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MerKaBic Harmonic Concordance from ZaKaiRan

Dear Ascending Masters of Divine Concordancy,

The Star of David, represents your MerKaBa, your vehicle of

transportation to higher dimensions and your transformation and

transmutation into Higher-Light-Body, or Christ-Body, creating the

New HUman, (God-man) - HumAngel.

The MerKaBa is a huge aspect of your Light-Body. It essentially is

your own Space-Time-Dimension ship. It is not only the doorway to

higher dimensions, but it is the first geometry that is the doorway

to all of your higher ones. This linear representation of the star,

is the male geometries. At each point is a sphere, (female), all

together they create a female geometry, or a star of David made of

spheres. In this case, those spheres are our planets, Moon, and

beloved Sol. And within all of this, in the center of your

MerKaBah, and this celestial MerKaBic alignment, is another sphere,

and that is you.

The Star of David is comprised of 2 interlocking tetrahedrons, or 2-

3 sided pyramids. The one pointing up (to the cosmos), is male.

The one pointing down (into the earth), is female. There is much

information about this structure available from Drunvalo

Melchizedek. I also have a few articles on Light-Body and MerKaBah

on my website: www.ZaKaiRan.com

This "Star" is your own space-time-dimension ship. Every living

thing has one. By its activation you are able to travel through

space and time, and you are able to Ascend to the higher dimensions -

physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So needless to

say, this Harmonic Concordance, this celestial body MerKaBah

formation, will enable a huge opportunity for everyone to activate

their own personal MerKaBah's, their Light-Bodies and higher genetic

blue-prints. And as a whole, if everyone links their individual and

group MerKaBah's into one big Harmonic Group-Soul MerKaBah, then we

will actually accomplish the creation of Earth becoming a giant

Mother-Earth-Light-Ship, a giant Star - which is what Earth is


This is how Mother-Ships are created, they are Divine Synchronies of

each individual Light-Being, (individual stars), who are on this

Mother-Ship, all combining their individual MerKaBah's together to

form one giant MerKaBah - a Star-Ship.

So I urge everyone to tap into this divine configuration that our

beloved celestial bodies are creating for us in the heavens, and

calling upon your Divine Presence to activate your MerKaBah. And in

the groups that you will be communing with, join your individual

MerKaBahs to form a group MerKaBah. And then combine your group

MerKaBah with all the other group MerKaBah's on the planet to form

one giant Planetary MerKaBah.

Individually, or in groups, I recommend that you begin by calling in

the Ascended Masters, Angels, God-Goddess, Father-Mother God, The

Christ…and any individual Ascended Master, Bodhisattvas,

Masters, Gurus… that you personally work with. Call upon the

energies of the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Chiron and the Moon.

And call upon all the celestial bodies in our solar system and

universe to assist with this activation.

Blend your energies with all of the activation's that are taking

place at this time: with the eclipse, the Star-Gate opening, grid

alignments, matrices activation's, geometry activation's, genetic

activations… Connect to all the power places on planet

earth. Call upon the energies of Mother Earth, the Cetacean

Guardians of Mother Earth, the Devas of Planet Earth, the Agartha

Network (subterranean cities, and the people therein), the High

Council of Water Beings..., and anything or anyone else that occurs

to you to invite in and connect to, to assist with this divine alignment.

Then individually, you may say something like:

"I call upon my I-AM-God-Goddess Presence to merge with me and

activate my MerKaBah now!  And so it is! It is done!

Or, "By Divine Decree, in the name of God-Goddess-All-That-Is,

Father-Mother-God, and the Divine Christ that I AM, I command from

the Lord God-Goddess of my Beingness for my MerKaBah to activate

now! I now command this MerKaBah to meld with the other MerKaBah's

being activated around Planet Earth, during this Harmonic

Concordance. I command that it blend and combine in Divine

Synchrony to form one giant Planetary-Earth-Light-Ship".

Now see this happening. See your tetrahedrons spinning, and your

entire MerKaBa structure becoming a Light-Ship, in the shape of

a "space" ship, or the shape of galaxies.

(The reason space ships and galaxies have this shape, is because

they are MerKaBah's who's counter rotating fields are spinning, or

have spun so fast that the edges elongate, while the center remains

centered. So the center is bubble shaped. This is how you look in

your individual space-time-dimension-ship).

As a group example, everyone in unison can say: "By Divine Decree,

in the name of God-Goddess-All-That-Is, Father-Mother-God, and the

Divine Christ that I AM, I command from the Lord God-Goddess of my

Beingness for my MerKaBah to activate now!

I now command my MerKaBah to meld and blend with the other MerKaBah's in this group.

We now command our group MerKaBah to combine in Divine Synchrony

with the other group MerKaBah's around Planet Earth to form Mother-

Ship-Terra - for the Ascension of humanity and Mother-Gaia to the

higher dimensions of Love and Light, Co-Creating Heaven on Earth!

And so it is!". And in unison you may Om together three times, or

chant I AM, I AM, I AM!      …

See all of this happening, individually, as a group, then as a planetary group.

(You may of course re-word these decrees and create your own to suit your personal bias)

In Infinite Divine Concordance and Divine Love,



Concordant: harmonious, agreeing

Namaste: "The God I AM honors the God You are". "Blessings from

the God I Am of my Being to the God I Am of your Being".

"I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells. I

honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of

peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in

me, we are one". (Last definition courtesy of Wind Prayer Flags of

Eugene Oregon)

As you may be aware of by now from the huge amount of emails and
information available on the Harmonic Concordance beginning November
8 through to the 11th, (which is a Star-Gate activation), that the
Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Chiron and the Moon will be in a
position that forms a six pointed star (the star of David), linking
and balancing the energies of these six astrological bodies, and
creating a grand planetary energetic and sacred geometrical alignment.
And there will also be an eclipse at this time. (This is, as you
can imagine, a huge astrological alignment. I was sent an excellent
email from Kiara Windrider ...Nancy Belle, Editor PLANETNEWS broadcast

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