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March 16, 2003

Greetings Everyone! This week has given us an entirely new set of frequencies. On Wednesday the 12th of March at about 2:30 pm (this went across the time zones at about 2:30 local time in each) there was an incredible shift of energies which was accompanied by a new set of tones and harmonics. This was indicative of transformation within the Universal perspective. The consciousness is becoming higher at a more advanced rate than ever before.  Many who are very sensitive experienced a shift of balance within their heads as if the world briefly turned upside down.  This was followed by a specific tone, then a series of other, different tones and harmonic combinations of tones.

A number of you are experiencing as a result of these changes a variety of symptoms including a sense of not being grounded (you are now operating at a higher vibrational rate and have some sense that you are not totally present.  This is also because you are operating multi-dimensionally and are beginning to become aware of this!),  a sense of heightened anxiety (you are becoming more sensitized to the environment within you and external to yourselves) and pain throughout your bodies which is occurring in unfamiliar patterns (your bodies haven't yet caught up with the vibrational changes).   Some of you have reported headaches as well.  You are finding a need to eat less as a rule.  Some of you are not sleeping again, or if you do, it is only for an hour or two at a time.  Your dreams are becoming more vivid, and many of you are dreaming before you are actually asleep.

I am given that this will continue for some time as what we experienced on the 12th was only the beginning of a massive change that is coming to us.   As we have said before, the separation of polarities is becoming extreme.   The state of our world politics is evidentiary of this.

I witnessed the most beautiful yet sorrowful microcosm of this very thing a few days ago.   I was out on my balcony, and there was a crackling noise, a kind of a crunching noise that at first I thought it was a squirrel eating a pine cone right above my head.   I soon realized that this sound was surrounding me.   There was nothing falling from the trees, nothing in the breeze that would be colliding with the buildings or any visible reason whatsoever of the source of these sounds.

Over a period of hours I went out to listen, trying to understand what this invisible force was…  Later that afternoon I realized that the pinecones were opening en mass.   An awakening in harmony of the pine trees throughout the complex of buildings.   The pine cones which had all been tightly closed that morning were now opening with a joyful song.   I was surprised to note that no one else that I asked was hearing this magnificent event.   I celebrated the opening life that was occurring, and as I did, the trees began to release seeds from the cones.   All at once.

As I celebrated this awakening I remembered that the management of this complex,  with no thought or consciousness of this living celebration of life,  plans to cut these magnificent creatures down in a few weeks.   They are planning this in the name of changing the landscape.   I was in that moment, brutally reminded that this is occurring all over our world.   There are a few who reside within the lower,  more negative polarities who have no consciousness of the awakenings which are occurring within consciousness and lives of those who will be affected within their paths of power,  intend to cut short those lives also in the name of changing the landscape.   This with no thought that there was ever an individuality,  a harmony and a purpose for each being who would be cut down within that path.

But then again I was reminded that I was also recently shown exactly what happens during a dimensional shift.   Each dimension is a part of the entirety of the Universal Construct.   Each dimension has an ordered place in that construct which communicates harmonically with all other dimensions as well as all of the particulates of which all realities are created.

As the consciousness within a dimension rises in vibration,  there is a change within the harmonic relationships of that dimension and therefore throughout the Universal communication system.

There comes a point in the rising of those vibrations,  like the cream settling to the top of the milk,  that shifts the balance of that dimension and all that is contained within it.   When that shift point occurs,  the entire dimension reorders itself within its place by actually repositioning itself and therefore creating a wholly different alignment with all other dimensions,  consequently changing the entirety of not only the resident consciousness but reality both within that dimension and Universally.

My point in all of this is that we are not helpless in changing any reality that we choose,  whether it is within us or within our environment or our world.    As we continue toward our Awakenings,  we move closer and closer to a higher reality from which our being-ness becomes that which we have created via our Awakenings.   Thus, if we consciously strive toward conscious awareness of what we are creating,  we will magnify our creative powers of change exponentially.   It is not enough to pray on a certain date at a certain time and then to go about life as we had before that moment of prayer.   Rather, we must live within a conscious awareness of our intent within our thoughts,  actions,  words and any other energies we choose to expend into the Universal process.   And we must do this with a passion which is projected from within our very heart of hearts.

As a people,  as a combination of races which have combined and recombined since the Beginning,  we have, as a whole, come to believe that in many ways we are powerless, victims, if you will.   We are not powerless, we are not victims.   We are that which we create from within our very being-ness from that which we believe, i ncluding that which we doubt or fear.

Empower yourself today.


Online Channeling
March 16, 2003

Antanalah, asi asitu en antallah antui antala ahnahd antallah  And from the rising spectrum of that which is we greet you  and we greet you again.

Dear Ones, it is within our perspective that you are of magnificence.   That within your humanness, your doubts, your fears, and even your need for rationale, you are perfection.

In the perfection that inhabits you and in the perfection which you inhabit,  there is a yin and yang,  a balance of your inner and outer selves as is found within the structure of your Universe beyond that which you can see…

Your Universe maintains a balance within itself and externally by utilizing energies as they are created and expended.   There is light born of the formation of new star formats and other celestial events.   This is creating a growth and expansion of your Universe.   As your Universe expands, balance is created as other energies spiral into the black hole systems and other outlets, into parallel Universes thus creating balance as pressure which has built up from the expansion of a neighboring Universe is brought into your local Universe.    Universal checks and balances.

As above so below,  you are as these Universal activities.   As you grow in consciousness, creating within you and from you, a greater aspect of that which is Light,  you require a release of the energies which has built up from within your experiences.   As you move through your lives, experiencing, growing, learning…   being, you have a natural tendency as human beings to hold energies within yourselves in the same way that you hold your breath when you are tense.

These energies are usually related to your uncertainties, your fears, your feelings of invalidity or inadequacy, your anger and your grief.   More often than not,  you compress these energies subconsciously,  as they feel less difficult when they are hidden from you.   To hold energies so tightly that they become dense,  slows or interferes with the normal process of movement of incoming and outgoing energies that progress throughout your bodies as both cleansing and nourishing agents to your wellness on all levels.    And so it is that wherever in your bodies you have hidden these experiences from yourselves there is a potential for you to be come unwell… of dis-ease.

There is also a natural tendency of human-ness to push one's self much farther than necessary in most situations, setting aside the nurturing that is required for reconstitution of self,  to forget what it is to receive,  to believe that giving is all that is necessary for fulfillment.   Often you as humans give to fulfill yourselves yet you do not understand that to refuse to receive is to deprive others of the wonder of giving.

Dear Ones, to you we say this:  that it is an important part of the balance that you strive to find, that it is necessary in all Universal paths and passages,  to learn to nurture yourselves,  to receive in all ways that which you need for your own fulfillment,  for when you have become a participating part of the process,  remaining in wellness and strength,  you are a largely more vital part of the process toward the reality which you are attempting to create.

Perhaps it is that you must learn to exist beyond the perspective of the here and now to one of the infinite beings that you are.   It is that you are generally concerned about time and schedules,  about making the right decisions under the circumstances in which you find yourselves.   Perhaps then it is to find yourself within this moment,  knowing that in this moment all is perfect just as it is within your journey,  all being as it is to be in this moment,  to relax within your eternal selves and to know that there is no right or wrong in your choices,  there is no schedule that will affect you eternally,  and to simply allow yourselves the experience of being-ness from this new perspective.

As you learn to let go into creating within yourselves the freedom of being,  you will begin to notice that your experiences are changing.   You have given those experiences the room to change simply by not holding onto them so tightly.   As you let go, the energies are no longer compacting but rather moving freely in the entirety of their process and yours.

You will find that your worries diminish if not disappear all together;   you will find that the synchronicities in your lives begin to be the norm rather than magic occurrences  that you only notice once in a while.   You will know which choices to make that lead you to higher experiences and understanding,  and your awareness in all ways will expand outwardly.

And so it is Dear Ones,  to say that you do not have time for that which you need is not in Truth with that which you are.   Since you are infinite in nature,  the only time limitations that you subscribe to are the ones which you have instilled upon yourselves.

It is then to take those moments that you need to breathe,  to release to balance,  and to become.   The struggles that you have had are only those which come from resisting the natural processes or attempting to control that which is not in need of direction.

Those things which you feel that you must control are generally due to your own fears or needfulness.   When you have let go of your compressed selves,  you will find that you are indeed fulfilled as that which is light will expand within you.   That which is light will become your path to a knowing of your own perfection.   That which is light will guide you to others who are in need of this same release and at the same time that which is light will guide you to others who are of like light being-ness.   That which is the family of Light.

That which is the family of Light is reawakening,  joining in harmony toward that which is the freedom within that same Light of being.    Dear Ones,  consider your freedom from this moment forward.   Find that which is the balance of your very being-ness.    From this balance comes your freedom of being less the struggles, the worries, the feelings of emptiness or incompletion.    Become full with your own grace.    That which is your own eternal light.

Within the family of Light comes a glorious reunion.

And so it is that we return to light.


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