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   January 26, 2003 

               Message from Sananda # 5
               As Channeled by
Lois Hartwick

My Friends:
It is my pleasure to be with you and to speak of the nature of reality as you
presently know it and that which is forthcoming in your world.  Iíve been
committed for a long period of time toward the outcome and destiny of
civilization as you know it.  Iíve also been committed to those of you who
have also chosen to uplift your eyes so that the light may be seen daily.  In
this particular connection we come together working on higher plateaus and
levels understanding the intrinsic value of all human life.  For those reasons
it is a timely gesture for me to speak openly of what is occurring.

In the past several months there has been a heated movement toward
generating greater disharmony in your world by those figures who are,
perhaps, hidden from the reality you presently inhabit, choosing to alter
your reality as it has been known.
  An intention of the highest sort to create
disruptions and to overrule the patent heart that resides within each and
every one of you.

It is on this day, that I declare, we, the Corps of Light, and the forces that
choose to combine with our efforts, are putting forth an intention and an
intensity to counteract many of the activities forthcoming. 
You will perceive
on your plane, several levels of awareness and destiny unfolding.  Some of
these have been predicted; some have not.  Much of what is occurring is a
result of stored up energy over centuries of time that has not been
unleashed in any manner that you have previously known.  Occurring
because there are representations, facets of light, as I would call it, that
have been permitted to filter through only in the tiniest apertures, so that
what you receive is a significant interruption of the reality of truth.  Morsels
are apportioned out in certain ways so that representation of what life is
about has not become clear.

We are about to alter and change them.  This destiny, or letís say, this finite
point now reached is one in which we move accordingly to the thousands,
and yes, millions of those people who have prayed for a clearer reality
allowing for peace to exist.  With this eventuality forthcoming, it is
significant that you understand certain realties will be shaken along the

First of all, planted in your world will be a support team,  unbeknownst to
many, utilizing a specific form of light given to those of you on the planet
able to assist and to hold a particular coloration and frequency.   This
lightwave  is not particularly known to others.  It is an unfamiliar color,
also, but one that holds the highest vibratory frequency.  In this
accommodation, you will be given awareness and knowledge often
previously unknown to all of you.

Also, a new formation begins to occur in opposition to the tactics brought
forth by the government of this country-- the United States-- which will be
unfolding shortly -- little suspected by those in power at this point in time.
This opposition demands certain conditions be met.  This opposition will
stand directly in the way of an opposing fight planned by your country.  This
opposition will counter much that is planned.  In the outcome of that which
is occurring, your country will decide to go ahead, to create a war that is
highlighted by a significant few leading the path.

The disruptions that occur will be enormous.  Largely unheeded with
respect to those who have altered or offered significant help along the way.
In this outcome there will be a determination that your country has
superceded all guidelines, all tactics, all agreements, all international
boundaries, and all personification of light.  It will draw the wrath of the
international world.  It will bring forth and unleash enormous opposition to
the position presently being held.  For those who are hearing, there will be
great sadness that this is occurring.  For those who are joining in and
participating, there will be a sense of exhilaration and righteousness that
this path has been taken.  For the rest, sadness and anger become the mode
and the operation and entry into the world.

I wish for you to understand as I speak these words, much comes forth
from those of us holding light to those of you doing the same.  It has not
and will not alter the course that is set.  It will minimize the effect; it will
shorten the outcome; it will allow for dissemination of light to clear enough
away, so that consciousness may awaken to the greatest degree possible

In the same context and in the same voice, I say to you there are those who
are not listening, who are not caring, who are not observing and who do not
understand the implications that stand before you today.  Many of these will
awaken.  Others, will fall away.  The time for a new level of reality has come
forth.  The time to awaken in your hearts the greatest of truth:  Your work is
not yet done.  Consciousness of a higher sort is to be made manifest onto
this plane of reality, and whatever you do, however you operate, whatever
you think, is brought into the greater world order.  Be conscious of the
choices you make and the realities you are choosing.

Over the summer months things will start to calm down and even out
somewhat from the effects that you will be feeling early this spring.  What
occurs is an opportunity to reawaken the world to disaster.  My words may
prove controversial to many, will not sit well with others, will determine,
perhaps in fact, certain realities not to be heard or taken in.  Whatever you
choose, it is all right.  Know that in the end, what has been accomplished is
to create and awaken mankind to the greater light that stands before you
today in each one of you and in each one of us.

Your world is embracing a time in which movement away from those
aspects of darkness will become predominant.  Movement from those who
have chosen to alter reality for far too long.  Movement from the lessons
that have limited mankindís ability and his thinking and his gestures of light
and song.  I say to you that coming forth will be the greatest of light yet
known on your planet.  In these times forthcoming you will begin to realize
the shift in tides, shift in opinion, shift in outlook.  A change in the reality
that has been created up until this time, where more mature minds and
hearts listen to the true heartbeat of the Earth and are present to support
your incarnations and lives.

I have spoken before you  on four previous occasions requesting those of
you able to hold additional light, to do so.  My reasons have been supported
by a variety of words on paper and out loud.  I ask you tonight to imagine a
new world order in which love prevails.

This beacon or this lighted gesture is the outcome for creating the highest
truth and the greatest reality you can be in.  Long has it been lost from the
lips of many, and now is a time in which these words can and shall be
spoken again.

The disagreements between governments, such as yours and Afghanistan,
create divisions between mankind in which hearts open to love, fall away to
disheartenment and sadness.  Is this the reality of life you wish to hold and
maintain?  Did you come here for this?  I seriously doubt that.  Rather, it is
an unfolding of the operations you presently see and witness that ignite
your hearts and allow you to combine in a worldwide manner to oppose the
generations upon generations who have sought to contain your lives.

These days forthcoming may prove hard for some of you to witness.  Hard
for some of you to see and know and realize.  You may choose to believe  all
that has been said was of untruth.  I assure you, it was not.  You may
believe that all has been forgotten and lost; I assure you, it has not.  You
may feel your hearts are broken witnessing disregard for personal life.  I
can assure you we stand by to uplift life again.

The moments are here and the tales have been told and the sides have been
chosen.  Enacted shortly will be the intention of this president to create war.
Those who willingly serve in this manner have equally made a choice.
Please recognize this; they are all following some aspect in their lives they
must accomplish and do.  Your choices may alter the reality that they face.
Your choices to hold light to surround them, to surround the planet in light,
and a consciousness of love evoked by all of you, will assist the outcome.

We are, as I said, in the last message to you, a Corps of Light that is
abraiding into the planet as I speak to you now.  Some of you will begin to
feel empowered in new ways.  Some of you will have ideas and levels of
consciousness you have not had previously.  Some of you will want to
undertake new directions and journeys  five days ago had not even been in
your head.  You will be called in new ways, you will be connected to us
working with you.  Listen carefully to new thoughts you may be having, or
perhaps, to your heart that is yearning to go in a completely different
direction than yesterday.

We are witnessing subtle realities which grow inside your present being,
finding ways you can assist and serve and support the light.  Do not be
afraid at some of the requests or inklings or knowings coming forth to you.
Do not be surprised either.  We are witnessing a time in which alteration of
this planet will not be tolerated.  Those who have chosen to participate with
forces of light are grounding the energy so this may be possible.  You will
witness destruction; it is so.  You will witness difficulty in many realities.  At
the same time you will become the anchor of which we spoke a year ago.
Anchoring this light is supporting the reality of peace -- the truth of the
higher aspects of your nature.

It is determined by us working with you the forthcoming months will not
only be supported by us, but enormous pressures will be placed upon those
choosing to alter reality.  These pressures, at first not felt and noticed, will
become apparent in the early spring.  These pressures will cause decisions
to be made contrary to what was originally intended.  These pressures will
cause confusion and distort the intended direction obtaining one goal only.
That goal of dominion and oil.  Instead, you will witness the dismantling or
perhaps scattering of intention, confusion among the ranks, clear outcomes
are no longer before them.  When this aspect begins to unfold, you will
understand the forces of light are holding firm your earth, your planet, your
country so that new will be remodeled and brought forth.

The children that are spoken about by James Twyman and others will be
bringing forth this new, lighter reality in the very face of all that has been
created.  This higher frequency allows for a transition to take place.  As you
hold this light within the palms of your hands, you make possible this
higher energy coming forth shortly thereafter to guide a new and completed
agenda on the higher level for planet Earth.

You are here with this intention and this reality and this purpose.  You are
scattered around the world.  It is intended to be so.  For what greater way
could you hold support on this planet?  Planted all in one area would not
serve the others very well.  The children forthcoming will have very lighted,
simple, easy ideas which will take hold over time.  Many will be here to
carry them out, resonating to them solely.  This is an uplifting time;
recognition is implanted and removal begins of that which has been dire for
so long.

So what happens, you ask, to all these people who have one agenda as
opposed to another?  Where do they go? What are they witnessing?  What
are they truly creating and why has this come about?

Many are here as a result of lifetimes elsewhere, incarnations which
embraced certain tendencies and specific realities that have been cocooned
within a cellular level and structure of each human on earth.  These realities
can be vastly different.  But when you are on earth, you see the similarities
you all contain.  Two arms, two legs, two eyes, in most cases, and a head
and a form that takes on a similar context.  Yet within this context is a
different reality depending on experiences gone far beyond your world.  In
some cases, there are those who have chosen to be present here at this
time so that a specific direction and reality will take place.  Not everyone
has agreed to this plan; not everyone wants this plan, and it will allow this
plan for a higher reality to actually come forth because of it.

You have chosen, each one of you, to remember, in some part of your being,
your heritage.  Your heritage-- that you are a part of light which performs
as One, as light does, emanating from your present being  which is of God.

Oftentimes aspects of light have been removed or are not carried within
specific human forms.  They do not see the greater reality, but rather, an
intention placed before them.  You are here to remember; you are here to
carry light; you are here to make possible the generations before you in a
new world order where love becomes the predominant overcast of this
particular planetary structure.

Not everyone will move in this direction.  Not everyone will see light.  They
will choose to live a different reality.  Perhaps embraced upon one you are a
part of and yet not co-mingling in the ways you do.  Uplifting into a higher
generational process requires the opportunity to see greater light.  The
practices of light and bringing them forth onto the planet cannot be
diminished in any way.

It is significant all of you hold as much light as possible.  Request this in
your dreams.  Request it in your days and waking hours.  Practice it in your
meditations and open to greater prospects of this occurring.  Those of us
walking with you and abraiding with you carry much light.  You may feel
changes happening physically once again.  This is nothing to fear; nothing to
worry about.  You may find you need more sleep, once again, or that you are
tired even though you have had a good nightís sleep.

I want to warn all of you to not fall into a trap; a trap of believing that what
is being mirrored back to you by your government or another, by the
newspapers or tv, is the sole truth and reality of the world you inhabit.
Teeming in the atmosphere are thousands, millions, billions of energies that
are working to support this new light.  Be a part of this reality, too.  Ask for
it, and connect as best you can to these consciousnesses that will support

I know the days ahead may seem difficult for many.  Today it is not a
reality, perhaps, but at some point later on, when you witness events forth-
coming, you may decide what you have heard from myself and others was
not the truth.  I beg you to remember that the dawn of light is forthcoming.

In the next several months there will be activations of energy and situations
dramatically appearing in your world through tv and other media means,
unless you are physically present in some of them yourselves.  You will be
understanding greater truths because new information will come forth
shortly creating great disruption in your thinking and your world.  New
information  that was not given to you at the start of 9/ll, that was not
given to you along the way, but will shed light on some situations.  When
this begins to infiltrate this and other cultures, a storm will be brewing.
Brewing, perhaps, from the grassroots levels of those people who consider
that life matters here.  Changes will result from implantations of awareness
and light forthcoming.

The days ahead may seem dire, at certain points and times, depending
where you are and what you witness.   And yet, there will be transformation
on the heels of direness.  The transformation must be carried through by
those who are present.  Losing faith all is possible will not allow for trans-
formation to accurately or clearly take place.

The children who work with you, whose song and vibration can be heard
miles away, will rejuvenate that which has been lost.  They carry this
energy.  They know this joy.  And you, my Friends, will, too.  The path you
have all taken will be sown this year.  Reaping the benefits will come at a
later point in time, and yet, and yet, as you witness that forthcoming, the
spark within you resides, for you start to know what to do.

You are connected and working with us in unseen ways, yet clearly, you will
hear a new tune.  As Sananda, I choose my words carefully.  Some are
shielded from peering too closely and others emblazon light.  I wish you to
understand there is no one who hears these words who is not affected nor
connected to that which I am.  Carry forth well what you are given as
bringers of the new dawn.

I love each and every one.

This channeling was done late January;  I asked Sananda what changes he would like me to make at this latedate.  ďNone,Ē he said.  I cannot say this was an easy message to bring forth to you, the reader.

Earlier messages from him are on the website: www. awakening-healing.com  www.expressionsoflight.com, and limited information on anchoring light meditations, etheric pyramids and an 8-part series with Thoth on-line.  To be on the email list for updates from Sananda orfor private readings, contact Lois at: info@expressionsoflight.com.

A schedule for anchoring light workshops in Sacramento area, Mt. Shasta, Calif.and Oregon is being arranged.  If you are interested in attending and wish to obtain details when schedule is finalized,  send request to: hilo@bcn.net.

Publication of the forgoing requires permission;  circulation in entirety, welcome.

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