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A Message from Archangel Metatron
as received by Karen, November 7, 1998

Greetings one and all,

Karen has asked for me to speak through her energy to speak on realities and what is happening to your realities at present.

What is happening is quite simple, you are bringing all your energies that have been scattered around in different realties back to this reality, and as you are absorbing these other aspects of yourselves you are finding core fears, and other issues you had thought dealt with, and are dealing with again...

But beyond that you are creating a new world/earth along with it, because dear ones what some of you are coming to realize is this:

1/ through your efforts to get your own house in order, your energy is effecting your reality and you are creating a new one!!

2/ those of you who have been waiting to be rescued have also realized that this will not happen, because in order to become fully conscious beings, you need to work on yourselves!!

So in working on your own fears, you are creating a shift in reality, in where more light which is information will be made available to you !!! These are the energy surges you hear us speak of, you created these surges, you integrate them, use them, then another surge comes!!!

And the more information you have the more you can work on yourselves and create this shift into a new reality, in which all are equal, where the earth is beautiful once again, it is you dear ones who are creating the earth changes, mother earth has already moved into the other reality, she is just waiting on you to clean out your own selves in order to join her!!

But with the earth changes happening this is a signal to many that yes indeed things are changing and all I have heard and read is coming true. This you all created, we in spirit have given you many ideas and scenarios in which to work with, and this so far is what you have come up with!!

Now those who are into earth changes will create this for themselves, and others who are of the same reality etc, but those of you who wish this change in reality to go with ease and grace will not necessarily face these changes. But will continue to create a peaceful change, with out and within.

Now as Karen has noted these last couple of days, she has been feeling like there is a part of her that is really not wanting to change into this new loving angel she is truly... she has lived so many lives as a human with limited power etc, the thought of having all that power back again, the fear of the unknown etc, is holding her back, as it is with many of you.

Those who claim to have conquered this fear should be like an ascended master, because the energy is ripe now for masters/angels to come into their full power. But many of you are holding yourselves back, with this primitive fear of unknown!! Many are unaware this fear even exists!! But dear ones on other levels you know who you are, you know you are masters and angels as such, you know this, but still this fear holds you back.

And so more issues pop up with you to deal with!! We say unto you now, those who are ready to claim their power may do so at any time!! It is there waiting for you to grab it.

Your realities are changing so fast you are finding it hard to keep up, this is the ride we have talked about, you are on the ride of your spiritual and physical life, and when it stops you will be in your power!!

But you and only you hold the button of this ride, you hold the stop and claim button!! Press it when you feel you are ready for it. it is within your hands to do so.

These lifetimes you have had on this wonderful earth have brought you to this moment, this moment in your current reality!!! You are being asked to claim your power your knowledge and who you truly are!! are you ready to claim it??

Many I hear thinking, but I have this issue and that issue to sort before I can do that!! I say unto you now!! That your karma is clear, your issues are only what you wish to manifest to keep you from achieving your God self your true power.

You are all ready!!! YES YOU ARE!! you are all ready to push the STOP AND CLAIM button, but until you truly believe this then you wonít stop the ride!!

This is a big thing for you to take in now dear ones, but rest assured you are ready for this light/info, a big part of you is ready to stop the ride!! But your primitive fear of unknown is creating issues to keep you on the ride!!!

It has always been up to you dear ones, no one is going to save you, you must save yourself and stop the ride. To do this takes faith and trust and light!!! We are giving you the light, the faith and trust is up to you!!! That is why we call you Spiritual Warriors, as it also takes great courage to face that primitive fear!!

Release your fear and stop the ride, it is time!!! Donít be waiting for breaking news via the media, on confirmations of UFOs, if they do this so what!! Does it change the ride much, does it release the fear inside you!!! NO!

Are you waiting on the Hall of records to made public, the Hall of Records is within you dear ones, not without!! All you need is within!! When you realize and feel this, then you will press the stop button!!

Many believe the bible and the end times, and yes in your reality right now it looks like the end of times as you know it because you created it!! from your strong desire and belief that this was going to happen because the bible, and many other prophets has said so.

Dear ones when are you going to start believing in yourselves?? Your own power to create?? You, being part of the Prime Creator are creating these things to happen, you read it, you believed it so you created it!!! this is your reality coming true!! Now what are you going to do!!

Remember the rule of free will, even though many of you have created the belief that beings such as Pleiadians and Sirianís etc are going to come and save you from these disasters, did any of you see those thousands of people who were recently killed in South America and other countries recently, did you see them being beamed up!! Were they rescued by UFOís ??? no !!

There spirits were of course but not their physical bodies!!

So you see we in other dimensions can not interfere and rescue you because this is not the plan!!! The plan has been all along for you to remember who you are, and claim your power back!!! then you will see us, then you will be with us. Because then there will be no fear!! Then what many natives have talked about will come true, because then you will be ready for us.

If we were to appear to you all now, many would die of shock and fear, this we would not want to happen!! Still many others would look upon us as Godís like they did with Jesus and Buddha etc, we are who you really are, we are your soul families, we are waiting for you to awaken to your true reality, and many of you out there are so close to this you can feel it in your inner being!!

You talk of a split in realities, but what is really going on is claiming your reality as a Master and or Angel or powerful being of light!!

Go within and ask yourselves if this is right!! Ask yourselves your inner selves is this being they call Metatron right??? And see what answer you get!!!

WE have given you all the info/light you need to achieve this, we have done our part as the back up team to this plan, now it is your turn to use this light as you see fit!! And a lot of this light/info has come from you yourselves, your own knowledge!!

Dear ones ponder your issues, and choose what to do!! We love you all no matter what you choose to do, but always remember you have the answers within!! Access them now!!

I leave you now to think and feel this light!!

Yes Karen is a part of me, and I am a part of The Prime creator, so we are all ONE. Peace and Oneness is what Karen has on web site, and that is what we are here to achieve.

I have aspects of myself in many dimensions of reality, and these beings that Karen has been calling her higher selves have been a part of me and the creator. The same goes for all of you!! You are all part of beings in higher dimensions, you are these beings, but in a physical form.

All channeled information is coming from within yourself not outside yourself. It is time this myth was sorted once and for all. You are the holders of light, and so when you read channeled information it is the person who has written it in the physical that has channeled his/her own inner knowledge! That has been funneled down from their higher selves to their physical selves.

But in the past people would not respect the words of their fellow man, so they created this wonderful belief Ďchanneled informationí knowing that people would respect the words of a higher being such as myself and Sananda etc, but the truth is, you are these higher beings here in the physical!!! It is time for you to become your own channeler, channel that light within you into this earth, as that is what you are here to do!! Whether it be writing, healing, teaching, art etc, you are bringing your higher knowledge onto the earth plane to help those others around you remember who they are!!

An incredible figure to behold, he appears as an enormous being of brilliant white light. He is the greatest of all the Heavenly heirarchs, highest power of abundance, Chancellor of heaven, King of the Angels. He was Enoch in his earthly incarnation. He is the twin brother of the angel Sandalphon and is the tallest angel in Heaven. Metatron is the Supreme angel of death and the teacher of prematurely dead children in paradise.

He holds a scroll in his hand and his planet is Uranus.

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