
to happen on the external planes of consciousness is a break-up or a shift,
maybe.  The relationship shifts from a romantic one to a friendship or a
business partnership to a friendship or whatever.  The old contract is
dissolved because you decided you love yourself enough not to continue to
torture yourself or torture the other person, or both.  So, again, karma is
not real at a certain point  --- it's like saying time and space continue to
be real after you've ascended.  It just ceases to exist at a certain point
and if you're not there yet in organic consciousness, then start acting as
if you are, because otherwise really what you're doing is saying, "I like to
process.  I want to keep processing and processing and processing."  I call
it being a process junkie.  If you're busy processing, your energy stays
there.  It doesn't go to a higher development.  It doesn't go to a deeper
healing.  It doesn't get used in the higher realms.  It stays in the
processing.  Processing uses a tremendous amount of energy.  It's like how
much energy an air conditioning pulls versus when you're not running it.
Then you've got all that other energy; you can do other things with it like
create finances or heal your body or magnetize a new relationship, or
whatever it is you want to do with it.

What you'll find, looking around at humanity and even government, is process
junkies in play.  They want to kill the horse and kick the horse and bury
it, then dig it up and kick it some more and try to revitalize it, then
realize it's dead and kick it some more --- it's a tremendous waste of
energy and a waste of time.  You'll see it quite clearly in government and
in some other places as well.  Be careful not to soak that into your
personal aura and start playing the same game.  The energy mechanism is that
we copycat.  That's what copycat crimes are about and many other things.  We
find a success formula and we copy it.  Energetically, unless you
consciously say, "No thanks," you'll be copying whatever energies you're
exposed to.  You can say, "No thanks" to what you don't want to copy, and
then make a conscious choice of what you do want to instate, which might be
that masterful aura, or a state of well-being, or a peaceful, calm,
stillpoint energy.  Keep consciously choosing harmony, success.  If everyone
around you is going broke, you can copycat their energy or you can say, "No.
No, I'm going to hold success in my aura.  I'm going to grow a green and
gold money aura."  You really can consciously choose what you want to create.

All right.  Any questions or comments?

STUDENT:  Djwhal, that was wonderful.  Thank you.

DK:  You're welcome.  Did you feel? --- I know you're all quite sensitive
and I know Wednesday is the channel's favorite day because you all get to
meet and we do a variety of energy work.  How did that process feel to you?
(Various answers: It felt great.  Great.  True.  I think I can actually do
it.  Possible.)  You know, it's oftentimes just a very good question to stop
and ask yourself, "Is this really my job?"  And if you have made an
agreement, you're free to make another agreement.   If you've decided, "I'm
always going to wear the black shoes with the black slacks," and one day you
decide to wear the blue shoes, or multi-colored shoes with the black slacks.
You can change your mind.  And if you're projected upon by another person or
business and the other person or business is saying, "No, you can't get out.
You promised.  You said," and so on, and if it's your heart that's saying
you can't do this anymore, you'll be all right.  If it's your head wanting
to back out, or just your common pattern of always backing out, that's a
different story.   But if it's really in your Heart Center, done.  Generally
speaking, either you won't meet with resistance at all, or whatever the
other puts up as resistance will be feeble.  You just hold your center and
don't go into guilt.  So stay present and don't go into the past and say, "I
did agree and I'm guilty for breaking my agreement," but just hold your
center and say, "This is what I really need now."  Oftentimes you'll see the
other person try a couple of maneuvers, see if they can throw you into
guilt, maybe in the past, maybe in the future.  Just hold your center and
wait and they'll come into agreement, or they might even say, "I've known
that things might have to change, too, and I've just been afraid or didn't
want to because I didn't know what would happen on the other side of this."

The other thing to keep asking yourself is, "Is it really my job?"
Particularly if you're carrying the weight for someone else.  This could be
a co-worker that you keep covering up for, or a relationship partner that
you're supporting and you feel like you have to keep doing that because you
promised you would and you can't end the relationship because they would be
lost.  They this and they that.  Whenever you get into a program about them
or they, stop and ask yourself, "Is it really my job?  And what is my job
really?"  Your job is your own happiness.  Your job is your own ability to
be loving toward yourself, and therefore toward others, and, again, the
happiness will be internal and external as well.  Is it your job?  Well, if
it's a child or a minor, then yes, but if it's a grown-up, then usually, no.
Almost always, no.  It's certainly not your job to process for other people
or try to make their lives as easy as possible, or what have you.  Really
stop and think about that.  The end result is internal.  The journey is
always with the self, so what you want to do is make things right inside
yourself and let everyone else do the same.  There are, of course, a few
exceptions to that, but what I'm seeing is contracts being renegotiated,
contracts being dropped --- on the inner planes as well as the outer planes.
What you'll see are big concert deals and people backing out of the
contracts --- you're going to see a lot about contracts, not being honored,
being broken.  And everything is all right.  That's what settlement is for.
You go into your own self for settlement.  Certainly, be careful that you're
not wasting energy in this time period coming up, particularly in October.
Conserve energy.  Don't waste energy.

STUDENT:  Does this chakra alignment affect the DNA physically?

DK:  Yes.  Anytime you're setting your chakras to a mastery level, your DNA
and your RNA and a lot of other things in the body begin to modify themselves.

STUDENT: How long does this alignment last?  Do we have to constantly ask for it?

DK:  Well, yes.  I would ask for frequent tune-ups during this time, because
the external world is going to be turbulent and you'll tend to go into a
state of fear with it, fear of the future.  Then you do something
temporarily and bring yourself back into alignment.  (So, the new 30-minute
tape is going to help do this?)  Yes.  The 30-minute tune-up is designed
specifically to clear everything out and tune it up.  You could do it daily
as a meditation.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, you mentioned being particularly careful during the month
of October.  Does that relate to the preparation for November 8th?

DK:  Yes.  November 8th --- still debating on that one.  I think we might
need to do a good one or two hours, either on the telephone or in Sedona
live.  I haven't quite decided what to do that day, but I will comment on
what that date represents.  There is a lot gearing up for that, but also we'
re really processing in October a lot of the aftermath of September,
particularly the influence of Mars.  So the Harmonic Concordance, as it's
being called, is November 8th.  The precise time is 5:13 PM Pacific time
(8:13 PM Eastern time).  It's a very interesting configuration for those of
you who play with astrology --- and you may want to actually look at the
physical chart.  It's quite an interesting configuration.  Essentially, it's
the reverse of the Wesak moon in May --- opposite, upside down.  So, we're
going to have a very interesting thing going on here.  There's a total lunar
eclipse for starters, which is always a little bit --- interesting.  The
moon will be in Taurus and the sun in Scorpio.  Each of those will be at 17
degrees.  There's a lot going on that could --- let's see if I can make a
few comments here.

When you draw it on the chart, there's a very distinct Star of David
pattern.  There's also another six-sided shape outside of that which is very
interesting.  I would say that if you've done your clean-up work and have
let go of all your baggage, and you're not into having things be like a
school for hard knocks, a hard way of getting a lesson, struggling with
things until they clear up and so forth, if you've let go of that
programming in particular, then you'll probably do very well with this.  It
will be kind of a spiritual leap, if you will, for those who have really
given up hardship.  For those who still want to play with that, or who have
a stubborn streak, it could give them quite a strong hit, depending on where
it is in your chart.  You might want to consult with an astrologer or find
out that information, how it might particularly challenge your personal
chart.  "Jan can look at Your personal chart and your connnection to
this planetary configuration with you
 (more links below)

  Some are calling it a stargate, some are calling it other things,
but anytime there's an eclipse, the shadow self is presented and also the
eclipses are linked to each other.  When you're in one eclipse, you're
finishing up the previous eclipse or maybe two or three of them and
processing ahead of time to the next two or three.  So, it's a very
interesting cycle.  It also could bring about assassinations or some kind of
death aspect, because of the Scorpio aspect --- but then again, it could be
the death of the old way.  You could make this personally your willingness
to let go of the past, to no longer operate on your belief system, and to
operate in your Divine Blueprint instead.  So if you're going to have a
positive death, that would be way to focus it.

Stay away from polarization between now and then.  Just start practicing it.
Don't set things up at opposite ends, like the Muslims versus the
Christians, or the Jews versus the Palestinians, or whatever.  You don't
want to set up polarization or opposition of any kind, even very personally.
Very, very important, don't set up polarization, like, "If I do the dishes I
'm a good person; if I don't do the dishes, I'm a bad person."  Any kind of
polarization, delete it the moment that you notice that you're doing it.
(Studies the chart)   It should be a very powerful shift in consciousness.
And I would also say that October 10th (10/10) and November 11th (11/11) are
very potent days as well, particularly for their numerical value this year.
I would be careful on those dates.  10/10 happens to be a full moon.  11/11
is a kind of a busy day energetically, but it's still processing the lunar
eclipse of the full moon on 11/8; it's the last kick of that.  Usually they
wind down after about three days, but that one is going to escalate, so the
full moon energy is going to jump again on 11/11.  I'll have more comments
about that later.  You're invoking harmony --- that's your lesson, to invoke
harmony, but in a masterful state, not the way you normally balance things
with the personality to make things harmonious.  You're transcending duality
and polarization into that true mastery stillpoint.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, is the Divine Mother and the Holy Trinity the same energy
as the Three Star One with the different names?

DK:  The Three Star One is really considered the Holy Trinity.  It depends
on which level you're looking at it, though.  Some think the Holy Trinity is
Father/Mother God, so it would be another octave up from that.  Divine
Mother could be considered the same.  Again, it's not so much the label that
is put on it; it's the energy level that one is tapping into that's
important.  So some that say "Divine Mother" are talking about Mother Mary,
for example, a being rather than a particular energy source, or Goddess, the
feminine aspect, rather than the Three Star One energy, which is, again, the
next level up from that.  So it doesn't really matter what term you put on
it, but what energy level you're tapping into.  (Thank you.)

STUDENT:  Djwhal, I had a question weeks ago about dealing with stress and
you mentioned a year of rest as one remedy.  Was that tongue-in-cheek?  I
can't even imagine a year of rest.  What would that mean?

DK:  No, it was not tongue-in-cheek. 
For adrenal exhaustion, when they're
literally exhausted below a certain point  (sometimes it's 40%, sometimes
people get them down to about 20% capacity, and in a few cases I've seen
them even lower than that) a year of rest usually means quitting a job.  If
there is a job, you need to recondition the life so there's a lot of rest in
the day time, a good eight hour sleep in the evening, a two to four hour nap
in the day time, and supplementation to rebuild the adrenal glands.  It's
eliminating as much stress as possible.  For some, they really do need to go
into retreat and get away from the family unit.  Others just need to
re-design how they function at home.  "It's not my job to do the cleaning
anymore.  I'm not going to mow the lawn every week or do all the weeding or
change the oil in the car, or whatever."  It's eliminating as many
activities as possible until the body can rejuvenate.  That's for severe
adrenal exhaustion.  (Thank you.)  You're welcome.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, I've got a book on parasites by Overman, James Overman.
He's got a thing in here that you can use to repair your adrenal glands.  It
's called Adren.

DK:  There are many such supplements that are good; however, I strongly
suggest that anyone working with their adrenals consults with a Chinese
medicine professional, because some adrenal re-building will put other
hormones off-balance and effect the endocrine system in a negative way.
Sometimes the kidneys are too hot; sometimes the kidneys are too cold;
sometimes the liver is too congested and there are other things going on.
(Is there someone we can call?)  Angelo Druda is the one that I recommend,
and he can be telephoned.  The number, again, for convenience sake is
707-928-4126.  (Thank you.  Can he do this on the phone?)  Yes.  And
certainly, the herbs that are basically herbal amphetamines, a lot of people
take those to give themselves a false sense of energy.  They will further
destroy the adrenal glands, so don't take those.  (Can he diagnose over the
phone?)  You can either go see him in person or discuss your symptoms over
the phone and he can mix a tonic for you.  (Where is he?)  He's in northern
California.  Why don't you just try the phone number?  He can answer your
questions.  (Thank you.)  You're welcome.

All right. I think we'll bring in another energy here.  I would like to
focus on the Divine Blueprint as a closing today.  I want to leave everyone
feeling really good, really energized, as if your body is in its perfected
state.  So, we're going to recall that there is a Divine Blueprint, this
base operating system that is within all of creation.  Then you have an
auxiliary operating system, a mind that can distort things and create a
variety of colorful challenges in life.  But we want to discard that for a
moment --- or you can integrate it into your base operating system.  Just
see it collapsing in and coming into alignment.  You can get your mind
synchronized with the Divine Blueprint.  You can have your personality
synchronized.  You can ask for your emotional body to be synchronized with
the Divine Blueprint, and particularly the physical body, all of the cells.
There's a blueprint where a new liver cell is made, or a skin cell, or
whatever, that copies off of the Divine Blueprint, or it copies off of
surrounding cells, say cancer cells, for example: cells mutating and then
copying the mutated cells rather than the healthy blueprint.  What we want
is the same thing that we've been practicing with the Mastery Aura, we want
our body at the cellular level, even the subcellular, to duplicate the
perfect blue print cellular structure instead of duplicating exhaustion or
aging or deviation of any sort.  Keep asking, "Dear body, please copy the
Divine Blueprint only from this moment on.  Dear body, please copy the
Divine Blueprint only from this moment on.  Dear body, please copy the
Divine Blueprint only from this moment on.  Thank you, body.  Thank you,
dear, sweet, body.  I appreciate you very much."   (Pause)  Good.  Now, take
a few deep breaths and if you're sensing something, a little weight in one
elbow or maybe a dull ache in some part of the head, or whatever, breathe it
away.  Stretch the body so your bones go back into place and you're feeling
better.  Just sort of let yourself move organically and breathe in a way
that will put you back in complete synchronization with the Divine
Blueprint.  That is true love for Creation, to synchronize with it
perfectly, rather than work against it.  True love for Creation.  Good.

Dll right, just two reminders: one is that the 15th is right on the cusp, so
on October 15th you'll have the same code as today, and the other is the new
30 minute tune-up tape is available for $10 if you want to contact the
channel to order one.

All right, everyone.  Thank you and my love to you.
Djwhal Khul
(Transcribed by Mary Smith)
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