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The KOGI Story
The Children of the Next 1000 Years

The story you are about to read is true, but it is also unusual. So
much so that if you do not have an open mind, it will seem
impossible. And if you don't have an open heart, it will not be
understood so that the meaning can be lived. Over the last few years
I have been to the Yucatan several times working with the Mayan
shaman Hunbatz Man.  He has been performing the ceremonies of the
ancient Mayan priests in modern day times to bring in and stabilize
the new energies of our sun, energies that have never before entered
into the Earth and altering the way we perceive life. His work is very
important to the unfoldment of the new world on Earth, and to the
birthing of our new consciousness.

A few months ago a man named Ellis, who used to work closely with
Hunbatz Man came to me and began to tell me this story. He said that
in Columbia there was an aboriginal tribe deep in the Amazon jungle
called the Kogi. They had no language and "spoke" only telepathically to each
other. In truth they made little sounds, but these sounds were not
logically arranged into any pattern such as an alphabet. They were
just sounds, but these sounds came from the heart not the mind and created
images inside your head, and you could "see" what the other person was
communicating. Ellis said that they were able to "travel" out of body
clearly and knew everything that was happening around the world,
though they had never physically left their homeland. They had never even
tried to communicate with the outside world, except to a very fortunate few.

The Kogi do not see us as "sleeping" as many of the Hindu and
Oriental religions perceive us. The Kogi see us as "dead". We are not
alive, but only shadows of the energy we could be. We do not have
enough life force energy and consciousness to be classified by them as real

And the Kogi believed that with the use of their psychic abilities,
they could see the future clearly. And what they saw was similar to
what many other tribes around the world saw, a world that was about
to be destroyed by the misuse of consciousness. So sometime ago they
traveled over the whole world in their light bodies searching for
anyone who is alive. And in the whole world they could find only one
other tribe who were Mayan that lived far in the jungles of
Guatemala. They were so happy to find someone else who was alive.

But the Kogi belief, their prophesy, was that with the coming of the
Eclipse on August 11th of 1999, all the world would stop and only the
Kogi and this one other Mayan tribe would survive to inhabit the
Earth. This is why they were so happy to find someone else other than
themselves who understood.

Then when the eclipse slowly revealed its face on the 11th of August,
it became apparent to the Kogi that something had happened since the
time they had searched the world for life. Something that they could
not understand for the "great change" had happened, and we,
the "dead" ones were still here. We should have dissolved back into
the Dream. Not that they wanted us to, that was not their nature. It
simply should have happened.

So the Kogi set out to find out why the "dead ones" were still on
Earth, and as they searched the living vibrating records of this
Reality, they found exactly where and why it had happened. Some of
the "dead ones" had become alive, and had created a dream with enough
life force to "save the world" as we know it. In our terms, some of
us had created a "parallel world" where life could continue to grow,
a world where the "dead" could become alive. The Kogi were so
specific to locate exactly who these people were that were creating
this change that had altered the world's destiny.

The Kogi saw these people with living bodies of light around them.
People who had activated their "Light Bodies" or in the ancient
terms, their "Mer-Ka-Ba". Since I was one of the teachers of this
information, the Kogi sent a messenger to Ellis and from Ellis to me.
They sent me a small amount of tobacco wrapped in a bright red piece
of cotton, and simply said "Thank you".

couple months later, the Kogi sent Ellis another gift to give to me
with a message. The gift was a small ball of dark and sticky tree sap
about the size of a plum. It smelled of the jungle. There was an
energy around this gift of sap that I could feel deep inside me. I
felt the connection in my heart.

The message was that they were going to send someone to me to teach
me how to speak without words so that we could communicate. They then
said that once connection and communication had taken place, they
would ask that I enter into the Colombian jungle and visit their
tribe. And that if I would visit their world, they would visit mine.
They would then be prepared to come out of the jungle, for the first
time in the history of their tribe, and go on world television, no
less, and talk to us. Whatever "talk" means, since they have no
language that we know, I am not sure. And what it is that they have
to say, I also do not know. But through this little piece of tree
sap, I am beginning to feel.

After Ellis left on this second visit, I sat and thought about this
whole event. Was it true that the Kogi could see this clearly into
the Reality? Were they really going to send someone to me to teach me
how to speak without words? What was this really all about? I
meditated with the angels, but they only approved what was happening,
and would not give me information or assist.

Then last month in November, I gave an Earth/Sky workshop in Mexico
and about 100 people came from all over Mexico, Central and South
America, and one of the countries that many people came from was
Columbia. And from this group, there was this young lady whose name I
will keep quiet to protect her.

She was different than any of the other Colombians. Whenever we
entered into sacred space and could feel the presence of God, she
would begin to seemingly go crazy with ecstasy. Not that that was
really unusual, but it was extreme. This woman would become primal.
Her whole body would begin to shake and a different person would
emerge out of her with a different feeling to her words and different
body language. I watched her, looking for the reason why she had come
to this work and looking for a way to help her.

Then on the last day of the workshop it happened. The group had
formed one great circle, and we were singing to God. This lady broke
away from the circle and began to dance primitively and unashamed
within the center of the circle. She abandoned herself and seemed to
lose control. I went over to her and took her hand to comfort her,
and she grasped my hand and looked deep into my eyes and made a soft
and longing sound. The sound went straight to my heart and vibrated
inside my very center, and I could "see" what she was saying. I had
never experienced anything quite like this before. I didn't
understand at that moment what was really happening, my heart simply

I took her outside the circle and sat down facing her. Then she made
another "sound", and my body responded with another similar "sound"
that had never come from me before. Instantly, we were speaking in a
new and profound manner that was so beautiful, so complete. It made
all the languages of the world seem inadequate and obsolete. For two
hours we communicated in images of full colour and depth with all the
sensory completeness of real life. I learned so much. I learned about
life, and I learned about this woman within a woman.

She showed me with her sounds where she had come from, a small
village next to the Kogi tribe. She showed me her husband and her
three children. I know them like they were my family. She showed me
around her village where I met two other older men who were from the
Kogi. She showed me how her tribe had asked her to enter this woman's
body and to come and see me. She was instructed to teach me how to
speak without words. She was told that once she had done this one
thing, then she could leave this woman's body and come back home and
be back with her family. She missed her husband and children very
much. I could "see" how when this lady returned home she would leave
her body. I could see her own body lying in a pile of grass inside a
grass hut waiting for this moment.

When I returned home, I saw my wife Claudette, who I love so much, in
a new light. I loved her in a way that was different, because I could
hear the sounds coming from her heart. I could see her pain, and I
could see her joy. I was so happy for this experience with the Kogi,
but I still didn't know what was happening to me. It seemed to just
bring a great anticipation of something to come.

Then two weeks ago I gave an Earth/Sky workshop in Maryland. While I
was setting up and preparing for the workshop, I told this story to a
woman named Diane who was facilitating the workshop. She asked if I
would demonstrate these sound. And I agreed to do so.

We sat facing each other, and I asked her to close her eyes. Then a
sound came from my heart and at the same moment an image appeared
within my mind. It was a full image of a large cat, a puma, walking
along the edge of the Amazon near the water. Then it jumped up onto a
tree and began to walk along the edge of a long and heavy branch that
slowly sloped down to the ground. It jumped back to the ground and
continued to walk along the edge of the water. I opened my eyes. All
of this took only about one minute.

I asked her what she saw, and she began to tell me exactly what I had
seen. She described it perfectly. A joy emerged from my heart.

I then asked her to again close her eyes. Another slow and strange
sound came from my heart, and instantly another image. I not
only "saw" but experienced what seemed like myself, floating out of
the woman's body from Colombia and rising high up into the air. Then
I felt myself begin to fly very fast over the jungle. I could see the
trees moving rapidly under me. Quickly I approached a village, and I
felt myself getting lower to the ground and heading for a specific
grass hut. In the next instant I was inside the body of this tribal
woman looking out of her eyes. She knew I was there. She did not
mind, it was supposed to happen.

Her husband quickly took hold of her/me and was obviously happy that
she/I had returned. He knew also that I was there, and was also very
happy. Then all three of her children ran up and began to hug her and
love her. The youngest one reached in and began to suck on her
breast. It was a very moving experience to meet this family that I
didn't know and yet I did. Then I opened my eyes.

I waited a moment to center from this experience, and then asked
Diane what she saw. She began by saying that she experienced herself
as a "bug" coming out of this woman's body. And then she lifted up
into the sky and began to fly over the trees of a jungle. She watched
as we went down to the grass hut and met the "family". She saw

I sat quiet for a long time. I could feel this was a gift of
unparalleled value. But what did it mean to me or the world? All of
this was such an unusual experience that I still do not know what
this means.

When I returned home from the Maryland workshop, every night for the
first seven or eight days, I would find myself dreaming that I
was "home" in this village. The dream would last all night long with
a complete memory of the dream the next morning. I would dream that I
was doing my chores in the village, living my life, taking care of my
children and husband. Many, many men from both tribes would come up
to me and ask questions with sounds that made images. These people
were beautiful and "alive". I understood why they saw us as "dead". I
could "feel with the sight of my heart" what they meant. I knew they
meant to help if they could. They were amazed I was there. So was I.

Now, it is only the beginning. The Kogi are excited about the way we
are growing. They want to come to us. God willing, they will.

They have asked me now to give you a message in your language if you
can accept it. You who have discovered your light bodies and are
changing the world by your lives.

"You are changing the world into light.  Be not afraid of your
innocence and your child nature, it is close to God.  Let your
imagination soar into a Dream where love surrounds all events,
then "see" it as real.  Let the sounds of your heart talk to those who
are not alive.  You have shown them the way by your example,
now "show" them the way from within.  Listen, and your heart will
speak.  We are with you now.  We will help you".

May the next 1000 years be golden, and may the innocent children lead
the way.

I love you, Drunvalo.

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