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"Mars; Numerical Sequence for General Use; Infrared Saunas"
DK Channeled
by Reverend Terri Newlon   8/13/03

Djwhal Khul here.  Tashi delek.

All right then, let's begin with a vibrant blue color.  We are still working
with the violet flame, but I am working with how to counter all of that Mars
energy and all of the heat that is occurring.  So a vibrant blue color, and
as you feel that in the body pay attention to what it is doing.  It may make
the skin feel more alive, for example.  The idea is to be more comfortable
in your skin, literally and figuratively.
  We also want the liver to cool
down a little bit, and whenever the liver is a little too warm, then the
skin is not comfortable, literally.  There is a physical relationship there.
So the vibrant blue color first in your own body and now send it out to
humanity, to any of the members of humanity who are ready to absorb this
vibrant blue and balance.  It is like the Libran scales of balance for all
the Martian war like hot energy
.  If you want to you can send that vibrant
blue to some areas that are having heat waves in addition to the people
there.  I am working with the channel's body at the moment and noticing that
although I believe that it is about 85 degrees in her apartment, her body
feels more like the room temperature is more like 72 to 74.  So, the vibrant
blue color may be useful wearing in your skin for other reasons.  If you are
sitting in a vehicle that is too warm or what have you, try the color and
see what happens with it.

All right, I am going to go ahead and open to question and answer because I
think there can be quite a bit of things that we cover today.  What would
you like to talk about?

STUDENT:  Could you comment on what is happening in the Middle East and how
things are progressing there?

DK:  Oh, yes, the never ending comments about the Middle East.  It is a very
interesting drama playing out there.  My approach now is really looking at
the will of the leadership.  This will be an interesting thing to correspond
to your personal life.  The will of the leadership and my question is there
in the Middle East, particularly the Israelis and Palestinians.  Is there is
a will in the leadership to make peace?  The answer is no, not on either
side.  Therefore, it won't happen.
  The next step is either the leadership,
one or both parties, will change their mind and decide that they really do
want peace and then they will proceed to make that happen.  Another option
would be for the people to overthrow the government and then insist on
peace.  That is another way that it gets done when you are working with
masses of consciousness.

Another possibility then corresponding into your own life is to take a look
at how that might mirror.  Maybe there is a change you know you need to make
but are you really lacking the leadership skills to make it happen
or are
you just sort of waiting until you get to a point of having it be forced to
get done?  So are you taking the lead or are you waiting until the landslide
comes down?  Then if you shift your own personal consciousness to be willing
to have peace at your own personal leadership level, then you can
effectively mirror or gift that into the Middle East as a model
that is
actually being practiced on the physical plane and available to be cloned or
duplicated.  In addition, look at say it is a health issue.  If you don't
take a leadership change to maybe stop eating something that you are
allergic to or whatever it is and you don't take that initiative, then what
happens is eventually your body rebels against it.  There is some kind of
health crisis, fatigue, other discomforts or whatever it might be that will
progress until you make the change.  So that is my way of correlating this
to what it would be like to have the people overthrow the leadership.
Essentially the body then says, "You didn't take the initiative.  I am going
to make a change that will be forced now."  Like the back going out, a
severe indigestion, a viral infection or whatever it might be.

So, we are in a time period where there are very, very rapid changes going
on for everyone in just about every facet of life.  The idea is to sit down
and write it out.  Otherwise, the mind is not going to rest.  Write it down
on paper.  What changes could I make?  
And then in a separate area, what
changes am I willing to make and on what kind of time frame?  Because there
are so many of them, I would give them priority.  I would map it out, give
it priority, make a plan and stick to your plan.  If you have to change your
plan, just switch priority number 2 down to number 3 and move 3 up to 2 or
what have you.  Then you could certainly rework.  Study your plan again and
rework it, but it is change, change, change.  So all of those personality
types who are resistant to change or a deep, deep old pattern such as in the
Middle East between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  When you have
something that deep, there is a much deeper resistance to change.  So any
plan will have only a temporary impact and then will revert back to the old
pattern.  Until at the leadership or another way of saying it is at the
higher self-level, the will is strong enough to make a permanent shift in
consciousness.  I hope that answers your question.  (Thank you.)

STUDENT:  Djwhal, I had trouble sleeping last night and I know a couple of
others did too.  Is this the Mars situation or the full moon or something

OK:  A combination of the full moon and the meteor showers primarily and
then I would add to that the Mars energy which is also creating a
restlessness.  If there are parasites in the body they are more active
around the full moon time and that can also have an impact on some people.
Also, just in general I would say on the energy planes we are coming up on a
reunion if you will for harmonic convergence, coming up in a few days here.
We are also experiencing a number of stresses.  Even the ones that aren't
quite up to the surface of the conscious level such as the 9/11 coming up
again, and there is quite a bit of tension in the air concerning that
anniversary date coming up in about a month or so
.  So I would say there are
many things going on.  (Is it going to last a while or maybe more prominent
during the full moon?)  It is more prominent because of the full moon and
the meteor showers.  It should begin to subside.  You may have to take some
herbs or take some melatonin or something to give the body a little extra
time.  But I would say that I saw more activity the last 3 nights, really.
Either people not being about to go to sleep or deciding to stay up late or
get up earlier than normal or what have you so there has been less sleep
time than general for many.  If that is the case, you may want to work in a
nap or a meditation or something at some other point to keep the body
balanced.  And by the way, 9/11 will be on a full moon energy too.  It will
be a very strong time.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, when we talk about the anniversaries, I view it like we
are recycling thought forms and beliefs.  I know the power of the number
sequences and the 4 4 3 10 of feeling welcome.  Is there a number sequence
that you could devise and send out that helps us complete the recycling of
these patterns within us so that we can then radiate that out just in a
simple number sequence?  I realize that the restoration is one of my
blueprint.  The recycling of how to complete it and not be distracted every
day is another.  Is that possible?

DK:  Well, yes.  First of all, regarding numbers the 999, 999, 999 joy, joy,
joy is a very, very important one to be working with
.  Also a reminder of
last week when we talked about asking yourself repeatedly, "What do I have
against being present?  What do I have against being in the Now?"
  And keep
answering it.  It is a way of purging the storage bin on that one.  And
again the answers might be, "My imagination is much more fun."  Or, "I don't
like my life the way it is right now."  Maybe sitting in a dental chair and
you don't want to be present because you don't want to pay attention to what
is going on because you are afraid of it or you might feel pain or whatever.
Just keep working with that basic question, "What do I have against being

Numerical sequence, let me take a moment here to see.  I am going to see if
I can come up with a sort of multi-purpose one here that will be good
general use.  All right, 1 1 4 7 8 9 0.  Again that is 1 1 4 7 8 9 0.  I
will give a brief description of what those are.  The first 1 acknowledges
divine will.  The second 1 is I Am.  The 4 is physical existence,
acknowledging first your spiritual energy in the I Am or Oneness, you can
use that for Oneness interchangeably.  That you are in physical existence.
The 7 is spiritual reality.  Make that a very specific, physical existence
and spiritual reality.  So it is getting you more in touch with kind of a
bridge between yes, I am in a dense physical body and I am eternal spirit
and that is the true reality.  The 8 is going to be about movement and
power.  That is actually the number that I would say that if you say the
sequence and you are thinking I am not going to recycle the same pattern.
Say it is unworthiness or what have you.  I am tired of that old pattern.
When you say the 8 think of giving that enough power to move it out of the
way like an earth mover shoving it out of the way or a water fall rinsing it
out of the way.  Something like that that moves out the old.  The next
number 9 is going to represent my journey is complete.  My journey is
complete.  The 0 is taking you back to the eternal circle, the eternal
circle of existence.  You could also think of the 0 as Three Star One if you
want to, but I would say eternal circle of existence.

Acknowledge all life is a circle.  It is going to go around and around and
around and around and I might as well like that it goes around and around
and around because that is the way existence works.  It is either seen as a
circle when you are looking down on it or if you go to the under side it
will be a spiral spiraling up.  When you are standing above looking down it
looks like a circle.  It is really an evolving spiral that gets wider and
wider and wider. 
So your 0 at the end might start out to be the same size
as the other numbers, and as you keep visualizing them, it can get bigger
and bigger and it could be a 0 around the whole sequence encompassing the
whole numerical sequence.  So, let yourself play with numbers because they
are very, very powerful.  You can just intuitively get your own number
sequences for different things.

After this I would, either before, after or both, go with the 999 and then
there is a space, 999 another space, 999.  Therefore, you are doing it a
total of 9 nines.  That is 3 sets of 3.  The color that would go with that
is the blue green joy.  And really feel the joy.
  The blue green bubbles of
joy coming out of your brain being manufactured out of the adrenal glands
going all around the body in the blood stream.  Because any time that you
are really attuned to joy and the pleasure of physical existence, the true
pleasure of being embodied, the true pleasure of being at one with spirit,
it is a joyful place.  It literally is not what it seems in the mind
consciousness or in the thought form that humanity subscribes to at large.
Life is really - what can I say?  Life as it is projected is really more of
a dream.  That is true.  The real life underneath it is very joyful no
matter what is happening on the outer planes
.  So part of the work here is
just to retrain your body to assume that life is joyful instead of assuming
that life is going to be painful, a struggle or torturous in some way,
constant work, stressful, overwhelming or whatever you have tagged on.

What have you learned from your parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers
and authority figures?  What have you learned from the mass consciousness?
What have you learned from going through life and becoming an adult?
Deprogram the association that life is - - - and you can keep filling in the
Stressful, challenging, unpleasant in some way.  It is your choice
to just be in joy instead and not running a program but just feel the pure
joy and excitement of being alive.  Again, the numerical sequence is 1 1 4 7
8 9 0.  (Thank you, thank you, thank you.  99999) You are welcome.  999,
999, 999.  Keep going.
  Sometimes when you first start saying it you will
see a different color or you will feel something or maybe you are grouchy
and you are doing it to get out of your grouchy mood.  Just keep going until
it feels happy.  It might take you several sets but keep doing it.
Experiment with that as just a different way even if it is a health issue,
money problems or a relative who is ill.  It doesn't matter what it is.
Just play with the 999 and see if it can't really help you.

OK:  Have you gone out to see Mars in the sky yet?  (Yes.)  It is quite
spectacular.  It is something that I would suggest that you don't miss.  You
definitely need to go look at it with the naked eye.  Very, very important
to connect with it and make peace with it and make that joyful celebration
around it. 
I think the evening of August 26th is going to be the optimal
time, probably again on the 27th.  We do have a class on the 27th and we
will be working with that Mars energy quite a lot.  (Where is it located in
the sky?)  It will come up in the East.  (In Sedona it is left of the moon)
A little north of the moon, yes.

STUDENT:  Comment on California politics?

DK:  Oh, isn't that fun, California politics?  Well, yes, I have been
fascinated with that one.  I have been watching it with quite a bit of humor
as a matter of fact.  You know, it is certainly an upset as I would call it,
an upset like a free for all occurring.  And the will of the people will be
made manifest which is going to be an interesting event.  It is showing also
as a mirror to the rest of the world that governments if you are getting it
in Iraq and.  you are going to see a lot more of it in other words and in
other countries as well.  California is almost really like a country
economically anyway and governmentally.  Therefore, what you are seeing is
that an upset can occur at any time.  And again, leadership is either
willing to change or it is overthrown.  So, that is my simple take on it.  I
think it will be interesting to watch.  The spark that comes out of
something like this is that suddenly a lot of people who were rather neutral
about politics become very involved in it.  So, it does increase the
individual power of people to shape and choose a government.
  We are still
seeing some of the effects of that from the last presidential election in
America and seeing then this greater interest in politics, greater interest
in political issues in general.  So it is yet another mirror.  It will get a
lot of attention.  You may have already noticed that and it will get a lot
more attention.  Until the dice lands you just don't know which way it is
going to come up.  I can't and won't give a prediction about it, but I
believe it is about 2 more months and then that will come to a resting
point.  I believe that the final outcome will be better than what there is
now.  It will be better for all concerned, whatever the final outcome is.
That looks clear in a good consciousness.  (The best news that I have had in
a long time.)  Good.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, a question has come up a couple of times now when these
babies are to be cloned and I am sure there will be some of that, does the
soul attach itself before the baby is born or afterwards?  Surely there is

DK:  Yes.  Nothing can survive unless it is ensouled, period.  So even a
cloned animal or a cloned human being must be occupied by a spiritual energy
in order to continue to live, period.
  It is even true of a tree or a flower
or what have you.  There has to be the spiritual energy in it or there is no
life.  So, when do they enter?  Usually at birth.  Sometimes depending the
advancement of the soul that will be occupying the vehicle, they will come
in sometimes beforehand off and on and get used to the body or perhaps
navigate the direction in which the body is going to grow if at all
possible.  Although with this genetic engineering and such that is getting a
little bit more difficult.  Organically speaking, a soul can come in the
womb and make the body pretty much the way they want it.  The color of the
hair.  They can even work with the male or female gender by working with the
body of the mother with the pH balance and a few other influences.
Generally with an advanced soul there is some influence over the fetus.
When it comes to cloning there is very little if any.  But generally
speaking, life is so valued that to have some experience rather than none is
greatly appreciated.  So, yes, they are ensouled.

I hope everyone really heard me on that one and I think I will say it again
because I had a nice little point in there that I sort of covered up.  Let
me say it this way: any life is better than no life.  This is always true
from the soul's perspective. (Physical existence is the prize of the
universe.)  It is THE prize of the universe.  Physical existence
particularly here on earth, particularly because of the Adman Kadmon style
of body.  You get everything in one body style.  It is considered the deluxe
version of physical existence.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, I don't know if this is a okay question or not, but I was
driving and someone had run over a rattlesnake and it was still part alive
and I was confused about that.  I thought, "Oh, man it is so squished, I
better squish it the rest of the way."  And then somebody else zoomed around
me and killed it so I didn't have to make the decision, but is that what you
are saying?  It would have been better to just let it squirm away half dead?

DK:  No, that is a completely different subject that when the death process
begins, whether it should be drawn out or ended quickly.  That is a
completely different topic.  From a soul's perspective, any life is better
than no life.  So even if you can spiritually embody a new born vehicle for
30 minutes it is better than not going in there at all
.  Or, you can have a
life with an illness and it is better than no life at all and so on.  When
it comes to death, I am generally in the belief system that suffering is not
necessary and suffering is not appropriate.  My prayer is to the end of all
suffering and pain.  So if it looks as if it is inevitable anyway and you
feel inclined to assist the process, I would say then you should go with
your own conscience.  (I felt obligated to assist the process and I was
actually happy that I did not have to.)  Well, in some instances you might
feel more called to try to comfort during the process like pour a little
water on the skin or run a little energy work.  In some instances like maybe
you are helping to rescue a beached whale or something, you might feel
called to comfort and witness.  In other instances, you might feel called to
end it quicker.  (Thanks)  You are welcome.

STUDENT:  If the person I know who is very famous who died and they think
that she took extra pills to speed up her end dying a very slow death of
cancer.  Would that not be considered suicide?

DK:  Well, it is an interesting topic.  There are many schools of thought on
it and it is very difficult where to draw the line.  Again, my opinion is
when it comes to human life there is a different consideration because you
have laws and you have religious belief systems and other things that are
not present in the rest of nature.  So the free will choice that humans
possess to do what they do with their bodies I think should remain a free
will choice.  And if, I am not commenting on that person, but if anyone who
is in the process of dying and is in pain chooses pain killers or speeding
up the process by not eating or not hydrating or whatever they want to do to
make it over with a little bit quicker, I would not call that a suicide.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, I have been noticing that I have been killing ants and
things like that, where I didn't need to.  Is that not a good thing to do
like when they are in the kitchen or something?

DK:  Well, ants in the kitchen and other things again, individual
consciousness.  You know there are times when you really feel like you must
take that ant up and take it outside.  There are other times when you feel
that the poisonous spider should be terminated or what have you.  Generally
speaking my personal approach is to leave them alone, to relocated them,
take them outside.  Unless it is a whole army of ants and you know how to
find the scout and take the scout outside, then it could take a little bit
longer.  If you can avoid killing it is a good thing.  If you don't have to,

STUDENT:  Djwhal, I was wondering if you might be able to comment about the
infrared saunas.

DK:  Yes.  The infrared saunas are quite good at pulling out contaminants in
the body that are otherwise stubborn and difficult to get to, particularly
say mercury and other heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and that sort of
The chemicals that can get stuck in the tissues of the body, the
infrared sauna is kind of a small personal sauna that will get the body to
sweat those particular toxins out.  Repeated use is ideal.  I would say to
sit in one and then get out, wipe off the skin, wipe off all the
perspiration and then get right back in for maybe 10 or 15 minutes and get a
good second sweat going.  The body, it is almost like a force.  It will get
a much stronger detox than it would it you waited until the next day or 3
days later or what have you.  It is really kind of like you rinse the tea
kettle out and you see a little sludge in the bottom and you rinse it out a
second time and you can get a lot more out rather than if you wait and fill
it all the way again and wait.  So, you want to get toxins out of the
system.  Most of the problems with health right now that I am seeing is a
combination of three things.  Dehydration, just simply not drinking enough
water for the body or not the right kind of water for the body.  The second
one is mineral deficiency, usually long term since either in utero or in
childhood or both.  The mineral deficiency is the second strong offender.
And the third one is heavy metal and chemical residue stuck in the body
In terms of getting those out with Aqua Chi and Beefee (sp?) machines and
homeopathics and mud baths and all of the recipes that are available for all
of that, I would say that the infrared saunas are far more effective. (I am
going to build one.)  Good.  And by the way, they are not too hard to build.
(That is what it looks like.  So thank you.)  For those that want to look at
the website, it is in short for Dr. Larry Wilson.  I will spell it.  It is

STUDENT:  Djwhal, would this be more effective than doing like a Vitamin C IV?

DK:  Yes.  It is more effective than IV chelation therapy and not just
Vitamin C but other ingredients like EDTA and other ingredients that are
sometimes taken IV.  Heavy metals and other contaminants.  There are a mix
of things that are sometimes used either through the IV or through the oral
chelation that are meant to bind to pull contaminants out of the body.  My
opinion is that the infrared sauna is more effective than those other

STUDENT:  Djwhal, I don't know.  This isn't really a health question.  Well
it kind of is.  Radio wave (micro current) face lifts.  Can you tell me about that?  Are
they a good thing?

DK:  Radio wave face-lifts?  I am familiar with the micro current
face-lifts.  Is that the one that you mean?  Well, I will comment.  There
are these machines that put out a certain current and it is used to tighten
certain muscles and lift and so on.  (Yes, that is what it sounds like.)  I
am not familiar with radio wave.  I am familiar with micro current, which is
another type of frequency so I will comment on that one.  Micro current does
do that job.  It will improve muscle tone.  It will essentially give the
body a non-surgical face-lift.  The only draw back to that is that if cancer
is present in the body anywhere, which you might not be aware of, or just
the right conditions are there to make it start, the micro current will
actually jump start the cancer and make it grow faster.  So, I would use
that with caution.  It is essentially the same type of current that is used
in a tens machine for working limbs and stuff to recover from an accident.
So the tens unit and micro current are about the same.  In the use of
cloning, that same current is used to jump start the embryo, and often times
in the cloning the baby then grows too fast, whether it be a baby cow or
baby sheep or what have you, because the micro current accelerates growth.

So, until they figure out how to work with that frequency and not over
accelerate inappropriate tissue growth I would use it with caution.  (Thank
you.)  You are welcome.

All right everyone.  Let's go back to that vibrant blue color, please.
Really run it through the body.  Really happy, happy vibrant blue.  And let'
s move it to blue green and 999, 999, 999
.  And then we can work with our
new sequence, so it you don't have it written down, you might want to write
it.  It is 1 1 4 7 8 9 0.  Let's do that all together.  1 1 4 7 8 9 0.  And
finish it with the joy sequence.  999, 999, 999!  Put an exclamation point
on that last nine all the time.  And again, that blue color is going to
balance the Mars heat
.  If you are feeling too much heat either physically
or emotionally just getting a little to frustrated and that sort of thing or
impatient with yourself, go to the blue color and really balance with that

All right everyone.  Thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

(Transcribed by Joan Taylor)
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