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DK Teleconference Class Wednesday, March 26, 2003
 ďMirroring: President Bush, War, and the Inner ChildĒ
    Channeled by Reverend Terri Newlon terri@onepost.net

 Djwhal Khul here.  Tashi delek.

 Well, weíve a lot to talk about today.  The first thing that I want to reiterate about world leaders and the media, and anything else going on in reality, is that itís always serving as a mirror.  So please, amidst all of this activity thatís going on in current events, please always keep doing the clearing work on it, keep clearing your own belief system.   Whatever you see in the mirror, particularly having to do with something you donít like, rather than pointing the finger toward that person or that thing, go inward and clear it from within, otherwise the outer mirror must stay intact.  The only reason a mirror or reflection exists is because it needs to.  So when you eliminate the need for the reflection, then the mirror can essentially go away, or stop mirroring that, or start mirroring something else and so on.   That is food for thought; that is what weíre going to focus on today.   Is there anyone who does not quite understand the concept of mirroring, before I go any further?  All right.  Good.

 Debbie Ford has a book called The Dark side of the Light Chasers, I believe it is.  The work of Carl Jung, the Jungian philosophy in general, is based on that as well.  This is not a new teaching, but also the Eastern teachings of enlightenment are all about looking, not with blame and shame outward, nor with blame and shame inward, but just looking.  So if thereís someone, say a world leader, that you think is not very smart and thatís the label that you put on them --- if you donít have the transcript from January in which I taught about labeling, you might want to send an email to terri@onepost.net  and ask for the free transcript on labeling that explains it.  One of the things within our group that I truly appreciate is that you understand that being a Lightworker is about ongoing clearing work.  Itís an inside job.  World peace, enlightenment, transformation, all those things, is an inside job.  Itís about going within and clearing whatever reflection comes up.  Right now, with world events, letís say thereís a world leader that you think is not very smart.  So you go within and what part of you do you think is not very smart?  That could be a past issue or it could be something in the future: not being good enough, not doing something good enough, not having done something well enough in the past.  Maybe you think you sounded stupid at one point or you were uneducated, in retrospect looking back you didnít know better, that sort of thing.  And then you go inside and you clear that part of yourself.  You essentially make peace with that part of yourself.  Life does not have to give you, Creation doesnít have to give you, that mirror to keep looking at and looking at and looking at till you figure out the lesson.  You may have noticed a shift in your American President Bush.  A lot of you went in and did some work about what he reflected to you and then suddenly, at least from my perspective, he was presenting himself differently, a bit more polished, a bit better.  So there was a shift there in the mirror.  Before I go further, did anyone else notice that shift in that particular example?  (Yes, that very same evening when he gave his speech.)  (That I saw as well.)  (And also, DK, he mentioned peace for the first time, as opposed to going to war.  I was shocked that he would mention peace.  I was very pleased, very grateful for that.)  Good.  So you can tell itís working.  Thatís what I was working on. 

 All right.  Then, war.  Thatís certainly the mirror up in everyoneís face and what we have, which is what I pretty much thought would happen, is a severe polarization with a twist.  What I mean by that is, you have a subtle polarization: ďWell, now that the war has started, I support the military and I support the cause of replacing a bad regime, or maybe I donít, but you canít stop a war thatís already started.  Thatís not going to happen.Ē   Thereís one polarity supporting it to some degree and the other polarity is really wanting no war or wishing it would end very quickly and be as peaceful as possible.  And then the more extreme with a twist would be those that are so anti-war that they are putting on violent demonstrations, in essence acting out war-like behavior in protest of war.  That polarizes those who view the war as being patriotic or those that view the war as being humanitarian.  There are many who take the humanitarian view on a global scale, as a global citizenís duty to eradicate a Hitler type.  So that is a rather severe polarization.  Then what we have are mini wars breaking out between the polarized groups and it goes on and on and on.  So I would take that reflection back inside of self and make a very simple remedy.  Hold only one thought at a time or no thought whatsoever.  Now, it sounds simple, but itís not quite as easy a practice as it sounds.  But if you have the book or the tape of The Power of Now, keep reading them over and over and over, or go to the website which is Namastepublishing.com, and read some excerpts or look at the depictions of any of the Masters and Eckhart Tolle as well, or thereís actually several others.  But you can go there and look at the depictions of anyone practicing mastery or read the works or pick up a former transcript from our group --- anything to keep putting you into a spiritual vibration. 

 You see, all this polarization and war within war polarization is because, if we look at this like a game board, there are too many conflicting thoughts so thereís no way to move in an orderly direction with the consciousness.  Itís very, very chaotic, so reflecting that back into the self to clear your thoughts, you might have a part of you that says war is bad, and another part that says maybe sometimes itís good, maybe in a past life where you were a warrior and you still hold those beliefs that war is good, warriors are held in high regard and so on.  Then youíre in conflict about what you see now.  So conflicting beliefs are what are causing this main severe polarization.  In your own consciousness clear all your thoughts except one.  You can hold harmonious thoughts, but the mind cannot deal with more than one conflicting thought at a time.  As soon as there are two conflicting thoughts there is confusion and what you are seeing reflected in world events is clearly a state of confusion and really kind of a state of panic.  Then they feel they have to take action, then itís righteous action, then violent action and itís O.K. because itís righteous.  Then whatís the next step beyond that?  So weíre going to do a bit of work today to stop that whole mushrooming process. 

 Weíre also still technically within the energies of the Spring Equinox.  Anytime thereís an equinox, Spring or Fall, the energies in the brain change and the chemistry in the body changes.  This is a time when people who are on a medication for depression or even natural supplements for depression, the brain waves get a little odd --- for everyone, but particularly for those who already have an imbalance, it can be even more challenging.  So watch that and do what you can to keep your body balanced.  Weíre still technically in that energy until about the new moon, which interestingly falls on April Foolís Day.  So with that overlap, at least drink a lot of water.  Donít let your brain get dehydrated; it will begin to ache long before you notice with your pain sensors that your brain hurts.  Then by the time you notice that you have a headache itís already started a cycle of chemical imbalance, so stay hydrated on a regular basis, whether you think youíre thirsty or not.  Donít over-drink water.  That dilutes the electrolytes and floods the cells.  You can actually drown yourself at a cellular level and I mean cause death by drinking too much water.  Generally speaking for most people, somewhere between two and four quarts a day, depending upon your body weight and level of activity and region in which you live.  If you live in a dry region, dry air is going to take moisture out of the body, so stay hydrated.  Itís most important in this time period.  Clear yourself of conflicting thoughts.

 Iíd like to do a pattern removal.  If youíre not familiar with this, itís a way of clearing the sub-conscious mind of misconceptions.  When we do it in the group we also work on the mass subconscious and mass unconscious of humanity to help clear it there as well.  So letís work on a pattern on war polarization.  If you are writing on a piece of paper there would be a title at the top.  Thatís the positive goal and then weíll draw a big blue triangle, pretty much the rest of the page, and inside the blue triangle we write all the misconceptions and I put a slash mark between them.  I might say ďFear/anger/Ē --- theyíre generally negative thoughts, negative emotions, that keep you from achieving the positive title on the pattern.  So the positive title is ďRealizing OneĒ.  I was going to say ďRealizing OnenessĒ, but I think ďRealizing OneĒ is going to work better with the belief system.   For instance, in the big blue triangle the misconceptions are: Polarity is more comfortable/ --- and now you breathe (strong exhale) it out of your body or feel yourself throwing it out, feel yourself throw it out away from your body every time I make a misconception.  Polarity is more comfortable/ Fear of annihilation by the Oneness/ Polarity is what makes life worth living/ I thrive on polarity. If I were to realize Oneness, I would not exist/ War or conflict is the mode of operation for reality, therefore, if I realize Oneness I must remove myself from reality which will cause me to come under attack from those who favor polarization.  Rather a long realization there, but I am pulling from the mass consciousness.  

 Take your own energy now and letís add what else you have cooking in your own body.  Letís put in grief, for example, and feel free to add any other misconceptions that are coming up.  (There is a misconception that war is exciting.)  All right.  War is exciting.  What keeps you from realizing Oneness, or what keeps humanity at large from realizing Oneness?  Anyone else with a misconception to throw in there?   (War will keep the economy going.)  All right.  Letís make that personal.  How does that mirror to you personally?  Pretty much, I canít survive here unless thereís conflict.   (What about war will devastate the economy?)  Well, the pattern weíre working on is about realizing thereís only One, so weíre not clearing a pattern along those lines.  Perhaps we should just clear the one we have on the table here and get rid of it and then we can talk some more.  Now just get your hands under the blue triangle energetically as if you were standing in a circle and you can all get your hands under it.  Feel the weight under it because it does have weight just like your soul can be weighed.  The light of your essence has a weight to it.  So does anything youíre getting rid of.  So letís all take a deep breath and, on the exhale, throw that into the sun.  Burn it up and dissipate it.  Sometimes you can feel the waves of goose bumps going up the body as the molecular changes take place in your own cellular structure.  But also, all around the Earth you can see that effervescent energy moving there when you really get a good pattern and take it out.

 All right.  One more issue to address before we go into general concerns.  That is the issue of misusing children in battle.  To comment about that, yes, it is happening and, yes itís always happened in one way or another.  Some people can relate to parenting or witnessing other parents and having a child caught in the middle of a battle or caught in the middle of a divorce.  Misuse of children in war is the next pattern weíre going to clear and that, again, I think will help move the consciousness.  As a mirror it mirrors into how do you misuse your inner child?  In what ways do you sometimes put your inner child at risk where it could be attacked in relationships or during a communication?   Some people do that when they get nervous about something.  Theyíll go into a little childís voice or a little childís body posture.  Women tend to go more into the little girlís voice; men tend to go more into a kind of jerky, boyish body language.  That is what I mean, when youíre going into your inner child, putting it right out there exposed.  As a masterful (word?) what you want to do is always keep your baby protected, literally, keep that inner child safe.  The only time you let your inner child go out is when the environment is perfectly safe and you know that the inner child wonít get wounded.  That is something we can contemplate and we can talk about more examples later, but I think you are getting it.  Just notice when you go into baby talk or small child talk or when you go into body posturing and behavior, walking like a toddler, kind of chop, chop, chop, side to side.  Sometimes it is suddenly needing to play with a toy, an adult toy, as a form of escapism --- that sort of thing.  So see when you do that, make sure you are not endangering your own inner child.  Thatís what Iím asking for as a reflection here.  It will help children around the planet tremendously. 

 Letís remove a pattern on that one because itís easier to see on a mirror shining back at you than it is sometimes to see your own internal behavior.  The title for a pattern is ďProtecting My Inner Child and All ChildrenĒ.  The misconceptions in the blue triangle are: Itís my best defense because no one would harm a child/  I must use my inner child strategically in order to keep my body or myself protected/ Surfacing innocence when there is danger is always my best bet/ Since it isnít a real child, itís O.K. to be abusive to my inner child/ Children are used in battle or in dangerous situations in order to avoid harm, and therefore itís O.K./ I am powerless to protect any child or my inner child because automatic behavior rules or wins/ Fear that I cannot serve as a protector, therefore I hope that the child can become the protective energy/.  All right, letís put other emotions in there like grief, pain, sadness.  Ask your body to release all related memories.  Perhaps you had a life where you were a child sacrifice.  Put it in there.  Let your body call up whatever memories you have.  Perhaps your parents used to fight and you tried to be the peacemaker or got put in the middle somehow.  Clear it out.  Keep going.  Perhaps youíve seen other people drag their children to their battle and it bothered you quite a bit.  Throw that out.  We all have that instinct to protect not only external children, but our internal children.  Itís instinct, part of nature.  So with awareness of how that looks in the various ways, then that will enable you to make conscious choices.  You can always trust an instinct; it will take over.

 But what I am seeing, in various places all over the planet, is the very deliberate misuse of children.  Starve them a little extra so they make a good poster child and you can get more money in the household.  Literally, a very gross misuse of the child.  Send the child out to beg for money because people will give the child money moreso than the adult.  A lot of things --- if the bill collector calls, have the kid answer the phone and say, ďMommy or Daddy isnít here,Ē and lie.  Over and over and over on a very large scale, very common behavior that most people donít think of until they see a child being put out as a false surrender and then a gun battle pursuing them, or a grenade battle pursuing them.  Then that looks horrible, but the minor degree to which it takes place on a daily basis doesnít look so terrible somehow.  But I am saying, tie them all together in one bundle, clear the energy from your past or past life, or this childhood when you were misused or misused others and then throw out any emotions associated with that.  This really will help children, it really will, and it will help you with your inner child and I thank you for doing it.  Get your hands up under the blue triangle, itís a pretty heavy one, and take a deep breath and on the exhale throw it up into the sun.  Really breathe it out of your body till you get tingling in the cells.  Thatís when your molecules have actually started to rearrange themselves based upon the new information.  Clarity.  Letís go one further step here and take the image of your own inner child.  You can have several.  It could be an infant and a toddler, a child around five or six and one around eight or nine, a twelve-year-old and a teenager and so on --- several inner children, really several components to the inner child.  And just make a commitment to them now that you will always protect them, that you will never ever put them into a form of danger, use them to skirt around a problem.  And the next promise is ďI will stay in my soul center; I will go to my stillpoint instead and invoke a state of mastery to handle this situation.  I can ask for a lot of angels, I can ask for the spiritual hierarchy and other guides and so on, but I will not put my inner child on the front line.Ē   All right.  Good.

 So the three areas again, to recap, are: take world leaders or military personnel or whomever it is that you are seeing a shadow in them.  Clear your own reflection of shadow there.  Make peace with it.  Secondly, to eliminate this polarization, remove conflicting thoughts.  You can hold one thought or no thought.  Itís moving into the power of now or the stillpoint or going back into the flow of the Divine Blueprint.  There are many ways that itís been taught about, so whatever makes sense to you, and if all else fails, go back to breath.  Just breathe.  Follow your breath until your mind is not thinking thoughts any more.  And a reminder there, a trick to get your mind to get quiet, to get rid of conflicting thoughts, just ask yourself, ďI wonder what my next thought will be.Ē  That gives you at least a short bit of time there of blank energy.   And read, re-read and re-read or listen to and keep listening to something like The Power of Now or these transcripts or the Hotline or whatever to keep putting yourself into that stillpoint center.  And the third point is keep clearing anything pertaining to abuse of children or abuse of your inner child.  And stay conscious when you go into that because everyone uses it at some point or another.  Itís a favorite tool, kind of like, ďWell, if I hide behind the really old grandmother, no one will hit me or if I duck behind a child no one is going to throw an object and injure the child.Ē  Itís a common pattern.  So when you feel threatened, donít go into your inner child posture.  All right.  Weíre open for any questions or comments.

 STUDENT:  Honest to God, I never thought about the inner child in the way that you described it today, so thank you.  I did see myself doing some of the things that you described that I would never ever have thought was using the inner child.  That was very powerful.

DK:  Good.  Weíll probably be getting more and more into that process because the way the energies are going, astrologically and other wise, is really kind of taking that energy in self study, and itís easy to see a mirror outside but not necessarily how exactly it mirrors inside.  We are going to do the weekly email correspondence and that will be part of it, clearly lessons and dealing with self-esteem, mastery (unclear) in addition to what we do here.  (Yes, I need a new way of thinking about how the mirror looks.  And I really thought I understood the mirror pretty well, but this exercise told me I did not go anywhere deep enough --- or maybe even broad enough might be a better term.)  I think broad enough probably describes it better. 

 STUDENT:  Djwhal, Iím wondering if this is an example: when I feel hurt by somebody, they yell at me or misunderstand me, I cry and it makes me feel better.  Is that using the inner child in some way?

DK:  Are you crying in front of them or privately?  (I try not to cry in front of them but sometimes I canít help it.)  Well, I would say there are times when people do use crying as a way to get the other person to shift.  If itís not a manipulative response, just staying with your own emotion, as long as itís safe to do so --- sometimes you can time things so that when itís safe to release the emotions and the inner child can come out, then thatís when you do it.  Other times itís a little difficult to with hold it. Generally speaking, Iím in favor of being authentic with emotions rather than trying to hide them or save them for later.  I would say, just study the response.  Iím looking more for things that endanger your inner child, rather than just making someone feel bad about what they just said.  Iím looking for things that would actually cause you to get more wounded.  You might look at what happened before that.  Were you in the inner child when --- is that what made you start to cry?  I would go back a step further, because when youíre really in soul center, even if someone is deliberately trying to attack you or saying something bad, or whatever, when youíre really centered it doesnít bother you.  You just sort of look at them like, ďOh, theyíre acting out,Ē or ď Oh, theyíre having a bad day.Ē  Itís not something that you would take personally.  (Thank you)  Youíre welcome.

 STUDENT:  What if youíre in a direct confrontation with a belligerent alcoholic and I kept trying to go within to my core (word ?).  Isnít that the inner child as well?

DK:  No.  It is not.  If youíre in a direct confrontation with a belligerent alcoholic, you definitely want to stay in the stillpoint or your soul center.  Thatís not the inner child.   Itís actually a kind of void where you are not reactionary.  The inner child is another aspect that should never come out in the presence of a belligerent alcoholic, never, ever.  You want to keep that child protected and tucked away.

 STUDENT:  Djwhal, what do I do with my young children when theyíre acting out?  What is the best way of dealing with them?

DK:  It depends --- there are so many situations --- so it depends upon what is going on.  But, again, when you react to their behavior, they tend to be very good at sensing that and then they want to keep getting reactions from you because from the childís perspective itís just a form of attention.  Theyíre not even labeling it positive or negative.  They just know they get your attention.  They get at least an energy feed from you, even if itís a sideways glance.  They feel the energy going to them and thatís all they want: to get the energy --- and sometimes all the energy, or as much as they can get.  So if you stay, again, your best --- and your parenting is very difficult so I donít mean to make this sound simplistic --- but do your best to drop into that stillpoint, usually a little bit above or below the navel, the stillpoint in your consciousness, or interrupt your thought process with, ďI wonder what my next thought will be?Ē  Then respond.  They certainly need discipline and the reason they like discipline is because theyíre getting attention.  They like that energy coming toward them, and as I said, they donít really discern between positive and negative until later.  Then they start picking, either/or usually.  ďRight now Iím going to do something bad so Iíll get negative attention.  Pretty soon Iíll do something good so Iíll get positive attention.Ē  They start distinguishing.  But in the meantime, I would say just be as consistent as possible with the discipline.  Stay in neutral; donít react to their behavior.  And make it clear itís about behavior, and not about them personally.  (Thank you.)  Youíre welcome.

 Another thing --- just to comment on children a little bit --- they really know --- their senses are exquisite --- they know when they can get away with something and they know when they canít, and that is really from the presence of the parent.  They can tell.  ďI can push this person or I canít push this person, an aunt or an uncle or a grandparent.Ē  They have an innate sense.  They might try to push you anyway, but if you donít budge, itís kind of like putting a chain around an elephantís leg.  Then you donít have to chain them to anything, they just stay there because they realize itís a program thatís not worth trying.  Children are very much the same way.  A lot of it is consistency and staying as powerfully in your own presence as possible.  That is, when theyíre not busy pushing all of your buttons at once.  They will get through.  They will get the best of you from time to time.  Just donít let that be a consistent thing.  Anything else?

 STUDENT:  Djwhal, Iíve been trying to help this situation by putting pearlescent energy around, but I canít tell if itís doing anything.  Can you give me any feedback?

DK: Pearlescent energy around what?  (Baghdad, the entire country of Iraq.)  Well, I would use golden-white as a color and, yes, I think it would be helpful for the land and the water and the air, and also for the human and the wildlife and so on.  They can take that energy and it will inspire them to act for the highest good and inspire them to listen to spirit a little more.   I think that may make the whole process a lot easier.  And thatís listening to spirit as opposed to listening to programming. 

 STUDENT:  Djwhal, I was going to ask you what is the highest peace vibration that we could invoke into that area or into our lives?  Would that be this light that youíre talking about?  Or is there something in particular that we could do?

DK:  Well, the golden-white to that region and not just to Iraq, but to the other places all around it.  I would certainly saturate the whole area and include Israel.  However, f or inside your own body what you can do to --- essentially the high vibration of world peace is already here.  Itís a matter of whether or not you are resonating with it.  You can ask to keep aligning yourself with that very high vibration of world peace and then you will

feel --- I see a lot of you going right now, which is good.  It will sort of elevate your energy field.  Another way of saying it is, it takes a coarse looking vibration, if you were to look at the energy, and it sharpens it so itís very refined.  Feel that all through your body, that higher refinement of peace energy.  So itís here; essentially the mass consciousness has voted on it and now weíre in the in between when it becomes made manifest.  The more you can physically make that presence available on the physical plane of consciousness, the quicker it will come about on a world scale.  (Thank you.  It certainly has a good feeling to it.)  Yes, doesnít it feel nice?  Itís peaceful, but itís also a high energy and pleasant, almost fun. 

 STUDENT:  Djwhal, if you know of someone who is particularly having a rough time with the war in terms of worrying about it, how can you best help them?

DK:  Distraction.  Get them away from the news, watching comedies or reading or listening to music.  Whatever it takes to distract them from that energy.  I would encourage people who are very sensitive like that, they get heart and soul involved with it, to maybe check in twice a day to get the latest, for maybe fifteen or twenty minutes, and then definitely donít go back to it again.  Or maybe read the newspaper and thatís it.  Donít be constantly exposed to it.  Essentially, whatever you get constantly exposed to becomes your energy field.  Weíre chameleons; so if itís green weíll turn green to blend in.  If youíre constantly watching war moment by moment by moment, your energy field blends into the war and thatís the consciousness that you carry.   So youíre not contributing to world peace; at that point youíre caught up in the worry and your body literally is in the war.  Your energy body is caught up in the war.  So thatís very important.  I would not say ignore it altogether because sticking your head in the sand is not what Lightworkers do.  They donít ignore the shadow side, but they donít engross themselves in it, either.  Itís a matter of balance, of staying aware of what is being mirrored so you can keep clearing the mirror.  But for those who arenít doing inner work and theyíre very concerned about this, like parents because the husband or the wife is over there fighting and theyíre watching TV with small children constantly.  Thatís quite disturbing too because the images that the children absorb are much more powerful than they would be for an adult.  So the best thing I could say would be distraction.  (Videos, old movies, happy ones.)  DVDs, old movies, go to the park, go out to dine, do anything to break away from the energy.  (If they listen to Eckhart Tolle, his painbody video is very good about that.)  Yes, I would agree. 

 All right.  Good.  Good piece of work today.  I do thank you for your willingness to keep clearing things out because thatís the work of enlightenment, keep cleaning it up.  And see if you can notice a shift, for those of you who do stay in tune with the news.  I think weíre getting deeper into battle, so it will be interesting.  The positive outcome of that is that it becomes so ugly that no one wants it anymore.  So the positive outcome of people really watching this war unfold the way itís being projected through the media is that it will become ugly enough that people wonít want to witness it anymore, they want it over with.  So weíre kind of on that surge of energy where it may get a little worse before it gets better.  So please keep holding that peace vibration.  Donít lose hope during that time period.  Keep working.

 All right.  Thank you and my love to you,

 Djwhal Khul           www.DjwhalKhul.com

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Fritz from California shared this new method of working with DK's blue triangle for pattern removal.  DK does recommend a conscious "ah ha" or realization of your pattern in addition to "unknown issues".  Have fun and please let me know what happens when you try it.
The process: inscribe in a blue triangle
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