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 10/29/03  Great Divine Feminine Speaks   First Kiss & New Earth

The Magdalen's Message:   

I watch. I watch as I have watched for countless eons of time from the eyes of The Mother. We watch together as a singular consciousness. We watch those we have loved, have served and those new to this cosmos, who themselves, have come to watch. 

I watch now. I watch the Shift of the Ages. I watch the collapse of the distored masculine energies which have raged and devoured for over 2,000 years. I watch the Return of balance. The Return of the Feminine energy to earth, so that the earth and the inhabitants can continue. The Return of the Feminine Energy to Earth at a time when all is so near destruction.  True destruction, not something from imagination or fear or dreams.  Earth and the inhabitants are close to the collapse of their planet as well as the destruction for this universe.   Life in other realms and other universes shall continue, of course.  However, we Speak of a universe of great Inspiration.  It is an area that the Great Mother of All That Is declared it was Hers to allow free will, freedom, abundance, prosperity in all forms, unity through compassion and diversity.  The Great Feminine declared this universe of duality, polarity & paradox to be the first universe to be in total Sacred Relationship to All It's Relations--on and off it's diverse seemingly separate planets.  The first universe to live Life in Sacred and Equal  Relationship and Partnership with it's masculine and feminine energies which construct the fabric of the holographic experience in this universe.  This holographic fabric also weaves through all surrounding universes, and through life so vast and so quantum, most consciousness here on earth cannot comprehend the depth and beauty of such existence.  

This is in part due to the distortion which has occurred down through the ages of the last few thousand years. I am Here only to direct my Attention to the last 2000+ years, not through the entire course of your time.  The distortion of which I Speak & of which is on the brink of change, is the control of the masculine energy over the feminine.  This you Know. This you have experienced and continue to experience in your world. This distortion has come to it's full length of experience and will now be transmuted.   

I bring to you this Information, as I have Watched and it is Agreed, Now is the Time for the Shift of Ages, and for the balancing to Presence. I do not say 'begin', as the cleansing and balancing has been in transition for many years.  You Know of the upcoming month, November 2003.  It is full, ripe and pregnant with cosmic alignments, planetary involvements, near solar supernova activity, earth has reentered the photon belt,a major portion of the local universe is in the photon belt, surrounding universes have already  had their suns go supernova & those universes are now considered 'ascended', in your terms.  All these components stand Ready to assist in your Birthing Process at this Moment.  There is what is being termed "the Harmonic Concordance" happening in early Novemeber. Many , many are believing that this event and this event combined with the numerous other cosmic events and StarGates Presencing, is the month which is 'The Shift Point'. This is partially true.  There is a greater, though not discussed event that occurs in October, October  29,2003 to be exact, which ALL the energetic events and shifts in April/May 2003, June 2003, August 2003, September 2003 and even the many events & Shift Points in November, actually are basis for, foundation for and fully Support the event on October 29,2003.  

It is upon this date that the Great Divine Feminine will OverLight  The Magdalen and the Magdalen will OverLight two human beings which are the instruments for anchoring the Divine Feminine back into the earth grids, back into the spaces in the MassConsciousness Matrix and MassConsciousness Agreement Matrices where it was taken from & where there was once balance & then distortion has prevailed, over two thousand years ago.  It is these 2 beings who have the Lineages to be able to Accomplish the physical anchoring.  It is the Lineages and the fact that they are living the Template for and expressing through Sacred Relationship and Sacred Partnership which allows them this Task of Mission to Accomplish.  There has been much work Accomplished by many individuals upon earth over the last 100 years and specifically in the last two decades, which has provided space in the earth grids and the consciousness grids for the feminine energy.  It is this Work and the expansion of the this Work, which has prepared and stabilized a Time for the Great Feminine Energy to Return.   The difference between the feminine energy reentering the grid systems (which is also the holographic fabric of which your reality exists) and The Great Feminine Returning to Earth is that there was no space for The Great Feminine until this Moment.    In other words, the dominion of the distorted masculine energy which deleted all references of the magnificence, Strength, Power and Life sustaining qualities of The Great Feminine (which expresses upon Earth as a balance in the masculine & feminine qualities & their element qualities) and who systematically searched out and destroyed everyone associated with The Ways of The Feminine, has had complete control these last 2000+ years.    It is time for the Earth and the inhabitants to regain their freedom, their Strength in Self, their Voice for Truth, and to again, have the Power and Birthright of CHOICE.  

It is because of the devouring from the distortion of the last few thousand years, that it is Time for the Great Feminine to Return, because the mass consciousness has reached critical mass for Involution.   For the merging of consciousness fully into biology and the biology Knowing they are Divine Also, and no longer to be under the conditions of control, fear, struggle, scarcity, lack of selfworth and containing unlovable programming.   All of these have been important steps in evolution. Evolution in the surrounding universes, in this local universe and on this planet have reached the apex of the inbreath of God/All That Is.  It is at this point there is Presencing of the ZeroPoint or the point where consciousness shifts to the next level.   Much speculation over the decades has been presented as to how life will be after The Shift of The Ages and if there would, in fact, be life after The Shift of The Ages.  The Shift  in the quantum realms and the manifestation of The Shift of Consciousness of The Ages on the physical plane of earth are very, very different.  Since you reside in multidimensionality, it is too great a discourse at this time to address all the potentials.   I will say, that Life on Earth and in this local universe will never be the same after October 29,2003. 

In a quiet ceremony, will the Shift of The Ages translate into physical matter.   There have been many who have been preparing the Land of Earth  through all of the meridian energy systems and points of The Land to be able to accept the intense energy that will be brought into physical manifestation.  There is one woman who for several decades, has Worked diligently to prepare specific grids for the Rays, The Attributes and for each person on earth who choses, to merge into their Divinity for this to be so.   There are many who have been Working with the Crystals of  the Earth who are caregivers and guardians of the Earth. These Jobs are only a small, small fraction of the True Work accomplished over the eons and in the last 2,000+ years of earth.   For without each and every person who has Strived to be Diligent in Heart & Mind for the evolution and involution of those on earth, who has Strived to remain harmless to themselves and to others,  who have selflessly been in Service through all of the darkest & most controlled times we have experienced and without those who have had the Strength to Carry the Codes of Light which states there is, IF and only IF mass consciousness can raise the vibrational frequency and transmute fear into compassion, death into everlasting life, control to absolute freedom as a birthright for all relations on and off earth , IF this can be Accomplished, then so too, will the Great Feminine Return to earth and all have the choice and opportunity to live in Sacred Relationship with themselves, others and all relations.   This condition being what many term as "Heaven On Earth".  

With the Great Feminine energy Returning to Earth, will also come the collapse of all systems which are not of Love, Compassion, Appreciation, Joy and Peace/Unity by compassion for diversity.  The collapse of all systems which are not of integrity, which are other-than supportive to Life Affirming actions, where there is control/suppression, abuse and actions taken against women and children.  I see the most dramantic and drastic changes and collapses right now to be in the realms of politics & religion, because this is where the most saturated expression of the distorted masculine qualities are in control.   As this Feminine energy is Returned and anchored fully into Earth & the grid systems, you will see great displays of collapse and of battle for the controlling element to retain his control.   This shall not pass.   It is time for Regeneration, Reconnection,  Resurrection  and ReDistribution to the Feminine Attributes which provide and sustain Life, on all levels. 

Be watchful to the many electrical disruptions which will appear first across the European lands, then through the Asias then into the Americas. The most intense phase of this will be for approximately  6 months.  You will see, from the Return of the Great Divine Feminine on October 29 2003,  electricity disruptions & problems, as electricity is the element of masculine force.  The Feminine force is one of magnetics.  This is why so many Teachers have stated over countless times in the last 2000+ years to merge into the Heart Center, to express Love and Compass in each moment.  It is the magnetics that will assist one in translating & surviving, as it were, these Times of The Shift of The Ages.  

Look also, for countless fires over the earth.   Look not on these as destruction, rather of transmutation.  For over the last decade, fires which have taken Land & structures did so as a cleansing, as a means to take back the Earth for itself, to rid the Land and the Grids of those structures and/or persons which held dense, immovable & unwilling to transform energies.  The fires to come will do these things and will also express the Fire of The Feminine quality.  Pele and Kahli have been Aspects of the Divine Feminine which were warrior. They, too, have transformed their energies and are now in more balance with their duality. Make no mistake, these goddesses still hold power and they will remain as powerful destroyers. It is now, they will merge with the loving side of destruction and transformation, though no less in power!  They will activate the volcanoes around the world and through fire and land re-distribution, will they assist the further expansion of the Great Divine Feminine energy. As stated, this Great Divine Feminine energy is of balance, not domination.  The volcanoes in America will be the last to be active.  However, mark my Word,  the Land termed YellowStone will have much destruction, much explosive volcanic displays and many earth movements.  This is in balance with the other Points around the globe which will be shifting.  This YellowStone area is a very, very large Portal. The distorted masculine dominators in the guise of military and the hidden government have many drilling sites which to this day remain hidden and several underground sites which assist the opposite polarity to carry out non-life affirming actions.  There is devasting sonic & frequency transmissions from this area. The area, in metaphor, has been raped, mutilated and left to die. This will no longer be allowed to stand.  All element and animal kingdoms have been disrupted, the Points for chi to flow through the Land have been destroyed or disrupted.  We shall take this within  1-3 weeks. We shall only Illuminate/collapse/destroy that which has destroyed and where the energy is controlled and not allowed to be free.nothing else. The animals and vegetation have knowledge of this action and agree. So, please do not pray for the stoppage of the fires. Welcome them as Earth is cleansing herself.  

I will now briefly address the fires in California. Recently, the hidden government/the non-life affirming side removed the governor and replaced him with one of their own.  One who is strong in chrisma.  One who has been working with that side all of his 'public' life.  There is a great story for those who desire to research this man.   You have been warned that many will appear who are not of Truth & he is one.  California represents a very large Point on the Grids and has great power beyond what this transmission is to describe.   It is in perfect expression from Earth to sustain the fires which consume & cleanse the area where there is much greed and hidden agendas and very little authenticity and integrity.   This is all I will say.   It is your turn to Watch and observe where the imbalances are being brought into harmony.  

Lastly, I desire to address the Pope. It has been his desire this life experience to be physically present while the Great Feminine is Returning. He and I have worked closely these last few of his years. He has accomplished much, even in spite of those who have hidden agendas. He has survived several attempts to take his Life and his Light.  He is entering the Life-Transition phase in which he begins to review what he has and has not accomplished this life. He will be present as the Great Feminine Returns and then will enter the final 3 days of Transition and then he will Transition out of the physical realm.  The replacement will be much the opposite of the current pope. He will appear to be very progressive and in honor of women, however, this is not the Truth and shall not stand for long.  This is all I will say about this now. 

This brings this transmission to a close.  I close stating I have watched for eons, and continue to watch. The difference for me at this Moment is that I am in Joy to be OverLighting those who Serve to Return The Great Feminine to Earth and to this cosmos at this Time.

Malagdalen      Great Divine Feminine

Highlights and thoughts

 This is a Transmission that The Magdalen brought forward yesterday to Announce the current state of events regarding the energies in combination with ALL the energetics that are happening from the Cosmos AND the Sun
(whew.)  Our bodies and fields are being rearranged & realigned to accommodate the frequency of the incoming/upcoming cosmic events and most especially the Shift in Consciousness which we are transversing at this moment.  The window for all of THIS Level of integration~ in preparation for the next Level of raising in frequency of the cellular to merge with the merkaba & the shift of consciousness~ began Oct 25 2003.  The following is my message or statement of how I Understand the transmission....just the Message said in a different way.   There is a paragraph where Magdalen speaks of some of the Work which has been Accomplished in preparation for this Time.  The woman she addresses is Patti Cotta-Robles.     In Love and Compassion,  Rebeka
*** *** *** *** *** ***
This is as important as The Shift of Ages. Actually, it IS the Shift of Ages!!  This anchoring which is being done today, 10 29 2003 is ripping holes in the holographic fabric. It is ripping holes in the mass-consciousness- agreement Matrix and matrices. With these holes, we can insert templates for Choice and we can leave some 'unbridged' just to interrupt the control.   The Feminine Fire & Power of Voice, Choice, Freedom, of Nuturing, of Sacred Relationship with all our Relations are all Present in the ethereal matrices & grids, these Attributes are Aligned and ready to be inserted into the holographic fabric & are Ready to be anchored into the more dense grids & to activate the main grid that The Magdalen HerSelf templated 2000 yrs ago The Crystlline Mother Grid.  From my understanding, this is just not about 'mothers', it is the Divine Feminine AND the Great Divine Mother. It is the balance of masculine & feminine attributes with the discordant & misaligned dysfunction eliminated. It is 'where' we are going. This Energy will break all paradyms of control, abuse, less than, not enough, unworthy, fear filled existence, struggle, inhuman or non-Heart centered emotions/systems/beliefs/ways of living /ways of thinking, etc. 

In addition, my Understanding is the Pope has been waiting for this all his life.  He wants to experience the involution of the Feminine again.  He wants to be physically present as the bridge from the old, the abuser, the controling church & the fractured masculine energy into the Beauty, the Truth, the Strength, the nurturing, the freedom of choice and life that will manifest when the Divine Mother/Feminine will OverLight The Magdalen who will OverLight those who will be anchoring it ALL into the Earth and into the grids and activating the grids specially made for this task & time in Glastonbury.   So, she states that he is in review-transition now (what some term as in& out of consciousness...or dying...), will be very altered wed-fri and will transition within a few days after Her anchoring & activating on 10 29 2003.   It is Done. 'it' being all of these thousands of years. She says to be prepared for the extreme 'announcement' which the Divine Feminine & Earth have prepared!    Magdalene states that because Europe is more prepared and more solid in the energy She/They are anchoring & activating, and because of all of the Work done 2000+yrs ago in the glastonbury area,etc, it is perfect for Her/Their Return.
Watch for HUGE and numerous electricity problems & power outages/interruptions. She says it is because of the Energy Shift presented, and She/They will be assisted by photons, by the intense solar activities, by cosmic alignments and that the tetonic plates have been storing vast,vast amounts of 'crystalline' energy for this 'event' and will be released over the next 6 or so months.   Right now, She says, electricity breakdowns & interruptions because that is the masculine carrier & She is all about Magnetics, so no need to detail THAT mixture!   It is about breaking down every single system that represents or runs on distorted masculine energy---in all of its formats!   Electronic gear will be greatly effected.   She says that the Europe will stabilize the energy & then it is the USA's turn.

 From my Understanding, all the major volcanoes outside the us will erupt & all do so, one after another, for the next few months & starting as soon as the next few days.  This represents the silence of the Fire of The Feminine being brought into view & having presence again on earth...not hidden, dormant.   It is the Pele & Kahli aspects 'speaking' out in support of the Feminine Energy being brought fully back to earth, and that the volcanoes will 'birth' new land from their eruptions AND take back/return to ashes to the earth many houses,etc that are not in alignment with Her and in support of Her Return and Guidance.

  Magdalen says the only volcanic activity in this country will be yellowstone & that should be w/in a week or so of this activation on wed.  It is because of the distorted masculine energies who 'own' yellowstone, that is was both given away & seized(both distorted, abusive masculine qualities) by a country only second to the usa in regards to masculine power.   The area has been destroyed of its pristine qualities, drilled & abused (M says that there are hundreds more drilling sites that the government has hidden.   Roads covered over, areas hidden,etc & She will illuminate this) and many animal & element (not elemental) kingdoms destroyed & disrupted over the years.  There is a very long and extremely hidden/dirty 'his-story' behind yellowstone.   It has as many lies & hidden truths as the government here in america.   She says many people have stabilized the grids & assisted in a modality of 'earth meridian' work there & have done very good work, however, it must be returned to the feminine qualities & caregiving...

As always, all comments & feedback are welcome.    You may forward this if desired.
In Love and Compassion, Rebeka.

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