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The Harmonic Concordance and
The Lightness of the Heart

by Drunvalo

In the ancient Egyptian tradition, Lightness of Heart was absolutely

paramount to a Spirit's ability to transcend into the higher worlds

The papyrus in the picture that is suppose to illustrate this article shows

the human heart of one soul being weighed on a scale against

Ma'at's feather in the opposite tray. In the Egyptian pantheon, Ma'at stood

not just for truth but for balance, integrity, and the order of the universe.

In the Egyptian tradition represented here, if the heart is lighter than

Ma'at's feather, then the soul can proceed to the higher realms. If not,

then the soul must reincarnate on Earth, hoping next time to live a life

that will bring this all important Lightness of Heart.

The Harmonic Concordance of 2003

Here I am again, going out on a limb. What I am about to say may not happen.

But sometimes one has to do that in order to stay in integrity.  And I feel

that the signs are too strong for me to remain silent.

On November 8 and 9 — in just a few days — there will be in the Northern

Hemisphere a total lunar eclipse.   And during this eclipse there also will

be, worldwide, a most remarkable event in the heavens: a Grand Sextile of planets.

The Grand Sextile is the six-pointed star, sometimes called the Star of

David, and it will be formed during the lunar eclipse by five planets and Chiron.

And after a great deal of introspection, I have come to believe that this

Harmonic Concordance represents an interdimensional opening of unparalleled
importance to the human race.
  I believe that this moment in history is the

time when the 4th Dimension will begin to open on Earth and the parameters

of life will be extended beyond what we have previously thought possible.

The Concordance and Modern Prophecy

It was John Mirehiel, on August 28, 1998, who discovered this unique

astrological chart and named it the "Harmonic Concordance of 2003." It was

he, also, who first realized this was not the chart of an individual but of

Mother Earth herself (see The Harmonic Concordance of 2003).

This chart, as John Mirehiel related it to me directly, depicts a

potentially amazing time when the human race can change the external reality

into one that is new, hopeful, and beautiful. This moment represents not the

end of life but a new beginning.

When John presented this information to me, I had no context for it — no

other facts against which to weigh what I was hearing. But with the recent

predictions of the Maya and the Hopi, that has all changed.

Concordance and Convergence

From John Mirehiel's point of view, this November 8 – 9, 2003, is actually

related to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, which was announced to the

world by Jose Argόelles and his wife, Lloydine.  And from what I have read,

both of these researchers also believe that November 8 – 9, 2003, will mark

the beginning of the last galactic spin cycle that ends on December 21,2012.

But there is a growing body of researchers who believe that the Gregorian

year 2012 does not line up with the Mayan Calendar date of 2012.  In my

research back in the mid-1980s, I discovered six places where, for political

and religious reasons, the Catholic church changed the date of the year,

holding it back.  From my understanding at that time, I could prove that

according to the Mayan Calendar, our current Gregorian year of 2003 is

really at least 2009.

But others say that there were three other times when the year was held

back. If that's true, then right now, in the year 2003, we are actually at

the year 2012 of the Mayan Calendar!

And if that's true, the recent predictions of the Mayan elders (that between

August 16, 2003, and December 15, 2003, our world will undergo massive

changes) makes total sense
. This rereading of the year also agrees with the

calculations of the Hopi elders, who believe that this same time period will

bring the Day of Purification.

I spoke of the Hopi and Mayan predictions in the October newsletter (Letter

No. 10).  But they are not the only ones.  There are medicine men and women

from several traditions around the world who also agree that this time is

the time we have been waiting for.

One set of facts that comes out of Egypt is extremely interesting when

placed beside the Mayan and Hopi predictions.  It concerns the Great

Pyramid's stone calendar.  I don't have the precise information before me

anymore, but in the hallways that move through the Great Pyramid there is a

series of parallel stones that have long ago been decoded to represent, year

by year, the Gregorian Calendar.  They could, of course, be decoded to

represent any calendar.  But if they relate to the Gregorian Calendar, they

would represent a period of time beginning at about 10,500 BCE and extending

through history to end in December 2003!

What might the ancient Egyptians have known about this fast-approaching

date?     And what does all of this mean?

If my interpretation of all this data is true, then the Mayan date of

December 21, 2012 — the End of Time date that we have all been hearing about

for so many years — is actually going to happen this year![1] )

Any interpretation or prediction beyond that is up to you and whomever you

are listening to.   But what's clear is that, if it is accurate to readjust

the Gregorian calendar downward by nine years (and I think it is), then the

time we are now living through is no ordinary moment in history.

One last point. Sometimes people think that when December 21, 2012, is

reached, the world will end or abruptively change forever.   But I have spoken

with the Mayan elder and shaman/priest Hunbatz Men, and with Don Pablo, who

is the Mayan people's elected spokesperson, and they both agree that

December 2003 will mark the end of a very long cycle, not the overnight

emergence of a new world.

Realistically, it seems probable that the change we're anticipating began

about 100 years ago, and that it will continue for some time in the future.

In other words, the shift is not going to be an abrupt event.

The Harmonic Concordance and Lightness of Heart

I have been following the Hopi and Mayan predictions and studying ancient

Egyptian knowledge for most of my life.  And I feel that the time has now

come to talk about why Lightness of Heart is essential for moving into the

higher worlds.  Let me relate this understanding in as few words as possible.

Like the worldwide shift itself, Lightness of Heart is not something that

happens abruptly or automatically.  It is achieved only over a long period of

time and many, many lifetimes.  But if you are ready, you will understand

what I am saying, and the change will begin within you.  If it does not,

there is nothing to do but continue working toward this goal.

When we enter into the higher dimensions — the "Fifth Sun" of the Mayans or

the "Fifth World" of the Native Americans — the thoughts, feelings,

emotions, words, and actions that radiate outward from us become powerful

waveforms that manifest directly as the outer reality.  We will create our

reality directly by who we are.

If we radiate fear, then we will create a reality of fear.  If we radiate

love, then we will create a reality of love.

And if this is true, then it becomes obvious why our inner state of

consciousness is immensely important to our experience in these higher worlds.

Lightness of Heart is a state of being that is achieved by non-attachment.

And that is achieved by an inner realization that all of Creation is whole,

complete, and perfect, just exactly as it is in this moment.   There is

nothing to do and nowhere to go!

Another way of saying it is this: When one knows that God is present at each

moment of life, and that God is whole, complete, and perfect, then, and only

then, can this state of non-attachment be realized.

Once this state of non-attachment is realized, Lightness of Heart follows

automatically.  And when we have reached Lightness of Heart, we have nothing

more to gain or lose in life.  In this state, we are one with God, and our

lives become part of the Sea of Lives that is the matrix of Creation.

You can do this. Let go of the stress. Let go of the worry. Realize that God

lives within you and all around you.   And know that whatever you emit from

the inside of your being will become the external world you live in and experience.

After November 8 — 9, 2003, I believe this fact of life is going to become

more and more obvious. Let this New World begin with you.

In love and service,


Magi Astrological Description   Mary Holland researched the upcoming Harmonic Concordance and sent me the following email on the results of her work.

The Grand Sextile arrangement is very unusual, so I decided to check this out.  After receiving this email, I spent an evening with my Keplar  astrology program and a couple of my books (Magi Astrology's Love and Money, and Sakoian & Acker's The Astrologer's Handbook) to hone in on the times for this occurrance and research their meaning.  Here's the results of my research.  Feel free to pass it along.

It is the Magi Society, a small sect of Astrologers, that looks at geometric patterns such as the Grand Sextile described below, as well as the asteroid Chiron.  Their studies focus on study of these patterns and Chiron, and believe these are of particular importance in relationship to other planets.  Magi Astrology only looks at these geometrical arrangements when the planets' aspects involved are within 3 degrees of the relationship under consideration.  Other astrologers who aren't looking at patterns but just aspects, may consider as much as 6 degrees apart to be worth looking at.

I have confirmed that there is a Grand Sextile arrangement happening.  The Grand Sextile is a Star of David pattern, two arrangements of equilateral triangles, with all six planets involved in a six pointed star arrangement, two houses apart from each other, at near 120 degrees of each other's trine and 60 degrees apart from the next point.  The more exact to the degrees, the more powerful the moment.  In EST, it starts to come into the closest pattern in early evening, Nov. 8, and continues through the morning of Nov. 9.  Around 11pm, Sat. Nov. 8, the three most beneficial planets are the closest (Jupiter, Chiron, Moon), within minutes of exactly 14 degrees in their houses, 120 degrees apart each.  The second trine is Saturn, Mars, and the Sun. At 11pm, Mars and Saturn are within 3 degrees of trine, and the Sun and Saturn are also, but Mars and the Sun are about five and a half degrees apart. This is what makes it a near but not exact Grand Sextile.  The description below for Mars-Sun applies but is not as strong as the other Mars-Saturn and Sun-Saturn combos.

However a Grand Sextile is the most powerful pattern that can occur according to Magi astrologers.  It is rare and Magi's research suggests it occurs only at extremely notable historic moments.  Whether it's positive or negative depends on the meanings of the planets.  This pattern is called the Star of David because it is believed that this astrological configuration occurred exactly and was noticed by astrologers when the ancient Hebrew King David was born.

The Nov. 8-9 period when these planets are in closest alignment would be an extremely beneficial period to have a world peace meditation among fellow local meditators.  Timed right, and done worldwide, it would be effectively like a powerful wave of positive energy that flow around the world, like when audiences in a stadium coordinate to do the stand-up, "wave" pattern.

I looked up the meanings of these planets and agree with the assessment in your forwarded email below.  Magi Astrologers suggest that the Jupiter trine Chiron trine Moon equilateral triangle combination is one of the best, most positive connections that can occur.  Jupiter is the most beneficial, noble, highest quality power, the beneficial ruler.  Chiron suggests love, creativity, money, good fortune, etc.  The combo of the Jupiter trine Chiron accentuates their power, means romance, money, enormous positive power, super charisma, fabulous public image, a sudden beneficial moment, i.e. happy ever after like Cinderella, commanding presence, great destiny, tremendous success in the world, a blessed future, the ultimate creative and intuitive genius.  The moon in combination with Jupiter and Chiron symbolizes adding huge emotional intensity to these other planetary meanings, putting punch behind their influence.  Having both the moon and sun in the grand sextile, and particularly that one of them are involved in each trine triangle, means these influences are going to heavily impact the earth. 

Chiron-Moon creates a connection with past lives (transcends time).  This suggests to me that we can jointly integrate and draw on all of our past life experiences to apply wisely (Jupiter) to the moment if we choose.  This combo creates a strong desire for marriage and children, or if we choose on a more global level, on community, coming together, and starting an idea or global movement.  At this time, the natives (all of us) feel unfulfilled without each other.  For individual couples and partners, an extremely beneficial time to start anything that is important and long lasting, like a marriage, a romantic relationship that will last a lifetime, a successful business, an auspicious time to conceive a child who would have an extremely positive influence on the world and would be someone who'd bring great joy to the parents. (By the way, it also suggests that a male-female couple making love at this time would be extremely likely to conceive, so keep this in mind as you exercise free will!) A great time to make amends, rebuild bridges.  Creates a serene, peaceful, loving mood. The Jupiter-Moon combo suggests harmony, tranquility, forgiveness, wisdom, seeking truth, fundamental values.  Highly responsible, faithful, peace-loving, willing to fight and die for a worthwhile cause.  Altruism, religious devotion, great spiritual generosity, kindly disposition.  Expansive imagination, devoted to home, family, and others, desire to maintain peace and happiness. Favors wealth, by inheritance or by earning it.

In the second trine, involving Mars, Saturn, and the Sun.  The Mars trine Saturn combo suggests ability to do hard work, and serious, purposeful action.  High energy is carefully efficiently applied and seldom wasted.  Tremendous willpower, applied with systematic patience and mathematical precision.  Great strength and stamina or staying power, tremendous tenacity and focus, often attains positions of authority and strength. Shrewd in politics.  Patience, skill, daring in action. Ability to endure hardships and face dangerous situations when necessary, and high stamina and strength in stressful situations.  Sun trine Saturn suggests honest, practical, circumspect, careful application of energy or resources, with all focus on applying resources to a useful and practical objective.  Good organizational ability and concentration.  High degree of discipline to fulfill ambitions through hard work.  Never caught short in hard times because there's always energy or resources held in reserve.  The Mars trine Sun combo (least influence) suggests courage, willpower, leadership ability, decisiveness, and strengthens traditional masculine characterisitcs. Competitive, strong honor and integrity, enjoys the challenge of a difficult task.  Practical experience combined with constructive use of energy often provide insight on how to perform a difficult task.  Puts theory into practice.  Constructively enthusiastic. 

Of course, astrology provides general influences.  The free will of all transcends astrology.  If we don't take advantage of it, little will happen - application of hard work is required.  When I started considering these meanings, and that everyone on the entire planet will be in this influence, it seems to me it was an extremely timely moment for the light workers of this world to pull together, make our move, and turn the tide to peace.

I for one will be doing a peace meditation from about 10:30 to 11:30 pm Nov. 8 Eastern Standard Time.  Please join me if you feel so inclined, in your respective time zones.


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