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Online Channelings  (below) and Messages     September 9, 2003

 Greetings Everyone!

 There has been a penny, shiny and new, lying heads up on the stairs leading up to my apartment. The first time I saw it, I was inclined to pick it up (you know the old adage, “find a penny head’s up pick it up for god luck”) but then I thought, no, I am going to leave it there and see how long it takes someone to notice the penny, then to take the time to pick it up.  Every day as I walked the stairs, the penny lay dormant, issuing an invitation to be noticed, still, no one took the time.  After all, it was just a penny, right?  No!

 This shiny little insignificant penny reminded me of all of the miracles that cross our paths every day, the little things we don’t notice in our busy paths.   Those small events that seem insignificant to our journeys, the ones we pass by because we do not stop to consider the power of the moment.

These little miracles are gateways to opening our paths to a new direction in the next moment, and the next and the next.  Often we do not notice these little gateways, the miracles at hand, because we are too concerned with what we have to achieve, where we think we have to be, or what others might think if we allow ourselves to get waylaid even for a moment. Yesterday, someone noticed that shiny little example of a miracle and took it home. It took three weeks! Someone has added a tiny little event to their collection which, if treasured, will add to all of the other little miracles they have collected along their journey, creating, perhaps the larger purchase of a doorway toward a new direction that will change their life… all because they took time to notice.

There are many changes happening among us right now. We are leading up to a time of shifting change in the consciousness of our being. As you know, time is speeding up, and our earth time is moving rapidly. It often feels as if we are unable to keep up with the changes that are occurring in our lives.

This Fall, in early November, comes the opening of a star gate that has been closed for millennium immemorial.  This star gate leads into the infinite. It is an opportunity to consciously access the One and bring back that which is contained within the Light to this place of existence, of being. It is an opportunity to magnify the Light within our world beyond exponentially and into infinite reaches within our world. The Masters gave much information about these changes earlier this year, and as the time draws nearer, I will ask them to give more information as to the conscious uses of this star gate. In the meantime, the Channeling that I have included as this transmission gives a basic exercise that will prepare you and your conscious awareness toward using this experience to the fullest benefit. Once again. Thank you to Marti, my wonderful assistant, for making this transcription possible for sharing!

Many, many of you have shared with me recently that you are having profound experiences within your lives.   Experiences which are life changing and seem to be negative in nature. We are going through huge clearings which are allowing us to shed that which we do not need in our journeys and moving into what I call karmic fast forward. I mentioned this in the last newsletter. It seems that old issues are rearing their ugly heads in ways that shock us, as we thought that we had moved through those issues in our efforts toward healing of ourselves.

As all energy and events move within spiral form, what is happening is that we are meeting these events again as we move into higher frequencies. We are having to deal with those same issues from a higher and different perspective. This creates more intense experiences that will move quickly out of our ways if only we can stop breath and experience them, then releasing that which has caused our pain without kicking and screaming and holding one.

One of my best friends once gave me a saying that I continue to treasure:

“Everything that I ever let go of was full of claw marks”.

Wow. What a reminder that as human beings we hang onto things, justifying them, thinking they are what we need, when in fact those very things or events, once released, hold the key to our freedom. Try letting go next time one of these situations come up. Trust that you have everything that you need inside of yourself, the wisdom of timeless Light resides within you.

In my visions of late, I see that manifestations of darkness are gathering in the fringes of our reality. The darkness is threatened by the changes that we are making in the overall consciousness, and looks for ways to create disharmony. From my perspective, this is a good thing. What it means is that we are creating such huge change within the universal process that we have begun to outweigh the challenges that the darkness creates for us. As this occurs, I urge that each of you remain diligent to your truth, to your light. As Lightworkers,you will be challenged .There will be others around you who may act in ways that do not make sense. Perhaps in ways that seem destructive to your path or sense of comfort. As you find these situations, concentrate on expanding your light from within, radiate that which is love unconditional, even when you would perhaps feel otherwise. Consider that the darkness is creating a last ditch effort as our shift in consciousness approaches. Think of it, perhaps, as removing a tree from the road. Requires a bit of effort, but then the road is clear not only for you, but for others who may come along later.

As an update, I am progressing through the challenges that “modern” medicine offers toward cancer therapy. I am halfway through the first round of chemotherapy, and I must say, it is a serious challenge to this body.   I am also utilizing complementary treatments toward healing in the ways that I know best as well as some that have been recommended to me by others. This has been a powerful lesson about who I am and what I know and further, what I believe.   I have found, through the loss of a breast, of my hair, and much of my “dignity” that none of that made me who I am.   None of it matters in the full spectrum of things, as I am still a child of the Light, and that comes from within. That Light burns infinitely and is what I am.  Again, to all of you who have written, e-mailed, called, sent info on alternative treatments, and have generally loved and supported me through these times. I am eternally grateful.  Even if I have not responded, I have read every single e-mail that you have sent, every card, letter, etc., and I am touched beyond words. It is the gift of a lifetime… to honestly know how truly loved I am, that I may mirror this love back to you.

Remember as you move through these times to allow yourselves to go with the momentum. Make it work for you. Holding on or resisting will only create conflict in the motion of your journey. It can be a fantastic ride. Remember to breathe! 

Blessings, Joy and Light,      Namaste      Meg

Online Channeling     September 9, 2003    (This is a transcript of a live channeling that has been transcribed for you. Enjoy)

 Each of you is of the Light and from the Light and as the Light.  There is nothing to fear.

CH:  Greetings.  On this occasion we come to you of the Light, from the Light, and within the Light.  With peace and unconditional love for each of you in this moment and always.   There is much need for each of you to understand that which we have said to you before – that being that each of you is of the Light and from the Light and as the Light.  There is nothing to fear.  There is nothing to fear. 

Nothing that can happen can change who you are in reality

As the changes come about with your realm and you look about you and you feel unsafe, you must remember there is nothing that can happen – nothing that can happen – that can change who you are in reality.  It may change this reality, but not that which is Truth and Light.  You must understand this in your heart, not in your head. 

It is necessary for you to make your own shift

Each of you is getting very large lessons in operating from within your heart space.  To many of you, it is more of a quest.  If you find that this is so, then you are not operating from this  heart space, but one of your mental or emotional spaces.  It is necessary for you to make your own shift, your own shift within your self.  Rekindle that Light which exists within you – each and every one of you – from within your heart space.  That is where your true self lies.  That is where your connection lies to all things, to all of your inherent memories, to all that you are. 

It is this Light within you that is the true sense of All That Is

And as you make this connection, you will begin to understand and you will begin to feel that you are at peace.  You are at peace from within.  As this occurs, it is this that ignites the Light that we have spoken of and many others have come and spoken to you about.  It is this Light, this Light that is the true sense of All That Is that which is the One Spirit of the One God that is each of you and everything. It is resident within you, and it is the most powerful tool that you could possibly have.

 Give yourself the gift of recognition of this space within your self

We ask that you give yourself the gift of recognition of this space within your self.  It is vitally important that you make this connection and hold it dear and true.  And as you do, each and every other being that you come upon will go away with a little bit of that which you have found.  And it will begin to grow in them as a seed, as something in them will recognize what they have encountered with each of you. 

That which you seek is within you

Speaking of the Light is not simply a flowery description that is romantic that you must accomplish.  It speaks of the Truth.  It speaks of the purest and highest form of vibrational energy that there is.  It speaks of that which you seek.  And yet you seek that which you are in every way, in all ways.  Do you not see that that which you seek is within you?  Must you look externally for your answers when you carry them?  There are no answers outside of you that are not already resident within you. Many have packed those so tightly with the emotions of experience that they can no longer see the answers. They are there. They are there. 

Breathe into your heart space

We ask that when you practice the art of breathing, as we note many of you do, that you bring that breath into your heart space.  Feed it.  Cleanse it.  Allow it to be and to be free to grow.  And as this occurs, and as you are in the moment with each breath – for you must be in the moment to experience that breath, you will begin to understand the word “synchronicity” in its purest form.  That which you wish manifests immediately if not sooner. 

You must let go of the idea that each of you is separate

You must let go of the idea that each of you is separate.  Each of you has a thinking mind that is separate from all other things.  Each of you has a set of emotions that is also separate from all other things.  Each of you has a resonance within the harmony of all things that is yours and yours alone.  Yet, each of you is a part of the One.  We understand that this is difficult for many of you to comprehend.  However, it is so!  It is so! 

When you become discouraged or judgmental, you have allowed yourself to become separate

And when you become discouraged, and when you become judgmental, and when you become anything but in the moment and within your heart, you have allowed yourself to become separate from all other things and are operating from within a space that is not within your true heart.  To operate from within your true heart requires complete trust.  Trust in Spirit, you say?  When you trust in Spirit, you have trusted in yourself – it is all the same.  It is all the same. 

Exercise to ignite and spread the Light within

We ask that each of you close your eyes in this moment.  Breathe deeply.  Allow this breath to flow through your entire body.  And as it does, imagine that it is going through that which is your sacred heart.  It is a bit above and to the right of your physical heart.  Breathe into this space and, with your eyes closed, if you can imagine as you breathe there is a small ember that catches flame – that which is your true self. 

And with each breath, the flame grows and it becomes brighter and brighter until it becomes pure Light.  And with every breath that you exhale, imagine that you have cleansed all that you are in order that your flame will continue to burn brightly as you see it now.  And as your flame begins to get brighter and larger, it fills you.  And with this filling becomes warmth, a gentleness, within your own spirit that is at peace.  For peace is gentleness.  And peace is being in this space, such as it is in the moment. 

And as this breath, this light, has filled your body, it begins to glow beyond that which is your physical self – faintly at first around each of you.  And as you breathe, it becomes larger until it begins to touch each other in the room.  One of you touches another and then another and then another until it becomes one light.  And within this one light is all knowing, all being, peace, that which is your one heart in sacredness. 

And as this light occurs around you, we join you to magnify this light until it reaches outwardly, upward, touching all things, being all things. A force of One. And this, Dear Ones, is who you truly are in any given moment when you are coming from your heart space.  Be the One.  It is as simple as that.  When you have put aside your emotionality and your rationality – and your irrationality – it simply is.  As it was in the Beginning, and as it always shall be. 

And know that when you come in contact with other beings and you are operating within this space, that you are reaching from your heart and touching them in theirs.  When you have dropped all aspects of the “me”, of the judgment, of the expectations, of the individualized state of mind, this heart space is perfection in each and every other that you will meet.  This is where we ask that you touch all others. 

This is how you will spread the Light

You wish to know how it is that you will spread the Light, how it is that you will shift the consciousness.  We have given you step-by-step instructions.  This is how you change the world!  This is how you affect, as that which you have projected becomes eternal in the Light and comes back to you a thousand-fold. 

Feel the rhythm of the Universe as it has ignited within you

Feel the rhythm of the Universe as it has ignited within you.  Feel the rhythm of that which is you, that which is the God that you seek. It is you.  You are one and the same.  This is key – this is key – to your awakening.  This is where you operate from and from within.  For, you see, within the Light that you generate is contained all information that ever was, that always is, within this Light.  So, you see, you communicate from one to the next. 

You light the torch.  You set the fire.  And you watch it spread until it is one with all things.  It is at that moment that all things will change – as you know, as is written.  We are telling you.  You have asked us.  Nothing within this realm or any other needs to be complicated.  When you operate from within the Truth, it is quite simple.  It is to be that who you are in every moment, giving, learning, teaching, and burning within so that you shine throughout. 

Peace will reign

And so it is that Peace will reign.  And so it is that the Light will conquer all things.  Each of you will begin to wake up and remember this simple exercise, this simple step, and ride the wave, feel the rhythm, be

You must know that you already know all it is that you need

You must know that you already know all it is that you need.  How is this so?  It is so from within this heart of yours.  Many of you listen to us, yet do not hear our words but understand that which we have said.  It is in such a way that all things are held within the Light in the subtle ways, those ways that are perfect – pulsing, moving, growing, and communicating in every given moment.

It is the choreography of the infinite – that which you are a part of, that which you contribute to with every breath, with every thought, action, movement.  And with every emotion that you make, you have given rise to that which will travel amongst the Light, communicating with all other things.  And that which you believe and that which you expend – as you reap, this is what you will sow.   Know this to be true.  Know that this is why.

As you reach out your hand towards another, reach with your heart

As you reach out your hand towards another, reach with your heart.  Imagine, if you must, that your heart is in your hand.  And so it is from the Book of Light it is given.

We bring you blessings and adulations, spontaneity of being, purity in the Light.

It is finished.          Namaste

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