Let There Be No More Secrets
 Chapter One of
No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook to Starseed Awakening

by Patricia Cori
the Speakers of the Sirian High Council

As you delve ever deeper into the true origins of your race, you are realizing that the establishment’s tales of human history are far too limiting and that they are filled with deception, glaring omissions and countless errors. You try to put the real picture together, attempting to decipher the tattered pages of ancient texts and the maps of your great ancestors, but so little remains in the written record – a mere whisper on the winds of ages.

The loss of your most important historical records and the incredible esoteric knowledge contained within them is not only due to the natural processes of Earth’s evolution and the illusive passing of ‘time’. What little survived of the antediluvian record was systematically destroyed by soldiers and the masked crusaders, who have been serving the Power since so long ago that your contemporary cultures cannot imagine such expanses of time … much less remember them.

Consider, too, that countless volumes of the most significant material (those which speak in detail of the true origins of your race and of the extraterrestrial forces that have influenced your development) were sequestered by the Authority and its secret societies, to be hoarded in the vaults of their private collections, far from the eyes of the common people. These have been quietly passed down over generations — from one covert hand to another — always far from the public's line of vision.

Many of the great works of your ancestors are locked away to this very day … for the Power still believes that knowledge of Earth’s true history is theirs to deny you – just as they have managed, throughout your existence, to conceal the truth of their conspiracy to control and suppress the human race, while raping Planet Earth of its riches.

They are mistaken.

The true story of your roots — your incredible journey — is being slowly retrieved from the keys that have been ‘buried’ by the ancients, just as it is being beamed to you upon the waves of consciousness coming into Earth’s fields at this point in your ascension process and brought to full awareness from your subconscious recall (where the soul's multidimensional experience is reflected back to you as ‘memory’). This you are discovering in these hours of change and renewal … and much more will become available in the days that lie just ahead of you.

The Wisdom will be secret no more.

Soon to be opened is the Atlantean Hall of Records – inextricably linked to the Great Sphinx at Giza. In ways that have somehow escaped your probing curiosity, it is the very Sphinx itself. Fortunately, the Atlantean codex remains intact, for the establishment archeological community is focused upon gold-filled chambers filled with historical records and artifacts, but there are far greater treasures buried there, in the cool sands that lie deep below the mysterious feline effigy.

The Hall contains access codes to the multidimensional cosmic library. These were deposited by Priests of the White Brotherhood, who descended from the safety of the highlands and migrated to the Nile River Valley of Egypt when the waters finally receded. They were to encode the Wisdom there, to be guarded for generations by their direct descendants – the first Pharaohs. The Hall of Records was left as a legacy to humankind, entrusted for safe-keeping to the enigmatic lioness, until that point in time when you would be ready to enter the Atlantean chamber — a sacred space — and bring forward the codex, opening a window upon the no-time of human evolution.

That is about to take place … in your lifetimes, as you decreed it.

More is buried in the tales and legends of select indigenous peoples, those Keepers of the Records who have managed to retain their heritage, the ‘connection’ and the memory. As you begin to recognize the Keepers for who they really are, they, in turn, are cautiously dipping into the treasure chests of the past to bring to the world the pearls of ancestral knowledge. More will be coming forward as you approach the closing of the Mayan Calendar, which will have initiated Decem-ber 21, 2012.

The Keepers of the Crystals will hold open the portals; Keepers of Time will help you move through them. This has been known to the Maya since their Elders first peered through the crystal skulls and realized that Earth, reborn four fold, would reach the Fifth Sun at the end of 2012 AD and enter its final phase of ascension from the universe of matter into the fourth dimension – where the illusion of time no longer exists.

More of you are learning to read the Akashic Record, where all is foreseen … all is remembered. Those with the gift of sight and a spiritual orientation understand that what you term ‘past’ and ‘future’ are simply aspects of the forever, existing eternally in the no-time of all Creation. So it is that, although we make constant allusion to linear time (for that is a point of reference in your existing terminology), we invite you to remain acutely aware of its illusory nature. Throughout our teachings, we ask you to consider how all events occur simultaneously, constantly, intertwined in the great cosmic dance of consciousness, unfolding and slowly ascending the spiral of spiritual return.

We, Speakers of the Sirian High Council, are dedicated to helping you unravel the story of your evolution – back from the days of your seeding and forward, towards the very near moment of your passing from the third dimension. We wish to help you live in the ‘now’ of this most magnificent moment of your journey, at peace with your planet, your neighbors and yourselves.

In The Cosmos Of Soul, we have shown you the process of your Solar Deity's ascension and projected you out onto the fourth dimension, which you are soon to know in light body. Our last effort, Atlantis Rising, was dedicated to facilitating the release of some of your most difficult memories of Atlantis, while empowering you with the knowledge that you need now … if you are to free yourselves from the new alchemists of power and move forward in the light of your growing awareness.

Indeed, in viewing the events occurring upon your planet, we discern that the awakening amongst you are coming out of hiding, speaking your truth as never before. Your throats are open, and you are communicating with great clarity and focus, beaming Gaia’s cobalt blue ray through all the Cosmos.

You are preparing now to refute the authority and take charge of your personal realities, defying the censure that is being placed over the voice of your growing dissidence. Never forget that your indivi-dual experiences of growth and enlightenment are meant to be shared with the greater community if they are to affect the greater whole, whereby all of humanity moves into positive mindspace and the necessary changes — those that are already becoming manifest at determined points of the globe — can begin to sweep the entire planet.

This is the time of global awakening.

Let there be no more secrets … no more lies.

To assist you in this most important phase of your reveille, we have called upon the channel to bring through this third missive, knowing that it is a most controversial collection of teachings. Here we are determined to help you pull out all the stops and get ‘Sirius’ about what is going on around you. This, the third book of the trilogy, is dedicated to facilitating your understanding of the events that have led to your disempowerment, while revealing the most pressing concerns surrounding the great conspiracy that, for millennia, has deterred and suppressed the human race. It is intended as a guide to your liberation from the designs of the dark warriors and designed to serve as a manual for clearing your minds of the debris that has settled as ‘conviction’ in your belief systems.

It is a handbook to starseed awakening.

For far too long, humankind has been denied the truth regarding the covert management of your planet, but that is coming to an end in your lifetimes. Observe, and you cannot but see the web of deceit and lies unraveling: the towers of power are collapsing all around you.

The nature of your experience at this time on Planet Earth is one of awakening to all that exists, reaching for the beyond and the within of all things – where Truth, so precious and so pure, can no longer elude you.

The Light Forces of the Universe have gathered to assist in this process, for you have called out and we are here. We, the Sirians, are right here beside you, so close you cannot imagine, existing in a parallel reality that is just as much your experience as it is our own … and we have traveled your road, where the vapors of illusion veil the pathway.

We understand how difficult it can be to find the way home. We know how arduous is the initiation that you are facing as the new dawn beckons you to rise … and to sleep no more.

We have come to you with the keys to your inner doorways, to help you move past all barriers and claim, for all of humanity, the knowledge buried in the secret covenants – knowledge that will release you from the holds of the puppeteers who are pulling to the snapping point the strings of the human race.

Although you may still be unclear about your individual assignments, know that you have chosen to take a significant role in the unfolding ‘future’ of your species and the living beings of Gaia.

Your minds are open, filled with wonder … and yet you have very clear ideas about the human condition. Despite appearances, you trust that all that which is occurring now must, by nature of the All-That-Is, be an expression of the Divine Plan, yet you see the direction in which your contemporary societies are headed. You know that you are the New Aquarians and that, together with the children, you have come in to help guide the course of humanity as you approach the new frontier.

Yours will be the task of storming the imposed boundaries and releasing the knowledge you have been actively acquiring for the good of all the living beings of your world and of the universe that surrounds and penetrates you.

This, the third collection of transmissions through our vehicle, Trydjya, is a decidedly daring endeavor. It is dedicated to revealing the secrets that may still have evaded your discovery, while bringing into focus the events unfolding right in front of your eyes – eyes that all too often do not see what lies unmistakably in plain view and others, that simply refuse to look. It is a challenge to the dogma of religion and government, while it is a revealer of the truths that you carry within every cell, every micro-measure of your being. It serves as a ‘handbook’ to the reactivation of dormant intelligence codes within you and as a guide to the free will seekers of universal truth and cosmic order.

We intend to expose, for once and forever, the lies that are being fed to the global earth society, while leading you to the ‘secret’ libra-ries of stored knowledge that have been closed from the time of your seeding – the etheric DNA that is beginning to crystallize and re-bundle within you. You will be guided to stare right into the storm, raising your swords to the dragon, and to charge straight ahead into the dark night of your fear – leading those who have yet to find the way to the Wisdom and the Light.

You will be victorious. You, who seek out our message, are the bold new warriors – let there be no question of that. You dare to think for yourselves, to challenge the status quo, and to demand answers in a world where the pieces no longer seem to fit. The establishment’s story of your past and its projections of your future do not do justice to the human race and so we anticipate your questions. We are here to provide what answers we can in the light of your quest.

We are here for you … and for the children.

* * *

We are not so presumptuous to imply that we understand all the mysteries underlying the manifestations of Supreme Consciousness, for we are as you … children of the heavens. Like you, we are curious travelers upon the evolutionary spiral, learning more at every turn – seeking illumination and the Return. Yet, we believe that it is our re-sponsibility, as lightworkers of these realms, to serve and assist you, by gifting you with whatever knowledge we can bring through for you, while guiding you inward to activate that place of ‘knowing’ ... the lighthouse of the soul.

So it is that we have undertaken the preparation of this latest manuscript, in which we trust you will uncover answers to some of those questions that have haunted and disturbed you at the conscious and subconscious levels – questions that can no longer go unanswered or be pushed into the dark corners of your distracted indifference or fearful minds.

You may surely find, in the text of these pages, information that accomplishes that task – information you are now prepared to hear. These, the imprinted words that have come through the channel, we ask you to consider as the ‘crystallization’ of our conscious emanations … but there is more.

Our channel’s increasing ability to hold resonance at higher frequencies has facilitated the appearance and participation of luminary eight-dimensional beings for these specific transmissions, which complete the Trilogy – The Sirian Revelations. She has prepared for this assignment and yet, theirs is a frequency of such vibrational intensity that they cannot yet link with her directly.

Serving as filters for these extraordinary emissions, we feel the light waves moving through us, for we, too, receive attunement in the process. These are gifts of Spirit and we are forever grateful to you for the  opportunities you create throughout the Universe – radiating your love across the Gossamer Web of Light. We are grateful and honored to be given the opportunity to bathe in such brilliance, while serving as a sort of cosmic transducer of the awesome light waves that are coming in at this time, moving through us expressly for you.

We have been instructed that these Ascension Teams have joined us to enhance the material via light-encrypted supraliminal codes, to help move you through your residual emotions. It is their intention to help heal the fragments of your personae, as you shine the bright light of knowledge directly into your lower chakras and then bring the trauma of trapped memories up into full consciousness, to be cleansed and forgiven. There will be stimulation of the pineal gland and great expansion in the heart center – you have this to look forward to.

Most of this will occur at a level of awareness that is beyond words, without instruction or guidance. It will be effortless. The process of adjustment and energy shifting, as we have been made to understand it, will be facilitated throughout the text by the interweaving of high-intensity vibrational frequencies, which will be perceived and integrated in your auric fields as light moving through the energy byways of your beings and into the pineal gland – the lighthouse of your souls.

For many, this will be experienced as subtle shifting in your mental, emotional and physical bodies, while for others it may manifest as powerful emotional reactions or physical release. Dream states may be enhanced, so that you may have conscious recollection of your astral journeys in the sleeping hours and many of you will find your perception of the spirit world is becoming more ‘tangible’. You may exalt in the experience of liberating, joyful emotions or find you are suddenly confronted with pent-up anger or deep resentment, as those blocked emotions move through you and away.

This process involves releasing those frozen energies that are still holding you in fear. You may want to throw down this book alto-gether, refusing to open the floodgates. That, Dear Ones, is your choice to make and we invite you to follow your hearts.

We ask you to consider, however, that the release of negative thought forms and blocked energies can be a difficult process, but that it is a fundamental aspect of light body awakening. If you should feel compelled to ‘blame’ the material for any emotional discomfort that may arise, know that the message, of itself, is not the cause. You may want to consider, instead, how the upset lies in the fear and parallel emotions that you are inevitably pushing yourselves to confront (for once and forever) as your planet prepares for the final phases of ascension and you mutate from the chrysalis to take wing.

For those of you still stuck in survival and others who have not yet begun the work of clearing, we are committed to jump-starting that process here. We believe you made that free will decision when you reached for this book and first opened its cover.

You, who have long ago opened the way, will achieve further clarity of that which you already know — your truth — while the extra-ordinary waves of light moving through you will facilitate your attune-ment and further accelerate the awakening.

We invite you all to call upon your Spirit Guides to validate that this process is for your highest purpose. Know that your guides are always there for you and that they serve as the sentinels of your souls. We, too, call upon guidance as a screening process of our interdimensional encounters. This is a practice that should become (if it is not already) so natural to you that you needn't even think about it.

We ask you to trust and to recognize our intention and that of the Light Ones of many dimensions. Allow yourselves to feel and to respond to our message, never suppressing the surfacing of buried emotions. If you are going to serve as awakeners — true spirit warriors — you must first resolve your survival issues, silencing those gnawing fears in order to release from your inertia and swing into the action zone. You can walk in the light of knowledge, free of the torments that bind you, once you let go of fear. You will then move through the Earth Changes unscathed, knowing where you are headed and what awaits you once you arrive.

Therefore, do not give up on us when the first waves begin to rush through you, for it is our intention to move you and it is your intention to be moved.

And you will.

You chose this material for a reason.

You are well on your way, cleared for take-off.

   * * *

So let us fly the skies of your imagination, exploring the periphery of visions that may have escaped you until now, because there is so much you want to know about us and about yourselves; about the material realm and the multidimensional universe; about the darkness and the light.

Although you thoroughly enjoy savoring the idea that yours is the ‘information generation’ — inventor of vast telecommunications systems that have put your electronic fingers on the pulse of the entire globe, while they reach out into space — you remain, paradoxically, one of the most isolated species in existence. The mass population, trained to look no further, still knows nothing of the intelligent universe. This is a wonder to countless civilizations populating the universe of matter … and it is even more bewildering to those who constantly fill your night skies with their mechanical flying ships and holographic projections.

There is untold commerce and exchange amongst alien nations, federations of interplanetary cooperation, travel, cultural exchange and genetic blending. The material universe is bursting with life — filled with the incredible — and, as on Earth, the struggle between the dark and light forces exists, in varying degrees, at every juncture. That duality is a constant of existence, which refines its contrastive nature as we ascend the spiral, reaching for full illumination, where polarity resolves and all individual units of consciousness eventually merge back into Source.

Despite all the signs and communications that come through for you — despite the mother ships and sightings and transmissions such as ours — most of the human race still holds tightly to the belief that Earth is the true center of the Universe, and that yours is the only planet hospitable for life … in any form whatsoever. Even though growing numbers of you are awakening to a cosmic perception of the conscious Universe, an overwhelming majority still refuses to believe just how small a speck Earth is in the body of the Cosmos, or
that you are as minute to the universe of the living as is a grain of sand to the shore.

We have difficulty imagining how you can live with such a sense of loneliness, yet it helps us comprehend your spiritual dilemma. It helps us understand how you have for so long been dominated, controlled and suppressed as a people. But we have good news for the human race. We are telling you, as are those who are connecting to you through other superb channels or reaching you directly in the dreamtime, that the time of your isolation is over.

In spite of the hostile messages the governors of your species send out across the waves, your brothers and sisters of the material universe are moving ever closer, seeking ways to approach without being destroyed or creating mass panic amongst you. That is no easy task, for the Secret Government still does not believe you are ready – nor are they prepared to release you. And so, the message being sent into the Cosmos by the militia that rules your planet is less than inviting, and their alien allies of the dark persuasion are just as forbidding.

Let us paint a picture for you, through which you can see yourselves, for just an instant, as some members of your greater galactic family look upon you and your planet from afar.

Besides the alien civilizations that have already connected with Earth or which are capable of studying you in detail, there are yet other remote worlds that have attuned, in varying degrees, to your realm.

Many are the extraterrestrial beings who, in studying Gaia’s atmospheric conditions, electromagnetic emissions and violent eruptions, surmise that Earth is a discordant, violent planet, clearly inhabited by some form of intelligent life.

Here, it seems, is a technologically advancing civilization, responsible for causing highly disruptive electromagnetic frequencies to course through the planetary body and out into deep space – a civilization with an apparent disregard for the sanctity of space and what appears to be a total lack of awareness of the consequences of its actions.

Observers of your planet find it is encased in a clutter of satellite devices, most of which are bouncing electromagnetic waves of varying degree back and forth from the surface, rather than serving as humanity's voice out into space. Many are armed weapons systems and these, too, are pointing down at you. This is understood to serve as some primitive kind of control network – the paranoid behavior of an unevolved governing body, which (whatever the intended purpose) appears to be holding the planet hostage, while discouraging interplanetary exchange. That, of itself, is a most revealing insight into the living conditions there.

Numerous alien scientific research teams have intercepted an unnatural electromagnetic grid encircling the planet – an indication that some form of aggressive intervention has occurred during its evolution. Studies conducted by their astronomers have identified holes in this matrix, particularly (but not limited to) the polar regions and parts of the equatorial belt … and in those regions of extreme thermonuclear radiation. Diverse alien scientific commissions studying Earth have deduced that this energy grid is disintegrating and that such peculiar satellite mechanisms may be an attempt to reweave an ancient girdle of controlling frequencies around the surface.

Judging from the perennial explosion of nuclear weapons that have been recorded there, the planet is believed to be inhabited by warring, violent beings, who (given what most of the intelligent universe understands about radiation) may be nearing the point of extinction. And it is seen as a destructive population, one that is burning the green belts that supply its oxygen, ripping apart its atmosphere and filling the blue waters — the source of all life there — with the blackness of its own unprocessed waste.

And we ask you: do you really wonder why beings from other worlds are so terribly hesitant to show themselves to you?

There are others, those whose mother ships are currently journeying just aside of Earth’s auric body. The prototype has been shown to you through the time traveler, Gene Roddenberry, whose science-fiction accounts of the activities of the Galactic Federation were anything but fictional.

Theirs is a firsthand awareness of the situation on Planet Earth, for they have been moving through your quadrant of space for some time now, observing the events leading up to your Sun’s ascension from the third dimension. They are close enough to observe and study you and they see beyond the smoke and static that permeates the space around you. They see the crisis in which you find yourselves, just as they see the greatness of humankind – the beauty beneath the clouds. And, although universal law does not allow their direct intervention, they do monitor the Secret Government and the alien nations with whom they are in strict collaboration.

They are aware of your struggle.

 * * *

Of the multidimensional Universe, where conscious beings from universes parallel to yours and other dimensions are operating alongside and within you, there is a totally different perspective of life and the drama that plays out in the material realms. As you ascend out of material reality, you, too, will recognize the physical reality as a hologram of thought projections crystallized in the no-time, one which serves as a training ground for the soul.

While one is holding this frequency, the illusion of physical reality is so very convincing – and well you know. But from our perspective, it is like watching a movie whose characters seem very real and whose portrayal evokes mental, emotional and even physical responses … yet all the while, the viewer knows that it is mere invention. (S)he knows that it is the creative projection of an inspired mind who envisioned the story, selected the cast, wrote the script, and directed the players to make the illusion appear so very real that it is capable of evoking the primordial response.

These are mysteries that you are unraveling now, as you move beyond the viewing screens of your material experience — the illusions of your physical realm — and begin to take flight.

Children of Gaia, we are committed to facilitating this process … providing what guidance we can in the face of your Great Initiation.

Let us serve as way-stations of incredible radiance and the love of beings who are working through us, refracting their brilliant golden white light through these words (crystals of Sirian consciousness) and into your bodies, minds and souls.

The tempest is almost behind you now and just ahead, just over the hill, the new dawn of your infinite existence is breaking on a most breathtaking horizon.

The light that shines there, Dear Ones, you have only just begun to imagine.

Copyright 2003, Patricia Cori