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Awakening-Healing News Index 2003        12/12/2003

Michelle Eloff

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of laughter, of joy, of celebration and of truth, greetings, Beloved Ones. As we gather in the presence of light with each one of you, know that you are being held securely within the heart of Christ as well as upon the hand of God.    

Today is an important day as you are all aware,  as all of the Masters of Light, the 12 main Ascended Masters of Light come closer to your planet, the closest we are ever at any one time and the reign of love and light that has held the consciousness of mankind for eons of time expands into a vast blanket of energy, enveloping everything in its space. This blanket of energy supports each one of you in opening to the celestial grace of God as well as the celestial presence of your mastered self.   

Upon the 12th December of every year, your fully mastered self is in perfect alignment with all of your bodies on every level and every plane of existence that you inhabit.  Your mastered self begins to emit frequencies of energy and information that support your body, that prepares your body for the New Year ahead of you.  In truth, your year runs from the12 December to the 12 December of the following year, that is you can say the universal year that is experienced. Your personal year is from your birthday to your birthday – do you all understand this?   

Know that this particular process that you are experiencing upon this day is tapping into the very core of your DNA, every bit of genetic information that you are coded with shifts into a new year.  This energy coming from the universal masters offers you the opportunity to take this energy and to shift from your being, from the very genetic coding of your being, programmes and information that you are ready to release.  Time has sped up immensely and your processes of awakening is speeding up too.   

This past year, 2003, has been a year of individual transformation.  It has been a time where all of you have had the rug ripped from under your feet in one way or another.  Where you have had to look very closely at your negative ego, where all your fears and your pain has come under scrutiny, because your soul was ready to bring into the light that which is no longer relevant in your life.  The frenetic energy that you have experienced many times, can now shift into a more harmonious mode as you move into 2005, as you move into 2006 and as you move into 2007.    

2004 is the transition year,  preparing you for 2005, 2006 and 2007.  2003 has brought the individual plan for each of you.  It has been like a shuffling of pawns upon a chessboard, where each person has had to recognize where in the game they are.  Where people have had to look at how the game has been played and for some, they have had to recognize that life is, in truth, but a game being played.  You have had to look at yourself with new eyes, breaking out of the victim consciousness that you have felt trapped in for many years, not only in this lifetime, but in others too.   

You are emerging into new bodies; your crystalline bodies are already in active process of being.  The lighter you become the more difficult it is to process the density of your past fears. 2004 is allowing you to draw up all of those dense aspects of yourself and stand in your crystal body.  The crystal body allows everything to be more transparent so to speak.  Your own being, your gift, your talents, your qualities will become more evident – the journey that you have come to walk in this lifetime will become clearer.  

 Where the pressure will be, will be on your governments.  Now, the energy of change, of transformation, of purging and clearing moves beyond the individual and now it affects the greater community - the collective consciousness where as groups you will find yourselves uniting and working together to ensure change.  To ensure that the principles of the universe – the laws of right action are carried out.  The government of Southern Africa will go through one of its greatest shifts since 1994.   The man who is presently your president will go through a process of change.  In a sense, that he will have to make very definite and specific choices as to where his alliances lie.  His nonchalance with regard to the situation in Zimbabwe will bring much attention to his affiliation with this particular person who is running the country at this time.   

This man,  who is President of Zimbabwe will also come to face his equal,  not in darkness,  but in Light.  And this will be the year where he will have to either surrender to the Light and purge his soul of the darkness that has enveloped him, or he will lose all power altogether.  Around the world you will also see many, many shifts in the government.  America, as you are aware, is already undergoing much of this change and those who have come into power through processes of default will also truly have to show their worth.  

The British royal family will experience another split and that will truly rock their world,  so to speak.  This split will show the people of Great Britain that no-thing can be ruled by one so called belief system, but it is the universal light and truth of God that rules and that resides within the heart of every man, woman and child and this will affect many governments.   

This will also affect many of the so-called religious sectors where they are practicing very rigid and limited processes.  People are wanting to find their way to God.  They do not want to be instilled with fear and this is where there will also be breaks in many of these religious sectors.  Are you all understanding me thus far?  

 In the place of Ireland, you will also witness a great shift in consciousness, and this is where a mighty union will take place.   

In the year to follow this one, you will see a great separation will happen in certain sectors, but through the separation, some of the most magnificent unions will take place.  Through the separation, joy can be found, because the separation is showing one what is no longer a part of the self.   Now even though this is happening for the collective consciousness, know that it will happen for each one of you in individual ways as well.  

The energy will not be as intense as it has been in this past year because this has been the year of literally breaking people out of their shell, shattering the illusion.  It has been a year of the “Tower of Babel”.  And as you come into the New Year, you will find it is important that you remain in touch with your true self.  

Humanity is moving into the third eye chakra next year.  So, consciousness will be moving into a new level, a new state and people will find themselves becoming more aware, more in tune with their environment as well as with themselves. Those who have been sleeping, psychically that is, will find the stirrings already beginning.  Premonitions, insights, and feelings - all of these are the inner tutor awaking.  The inner tutor is intuition.  It is showing you what is on the inside, but is revealed to you on the outside if you know how to look and through that the understanding supports you in awakening further to your true self.  

You are all moving out of your throat chakra, which was the time of expressing truth, finding your voice, building your identity and coming to stand as a liberated being of Light.  Your joyous sun-self is what comes to greet you and the sun chakra will be at its most powerful next year.  It will then ease off until 2008 again, so take advantage of the energy, the creative force that is brought to you in the year to come.

Now, the Ascended Master’s of Light have created a crystalline grid that is covering the entire planet.  This is holding humanity as a collective being; however there have been separate ones created for the animal kingdom, for the plant kingdom, for the mineral kingdom and for the nature kingdom in its individual forms of light and a very, very specific one for children.

2004 Will be the year of the Golden children.  And we are calling now the Golden Children all children.  They emit the love of God, which is a gold vibrational frequency and for 2004, all children will vibrate to this.  They are needing your support to raise their frequency above the density that has been created by adult humans.  They are having to bypass all of the stress, all of the hectic energy that has been manifested through many humans having to live in survival mode.  It will also be the time where great effort and shift will be made in bringing the levels of abuse of these precious, precious beings down dramatically.  And we ask all of you present here this evening and those whom you shall speak to from this day forward, to be conscious of the needs of children.  To be aware of what children share with you, to see them as teachers, as individuals and as the messengers of God as well. 

Humanity’s consciousness needs to embrace children in order for “them” to be able to accept the light and “them”, we are speaking of as adults, to accept the Light that the universal masters are bringing to your planet at this time.  Gaia’s transition has moved through 165 000 levels of transition over the last 5 years and those of you who are working with your own process are moving through these levels just as quickly.  Your bodies are going through process that you have never experienced in any lifetime before. 

The genetic modification on an energy level is beyond your linear of third dimensional comprehension and these children are perfectly in alignment with this plan already.  When a child is abused emotionally, physically, sexually or mentally, these grids become misaligned.  The more traumatic the abuse, the more damage to the grids and when these grids break, it can take many, many years, if not lifetimes for these energies to be realigned.  A number of the adults are guardians to these children.  A number of the Indigo adults stand as guardians, specifically for the Crystal children.  The Rainbow children, who are to come, are truly the leaders of your new age.  But, it is your responsibility as guardians of this planet and guardians and caretakers of the children of this planet, whether you have your own children matters not, but it is your responsibility to ensure that these magnificent beings are protected, are acknowledged, respected and nurtured and through this action beloved ones, you offer the same to your own inner child. 

Wherever the grids are broken in your body through abuse, you are repairing the process by supporting these ones (children).   A number of the new children coming in, as many of you are aware already, are mastered beings, coming in with little or no karma, coming purely in service and these children will single you out.  You will see them make eye contact with you and not break that contact – they are not afraid to look into your soul.  They are not afraid for your soul to acknowledge their presence.  You will see the light of God smiling back at you. 

There are many of you who are the guardians of the animal kingdom.  From 2004 to 2005, through to 2009 will also be a very important time in raising humanity’s levels of consciousness with regard to the relationship with the animal kingdom. Is this clear to all of you so far?

I, Khutumi, Universal Teacher, stand with my brother the Ascended Master El Morya, my other brother the Ascended Master Jesus, also known as Lord Sananda, and we are overlit at this time by our father,  Lord Maitreya.  This energy that Lord Maitreya has created is being emanated from the very core of mother earth’s heart chakra for you to absorb and this energy is, and will be freely available to you for the next 12 days.  It is our suggestion and a request of Lord Maitreya,  that each day simply in your mind,  imagine your heart chakra opening like a flower  - allow it to connect in whichever way you feel comfortable,  with the heart chakra of mother earth – wherever you imagine that to be.  And see this too as an open flower – imagine the two flowers drawing together, uniting, merging into one magnificent blossom of energy and then see it explode into life and your body absorbing every particle of light.  This very brief visualization will support the changes happening on a cellular level as well as genetically in your body.  It will help to ease the symptoms of transition from your denser, carbon- based body to your lighter, crystalline body.

I have said before that there are many people experiencing ailments at this time that doctors cannot identify or diagnose.  This is not because there is something drastically wrong with you.  It is because your body is changing its frequency and it is because you are not used to doing this in a conscious body.   Many of these symptoms are as follows:  Headaches, bordering on migraines.  Forgetfulness (and you don’t have to be pregnant to forget - it is part of the process). People feeling that they are not in touch with the world around them, knowing they are in the world but it is a surreal experience.  Lots of aches and pains in the body that cannot be explained.  Glandular infections – problems with ears, eyes and with teeth.  Also severe fatigue for some peopleThese are all the symptoms of the body’s changes.  Some of you may find it very difficult to concentrate.  Some of you may find yourself being very sensitive to noise and being around as many as five people may be too much for your energy.

We would also suggest that during this time that if you are not already working with crystals, make new friends and bring them into your home – crystal friends that is.  Because your body is moving to a much lighter frequency, the crystalline body of the physical crystal will help to support that and ground you.  Here we would also like to touch briefly on nutrition.    Those of you who are non-vegetarian and you find yourself craving  more protein, you have to give this to your body because there are certain parts of the protein that is required to build DNA.   Other people are finding themselves not able to take in protein anymore and are moving more towards fruits and vegetables, breads and staying away from protein altogether.  This you can go with as well, however, let us please ask you that you ensure that you are taking supplementation in some form or another that makes your protein intake balanced.  Is this clear to all of you?

During this transition from today and for the next 12 days, we would suggest that you increase your intake of water if that is at all possible, for it will simply support the processing and the kidneys, for the kidneys are the shock absorbers of the body and allows one to process energy out of the body.  If there is not sufficient water in the body to support this, then your lymph’s will become blocked and you will find your body holding toxins that may aggravate headaches.  Is this clear?  There is also another suggestion – some tissue salts.  No’s 4, 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12.  If you do not want to take all of those, take at least one or two of those that your body is automatically drawn to.  Is that clear?

Now, as you move into the New Year, January will be a time when you will probably feel quite tired.  This is your body preparing you for the rest of the year.  The fatigue that you will feel is allowing you to move into a deeper state of consciousness that moves one beyond the third dimension and into the fifth dimension.  As this process of shift happens, you will maybe experience more intensely an inability to concentrate, restlessness, frustration at not being able to implement your new year’s resolutions. Perhaps you should leave those for around about August next year!!  What we would suggest, however,  in the month of January, is that you sit with yourself and look at what it is you wish to manifest on a spiritual level in your life. January will hold that specifically for you. 

As you then transition into the second month, February, you will find the fatigue begin to lift, but still a certain amount of denseness, or fogginess in the mind. The way that this can be alleviated is through meditation, visualization or simply sitting, or lying in stillness and water, being in water will be very good for this too.  The month of February brings a rush of energy where you need to look and see where balance is lacking in your life and what steps you need to take in order to manifest this balance. In other words, you will have to look and see how you can co-operate with yourself to bring about this balance.  Is this clear? 

March will be a little lighter.  It will also, however, bring family matters into the spotlight.  Even if you have close friends that you consider as family members, all this will come to your attention.  So, if you have, perhaps, been in denial about certain aspects of your relationships with a parent, sibling or any other relative for that matter, this will come to the fore for you to release, to resolve whatever conflict there is and to release it.  Denial often leads one down the path of confusion, which then results in disillusionment.  So, rather face the process than leave it to fester because whatever you do not look at during the month of March, you will have to look at during the month of June again.  In the month of March, we will also suggest that you align your energy specifically with Lady Nada, the Master of Unconditional Love and she can support you through the process of resolving the conflict, or understanding the core cause of the conflict.  Conflict arises because something is not working, therefore see it as an opportunity to find a creative solution to bring in a new way to change something that has become obsolete. 

And then you move into April and this will give you the opportunity to be the fool.  Now how many of you are familiar with the Fool of the major arcana of the tarot.  This is what the fourth month offers you.  So, perhaps some of you will be tying your little picnic pack to a pole and holding it over your shoulder and walking off the edge of a cliff. Please, we are using humour here and no-one walking off any cliffs!  However, the fool also allows you to feel - feel foolish, be foolish, be fool of yourself.  Many times people say, “You are so full of yourself”, and people take it as an insult.  To be “full of yourself” means you are full of life. To be one with everything that you are is an accomplishment.   So we say be “fool” of yourself, minus the negative ego!  Allow the “fool” of your inner child to show you the path that your soul shall come to set before you in the fourth month.  In the fourth month of next year you will touch upon something that is connected to your soul’s path, to show you the reason why you have come to planet earth.  Is this clear? 

May is a wonderful time for you to ask yourself what you want out of life.  This is a time when you can look at certain priorities that you have listed that may be ready to change.  And the month of May is when the Ascended Master El Morya will come into full force and teach you how to use the will of your soul to plan a new way to take the energy from the fourth month - the glimpse you have been given of your soul’s path and to put it into action by re-assessing your priorities.  The Ascended Master El Morya is a very strict teacher.  He embodies an immense amount of love and compassion, but he will not let you off the hook lightly.  He will show you that where there is will, there is a way and many times you have to “will the way forward”.  Is this clear? 

June takes you back into yourself again and for many of you, you may find this to be a very psychic month, where all your senses are heightened and as we said, whatever you have not looked at during the month of March will come to stand before you during the month of June. The month of June also offers you the opportunity to break away from any pattern, habit, person or place that no longer serves and supports you and truly move into your empowered self, the strong-willed self that Master El Morya shows you in the month of May. In the month of June, Lord Ra shines the power of his light into your life even though here you will be in your winter months already, you will still have the solar power coming from the great central sun to move you. 

July is the time of introspection and this is where you go to tap into the magic of your inner child, your creativity, your imagination takes new roots and springs into new life and you may find yourself giving birth to magnificent ideas, new plans and this is also an extension of what you gave birth to in the month of April.  Standing with you in the seventh month will be the energy of Merlin. The magic, the miracles and manifestation of the seventh dimension will  hold you in your seventh month.  And as we have said, it is the magic of the inner child that will come to show you something new – whatever you are battling with, whatever you are wrestling with, in the seventh month you will be given the tools to make those changes.  You will also notice that in the seventh month, it will be connected to something in February that you did not quite finish off.    Is this clear? 

The month of August truly activates your sun chakra again, especially on the 8th of the 8th you will find you are back into that same energy and space that you were this year on the 8th of the 8th when the sun chakra was initially activated.  This is also a time when the mass consciousness will undergo a very deep shift as well and from August through to the end of November next year, there will be many revelations amongst groups of people.  These revelations will be how to help various communities and you will also find that during this time there will be new levels of exposure with regard to anything or any one group or individual that has been abusing power, or energy in anyway whatsoever. So the month of August will also show you where you have been victim to the abuse of power in any way or form whatsoever and where, perhaps, you have been abusing your own power, or your own inner child.  Is this clear? 

September offers you the opportunity to take what you have seen in August and decide what is important in order to gain a deeper understanding as to where your energy is moving to for the new year of 2005 - where your planet, you as a collective consciousness, will be taken into your crown chakra.  Now September, October, November and December of next year will provide an accelerated process of psychic awakening.  You will all have gone through 9 months of preparation for that time and it is beginning on this day – you understand?  So in September, the shift for your planet will be almost tangible.  This is also where the Pleidians, the Sirians, the Arcturians and the Andromedians create a new vortex of energy for the planet.

This vortex is one that allows the collective consciousness that holds negative energy to be separated from the collective consciousness that holds positive energy.  In other words, you can say it is time to separate the boys from the men.  You understand?  It is a time of showing you where fear and love are.  Where you can see very clearly which of the two energies are facing you. So you could say that September is the biggest month of separation that you will all experience. The vortex is very necessary for all of you to see very clearly how you have been working on yourselves.  How this past year that you have just gone through has paid off for all the “stuff” you have processed.  Your fear, your anger, your disillusionment, your stress, your guilt will have come into perfect alignment by September.

I have been speaking for many, many months now of how there is no room for one to sit on the fence and to either be in love on one day, or in fear on another day. It is a time to choose either to be motivated by love,  or to be motivated by fear. The harmonic concordance brought this into a deeper perspective of understanding for many people. The lunar eclipse and solar eclipse brought fear, the lunar energy and brought love, the solar energy together, where you were brought in with fear, the lunar eclipse, and you were taken out of the process with the solar eclipse.  Now this lunar and solar energy is a part of you.  It is like night and day.  You, however, need to learn to balance that frequency within yourself so that when you are in your lunar phase you are not being a lunatic, you are simply allowing yourself to be in the goddess energy, which is the lunar energy, looking at whatever is coming from your past that needs to be addressed and taking your solar quality, your solar energy and transmuting it, as opposed to becoming completely trapped in the fear of the lunar energy.  Have I made myself clear? 

October starts to speed the process up again even more, only this time it is affecting all the charkas of your body. And where the chakras have been mis-aligned in your own body, on a planetary level alignment will take place and again the 12 Ascended Masters of Light, will join together to ensure that this manifests harmoniously.  The Sirian beings of both Sirius A and Sirius B will become actively involved in humanity’s process of enlightenment and from October their presence will be more tangible.  Their energy will come to be a part of your everyday life and this you will recognize through dreams of dolphins, being presented with pictures or cards, or conversations with dolphins – perhaps that is a new book – “Conversations with Dolphins” - yes?  You will also find that whales will begin to speak to more and more people as will the elephants and the feline kingdom.

These particular animals are holding the shift of consciousness for humanity and have been holding it from the beginning of this year and will continue to do it until the year 2009. 

November and December of next year are months that stand hand in hand.  November you will address your female self and in December, you will look at your male self as well as your God self.  So next year is like a stepping ladder, taking you through a journey of very specific processes to allow you to consciously connect with aspects of yourself you were not aware of, to become more attuned to Light around you and within you.

As we are gathered with you at this particular time some of you are feeling the intensity of the energies and vibrations that have been present today and some of you are feeling stress in your body and intensity in your head and we would suggest that you  breath into this discomfort in your head and into your body and as you breath out imagine it releasing from every pore in your body  and merging with mother earth.  Imagine this each time you feel the energy weighing upon you.  Now, are there any questions we can answer regarding the information we have brought forward?

Q         Who are the 12 Ascended Masters you speak about?

A.        It is I, Khutumi, it is Ascended Master El Morya, Ascended Master Djwahl Khul, Ascended Master  Hilarion, Ascended Master Jesus, Lady Mary,  Lady Nada, Ascended Master Serapis Bey. There is also Ascended Master Racoksky, St. Germaine, there is Paul the Venetian and Lord Maitreya stands at the head of this.  Any further questions? 

Q.        Why are you talking about only up to 2009?  Is this the only energy we need to work on to that time frame?

A.        Yes, beloved brother.  At this particular time, humanity is having to focus on very specific changes internally, that will effect the external world leading up to 2009. We, the beings of light are not focusing specifically on events only up to that time, however we are focusing humanity’s energy on that particular period.  When it reaches 2009, we will also be in a better position to monitor where humanities consciousness is.  In actual fact, we will have this information by 2007 and then we can also better guide humanity as to what to do or not to do in order to bring the full effect of all energy in preparation for the birthing of the new light that will come between 2011 and 2012.  Is this clear?  It answers your question?

Q.        What is the best source of protein for me at this time (unclear)

A.        Obviously your nuts and grains do provide high levels of protein as well as your green vegetables.  We would suggest for you specifically beloved one, you also look at the Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids for your body.  We are seeing a shortage of this.  It would be very good for your body to increase this.  Do you understand?  And a definite increase in fresh green vegetables.  Preferably raw.  Is this clear?  You are welcome – blessings be with you.

Q.          I have been told that Spirulina is the highest form of protein – is this so? 

A.        This is correct yes?

Q.        You don’t often mention this.  Is it not good for everyone.

A..       Spirulina needs to be taken by people who are drawn to it at specific times.  If a person has excessive protein in the body it would be very dangerous for their kidneys.  Understand?   So it needs to be taken only when a person feels the need to take it.  Is this clear?

Now beloved ones, for the Universal Solistice, Lord Sananda has brought forth a specific blessing for each one of you and this blessing is for all of you to truly open your hearts to the understanding that you are here on the planet to initiate change, especially the generation that you are in. You are the fore-runners of change.  Lord Sananda blesses each one of you with the courage and the will to take all steps necessary to ensure that you can continue to initiate change in your own lives and to support the initiation of change in the communities that you are part of. Lord Sananda offers his presence to each and every single one of you for as long as you need it, to ensure that this change becomes a way of life.

Stagnation leads to dis-ease.  Change is the flow of love, bringing new opportunities.  There is no harm in resting as one always needs to do.  Be conscious of when rest becomes procrastination or stagnation.   Lord Soltec of the Ashtar commands also wishes to bless all of you with the power and light of the science of love.  The science of love is not about loving your partner, your mother or father or your pet.    The science of love is about truly understanding how love is the core key for evolution.  Without love, nothing can evolve.  You have to define for yourself what love means.  Already the basic structure of the lower/baser understanding of love has been broken and the higher frequencies of this understanding is manifesting. Lord Soltec holds this frequency, which supports each and every one of you through this, on request, to help bring a deeper understanding.  St. Germaine, as usual offers his violet and silver flame to hold you through this time of great transformation.

2004 Will be period of note, when man’s consciousness moves faster than the wheel of a motor car – driving at a very high speed, one hundred and plenty yes?  This is a time where you will find that life has so much to offer and even when you are in the very darkest, darkest deep moment of your process, there will always be a part of you that holds on to the light.  And this is when, beloved ones, you need to come together and support one another in moving through those times, for no man is an island unto himself and 2004 is the time of communities uniting and supporting each other through difficult times so that all comes to stand in the light.

Archangel Michael stands with his sword of truth and also offers his presence to each and every single one of you, offering protection and offering the quality of liberation.  Through his assistance you can be supported in severing those ties to your past and Archangel Michael specifically will stand very closely with the children of this planet, to ensure that justice will be done.  In any area of your life where you are requiring justice, call upon this mighty Archangel to support you too.

The Lady Quan Yin also steps forward.  Lady Quan Yin’s energy has been moved to a higher level of service and this is one of the reason’s why we did not mention her as one of the 12 Ascended Masters of this time.  She is an Ascended Master, however, her role has shifted and she is standing alongside Buddha at this time.  With their two energies merged, they are the feminine/masculine aspects of power holding your planet through this time of transition through to 2009.  Lady Quan Yin still is the head of the Board of Karma and still at any time, if you are needing any form of resolution to this, she is the one you can turn to or work with.  Is this clear?  Very well.

Beloved ones, this brings us to a close with regard to the information of the universal solstice and the energy that is coming to meet all of you in the year that follows this one and the energy that you have processed.  Over these next 12 days, give yourself the space to breath, give yourself time to truly relax into your body and to live a little.  We shall take a few questions of a personal nature, if there are any pressing personal questions that need answering.  We shall take six altogether.  Please proceed. 

Q.                Khutumi, you spoke about the physiological changes that most of us are going to go through or are experiencing at the moment.  How long should that continue for?

A.                 As long as you want it to.  Beloved one, let us put it this way.  It depends on the individual body and the levels of process that are being experienced.  Your world is evolving at such a great rate at this time that there is no cut-off point to the process of evolution.  Even after 2012, your bodies will continue to mutate and evolve, this is why being on the planet at this time is such a awesome experience because you are going through changes that you have not experienced in your physical bodies before, on earth specifically, you understand and so it is an ongoing process of mutation, of evolution, of change, of development.  It is like a computer that is always having to be upgraded.  Just when you get the new package there is something new out.  It is very similar to this.  So, you can support your body through its changes by being kind to yourself, by feeding your body, nurturing it – not only physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually and you my friend, need a double dose of dolphin medicine too. 

And so it is beloved ones, that we continue to embrace all of you in the gracious blessings that Lord Sananda, Lord Soltec and that Master El Moraya and the Archangel Michael and all the other Universal Beings of Light brought to you upon this evening.  Lord Maitreya holds your world close to his heart and through the Light of Christ, all of you are emerging as Christed Beings.  Every single one of you is divine messengers of God.  Speak your truth, spread your love, live your life with passion, shed your fear, through tears if you must, but do not let anything of limitation or of density hold you back or stop you from being your ultimate self.  You are on your way to achieving Self-Mastery in this lifetime.  Believe it is possible.  Go forth and do it. 

I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom and greet and bless you in Love.


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