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Higher Prospective on the War as it Unfolds

Hello everyone
Those of you who have been on this list for a while and who have come to
appreciate the unique perspectives provided by our heavenly source of
spiritual advise and encouragement, namely Matthew Ward, the deceased son
of Suzanne Ward who channels his messages from the spiritual realm of the
afterlife for the benefit of us all in embodiment, will be pleased to once
again get to read what his take is on the current developments in Iraq,
based on messages received several months or weeks ago and which, at his
request, have been embargoed up to this moment.

I now sense the time has come to release them for public circulation and
encourage you to likewise network them far and wide if you resonate with
them as much as I do.

If you have never seen his messages before and are not familiar with Suzy's
two channeled books, I recommend you give a good look at

And you may want to review The Veil is Opening - Introduction to the book
"Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" posted at

You may also use the search engine specifically dedicated to the ERN
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messages already networked through my compilations.

Love, Peace and Harmony Will Prevail!
Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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P.S. I will send you the next Meditation Focus at the usual time before
this coming Sunday's globally synchronized meditation. More than ever we
need to continue our global healing work and even expand the scope of our
efforts for Peace and a New Era of Light on Earth.

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On October 4, 2002 I wrote (in part) to Suzy Ward...
This (the new war of conquest in the Middle East) is going to be a really
big thing! According to what I saw on ABC tonight the military are gearing
up to attack around mid-December.

I'd certainly be interested to see what is Matthew's take on all this...
Love and Light will prevail

Date: 5 Oct 2002

Jean, before I could make time for a sitting, I asked Matthew about the war
so I do know what he's going to tell you (I think!). I'm having the sitting
right here.

"Mother, I wish to reply to Jean's request for my take on this potential
war situation. Jean, I shall address you personally now, and ask that you
honor my request that you NOT publish my message until a time later when
you will know it is appropriate to do so. My mother is thinking that what I
am about to say is not what you would like to hear as I have told her there
will be the war that President Bush is determined to wage with Iraq. It
will not be a protracted war as were World Wars I and II, nor will it be as
short as the so-called Desert Storm. And it will NOT be a nuclear war! You
already know this cannot be as Creator has decreed it cannot, and the
technologies of civilizations far advanced of yours are at the ready with
power to prevent nuclear detonations should any be attempted.

Why cannot the sustained light on Earth prevent a war that most people on
Earth do not want? Because individuals' free will still reigns, and those
who are determined to start a war are exercising their free will to do so.
It is not that there is insufficient light being directed toward peace, but
rather that the determination of the few with positions powerful enough to
initiate a war, as well as troops and weaponry to proceed, is within their
free will choices. These souls operating in total darkness are either
members of the non-human civilization incarnated into human bodies or those
humans captivated by the power they believe that dark force has given them.
They are in total refusal of the light continuously being beamed at them
and thus are proceeding without conscience to further their control of the

"How I wish that I could tell you otherwise! But I am telling you what
cannot be prevented, and it is for that reason -- it *can't* be prevented
-- that I wish you not to release this message. It is gratifying, of
course, that many people you reach with your illuminating reports believe
my words. Always my messages are in truth from my vantage point, and I
don't wish ever to discourage ones from feeling hope and love and sending
forth those vibrations to the universe. This must continue even after war
is started as those vibrations will assist in bringing in the era of peace
that will follow.

"That is all I have to say unless my mother has questions. I can't tell --
do you, Mother?"

S: Give me a minute, please, Matthew. OK, thank you. Will biological or
chemical weapons be employed? I mean, will God or Creator allow that?

MATTHEW: That kind of warfare is not *intended* by God or Creator,
certainly! But there is this free will determination that must be
recognized and honored, so I must tell you that the warmongers' intention
is to wage this kind of unholy war themselves but officially ascribe it to
the defenders. If this happens, the "silver lining" is that the same
benevolent civilizations whose technologies can prevent nuclear detonations
also have the technology to counteract the worst effects of the toxin- and
virus-laden weapons.

S: Do you see many deaths?

MATTHEW: Here again I wish I didn't have to tell you. Yes, but that's what
we see at this juncture in the field of potential.

S: Is all of this karmic? Are the "dark minds" determined for war only
playing out the karmic roles they agreed to, and are all the "innocents"
who will die or be wounded only playing out their roles?

MATTHEW: Now I can say, No, but again I wish my reply could be different
because then it would follow what you have heard from other sources and
find more acceptable -- that everything is in divine order, and everything
that is happening is what all souls on Earth agreed to eons ago. This is
not necessarily so, Mother. While it definitely is so that ULTIMATELY in
the universal continuum divine order *is* prevailing, the universe itself
is in enormous upheaval, and translated into your linear time, "divine
order" is not prevailing. While it definitely also is true that the souls
who have embodied on Earth during this unprecedented time of planetary
changes willingly did so, their soul level agreements have been severely
compromised by the "dark minds'" relentless tyranny and deception that is
in far more dire measure than these "innocents" agreed to experience.

Millions have made new soul-level agreements after being born into their
agreed-upon families and experiences because the circumstances went so far
beyond the provisions of their original agreements. These souls have left
or will be leaving their physical lifetimes via the obvious means of
disease and starvation and slaughter in wars, but it is actually
renegotiated soul-level contracts that is the reason. Their misery was only
adding negativity on your planet, which was the opposite of their purpose
for embodiment in this time of great transition -- their purpose was to
achieve balance for themselves and Earth -- and by dying physically these
souls now are reducing that negativity by joining the ranks of countless
other lightworkers off-planet who are serving to bring about the new era of
peace, love and harmony on Earth.

So you can see that the karmic roles of souls who agreed to be "oppressor"
have extended way beyond those agreements as well, and they do not intend
to aid the light in any way! And of course, the darkness that exists as a
force field in the universe does not agree to anything responsive to the
light and is fighting more fiercely than ever in its desperate attempts to
not let the light extinguish it.

S: Are souls still willingly embodying in areas where many souls are opting to leave?

MATTHEW: Yes, and their soul-level agreements call for only enough
experiencing to complete karmic lessons before they leave. And please
understand that many souls living in those areas where disease, starvation
and wars are rampant are living out their chosen karma.

S: I see. Will the imminent war be the turnaround for us, the last major
hurdle before the era of peace, love and harmony?

MATTHEW: YES! The combat of the war and its life and land destruction will
so profoundly affect your world that souls who have been thinking war will
lead to peace or "fence-straddling" will be forced to clearly see that only
peaceful means of settling any dispute will ever result in peace on Earth.
And feeling love is the way to peace. Those who resist this will not
continue in positions of power and their physical lives will end as the
ascension of the planet and her light-filled life forms hastens into the
higher frequencies of fourth density.

S: Will that process definitely be completed by 2012? If the war will have
those profound effects, can't that decade between now and then be reduced?

MATTHEW: As I explained before about that year, which I know has been
heralded as having great significance for Earth, aside from being a part of
your linear time in third density and thus not applicable elsewhere in the
universe, it is not a firm date even for Earth. Free will shall continue to
determine individuals' energy direction in thoughts, words, actions and
motives, and 2012 as a pivotal date can be speeded or deterred by the
amount of "new" light added as people consciously connect with their souls.
What IS a constant is the continuing ascension of the planet and her
light-filled beings, so evidence of the results of efforts toward peace and
harmony among peoples of all nations will be growing.

S: Matthew, do you know if God wishes He could throw out some peoples' free
will and prevent the war and suddenly change Earth into the paradise it
once was?

MATTHEW: Mother, you amuse me, and this bit of light-heartedness uplifts my
spirits at having had to tell you what I did. You know I'm not ever
intending to be God's spokes-soul and further, you know you can ask Him
yourself. But since I'm into your thoughts and know you're not going to do
that, and since you think I have a vantage point of talking with God that
is more "normal" than you consider yours -- never mind that that is NOT the
case! -- I will tell you that God weeps for every one of His creations who
suffers as well as for those who cause the suffering.

S: Thank you, Matthew.
(End of Matthew's message)

Jean, I'm not going to tell anyone (except Bob) what Matthew has said for
the same reason he asked you not to pass on his message. When he first told
me, shortly before the sitting, I felt terribly downhearted. I've wanted to
believe that all of us who have been thinking, feeling, talking about peace
and notifying our congressional representatives to vote against Bush's war
plan would make the difference. I need to get back into that positive
feeling of love and light so I can be "part of the solution instead of part
of the problem."

Love as always,


Thanks immensely Suzy and Matthew. This is precious foresight and will help
guide me in drafting the Meditation Focus I'm preparing right now - and
many more to come undoubtedly... I know it feels disheartening Suzy to be
aware of such dire news and of the fact that so many people will experience
traumatic death in this imminent war. But Matthew is right that those who
now have the power to cause such a war and the free will to go ahead with
their plans and goals cannot be stopped. They are about to teach the world
- and billions of souls - yet another important lesson.

The fact is that aside from a limited number of awakening souls, most
humans are still passively accepting whatever the political authorities -
however questionable their legitimacy may be - are deciding to do and thus
need to be shaken out of their indolent numbness.

It is probably fair to think that Matthew has not even given us the full
picture of what is to unfold -- and that he could not anyway because the
freewilled decisions still to be made by many can still tip the balance one
way or another in the coming years, hence the fact that the year 2012 may
not be the absolute turning point we all hope it will be. So I will hold
the guiding vision of a world of peace, sanity and radiant love for and
from all, yet knowing that what is to happen is ultimately going to turn
into divine order and is the process inherent in the evolution of such a
complex and prodigiously marvelous universe and evidently a mere reflection
of what is transpiring at higher levels and vaster scales in the grand
sphere of divine Beingness.

I will respectfully honor Matthew's request for confidentiality on this
matter - as I know you also will - understanding that in the karmic plays
of this living experience, it is better to have a fresh unbiased outlook so
as to retain the optimistic motivation/momentum necessary to keep forging
ahead in response to the guiding impulses of our awakening divine selves
and thus realize all that is to be realized -- without losing sight of the
magnificent Light at the nearing end of the evolutionary continuum of this planet.

In love and peaceful harmony,
"The combat of the war and its life and land destruction will so profoundly
affect your world that souls who have been thinking war will lead to peace
or "fence-straddling" will be forced to clearly see that only peaceful
means of settling any dispute will ever result in peace on Earth. And
feeling love is the way to peace. Those who resist this will not continue
in positions of power and their physical lives will end as the ascension of
the planet and her light-filled life forms hastens into the higher
frequencies of fourth density."

- Matthew Ward - Taken from his message above.


Now I have another special and I feel rather important request for a
sitting with Matthew. Despite the sobering tone of his last channeling on
the issue of a war with Iraq, I still truly believe the world community of
Light workers - if properly united in harmonious, synchronous and repeated
spiritual work can make a huge difference and perhaps make it so that the
worst anticipated consequences of these war plans will be significantly
toned down or even perhaps avoided altogether.

One point of understanding and hope I have on this issue is that a few
weeks ago, during a global Meditation Focus, I consciously connected with
the High Council of Elders overseeing the karmic evolution of souls on this
planet and ask them if it could be in any way possible for them to take
appropriate measures to cleanse and cancel the extremely dangerous long
term radiations emitted in the South of Iraq as well as in Kosovo, Serbia
and Afghanistan as a result of the use of depleted uranium ammunition in
the recent wars there. I was told - I distincly heard - that they would
consent to this extraordinary assistance provided that the spiritual
community on Earth succeeded through its concerted healing and peace-making
efforts in averting a new war in Iraq.

So now it appears that powerful Forces of Goodwill are being gathered for
just such a purpose and I felt the need yesterday to make a call to you and
Matthew to confirm - and firmly encourage if such is the case - that the
spoonbending technique suggested by a young paralyzed boy named Koya (which
means "I am Light") that James met in a recent journey to Japan and who has
helped him develop "a powerful healing technique designed to bend the whole
world toward peace" (there is a picture of Koya and I on
http://www.emissaryoflight.com) is something that receives the blessings of
the spiritual community in Nirvana and is indeed an event - the GREAT
EXPERIMENT III on February 9, at noon New York time - to which there will
be massive participation on the part of our beloved kin souls in the

With such a cohesive - as in a cohesive laser beam of Light - aggregation
of hyper amplification of the Will for Peace on Earth and in the hearts and
minds of every sentient being on Earth and Beyond, I truly believe we can
tip the balance away from dark evil deeds, short-circuit and disengage all
war plans and set our beloved planet onto the path of sustainable,
permanent Peace, Love and Harmony.

I wait in earnest for your reply
With infinite Love

AND MATTHEW'S REPLY WAS (on Dec 18, 2002):

Dear soul Jean. I read with great interest and total sensitivity to your
fervent hope -- PLEA! -- that the world situation be 'bent' toward averting
the intended war and alleviating horrendous situations, such as the effects
of the depleted uranium from previously fired weaponry. Yes, I know that my
prior message stating that war is inevitable was dire indeed, and so it
must be again. It is intended that free will be continued on Earth, and
despite all the light being poured forth to cleanse all areas of human
despotism and the situations these forces have created, it is not the will
of Creator to withdraw individual free will choices EXCEPT in the case of
nuclear detonations.

The mindset for war, which is within the free will of those few who are
determined to proceed with their plans there, cannot be bent. But with more
and more souls focusing FOR peace, love, alleviation of suffering and pain,
the war's consequences will be reduced in corresponding response to this
focus. That is why I requested in my previous message that you not release
it -- the continued intense fervor focused for peace is imperative! If you
knew that averting war could not happen, that optimistic fervor of focus
could be turned into the negativity of fear and despair, and that must NOT
happen! When it is finally seen that war is unavoidable, that same positive
focus for peace STILL must be continued so the aftermath of the war's onset
is lessened in duration, death, destruction and misery!

The mindset for war does not end with invasion of Iraq -- it is a mindset
for complete control of the Mideast because of its oil resources. The
intention of the darkness is to establish puppet regimes controlled by the
cabal, only a few of whose members are publicly acting, so clearly, the
conquest of one country is not their intended end but rather another step
toward that further aim, which would require more invasions, more death,
more suffering. And the mindset doesn't stop there. Total domination of all
the planet's peoples either as willing or slave labor after the populations
are 'adequately thinned' is the furthest goal. That is, until Earth herself
is so devastated that she cannot live with the intense negativity, and then
the on- and off-planet dark forces will simply abandon the dead planet
along with their human puppets. That is their plan -- but it will not
happen! Except for the invasion of Iraq, all of that intended conquest is
what will be thwarted by continued intense focus FOR peace, love, harmony,
justice, fairness, equity of resources allocation, and the like. THAT is
what your collective focusing will manifest on Earth!

As for the words you heard, and I can indeed believe that you were
connected with high sources, I am thinking that perhaps there were some
words out of order or omitted -- this is not unusual at all in telepathic
communication. That is, that the originating thought is not received
totally as the inherent filtering systems can tumble or omit words. That is
why some messages received through our various channels are in agreement
and other messages are at variation in some aspects.

But as for what you received, it is as many channels have been relaying --
the light forces are defusing situations of their negativity and have been
doing so for several decades. Ameliorating the effects of depleted uranium
is one such situation -- one of the most vital because it's one of the most
destructive -- wherein the light forces are and have been assisting. So it
is not that this is a bargaining chip: Have no war and we'll clean up the
uranium. It is rather that the mission of focusing on peace, love and so
forth will have the same imperative need after the war begins that it has
at this moment, and the effects of that hazardous situation will be
eliminated as a result of your collective focusing and manifestations.

My message today, like the one before it regarding war, may be released at
the appropriate time, and as always, I thank you for your cooperation, dear
Jean. I give you my wishes -- my assurance! -- for your strong spirit to
prevail in the continuance of your invaluable light service. This is

AND MY REPLY WAS (on December 20, 2002):

Thank you so much once again Suzy *and Matthew* for your diligent service
and assistance towards clearing up these questions.

The path seems well laid down ahead of us, all of us, as we enter the last
stretch of this long "battle" - very long indeed, as in tens of thousands
of years - between those serving (or learning to serve) the Light of God
and those trying - vainly in the end - to oppose it.

I must say that I'm not really surprised by the nature of Matthew's reply
regarding the vain hopes of some of actually preventing this war with Iraq,
but he gave here a much better description of the final aim of the Dark
Ones - killing this planet and rendering this cosmic gem useless for the
furtherance of spiritual evolution and awakening. It makes perfect sense
when you consider the obsession of the cabal with having us all burn as
much oil as possible and preventing any new cleaner means of transportation
to become widely available thus ensuring a continuous descent into the
environmental hell of global warming and extreme weather phenomenons.
Similarly the bioengineering and global spread of the AIDS virus is
obviously part of their plan for "thinning" the human population, just as
the enslavement of humans through the economic subjugation system and the
plan for a mass implantation of a chip for global monitoring purpose of
their human "livestock" show their true dark colors.

With all the tribulations ahead of us, it is indeed vital to somehow, by
way of encouragement and a positive, sustained focus on the Golden Pot of
hope - the new global Golden Era of peace, harmony and spiritual
enlightenment - at the end of the Tunnel of Karmic Litmus Test and
soul-forming and proofing trials, foster an ever greater sense of spiritual
empowerment that will enable the sleeper souls to accomplish their cosmic
duties in earnest and manifest through our "continued intense focus FOR
peace, love, harmony, justice, fairness, equity of resources allocation,
and the like" the Grand Spiritual Awakening that will transform our
struggling world and dimmed existence into a colossal explosion of joy and
restore global harmony everywhere.

As requested and in perfect understanding of why it MUST be so, I'm keeping
this new message on file until a time comes when it will be necessary and
appropriate to release it so as to help our brothers and sisters to better
make sense of what will have transpired and what still will lie ahead...
until complete Victory is assured and the divine Plan of Life, Light and
Love is fully manifested.

In service for the One
Jean (Amanumenoum)

FEBRUARY 22, 2003.

S: Is this missile disclosure thing going to be Bush's trump card?

M: We think so, but even without that, he has been pressing ahead with war
readiness all along. What it does mean is that the "fence-straddlers" re:
war vs. no war may be swayed into believing that this story is true. It is
NOT! The missiles are within the distance specifications if warheads are
mounted and the inspectors were instructed not to do simulation testing
with that extra weight. The truth is not part of the US administration's
strategy in this, you know.

S: Do you know if the invasion or first strike will be on 03/03/03, as
someone suggested, due to the symbology in the numbers?

M: We believe so, but this is not certain as Mother Nature's weather could
move that a day later or so. That is the date intended for the reason you
mentioned, but there is no weather technology advanced enough to assure the
best conditions will occur then so plans cannot be absolute as to date.
However, that is the only key ingredient missing - this war plan is years old.

S: Will there be any "fake terror attacks" that will disrupt airline travel?

M: The field of potential is rife with ideas on this but none are concrete
that we can see. None are needed at the moment with all minds focused on
war or not. That, plus possible discovery of the real perpetrators and
interference by the light forces are the deterring factors in any of the
various ideas at this point.

Also, with the tragedies in the nightclubs and the South Korean train, the
fear factor is sky high again, and this negates any immediate need to
launch another "fake terror attack." No, there was no political
skullduggery in those truly tragic situations unless you consider that the
deception behind "orange alerts" created the atmosphere as ripe for the
intense fear that permeated those happenings.

S: Were all the deaths and injuries in pre-birth agreements?

M: No, and that is why I said "truly tragic." Fear took over the nightclub
crowds -- due to the constant media focus on fear, that instantly beset the
minds of all rather than a more orderly evacuation led by more reasonable
heads prevailing, so many lives other than those with agreements with that
longevity clause were ended. The same was true of the train fire to a
smaller extent in the numbers of ended physical lives according to soul
contracts, not by that means, but the timing. Again, more reasonable heads
could have prevailed and prevented many of the deaths and injuries.

S: Do you know if the Patriot Acts I and II will be set in motion on the
grand scale intended?

M: Nothing as intended by the dark forces is going to go the way of their
intentions. Remember, these are steps on their way to global domination and
if necessary, total global ruin. There will be only small victories for the
dark side for a while longer, then only defeat of their intentions until no
longer is that energy present on Earth. That's not to say that there won't
be some casualties of those insidious regulations, but definitely not to
the extent intended by the minds that devised them.

S: Are "sparks" still flying to designate conscious connections with souls,
or have the recent events halted that?

M: There was a brief lessening due to the shock and sadness of the tragic
events, but definitely the sparks are still flying in response to the ever
increasing light being beamed to each and every soul.

S: That is good news! Will the light forces be able to prevent massive
deaths in the war or just prevent nuclear detonations and if chemical or
biological weapons are used, ameliorate the worst effects?

M: The light forces will be everywhere attempting to shield the people
whose soul contracts don't include leaving Earth - just keep in mind that
they cannot deny the free will of any minds in this. However, the people's
fear will not enter into this - that is, it won't prevent the light from
assisting them as the guardian angels will be ever ready to act
preemptively within their assigned souls' contracts.

(End of Matthew's message)
<>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>  <>

"I don't wish ever to discourage ones from feeling hope and love and
sending forth those vibrations to the universe. This must continue even
after war is started as those vibrations will assist in bringing in the era
of peace that will follow. (...) When it is finally seen that war is
unavoidable, that same positive focus for peace STILL must be continued so
the aftermath of the war's onset is lessened in duration, death,
destruction and misery! (...) Except for the invasion of Iraq, all of that
intended conquest is what will be thwarted by continued intense focus FOR
peace, love, harmony, justice, fairness, equity of resources allocation,
and the like. THAT is what your collective focusing will manifest on

- Matthew Ward - Excerpted from his messages above

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