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Jupiter in Virgo -  Time For Some Healing Adventures               Maggie Kerr    AAT


The urge to expand and move forward is inherent within the human experience, and the planetary influence, which characterises this, is the great “Lord Jupiter”, the largest of the planets, and the king of the gods.  His mythic father Saturn carries the principle of ‘contraction’, and Jupiter’s’ is ‘expansion’ – between them and their respective 28 and 12 year cycles, they regulates the rise and fall of human affairs, in terms of societal shifts and readjustments.  Their influence embodies the reality that we must constantly expand beyond a current worldview, if we are to evolve and grow as a species, and that an integral part of the human experience, is the ability to feel optimism and faith in what the future holds.

So every 12 years Jupiter returns to any one sign, and we witness a new phase of development to do with the affairs of the sign.  He has been in Leo since September 2002, and we have seen a repeat cycle point from 1990/91 – then it was “Desert Storm”, and this time it was “Operation Iraq”.  And if we track back every 12 years we find active wars and conflict during the 20th century.  So this is one of the effects of Jupiter in Leo, along with notable leaders (for better or worse), and personally it is experienced as creative and inspirational growth.

So now we’ve set the stage, what may Jupiter’s entrance into the following sign of Virgo, have in store for us?  One of the sweet qualities of the natural order of the Zodiac signs is the obvious stage of growth, which they impel.  After war comes the clean up, the reordering, and the servicing of the infrastructures which run the planetary machine.    This is what Virgo is all about, and there are many other implications here, as we shall see. 


The keywords and rulerships for Jupiter are:     

The search for meaning and purpose, hence associations with belief systems, philosophies, religion, gurus, spiritual teachers, higher education, writing, publishing and all things to do with knowledge. Jupiter rules explorers and adventurers, thus foreign travel, and international affairs, fall under his dominion.  He is large in every way with a tendency to extremes of activity, thus athletes and famous people generally can be described as “Jovian”.  All in all he’s a pretty full on kind of guy, and when he comes calling major activity and events come into play. 

The keywords and rulerships for Virgo are:

            The urge to cleanse and purify, hence associations with health, healing, natural and scientific medical fields, service fields in the helping and welfare fields, and also in commercial and domestic service industries.  He offers us organisational skills, thus the accountant and administrator, and the front line daily routine of life and industry.  Precision is another important feature of Virgo, offering us the engineers, tooling specialists, and those who deal with fine details – indeed the surgeon is quintessentially Virgoan. Small animals fall under Virgo dominion, making sense of why animals are so healing in our lives.

So when we start playing with these two sets of associations we may glimpse a sense of what’s forming up here.  But first we need one more vital piece of information to add to the pot.

Another important feature of this particular Jupiter in Virgo year to come is that as he enters Virgo he will form an opposition to Uranus, which entered Pisces in March 2003.  Uranus returns to any sign every 84 years (considered to be a human lifetime), and the last time he was in Pisces was between 1920 and 1928.  Uranus rulerships include science and technology, humanitarian and collective themes and issues, invention, liberation and change

He and Jupiter (his grandson) get on famously, as they have much in common, and it is a feature of their cycles together that society experiences major advances, or accelerative kicks which spur us forward.  So it is 84 years since these two prominent characters entered Virgo and Pisces respectively, and formed an aspect relationship.  So let’s have a look at ‘then’, and transpose time forward to some possible outcomes ‘now’.


September 1920 until October 1921The League of Nations was formed, which was the precursor to the United Nations Organisation.   Here we see the Uranus in Pisces idealism brought into practical application through Jupiter in Virgo.  Both Jupiter and Uranus make major aspects to the 1948 United Nations Chart (Oct 24th 1945, 4.45pm, Washington DC) in the next 12 months, and along with Saturn, also about to return to his natal position in the chart next year, we can expect a major shake up here.

            Alcohol prohibition was introduced in the USA, which we could broadly describe as an attempt to ‘purify’ society, and control the problems caused by alcohol abuse. Needless to say it did not work!  In fact it gave birth to the ‘black market’ and accompanying dark side of societal crime.  Since then we have seen these issues escalate with the introduction of wide spread narcotics trade after the 2nd WW, and in the 1960s with the returning Vietnam service corps.  The “shift in consciousness” which marked the mid 1960s period (also when Jupiter was in Virgo), can be largely attributed to the increased use of these mind-altering substances, but the by-product, or downside outcomes have also had massive social implications.  The whole issue of drug/alcohol use and abuse, tells us about the “addictive” function in the human experience as we seek a transcendental state beyond the mundane daily life.  Society needs to re-align our value systems so we can see work and service as a positive daily creation, rather than drudgery where we are “victims” of the system!  So drug and alcohol issues will be prominent in the year ahead.

The psychologists Carl Jung and Alfred Adler published notable theories on the workings of the ‘psyche’ and the ‘mind’, and the outcome of this during following decades was the fashion to go to Vienna and undertake psychoanalysis!!   During the revolutionary 1960s we experienced the next wave of our journey to the inner realms, (again with Jupiter in Virgo as he joined both Uranus and Pluto in 1967/8), as the psychotherapy movement emerged, encompassing a more holistic view of the human condition, which honours the spiritual aspect of our lives.  Mental health issues will be topical during late 2003 and 2004, as society needs to revision many old ideas and judgements here, and a new wave of psychological concepts and treatment are on the way. 

A Spiritualist revival began, led by students of the ancient Hermetic and Arcane teachings such as Alice Bailey.  This reawakening of metaphysical understanding paved the way for the spiritual revolution of the mid 1960s, and we have already begun seeing the popular acceptance of “spiritualism” i.e. talking to family/friends on the ‘other side’ since Uranus entered Pisces in 2003.   However this is only a symptom of the need within us to honour the more mysterious and mystical aspect of our nature, and perhaps Jupiter in Virgo will signal our chance to apply holistic ideas in a simple, practical, daily sense – I like to call this “practical mysticism”!

Other Events:            International Court of Justice formed at The Hague – end of the civil war in Russia – stock market boom – rise of Ghandi, Churchill, Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.  Science & Technology:            new technology in brain surgery – TB vaccine developed -


A brief look at a few of the other cycles offers a few more ideas: 

August 1932 until September 1933 - The theme of purification arises again during this passage of Jupiter through Virgo, as Hitler’s Nazi regime began to impose its’ Arian principles of the ‘master race’ and the strict measures to ‘cleanse’ Europe and create a ‘perfect’ world…all very idealistic, and the rest as we know is history – absolutely hideous!  So the issues of ethnic cleansing may come to centre stage here, and the humanitarian implications of a more just and racially tolerant society are absolutely imperative.  It is vital that the “War on Terrorism” be seen in a fresh light, and truly practical solutions begin to be found in the midst of racial and religious differences.            The attempt to create the ‘perfect human’ has continued to motivate science, and the implications of genetic engineering and creation of ‘perfect’ babies, known as Eugenics is extremely topical once more.    Events:             Famine in the USSR – In the USA Roosevelt implemented his “reconstruction plan”, and the gold standard was abandoned – In Germany Hitler elected chancellor and boycott of Jews began – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was formed.  Science & Technology:  development of radio astronomy and the neutron discovered – Vitamin C synthesised & D and B2 discovered – artic warming discovered.

July 1944 until August 1945       Events: Marked the end of WW2 in Europe – the Yalta conference split Germany and began the Cold War – United Nations Organisation established – Arab League formed – World Bank founded for reconstruction and development – Peron became president in Argentina – Jung publishes “Psychology & Religion” – Matisse and Picasso revolution in art.   Science & Technology:  Vitamin A synthesised – fluoride added to water supplies in US - DDT used for ‘health’ purposes in the US - first digital computer, first jet plane, first helicopter - Atom bomb tested and dropped on Japan to end WW2 in the Pacific.

July 1956 until August 1957     Events:  Second Arab Israeli war – Anglo/French invasion of Suez – Polish & Hungarian revolts put down by USSR – Pakistan becomes Islamic republic – Fidel Castro takes over Cuba – civil war in Vietnam – Treaty of Rome leads to beginning of Common Market – formation of the European Community             Science & Technology:            Transatlantic telephone cable – Sputnik space satellites launched by USSR – first video recording – first use of antibiotics – Sabine vaccine developed for Polio – radioactive carbon dating – first large scale testing of oral contraceptive leads to the “pill” - dawn of the ‘mass peace movement’ with first large march protesting nuclear power – Elvis Presley causes social revolution – Jacques Cousteau begins his marine environmental work – “popular psychology” emerges.      

October 1967 until November 1968           Events:   The middle east 6 day war and the Suez crisis – civil war and famine in Biafra – Pan Arab solidarity grows – assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy – large scale protests against the Vietnam War and draft dodging in the US – The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan reflect popular youth culture revolution – Pope Paul IV peace pilgrimage to Istanbul – women’s movement becomes popular and active.  Science & Technology:            growth of world wide satellite technology – ‘pulsars’ discovered – Apollo 7 plus unmanned Moon landing – development of ‘genetic engineering’ as DNA is synthesised – first heart transplant – Desmond Morris book “The Naked Ape’ a best seller – first Geodesic dome designed by Buck Minster Fuller – Mumps vaccine.

During 1967/68 The World Health Organisation began a 10-year program to immunise against cholera, typhoid and smallpox.  They largely succeeded, which led to the exponential growth of global population!  My theory is that nature has compensated for this with the phenomena of the “virus”, and when you add to this the idea that “over immunisation” may have led to the break down of the immune system, our ability to prevent viral infection, we find that new killers have replaced old ones – very ironic!  We are also living in a great extinction phase, comparable to the end of the Palaeolithic Era 70 million years ago.  Mankind may indeed be inadvertently responsible for this, but the point is that during extinction phases mutations begin to occur.  Thus, viruses are mutating into ever more subtle and clever infiltrators of the immune system.  During this next year expect to see an increase in immune system diseases as our immune systems have become weakened by many factors. This may begin to increasingly become the cause of death so Earth can regulate population (that is if you can cope with the idea of earth being an “organism” who has her own intelligence).

October 1979 until October 1980   Events:            The Shah deposed in Iran – US embassy seized and hostages taken – Soviets invade Afghanistan – Israel and Egypt sign peace treaty – Adi Amin deposed in Uganda – Vietnam invades Kampuchea – Thatcher PM in England – Regan president in US – Iraq/Iran war – civil wars in Latin & Central America – “Solidarity” movement begins in Poland under Lech Walesa        Science & Technology:  first transplant of cell to create embryo named “cloning” – researchers call for changes in diet to promote health – new contraceptives are released – pain control chemicals are isolated in the brain – Voyager II sends back photos of Jupiter -  smaller electronic circuits developed for computers -            

September 1991 until October 1992              Events:  Germany unified – Yugoslavia breaks up – Walsea becomes Polish president – Nelson Mandela freed – cleanup after Gulf War – European Union organised with Maastrict Treaty – major famine in Ethiopia leads to growth in major aid organizations – reconstruction after war in Lebanon – western business interests enter Russia – United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro - Science & Technology:            science begins to investigate mysterious crop formations in Europe and England – measurement of noticeable climate changes – growth of the world wide web – information technology revolution begins – the “bio-tech” sciences cause revolutions in medical and engineering fields.

So, all very interesting!  The themes, which emerge consistently, are in the medical and space technology fields, along with “organizations”, cleanups and reconstruction, psychological health, and peace movements.  So we may expect that these areas will be in for a major growth phase as Jupiter passes through Virgo once more.  Don’t forget that we see the development and initialisation whilst Jupiter is in Virgo, however the major outcomes will begin to be seen over the next few years.  Since his passage here 12 years ago in the early 90’s, we’ve experienced a huge upsurge in the ‘technologies’ thanks to Uranus passing through his own sign Aquarius, thus the exponential growth about to occur may be absolutely amazing! 


A few more ideas not already covered:

·         A revolution in medical health will occur as the general population begins to acknowledge the relationship between our psychic/emotional health and our physical health.  This will open a greater synthesis between scientific and allopathic medicine and natural medicine, as more people realise self-responsibility for their physical health by owning their emotional issues, which create their disease.   The downside here is the pharmaceutical cartels imposing new ‘organisation’ of alternative medicines.  In the 1920s they ‘prohibited’ alcohol – this time we may see prohibition of natural medicines unless they are manufactured by the drug companies!


Personally:            From September 2003 till October 2004 is a great time for planning and strategy in your world, as you attend to details, re-organise finances, set goals and keep a clear vision of the ‘bigger picture’ of your life.  There is a need for cool, objective critique based actual outcomes. Make practical choices and avoid illusion, deception and confusion. Increase your awareness of daily diet and routines, and include time out and whatever is your pleasure when it comes to some kind of spiritual practice.  Recognise that the laws of metaphysics are a constant in our lives at all times – as above, so below – inside world, outside world.  In other words whatever is happening in your life at any moment is the direct result of your thoughts and beliefs about what you believe you deserve.  Virgo is a practical earth sign ruled by Mercury, so has direct influence on the use of our mental facility. Use this year ahead to analyse your beliefs and change any which are limiting your outcomes for health, happiness and prosperity.  

Space Weather News for August 30, 2003

MARS: Today (Aug. 30th) Mars is at perihelion, the end of its lopsided
orbit closest to the sun (1.38 AU), which means the sun is beating down on
the red planet with unusual intensity. Perihelion marks the beginning of
dust storm season on Mars. Why? Sun-warmed air moves. The wind picks up
dust. And on Mars small clouds of dust sometimes expand and envelop the
whole planet. These clouds are something for amateur astronomers to look
for while they're watching Mars with their telescopes during the weeks

AURORA OUTLOOK:  Earth is heading for a solar wind stream flowing from a
coronal hole on the sun. Our first encounter with the stream could take
place on Sept. 2nd, so that's when sky watchers should be alert for
possible auroras.

Visit Spaceweather.com for more information and updates.

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