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DK Teleconference January 8, 2003
“Labeling – Letting go of this common practice”
Channeled by Reverend Terri Newlon (free e-transcripts at terri@onepost.net )

Djwhal Khul here, tashi delek  

I want to spend some time today, tuning in energetically, for a few reasons, there is a lot going on the planes of communication and I might even call them the planes of miscommunication at the moment; there is a scramble affect.  It is affecting radar, affecting wireless communications of all sorts, primarily wireless communications, even airplanes communication, ships and all of that.  Our first work is to kind of go into that and clean it up. 

 As a group vehicle, we are going to form a group mercaba and I like to use a violet vehicle, a seventh Ray energy, however, today I am going to make it blue; a blue mercaba.  So, just see yourself getting into this vehicle on the inner planes.  For those of you familiar with the Three Star One Planetary Essence, you know, where you put drops that change the vibration of the earth in that area and make more compatible energy between all of the kingdoms, you can imagine as we move around the earth that you can put these drops out to change the lines of communication or to clear them up to make them direct instead of cross wires or dropped connections and so on.  Again, we are moving as a group vehicle in the atmosphere around the planet with the work at hand, which is to clear up the plane of communication, particularly wireless communication.  We want to de-congest that.  Now, lots of you have different healing abilities, different techniques for doing work so just do whatever is most comfortable for you.  It won’t matter if everyone is doing something a little bit different, I can already see that the work is taken place.  When I look at where we have been, there is a clear line there.  Our intent, again, is to clean up the communications and to make miscommunication now orderly and functioning properly.  Also, within the still point in the body, going into that still point right in the center of your consciousness while you move about in our group Mercaba, will also help tremendously. 

 You can take chaos, if you will, and collapse it into the still point.  If I look at say, if a leaf needs sunlight, it takes sunlight and soil and it converts it to an energy that makes it grow.  The same is true with chaos and the still point.  The still point can literally use discombobulated energy, even negative energy, even high trauma, high drama and all of that.  You can just collapse it into the still point and use it as food, if you will, or fuel to convert itself into a larger presence.  So, feel free, if that feels good within your body, to use the still point.  Maybe in your personal reality, think of situation that is upsetting to you and if I were talking to a child how I would do this is we would have a person, a cut out doll or something that represents me and another cut out that represents a person or a situation that I am having trouble with.  Let’s say that it is someone that I think is mean and I do not want to be around this mean person.  If I am in my still point which is sort of neutral or happy and I start thinking about this other person who is mean, I put the label mean on them on them, I might also put the label angry, another label there that says not trustworthy or whatever and I start labeling this person.  As I begin to focus on this other person, I lose my still point, my happiness goes away and I am now angry too.  I am now feeling mean toward that person because that person is mean.  Essentially, you take on what you are mirroring or projecting outward, you take on yourself.  So, what I want to do with these two images, these two little dolls, is to take all the labels off that other person and keep my still point and then I look at that other person and I look at that other person as if I see only the spirit; I don’t see any labels, not even happy.  I just see the naked spirit and not the personality.  It is like peeking underneath the behavior to see the true light. 

 When we take this out to the world, it is the same thing.  If I have myself here and I put the planet next to me and I think; still point, inner peace, my happiness, my self love, my inner peace and then when I project that towards the world, what I get back is world peace.  If I projected the world and I say victimized, in trouble, it is being destroyed, you know I could go through a lot of things, damage to the environment, can’t trust the politicians and all of those labels.  What happens in my body is that I start feeling bad.  I no longer have my still point.  I no longer have my self-love.  I am not happy.  Remember, in Buddhism the purpose of all life is happiness.  Whether or not you accept Buddhism does not really matter but think about evolution and think about the theme of this Universe, which is love, unconditional love or divine love and not belief system love. 

 It is very important for each spiritual student or light worker, you are not really students anymore you are equals, light workers, you are a team, think about keeping your still point, keeping that state of inner peace, keeping a state of self love and look at the world again with no labels assigned.  Because whatever label you stick there, you are going to take on.  You are going to immediately move into sympathy with that label, you cannot help it as it is the way energy works.  What you think is what you get. So, be careful because “What you think is what you get.” 

 As part of out world peace project for 2003, we will be working on it extensively.  Again look at the world naked, no labels, just as a spiritual energy…take a moment to feel that from your still point, what are you feeling...  Good, reflecting back to our mercaba journey as we continue that hold the still point even if you can see all these chaotic lines, people miscommunicating, satellite disruptions, navigation disruptions and so on, just hold the still point and every time you see a label like that toss it away and peek underneath.  What is really there?  It will change the way your body feels right away as soon as you toss out the label.  If you accept the label over there you have to wear it yourself…  We will talk about this in discussion because I want to be sure you that are getting the point.  This is my work and also the channel's work, Terri Newlon does this work on the inner planes with children all the time teaching them about how projection works and how you can stay in spirit instead.  It is very, very affective and children get it right away. 

 All right, good, what we want again, is clarity so we hold it within ourselves and we are going to put the label on our self; this is clarity.  You can put it on your forehead, you can put it on your chest or…I don’t really care where you wear it, you can put it all over if you want.  Put that label on and then look at the world situation and hold clarity, breathe clarity, think clarity because what you think is what you get.  It is always that way.  Think clarity, clarity, every thing is being clarified.  Everything is clearing up. Everything it clear.  Everything is clarified.  The communication is clear, that is what I see in the world.  Keep holding that, we are going to keep sending this energy, it is very important especially today…clarity, clarity.  Wear the label so that is all you can see in the outer world…clarity.  It is clear.  It is all clear.  Everything is clear.  You can take world affairs, maybe you could take a situation in an office, miscommunication with a family member or whatever and stick the label clarity on it, it does help to draw this out and to make little pictures or to have something as a symbol, like a dove or something and then put little labels on it like clarity.  You can use those little angel cards for labels or you can make your own but draw this out and keep working with it.  You will find this to be a very powerful exercise. 

 You can try…there…there is still a little work in the mental realm…clapping by the way, which is what I just did, very quietly.  Clapping dispels negativity.  That is what we use it for in Tibet.  Rather than applauding at the end of a play or something we normally don’t we just experience the energy of it but clapping is a custom in other places.  What we use it for is medicinal to remove negativity or negative blocks.  If you are feeling confused, you clap in front of your forehead, if your heart is closing down and you are feeling wounded by somebody, you clap in front of your heart, if your bladder has an infection or something you clap in front of the bladder, physically where it is located in the body and so on.  You can clap rather loudly and quickly maintaining the breath and keeping the shoulders as relaxed as possible.  You will find that sometimes you will get quite irritated within the first minute or so and if you can sustain it for at least 30 seconds that is good work but keep it going for like 3 minutes if at all possible.  In order to do that you have to transcend the sensations in the body and move into an altered state.  You have to move into the still point basically to keep clapping that long without getting very irritated and of course, you have to keep breathing.

 I think the next label I would like to work with…we will do this a little bit in reverse from the one we just did…first we will see the world…and put the label on it economic stability.  Now you can start adding more labels like economic prosperity, you can put…only labels that make you feel good…if you get a gut feeling of yuck, take that label off, throw it away and put another one on.  What we want to see is something that reflects back to you…stability of money, survivability, something that makes you financially prosperous or even wealthy.  Put the labels on the earth first…the world not Mother Earth…the world meaning humanity and all the ecosystems and so forth and we want then economical stability…  If you jump immediately to Oil Fields and all these unfair things, take the label off and select another one.  Economical stability, the real thing that is what you want mirrored and as you see that in the real world, it will be mirrored back into your reality.  In other words you are going to wear the same label so if you are seeing the label of some countries robbing from other countries or they are robbing from the whole world because they are destroying the resources or whatever, then what happens in your own body is the same thing. 

 Literally, you will have an organ robbing from another organ, gland robbing from another gland, you know, something like a miscommunication between the brain and the body and things like that.  There will be a breakdown mirrored into your body so again, back to the planet…economic stability and then feel the whole thing in you own body.  On a world scale that means also excellent communication, you know, your liver might say to the rest of the body…to all of the other cells…I need some more enzymes over here so the body says, okay, we have plenty, here is your request.  The brain may say I need a little bit more oxygen and so the lungs work a little bit more and they deliver a little bit more oxygen to the brain and so you want to see the whole economic stability and ecosystem stability reflected back into your body so wear those labels.  Be an example.  There is no separation, which is why you can immediately feel the difference between these things.  There is no separation in all of creation everything is one.   I know that sounds overly simplified but it is absolute truth.

 All right, good and now let’s take another look from the merkaba at communication planes of consciousness where the communications go.  We are looking at telepathic as well as some of the physical things like the way satellite's work and all of that.  Let’s take another look at that, it is much clearer, I do see some structural lines but they are not all tangled and chaotic…  All right, good, that is much better.  Essentially what I think was snowballed there in looking at the planes of communication, I can relate it to a computer, and hopefully most of you can comprehend.  If you ask a computer to do something and it is being rather slow and you ask it to do it again and it still cannot take the first command, you get impatient and you ask it the third, fourth and fifth time and what happens is all of those request get backed up and it freezes up.  It cannot even work the first command, it might refuse to do it or it might be just very, very slow in finally bringing up your first command and then it will bring up the second, third, fourth and fifth.  So you have all of this congestion there from the impatience and so that is literally the same phenomenon with people trying to make connections, not getting through and sending the signals many times in repetition and then it just got all congested.  It is looking better so that can help quite a bit. 

 First of all, in this process, we are going to stay in the mercaba; I am not finished with that yet.  Can you feel the difference with the labels?  (Multiple yeses)  It makes sense that whatever label you see on someone else, the minute you start focusing on them and that label, you take it on yourself or it is upsetting at the very least.  Good.  Good, think about that, some of you with very colorful imaginations are going to start seeing signs on foreheads and such.  You know, it is like, “that person is confused and suddenly you are in sympathy with the confusion but you are not admiring the confusion either.  Peek under the label, get rid of it, toss it out so you don’t have to wear it either and see if you can peek through and see the spirit make eye contact even or energetic contact with the true self.  Then you will find that a lot of times their consciousness will just completely shift because you are not labeling them so they do not have to live up to the label.  It really is a communication pathway.  If I label you…let’s say it is someone that you deal with regularly and you might say to them, “did we get any messages today” and you never get a straight yes or no and you can’t quite figure out what they are saying, maybe you have labeled them a indirect communicator or something like that.  Because you put the label on them, you have to fulfill it.  It is like a request from your consciousness to theirs.  Your agreement is “I am going to see you as an indirect communicator so please always communicate with me indirectly.”  Even if you think you want a straight answer and you keep asking them to please say yes or no and they wont, it is because they still have the old label on them.  You have to take that label off to change the contract and then you might relabel it easy to communicate, very easy to communicate.  What will happen is you will wear the same label, easy to communicate is now in direct relationship with another label that says easy to communicate and you will be amazed at what happens, it will really shift the dynamics.  That should be fun to play with for a while. 

 All right any questions or comments for today.

 STUDENT:  I must be doing way more labeling than I realize.  This has been a big Ah-Ha for me because I analyze everything and in the analysis, I label.

 DK:  Yes, exactly, anytime there is analysis, there is labeling.

 STUDENT:  Yes, and by analyzing at least labeling and labeling due to mutual agreement, it is over labeling.  (DK:  Of course)  I am a contributor to the very thing I was analyzing to begin with, thinking that I was trying to fix it and I was creating it. 

 DK:  Yes, Co-creating it.  Absolutely  (I got it; it is a big one, thank you.)  You are welcome

 Now, of course, as I have heard from many of you, the moment that I bring something up, it is really in your consciousness.  (That is the truth)  Yes, that is the truth.  The channel is laughing too hard, one moment… (Laughter)  Well you know, that is what I am here to do is to stimulate the growth and keep guiding you towards your true self your Divine Nature.  It is very calculated on my part so if you want to stick a label on me that says calculated (Laughter) go right ahead.  (We know you are calculating) thank you (and very effective) thank you.  I like effective and efficient and skillful I would prefer over calculated but I have been accused of many things.  (Well you are skillful)  All right good, that should be fun.  If you have children talk to them about this concept.  It is really fun with them, you know, they will sit down and say, “this friend is always sad” and they put the label on their friend.  I talk to them and say, “tell me what you mean” and they will say, “well, you know, she just really doesn’t want to play and we don’t do something she doesn’t like she cries…” and their whole voice changes, their body posture changes and they move right into mimicking the friend.  Then they notice how they felt before and how they feel now and they get it very quickly.  They are remarkable faster because they have less analyzing abilities and being able to just lift off the label and see a completely different person there.  And even towards their parents, “I don’t like Mommy because she makes me clean my room” or whatever.  You can even work through that label through to point of the child understanding that Mommy is reflecting structure and also needs structure and they get into harmony with structure rather than resisting it.

 STUDENT:  If you pick up on a love one or someone very close to you, like they are negative or very sad, what do you do in that case do you put a positive label on them?

 DK:  Well, that depends, the first thing that I would suggest is to take the negative, depressed, sad or whatever it is, could even be by-polar, we will put this label on you schizophrenic, bi-polar, mentally challenged or whatever label it happens to be.  Because they have that label, maybe even society has given them the label as well and it has been reinforced all over the place, essentially it is like writing a script and assigning a person that role.  Your role is to be negative, you are supposed to be sad all the time and you are to have a negative outlook on life that is your role.  They are locked into that character until you change your agreement at the higher self level as to what you want from that person.  You can’t go change their higher self agreement, in other words, their higher power knows what is best for them and if it is to stay negative for awhile then do not interfere with their lesson but what you can do is to take the label off and look directly at their spirit.  You know, who they really are without that behavior and do your best to stay in your still point and look at who they truly are and only recognize that part of them.  Sometimes what they will do is not wear that label around you but they will continue to wear it for all the other people who expect it or they will look at you, and feel exposed, feel very uncomfortable about it and not want to be around you because they see that you can see deeper.  So, interesting things happen. The important thing is your reaction will change.  Even if the person is negative, you might just laugh, you might think that is humorous or just feel kind of neutral about it and not be affected about it.  (Thank you)  You are welcome.

 All right, how are you feeling about the world and world peace exercise?  I know that finally went out, we had a little communication delay but it went out today, our transcript on the special call.  Just to recap for those that were there and want a refresher for those who weren’t and who would like to know what we are talking about.  Essentially what we what you to do is set up a…if you have ever seen a globe like the earth…those kind that stand up from the floor and there is an axis that you can turn the earth a such and sometimes there is a outer bar there that runs from north pole to south pole and it is curved to the shape of the globe…essentially you want to see something like that in the atmosphere that is a band of peace.  Now I would like to see it fairly wide nearly half the planet.  It is important not to do a hundred percent coverage because what we are doing is essentially…and you may even make it in stripes or waves…because this has to come in increments rather than on full blast for humanity.  But essentially as the earth is turning you will pass through one of these waves if peace.  Then you will be in a normal whatever it happens to be there and then you will be in the peace or bliss state again and so on.  You want to keep this energy rotating around the planet and feel the wave going through the body.  Be conscious when it is over you and moving through your area.  Really soak up that energy and maybe give some energy back to it, you know, feed that peaceful band of energy.

 Anyone feel any changes since the beginning of the year that you want to talk about.

 STUDENT:  Well, the energy is much quicker both in the good and the bad sense.  It is almost like things are much more brilliant, for me at least much…when it is dark it is really dark and I get why it is dark and this lesson about labeling is so wonderful because instead of going into why is it dark and why did I make it dark, I can just go back into my still point, remember who I am and honor who they are instead of all of the labeling.  But the occurrences are happening very fast.

 DK:  Good (Is that good?)  Yes, everything is speeded up; everything is more in contrast so when you happy you really notice you are happy and when you are not, you really notice that you are not.  If you have a little burst of anger, it might be much more pronounced than it was before.  Instead of just getting a little bit irritable, you might just actually feel like pounding your fist on the desk or something.  It is going to be interesting watching…I am waiting for this to sort of level out…it is probably not going to be until another two weeks maybe two and a half weeks or closer till the end of January and my concern in the meantime is those with a lot of labeling consciousness, you know, vigilante consciousness and things like that where they want to take a gun and hurt someone or crash a plane or whatever.  You are going to see more of that extreme reaction energy.  Again, even when you are watching the news and see it, take the label off right away.  It is like a maverick that takes things into their own hands.  I do not know the English word…but it is like someone who does like the sniper that you dwelt with before, they sort of just do something on their own because they believe…fanatism…fanatism…maybe that word will work.  At any rate as soon as you see that label, take the label off because otherwise you are already caught up in the drama and see is if you can connect with them energetically spirit to spirit and see only the divine in them.  It will help shift their consciousness.  Good, thank you (thank you)

 The other label I see coming up is war, war mongers or war…people who really want war, I am not seeing the exact label but…

 STUDENT:  How do you distinguish between…Do you practice the same process when you encounter dark pranksters?

 DK:  Yes.  My first practice on a dark prankster meaning truly someone who serves the dark side, not just someone with a negative attitude or something but truly a dark side.  The first response is, “No thank you I refuse to play.” and has the same effect, I do not even put the label on the dark prankster because then they have to fulfill that role.  There is kind of an immediate recognition when you come into contact with true evil, the body knows at the very basic cellular level, it alerts you clearly and you should never ever override the body’s alert system, especially that one, so essentially you realize contact has been established.  You say, “No thank you” or “I refuse to play.”  There is a knowingness that nothing in creation has power over anything else, that is how energy really works; there is no power over dog and under dog, there is none of that unless there are labels that let you agree to that role playing.  You meet the energy not with fear but with the still point and “No thank you I refuse to play.  Most of the time the energy will dissipate immediately, if it does not, again, check you label and see if you don’t have a fear response running or something like that in relation to it.  Always remember nothing has power over, of course, when in doubt call in spiritual masters to help you or you can call in white light, God, Christ, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Archangel, you know, anything to you that means that you are in a group of light workers and that you are protected by the group.  If you can’t masterfully handle it with the label technique then I say it is always good to call for backup, you know.  Then ask one of us to handle it for you and we will.

 STUDENT:  Okay, I had a situation yesterday where I think a well-meaning person was talking with me but there was an interruption, an energetic interruption, in our communication that I immediately recognized and labeled as dark.  The person was trying to get me to allow her to do something for me but her request to do that seemed inappropriate to me and I told her that I refused to play and it got bigger.  The energy got bigger. 

 DK:  Did you say it out loud or mentally?  (I wrote it in an email.  This was happening on line.)  Well right now I as mentioned that response like anger is going to be really big and sometime you have to get skillful at your communication at declining, respectfully declining.  I use the phrase more on the inner planes, “I refuse to play.”  Out loud, what I might do is not say anything at all, just ignore the communication or delay, you know, “I don’t have time to consider this right now or whatever, I’ll check it out later.”  You can use a delay switch or sometime indirect is better in verbal communication as if you were standing in the room with her.  You might just use that thing where you connect spirit to spirit with the eyes and do not say anything and essentially is your body will say no to her and your head will involuntarily shake a little bit or your body language will let her know that she is not going to engage you or whatever.  Often times a person will just turn and walk away because they got the message, “No” but non verbally.

 STUDENT:  Right, okay (tape turned over) I was able to discern the part of this person that was needling me or sort of pushing my hot button on the physical plane like on my labeling button and there was this other energy though connected with it that did not seem to be her.  It seemed to be coming through her. 

 DK:  Right, so you communicate to that energy, the one who is using her in a negative way. That is the one you say, “No thanks, I refuse to play” and then to her at the personality level you would stall or shift off of it in a polite way.  (Okay, thank you so much)  You are welcome

  I hope everyone followed that.  That was a very good example of how to deal with it.  Sometime you can look at a person, you see a wild look in the eyes or something and you know it is not really them.  Has that ever happened to some of you? (Yes) When you are dealing with that energy, you mentally communicate to the…it might be an entity possession or whatever it is, it might be a diverse part of their own personality that is not healthy or whatever, you mentally communicate to that wild look or that unstable look and you say, “No thank you I refuse to play.”  Then physically you would state open, in other words, do not close down because that part that is using them is looking to get you hooked into the drama.  It either wants to see you afraid or wants you to feed the negativity; it is looking for a response and has put a label on you.  This person is going to react to me, this person is going to be afraid or whatever.  Do not fulfill the role.  What you are saying is, “I am not going to play that character for you, thank you very much.”  You can peek under that and try to connect with that persons true self, the divine pure spirit energy and often times that prankster will leave because it realizes that you have just blown its cover.  It might try even harder when there are multiple personalities or something very strong like that, it might try even harder to get your attention but go to your still point that is your place of refuge.  It is not about closing down, usually but if your physical life is threatened, yes, by all means defend yourself but for the most part if you go into that still point you cannot be harmed.  Of course, I say that like it is very simple but it does take some practice.  That is the ideal.

 All right, anyone else…good, we have I think just a couple of minutes.  Let’s play with that still point in closing so you can really have it boosted and have it be easier to return to. 

 Sigh…Take a nice breath and really relax.  Some of your minds are very busy making realizations, which is good.  I do not want to interfere with your realization process.  Give your ah ha’s rapid fire if you want, that is perfectly fine, the communication is pretty clear now and that should be easy.  In the meantime let’s go to that still point and again, in the physical body about halfway between head to toe you find it.  Most of the time I am seeing it right above the belly button, sometimes right in it, rarely beneath it but on a few people and it depends upon the torso style, it is beneath the torso.  You are not looking for the gravity center that is taught in yoga, martial arts, Tai Chi and all that, you are looking for the still point, which may be in a different place.  Take a moment to just find it and you know when you are there when everything just feels neutral, just blank; truly, a still point.  There is no activity; it is literally the eye of the storm.  There is no movement, drama, emotion and all that.  It is just a very peaceful still point and if you keep practicing you will get there and you will sustain it.  Another way of saying it is, “It is the Now that Eckhart Tolle is talking about in his teaching The Power of Now.”  It is that, it has been called many things in many teachings, and it has been taught since the beginning of physical existence as part of the way that this works.  Even outside of physical existence there is always a still point so it is an energetic place and you can take if you are not feeling peaceful, take it with you into the still point and it will be dissolved.  The still point literally consumes anything that is not its own nature.  If you are depressed, take it into the still point and the depression cannot survive it.  If you are angry, take it to the still point and the still point will consume the anger.  If you are feeling hopeless about something take it to the still point.  Just keep practicing that over and over and over.  When you fear there might be a world war, take it to the still point.  Good. 

Then when you truly have peace because you are in your still point that is when you give peace.  You are setting the example in the world.  You cannot give what you do not have.  When you are in this point, what we want to do is just radiate it out to the world…See the planet, put peace on it, see the world and put the label peace on there.  You are wearing it, the world is wearing it and you can even take countries, other members of humanity and put peace on them like, “I am designing this script and this is your role, it is peace, maybe peace and still point, that is your role in relationship to me.”  Just keep working with that, I think you will enjoy it.

Thank you and my love to you.

 Djwhal Khul 

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