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Awakening-Healing News Index 2003     Message 12

as Channeled by Sharon Shane


Be ever vigilant in your desire to seek enlightenment.  There are twists and turns in the maze of the Self.
There are no wrong turns, but some turns delay evolvement while others lead to accelerated paths.
The turns that delay evolvement can be recognized by their repetitive patterns.  When the seeker finds
themselves repeating patterns, then they can know without doubt that they have made the turn once
again that loops them back on the cycle of repetition and delays their progress of evolution.   Only
when the outer world of manifestation reflects back change the seeker will experience the results of
true evolvement.  Be not fooled by the subtle changes that evolvement will herald.  Look always to the
subtle changes even underneath the big external changes that may occur.  It is within the subtlety
of change that the glimmerings of Truth can be found.  Like panning for gold, one must sift through
the sand to find the tiny specs of gold, so it is similar when transmuting the energy of human
consciousness to that of the Christ Consciousness.  One must sift through the sands of time to
reveal the golden Eternal Truth buried deep within.

There is much more work to be done on the Earth plane within the unfolding Divine Plan
of conscious evolution.  The Lightbearers, the Lightworkers, the Keepers of the Light, the Keepers of
the Flame, the Wayshowers all lead the way.  The Divine Hierarchy is very aware that many feel weary
from being on the front lines of this evolutionary program.  It may appear to the weary workers aligned with
Divine Plan that the masses of humans that are still sleepwalking in the dark are the cause of what is
weighing you down.  This is an illusion, for each one of you is far more powerful than 10,000 sleeping souls.
What truly is weighing you down is the density of the vibrations of your own unfinished emotional karma
based in lower vibratory belief systems resonating at a lower thought vibrational level.  The energy of the
Higher Realms is rippling down to the lower resonating dimensions.  To remain in the resonance
of the lower thought forms is to feel heavy due to the "lightness" of the incoming higher vibration.
This energy is there to be utilized to lift you into the higher vibration.  Open willingly to these higher
vibrations.  Do not greet them with fear.  Do this in meditation by surrendering the will of the ego
to the Divine Will of the Higher Self.

We repeat for those that are yet to hear, the days are long for those that delay evolvement.
The omnipresence of the Godhead is ever with those that open willingly to the higher
vibrations of Love.  God never abandons you, but you ever and a day choose to abandon God.

We repeat again for those that are yet to hear, you cannot serve two masters.  Every choice
that is aligned with the human ego and serves only the lower self is a blatant denial of the
Higher Self/God.  Every choice that is aligned with the Higher Self/God opens up the gates
of eternity and the wellspring of infinity.  You are the gatekeepers.  You are the ones that
choose to open the gate or keep it locked shut.  You hold the key to human evolvement.
You are the key, and your Higher Self knows which way to turn in the twists and turns of the
maze that is the Self.  The ego does not know the way to Eternal Life.  The ego only
knows the way to the repetition of patterns that lead to death and reincarnation.  Yet
how many let the ego lead them into the hell of their own making that erupts in violence,
greed, murder, stealing and the general rampage of the misuse of the powerful energies of
creation.  The human ego is the only enemy that must be conquered.  The voice of the ego
must be silenced in order for God's voice to herald its rhapsody in your world.

Many of you have felt the need to sit in silence away from the external world.  There will
be the need for more of this in the coming year.  As the world gets louder with its
collective shouts of ego wars, the Lightworker must remember to take refuge as needed in the
silence of the inner temple to serve the Single Voice of the Divine.  Be every vigilant to not be
swayed in a multitude of directions by the many voices screaming to be heard above the din, only
to add more noise to the din.   In this way the Lightworker will renew their strength to serve the many
from the center of the One.  Do not add the noise of your own ego to the din that is already the collective
human ego.  Practice silencing the ego, and only speaking wisdom when prompted by the Higher Self.
This is the task of the Lightworker in this present phase of unfolding Divine plan.  As each
Lightworker silences their ego voice, a hush will permeate the air...and then the new voice
can emerge....the Single Voice heralding the Law of the Land.

Walk within the center of wisdom that is your Soul.  Speak only from the wisdom of the Soul.
This is the way to bring the Divine Feminine back to your world once again.  This is
the way to restore balance.  When critical mass of humanity reaches an equal state of
masculine/feminine balance, then a new world can be birthed.  The Lightworkers
ARE the number needed for critical mass.  Be ever vigilant about not choosing to make
the turns that delay evolvement.  The critical mass will not reach the crescendo in
your lifetimes, but the rhythm and the pace must be set now in order to ripple into
the future potentials for this new world.  The ripples you have already set into effect will aid the
second wave of Lightworkers referred to in your terms as Indigo children and Crystal children.
They will work within this rippling vibration and add their intensity to it, thereby setting the
third wave into motion, and so on into the unfolding futures of Divine plan.  This
is the Rhythm of the Cosmic Pulse set forth by God/Goddess.  The creation of
the new world depends on each and every Lightworker to carry out their self-chosen
tasks within Divine Plan.  For those allowing their ego to play mind tricks to convince them that
they are still unaware of their Divine tasks, the seeking of such is the revealing of such.  Conquer
the ego's petty excuses, and make way for the voice of the Divine through the Higher Self.

You will witness more and more people awakening to their Higher Voice.  Those of you
ahead on the path, will be needed to hold your lanterns high for those that are right behind
you.  The Spiritual Hierarchy is at your command.  We are here to serve you, as is our task within
Divine Plan.  We are your strength in times of need, just as you are the strength for others in their time
of need.  Do not hesitate to lean on us.  We are your support and the pillars of your spiritual foundation.
It is with the greatest honor and high esteem that we embrace you as we walk alongside you on your path.

"Purification begins with the Heart. When the Heart is pure, 
the body is pure.  When the Heart of mankind is pure,
the body of Earth will be pure."

The Collective Ascended Masters 
as channeled by Sharon Shane

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