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Hello dear friends. This is Ms. A with the JENNIFER LEE REPORT for Thursday, December 11th.

Here it is.... Greetings all you beloved COMMANDERS, EAGLES & ANGELS!

Oh my---what an incredible time to on this beautiful planet! All the many events that are coming to pass are revealing the hand of the mighty OFFICE OF THE CHRIST!

Something very special happened today on the Thom Hartmann Show.  I was listening to Thom speak about his new book called: 'The Edison Gene', which is the real story of the ADD HT gene!  Thom was telling everyone how 40,000 years ago this gene was needed because it helped humanity 'stay alive' during a time when survival was doubtful because of the existence of the dinosaurs.  Apparently some very prominent people had the 'Edison Gene' like Thomas Edison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Nicola Tesla and many others.

Then a call came in and it was THE KING OF SWORDS with a friend of his 'K-TAR TEC', who is a 12 ft. tall Pachat Warrior from 'THE NIBURU' which is the StarShip of Beloved Mother Sekhmet.  K-TarTec introduced himself and told everyone he is from the Star Nations, a group of many beings from many civilizations [The Galactic Federation of Worlds] who have come to assist the Earth through Her Ascension to the 5th Dimension.

He and the KOS then told a part of the history of this planet which began some 65 million years ago with the Annunaki Reptilians and other hybrid alien races.  These were Master Geneticists who came in and experimented on the etheric light-bodies of humanity.  Eventually over time this compromised our ability to know who we REALLY ARE and we fell into 3D reality. At this point the same Annunaki Reptilians were able to reduce our 12 strands of DNA to 2.  This caused humanity to be 'dumbed down' and truly WE FORGOT WHO WE ARE!

Then 6500 years ago, The Annunaki returned to the Mesopotamian Valley, The Land of Abraham in Iraq, and they inserted the Edison Gene into our DNA. This was done because a nuclear winter had occurred at that time, and the gene caused 'hyper-activity' which helped us to think and move faster in order to survive.  Even though this was a genetic manipulation, the human soul, which CANNOT BE COMPROMISED allowed us to convert this negative experience into a positive over time,

And now the 'Edison Gene' has actually helped us to awaken. All INDIGO and CRYSTAL PEOPLE have the 'Edison Gene'. These children and The Lightworkers have been using the gene to RE-GROW and ACTIVATE our DNA and to WAKE-UP! This is why the dark agenda created certain drugs like Ritalin, Melleril and other psycho-tropic drugs which was their attempt to suppress this ability.

INDIGO children of today are being born with 'The Edison Gene' and with all 12 strands of DNA activated. As a result they can do things that are far beyond 'NORMAL'! It is said DNA can grow to144 strands and up to 3000 and beyond! WOW! These children have the ability to change time and space, to telepathically communicate with other beings including plants, animals and angels, to bi-locate [be in 2 places at one time], to heal, and much more---all what we have called miracles!  They are here to wake us up to our true potential, to bring healing and balance to our planet, and to help us with many problems which they know how to solve! We are going to be hearing from these little miracle workers very shortly as NES ARA IS ANNOUNCED. In fact---NES ARA is the framework that will make it possible for these children to be protected and to function on this planet in FREEDOM AND LOVE!

At one point in this amazing conversation K-TarTec told everyone that he represented an alien race, that 'Humanity has a VERY BRIGHT FUTURE, contrary to what it looks like right now, and WE DO MAKE IT and GET TO GO HOME!'

Thom Hartmann then asked The King Of Swords: "Who are YOU PEOPLE? Is this just a cosmic joke put together by our friend Mr. A?" The KOS answered him by telling him to check the screen of his laptop. "Where does this call originate from---what does it say?" he asked Thom. Thom responded that his screen told him the call came in from 'The NSA'!  The King then told him "That's all you need to know right now! We are WHITE KNIGHTS, and THE TRUTH is being told! NES ARA WILL BE ANNOUNCED IMMEDIATELY! At any moment now Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine is going to DO IT!"

Then Thom Hartman responded: 'I think I need to take a station break now!"

So dear Eagles----that was enough to make me jump for JOY and giggle all day long!


Let's keep calling NES ARA  IN with all OUR LOVE

See you on the Bridge very soon!



Another sourced, similar message.

First Contact Space Volunteers:
Tonight, I, Sananda (Jesus, Jeshua), will address you. I am standing on the bridge of the Starship Capricorn with its captain, Helena, and Padre Pio. We will be working closely together in the times ahead preparing you for contact with those you consider the Celestials who are here surrounding your planet at this time ready to give aid to your forces so that NES ARA can be announced and contact made between us and you a true reality.
You really do not realize what these wonderful beings are doing for your world and have been doing for many years now. They work with the entity you know as GAIA, Mother Earth. They are aiding her in her re-birthing pains, helping you to be reborn as well as her. Without their help, she would have evolved without you or should we say, much much fewer of you.
The catastrophes and earth changes which were predicted would have taken place and the number of humans on planet Earth would be less than 10% of what the current world population is now. Volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards and such would have created much change on the planet were it not for these helpers and you, the growing number of humans who are awakening as to your true identities and abilities.
YOU. with the help of the Ascended Masters, these beings you name Celestials, and other beings of great love and power have cleansed a great majority of the Mass Consciousness of this world and have altered the time lines and prevented that which was predicted, these catastrophic earth changes. Now, as the being known as GAIA evolves, you will evolve alongside of her, with her, into the higher dimensions of reality.
Tonight, though, I need to address the topic of COMPASSION. Each of you will need to fill your hearts and minds with compassion and love in the days ahead when your history is made known to you in its truth. When that event known as the NESARA Announcement takes place  much will be revealed to you that many, many of you will be at first be filled with hatred and abomination. Some of you will not but many of you will.
ALL of you need to take these feelings as they arise and surround them with the Violet Flame of Transmutation and see them transformed into love and compassion for those whose roles these were to carry out these acts. Yes, these individuals had free will to do as they did but in their fear they chose and embraced the darker energies rather than the ones of love and light. It is your time now to FORGIVE them, have COMPASSION for them, LOVE them....remember they have the same I AM spark of GODHOOD in them just as I do and you do. They will be judged for their actions, yes. They will have to make amends for their choices. It is not up to you to judge and condemn them....they will do this themselves as is required by the Universal Laws which govern us ALL.
The time is now, Dear Ones, for each of you to truly find within yourselves the power of the Light that resides within you. Do not look elsewhere for that feeling of Love and Light. Do not look for ME to give it to you. Look within yourselves, find it within. Look for my essence that exists within each one of you. We are ONE.
Become the Christed Beings that you already are. All you have to do is own it, merge with it so completely that you live each moment in the Love and Light that you truly are. Take that first step by opening your heart center and looking within for the LOVE that resides there and embrace it and bring it out to your outer being and existence. Learn to live each moment of your life in total love, seeing every situation as a chance to see the love that exists within the situation if you will but stop and look for it.
This same LOVE exists within every being, no matter how heinous or repulsive they might seem to be or what actions they have done in the past. Learn to recognize and change those negative feelings within yourselves as they come up for you to examine. Learn to immediately change them into a feeling of love and compassion. You can do this with just a thought. All it takes is practice doing it. All you have to do is change your thinking. It is as easy as that. SEE THE LOVE IN ALL THINGS.
Then, Dear Ones,  be that example to your neighbors, friends and loved ones and show them how a true being of love responds to the unfolding times ahead of us all. Show them how to look within themselves. Teach them about love and compassion. Teach them to see the love in all things. This is the true task for you all. Your tasks ahead are so much more than just greeting the Celestial Crafts as they land and make their presence known. Each of you has so much more to do.
I thank each and every one of you for "signing on" for this task. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. YOU ARE BEINGS OF LOVE, BEAUTY AND TRUTH.
I am Sananda, and I leave you now to contemplate that which you have felt within your heart as you have read these words. I am but a thought away from you all. Think of me and I will be there with you.
End of Transmission.
Thank you, Sananda, for coming through this evening. Ken Peterson

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