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These are excerpts from a very long article.  If you want to read
the whole thing, go to the website.  This part talks about what
things we will be experiencing shortly, and the changes
going on now.   http://www.pathwayswithin.com/Nov02/Std/B1.htm

Pathways Speaks with Wistancia Stone
Information on the New Earth Energies

I'd love to talk about this.  I talk about this a lot with clients
and friends and other teachers because it's all so dramatic now.
I would say, that humanity has entered the beginning of what's
really a new era in the universe, and what that means is that the
Earth is going up to a whole new frequency, and a lot of people
call it the shift, there are a lot of different names for it.

Some of them feel like they understand it in terms of the end
time, and others as the beginning time, but definitely the earth
is shifting to a higher frequency, a different vibration and
going into a different dimension, and this change is occurring
everywhere, plants, animals, minerals, vegetables, fruits,
everything, the human body, every single cell, and a lot of
what is happening is the change is coming in dramatically
physically, because it's a real shift.  It's not just an idea, or a
shift in a thought pattern or something like that; it's all the way
into the cell.

Therefore, things are occurring as a result of these higher
vibrations coming in that are causing an ascending body to
go through transformations that's real.  So it's kind of like a
caterpillar in a cocoon, not sleeping, but actually experiencing
every single bit of the transformation in order to fly out at a
different level.  And what I was saying to someone recently
was that the molecules in an ascending body actually start to
spin faster and faster because a higher frequency is a faster
one and then what happens is the body starts to heat up and in
the process of that, a lot of things happen like the mental body
starts to restructure itself, brain chemistry starts to change and
new frequencies come into the brain and the brain and the
mental body stop acting the way they used to.  And a lot of
lightworkers are going around saying they have Alzheimer's
disease, they're forgetting things, forgetting what they are
saying in the middle of talking.

Oh yeah, my short-term memory is being greatly affected.

Basically, a lot of the robotical behavior and the things we've
stuffed our minds with that are not even necessarily true like
beliefs and concepts.  A lot of the things that aren't really deep
to know are falling away in preparation for stepping into this
new frequency that I call the New Earth, and the energies are
already here.  But I think it's really important to share that in
the entire universe, this is happening.  It's not just that earth
is shifting. It's a new era in the entire universe so our solar
systems is effected, our bodies of course, our galaxy and even
the Universe, which is billions of galaxies, all are going up to a
new level so what's happening now has never happened before.
This is really big and this is really new and this is also why so
many people feel strange.

Right, and we have a lot of lightworkers out there talking about
the grid energy or frequency.  Can you explain that a little bit
in your understanding?

Right...The grids around the planet are widening.  Like, if you
looked at the grids, as if they were a sphere, and you saw a
thread that goes east to west not up and down, like the equator.
Archangels have been empowering these grids, these lines of
energy around the Earth.  Of course, lightworkers have been
opening up grids and working at grid points and in other
places where energy has always been kind of strong, like at the
pyramids or Stonehenge.  All these grids have been activated
from the Archangels.  I'm not trying to disempower humans
but we've had a lot of other help that a lot of other people don't

What's happening is these threads are widening and starting
to meet each other.  They are starting to become, actually the
way I like to look at it is Mother Earth has a new dress that is
being made.  All these threads are being added together and it's
widening the threads.  Then those wide threads are starting to
touch each other and pretty soon she has a whole new garment.
The whole dress, like a complete wide swath of material and it
is when all those grids meet that she actually gets to shift into
what I call the New Earth.  Like one unit of energy.

Your describing it and I'm hearing, "It's a healing blanket.
We're creating it together."

That's right it is like a blanket covering Mother Earth and as
she is going up and it's affecting the other planets in the solar
system so that they are also going up but they are also going
up so they in turn are affecting her. What is so interesting is
scientists are actually starting to notice this stuff.

Listen to this great tiny story, there is this scientist in Sweden
that contacted a friend of mine, who is very spiritual and knows
a lot about science and was freaking out because he thought
that something terrible was happening to the grids because he
was noticing how wide they were becoming energetically and
wanted to know what to do to reverse it.  They thought it was a
bad thing and she just kind of chuckling said, because she is an
extraterrestrial and knows from a higher point what's been
going on and I just felt this is so wonderful that science in our
world is starting to notice.

The same with the sun, the scientists are beginning to write
about how the frequency is changing and how it is changing our
DNA and they are writing up reports about how the planets in
the solar system are becoming more luminous.  It just makes me
feel so good because I noticed the sun changing its color around
May of last year and a lot of people were saying, "Oh come on...
that's crazy."   But change is happening everywhere.  I call that
the New Energy because it is really happening to the point,
where at some point in our future, in a couple of short years, the
entire periodic table is going to fall apart.  In other words, the
elements are changing also.

It's also going to affect medicine, as we know it and everything.

Everything, yes.  So like yours and mine, our nervous systems
are kind of being destroyed and rebuilt at the same time
because we are working in these forms and they are actually
resurrecting.  It's interesting but sometimes when I'm talking to
people, I say well it's kind of like crucifixion and resurrection
and ascension happening together.  Like if you had a house
and you were going to have a couple of rooms dismantled, like
a death or a crucifixion of the lower self and then you had a
resurrection by redecorating some rooms and maybe add-on a
couple of rooms.  This is exactly what is happening to us, so
it's no wonder people feel strange.  You know, tremendous

It's a definite paradigm shift when you're used to operating a
certain way and all of a sudden you go to speak and there are
so many thoughts or so many things in your head that the
words just won't come out correctly or I've had my share of
headaches (my daughter and I both) periodically and the solar
flares happen.  She seems to be getting a lot from that.  You
know, you sit and you wonder, like wait a minute and then
we step back and ask and we find out a little bit more about it.
One of the things I found really interesting is a lot of past lives
and karmic issues are coming up almost at once and being
released and moving out.  What do you feel is the role of
karma on Earth at this time?

Oh it is such an interesting thing and I feel like there is no way
to prove this, it's just I have it on the authority of my guides,
angels and archangels and friends in other places that karma is
totally ending.  Like the karmic line is straightening out and so,
it's because it really needs to end.  It's almost like this, this is
how I see it. Almost like a cartoon; Earth is going up to new
level.  And New Earth is not just a different version of this
Earth like, this Earth getting more pure.  It's an actual different
sphere, a different planet and it is right on the side of the Earth
because it is on a different dimension.  So if you look with a
telescope you won't see it but it is actually there.

This Earth has a bridge to that one and that bridge has been built
by so many things and it's actually happening; the frequencies
that are coming over the bridge and going into the New Earth.
In the process of doing that, karma has to end on this Earth
because it is kind of like children playing with toys.  They want
to go outside or a different room to play but they have to clean
up their room, their act sort of and another reason for that is,
and I don't mean to say this in a scary way, but when the shift
is fully complete and everyone finds themselves on the soil of
the New Earth.
{ ed.note:  There are many new Earths being prepared now.
   Gaia recently gave birth to many.  Ashtar and others are
   there now, preparing them for us.}
It all seems to be happening very fast actually.  I've finding it
is easier to truly stand within self within that gut feeling verses
what I'm actually seeing or told.  I'm having to really rely on
super sensory feeling and depths verses media coverage or
superficial along those lines.  I'm finding once I do that that
and I'll go back, if I'm having an issue with one of the children
or something different I will go back and check the solar flares,
the magnetic energy, etc. and what is going on because when
this first started happening I thought, am I loosing my mind.
You know, I couldn't remember, I'd start a sentence and
mid-sentence or in mid thought - boom it was gone and
literally I couldn't pull it back and I thought, wait a minute

It also has a lot to do with becoming aware of multi-
dimensionality because you mentioned that word.  Yes,  we
are multi-dimensional and what that means to me is to become
aware of many of the names, faces and the purposes of those
bodies of mine and what they are doing in other dimensions,
so I actually starting to communicate with them, watch them
and honor them.  It is like they are friends, yet they're me,
they're parts of me.  Like we are a group consciousness and
not everyone has the same kind of bodies and maybe not the
same numbers but most people on the Earth that think of
themselves as lightworkers feel like they've come here with a
purpose and generally they will have an extraterrestrial body
of an angelic body in another realm, maybe even another one
or both and that is like this composite picture of who and where
you are.

We are coming to a point where we are starting to meet our
dimensionals and yet when I speak about this it sounds like
someone with a multiple personality so they find out about
their multiples, but that is actually the way it is.

But the chakras are definitely changing. [They], guess what,
[make] a link to the solar frequencies rising.  The land and the
earth frequencies are actually rising and I didn't realize it was
going to happen this way but it is kind of like the frequency of
the ground that we are walking on is going up and we know
this from the core.  What is happening is the chakras in our
bodies are attracted to that frequency in the Earth rising so
sharply, so our chakras are moving down our bodies to meet
with the Earth's [new higher frequencies.].  They are moving
down toward the Earth because Like Attracts Like, it's a
Universal law.  It just blew my mind when I started to see this.

{  Sue - I had seen it as people getting shorter in the astral.
Weird... }

So the chakras are moving down though the body to meet the
new frequencies of the Earth which are rising. And I said this
on a television show last week and I was really amazed that it
was all coming together in my understanding and the person
said, Well what does that mean? Does that leave us blank at the
top?  (Laughter) I said, No, No that is where the new chakras
and the higher chakras are coming in.  So everything is moving
down and the new ones are coming in and they are coming
in, in a different way.  Like the solar plexus for instance, the
crown, third eye and heart chakra are ending up landing where
the [old] solar plexus was.

The crown is coming into the solar plexus and it is radiating
out kind of a strong spirituality because the solar plexus has its
frequency of strength and now it has the spiritual of the crown
coming in.  Then the old third eye comes in and you suddenly
have the ability to see and people are waking up and seeing and
having power in seeing.  Then the throat comes in and all of a
sudden people are feeling such a need to express themselves.
(Laughter) There is such a power or need to get that poem out
or get that website up and it is like I see, the old throat chakra
is interfacing with the solar plexus and there is a will behind it
now and the new ones are really huge because what they look
like is totally different.

They are a lot bigger and clusters and the crown is a few, not
just one [center].  It is like a couple of different ones and the
third eye chakra is a pulsating kind of energy and the thymus
and throat chakra have two parts and what they show me was
the new heart chakra is huge - like a cluster and there is one
part that stands in front and so that is what you see when light
being come into the room and you don't see the whole form
you just see the color standing forward.  It's there heart and we
are kind of going to be that way but we are not complete that

They are coming in as frequencies, colors and as little
substances but I wouldn't say that anyone has them all the way
in yet, but it is happening real fast.  I think it is so exciting.
There is a little pain with them too, like ankles, knees, hands,
like the palms of the hands, the wrist are getting prominent
chakras in them and some people are having strange
experiences and feeling putting their foot down and it's strange
but it is because it is changing.  You know, I get a little pain in
the wrist and ankles and in my palms in my hands like little
needles and it comes and goes and there is nothing we can do.

Pathways Speaks with Wistancia Stone - part 2
[ What the Future will Bring... ]

Have you heard anything or found out any thing about people
that are integrating these chakras into the solar plexus that are
having GI issues with cleansing and things like that?

Yes, the stomach because of the new stomach frequencies
coming in and online.  The parts of our bodies are not doing
what they did before.  They are doing different things and it is
in transition.  Transition is just now that easy.  So there are so
many ailments that are happening but the body will balance
itself out and the hope I like to give out is the pain will balance
itself out, for some more than others.

The body will balance itself out and this hasn't happened before
so even doctors and healers haven't seen things go so fast or
so far with so many and if you think about it, it's not just our
planet but galaxies and our brothers and sisters in the extra-
terrestrial worlds are also shifting out and there shift is helping
us and ours if helping them because energy goes back and forth.
So basically we have an enormous amount of help to lift this
thing out in what I would say 2-3 years.  It doesn't have to be
2012; there is not law that puts it at that.

Right, I've always wondered about the seals and the chakras as
parallels and hear some people there mention that as well.

They are changing so they change people because I was talking
about the chakras and how amazing this was and someone said,
but what does that have to do with us and I said, because it's
changing us.  It's changing and they are getting different jobs
to do and they are working at higher frequencies all of a
sudden, guess what? humans change.  People are walking
around saying I know all these things are changing but how
are all these people going to change? And one way is that their
chakras are going to change and that will change them.  All of a
sudden they are going to go up in frequency and what they feel
will be a little different than what they have felt before.  It is
exciting and there are a lot of other things like guides coming
closer preparing people to let go of their fears and preparing
them for all these different things going on.

Would you consider this the Golden Era in the Universe?

I do call this the Golden Era in the Universe and the way it was
explained to me by some of them in the universe is the whole
universe is going up, the entire thing and they are having big
meetings about these thing and one part of it is the Earth going
up.  Now we are really preoccupied with that part because we
live in our earth bodies, but they have Divine plans within
Divine plans that are huge. Huge plans that we don't
necessarily need to think of as complicated.  There is one

Like they were talking about observatories on Earth that
would see I think it was three formations coming in the sky
and they've called them all kinds of things and they still keep
coming.  They were seen in Australia I believe and they
thought they looked like two light balls close together and
they've been watching these and what has been happening is
that they are light beings sending out three enormous crafts of
light beings that are huge.  So they are already calling them
more than super novas, because they are moving like ships and
they are not acting like super novas so they are calling them all
kinds of things and they are starting to watch them a little bit

Then there are portals that Archangels have opened and others
have opened.  Guides will start to come closer and this is
already happening, people are waking up and they know things
and they don't know how they knew.  Their guides are starting
to kind of prepare them, like we're talking about the general
public and all the fear.  And those are the ones who's guides
are going to really step close.

I have information that is really detailed; small crafts will come
to small cities and land and deal with news reporters and not
TV and that the ET's that have been living on the Earth, in
hiding and waiting, will be the first ones to enter the crafts and
then there will be like hours when they will disappear, like
taking them for a ride and they will return and they will start
opening up for some people from the government to go on
flights and portals to different countries will open up and there
will be invitations for people to participate in this.

Then more shift energies and then karma breaking down more
and people will start to see they are not alone.  Also there is a
lot of things that are going to happen with money and it will
change but that is like a whole other story and there could be
a lot of chaos that goes on. Also people will start to become
more spiritual who never were before and lightworkers and
others will understand more, but this starts to happen with
those that haven't been involved so much and frequencies shift
even more and I guess they talk about a certain chaos that
happens before you go up a whole new level and the guides
come even stronger.

And by that time there are like 80,000 contact people and then
there starts to be TV stations and all kinds of contact so that it
ends up with a number, and this number didn't just come from
channeling it came from beings up there that released this.
They were talking about 15 million people having contacts
world wide and going out and talking about them and two
million going out to TV, so that humanity as a whole, kind of
gets a feeling and understanding that there is love from the
Universe. That it is ok and they are safe and their guides are
helping in this.

Then stuff goes into the United Nations and Extraterrestrials
groups actually sitting down.  The United Nations and other
worlds start coming together with extraterrestrial groups. Then
they see a time when three different things happen.  There is
more of a feeling of world peace that starts to come in because
the people change and they begin to realize they are not alone.
And all these Light side of extraterrestrials that are with them
start opening them up spiritually [they come first].

Then the masters start coming.  I think it was really sweet what
they said, that there was something like 200,000 masters that
would come down together, sort of, in one unit and the reason
they wouldn't come separately would be that no more could
there be any group that says, "My guy is the right one" or
came first.  They would come as a unit showing everyone was
equal and I thought that was great.

Then people start understanding God even more, apparently
there is a new leader in the universe and she is female and she
will probably present herself as well.  Then the periodic table
will be collapsing and the changes in frequencies happening
all at the same time so people don't totally notice it because it
is happening in everything and you feel like you're having a
dream and you kind of shift out to find yourself in this other
reality.  Almost like it feels the same but it feels different, kind
of like that - it's how they described it but not totally do I
understand it not having gone though it.

What do you think is the most important thing for people
going through it, everybody is, but the little pains, quarks all of
a sudden the things that used to be very normal are suddenly a
little more difficult, or all of a sudden are super easy, just the
massive change... what would you recommend?

I would say, keep it simple.  Maybe this timeline sounded
complicated but it's not, because in each moment, every
moment is really rich where every person could feel the life
behind life and the life inside of life and if you can stop in a
moment and see even an animal breaking a habit or stop in a
moment and see the light inside of a tree --  I think people need
to get out in nature and stop worrying about how it is all going
to work out because there is help from everywhere and they
need to trust themselves because the information is going to
come up within them.

And just trying to have a simple experience of love inside the
heart because when they start seeing there is love inside them
they will know that everyone else has that same sparkle in
them.  That all this long thirst to really know who we are and
why we are here is really happening and no one ever meant to
keep us away from that and that knowledge is really coming
and it is going to come more, more and more.

So what we need to do is stop worrying so much and maybe
have plans but be willing to let go of them, so maybe if we
don't have agendas but plans and goals but things are going so
fast that maybe we would be prepared that if things happen too
fast and our projects won't happen, so we can just bless them
and take our queues from the heart because this is an exciting time.

And pain is going to go away and all these things as we go
up in frequency and balance.  They are going to take care of
themselves, and they are going as well as I think they even can,
considering what all is here.

I actually saw the New Earth in an ethereal connection, I wasn't
there physically, and I saw it and it gave me great peace and so
maybe people can meditate on seeing it as a real possibility and
if there really is an already New Earth and they'll know that as
far as Ascension - nothing is going to stop it and there's not
going to be a nuclear war.  No one is going to let those kinds
of thing happen and that this plan will work out because when
I saw it, it gave me a lot of peace.

I saw that people from 911 were there.  There are already
beings there and they are getting it ready for us and it wasn't
a fantasy visualize what it would be like.  I was with someone
that had the capacity to assist a bunch of people to go with their
soul to look at it.  It wasn't really a meditation it was like going
with my soul and it was larger than the earth and I think that
was really good for my mind because I finally got it.  I saw
that it was larger than the Earth that it was not really this Earth
it was in a higher, different dimension.

White Time Healing works with past, present and future all
inone and it kind of wraps them all together, so if you think
about it White Time comes from out there in the universe,
really far out there.  You can work with it for healing but you
can work with it in other ways.  Like it is energy and it can be
used to heal but it can be used to travel to the planets. Also you
can meditate with it.

It was adapted in 1993 to be used on the Earth to heal.  It is
so beautiful because it goes in before something happens and
prevents it from happening and also in the present.  I don't
know how it works, I've just trained in it four levels and the
4th level was just taught on the Earth this summer.  I'm not an
expert on it but I work with it and it feels like total love and
amazing things happen with it.

There are also tunnels through the Universe and if you go into
a white time tunnel, then it takes you .00043 seconds to go
anywhere and someone can say, what do you mean?  Like it
takes the same amount of time to go from one planet to one
next to it the same amount of time to go to someplace like 20
galaxies away and the answer is Yeah, because it is beyond
time.  So it doesn't matter how far apart they are.  White Time
is kind of like the spaces between atoms and it's a Universal
energy.  It was adapted for use on the Earth; out there it is a lot
stronger than on the Earth because I think it is too strong for
the Earth in its full power.  It is kind of like giving away atoms
if you are healing with it.  I love it.

I think that on some levels pain has been a teacher and a
challenge because I've had experiences of pain before and
feeling like something is not right here.  I think that it has to
do with I have a body in the angelic world and in some of the
other worlds where things aren't like that and they don't hurt.
Things might come around and help the person and they
comfort the person, but they [angels] don't actually feel it in
physical form.  I think since I've only had a few lifetimes on
the Earth, according to what I get and what others have told me,
somehow there has been a challenge the way things are here
and how difficult they are, the emotional and physical pain and
things like that.

I was wondering if I could read like seven lines that AA
Michael gave me. "Please retain your hope and your original
feelings that you began the spiritual journey with.  That magic
is possible.  That there is an ecstasy that is your right of birth.
Hold fast to your truth and keep the heart alive and open to
lead you.  Many will be saying many things that will go against
what your heart truly knows and feels, so trust your heart. You
have heart power.  Trust in that.  It will enable you to see
beyond the cries and outcries of fear that attempt to gather
power.  The Power of Love is so much greater than that. And
the Power of Light is on your side and in your deep memories,
so hold to that and go to that well in the days to come.
Remember the heart and the heart will remember you! And all
that you deep down know will happen will indeed happen
before your shining eyes.  We love you and thank you all for
your contributions, more than you know, for all is connected.
Connected to your heart. I am Archangel Michael.

That's beautiful, I glad you shared that.

I just at the last minute decided to.  It was right here in front of
me.  I think he wanted to end up on a note like that.

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