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Finding Your Soul Mate  (below)
From  Osho
    Philosophia Perennis
How to Create a Soulmate

Finding a soulmate is almost impossible. What about creating one instead? [ed.]

The peak of love

It is almost impossible to find a soulmate. The earth is big — millions and millions of people — and life is very short. How are you going to find your soulmate? It rarely happens.

Man has seven centers. The lowest is the sex center and the highest is the samadhi center, and between these two there are five more centers. When all the seven centers of a man are in tune and in harmony with all the seven centers of a woman, then you have found a soulmate.

Whenever it happens, absolute oneness is felt — unity. Two persons utterly disappear into each other. There is no division at all. Two persons function as if they are one person — two bodies, but one soul. It is absolute harmony. It is love at its peak.

Disappearing into each other

You must have seen the shivalinga in the Shiva temples in India.

Pure energy is symbolized by linga and yoni — by the male and female sexual organs — creative energy, vital energy, energy out of which the whole of life flows. The personalities have disappeared; it is a meeting of pure energy. Only pure energies can dissolve into each other; if you have a solid personality it will obstruct dissolution. Only pure energies, liquid, can enter into each other and become one.

The relationship ladder: where do you score

At this highest peak where all the seven centers meet, the joy is constant. It is orgasmic; it is a spiritual communion. It is a mystic phenomenon; it is transcendental, but it is very rare.

Below it, there is another meeting: six centers meeting. That too is rare. It is union, not unity. It is not a cosmic, mystical union, but still something very close to it — an aesthetic union, an artistic phenomenon, a poetic experience.

The first can be understood only by those who have known samadhi, satori. The second can be understood by poets, painters, dancers, musicians.

Lower than that, is the meeting of five centers. It is not even a union; it is duality. Two persons remain two, but still there is great harmony. The two function as if two musical instruments are playing in harmony. There is no union; there is no unity. They are separate.

This is what Kahlil Gibran has described, “Lovers should be like two pillars of a temple supporting the same roof, yet apart and separate.” It is still beautiful.

The fourth is four centers meeting. Duality. Harmony has disappeared but there is great understanding about each other, great caring about each other. There is no spontaneous harmony, but out of understanding a certain rhythm is maintained. It is an experience of great intelligence. One has to be aware — if one is not aware, one will fall from this fourth state.

Then there is the fifth: three centers meeting. Duality becomes more and more emphasized. Understanding is still there but not constant — flickering, shaky. Once in a while conflict arises, but it is not disruptive of love. On the contrary, it adds to it, makes it a little more spicy. It is a psychological experience.

Below it is two centers meeting. Great duality, clear-cut duality. It is almost fifty-fifty: fifty percent understanding, fifty percent conflict. It is a physiological experience. Still a great balance is there because of this fifty percent understanding, fifty percent conflict.

And below it is one center meeting. Too much conflict. Rare moments of joy, very rare. Once in a while, few and far between. But still worth it! It is a sexual experience.

The zero relationship

And below it, the lowest, is no centers meeting. These are the couples you meet. It is not even a sexual experience; it is even below sexual experience. It is more or less masturbatory. It is a certain kind of social, economic, political arrangement. It is exploitation. It is businesslike.

It is neither friendship nor enmity. It is a very formal relationship — a relationship which is not a relationship at all. You exploit the other; the other exploits you. It is a kind of prostitution. The ugliest possibility...but this is what is happening on the earth.

The science of transformation

In the East we have developed a science: if you cannot find a soulmate, you can create one. That science is Tantra. To find a soulmate means to find the person with whom all your seven centers meet naturally. When it happens, it is tremendously beautiful. But it is like lightning — a natural phenomenon, but undependable.

If you wait for your natural soulmate to meet with you, it will be like waiting for lightning to read your bible. You will not be able to read much; for a moment it is there, and by the time you have opened the bible it is gone. Hence Tantra was created.

Tantra is alchemy: it can transform your centers; it can transform the other’s centers. It can create a rhythm and harmony between you and your beloved. It is like bringing electricity into your house. Then you can turn it on and off whenever you want. These seven centers in you are nothing but centers of body electricity.

Scientists say that all the electricity that is in your body, if put together, can be used to light a five-candle bulb. Quantitatively it is not much — quantitatively the atom is not much — but qualitatively, if it explodes, it has tremendous energy in it.

Soulmates creating paradise

These seven centers, these chakras are nothing but knots in your body’s electric current. They can be changed, rearranged, given a new form. Two lovers can be transformed so deeply that all their seven centers can start meeting.

Tantra is the science of transforming ordinary lovers into soulmates. Tantra can transform the whole earth. It is one of the greatest treasures that is — lying there, unused. The day humanity uses it, the earth will become aglow with a new love.

If we can help people to grow into such depths of love, just think how beautiful the world can become. This very earth can be paradise. Right now you are at the lowest, where not even a single center is meeting with the other person. It is impossible if you depend on nature. It is very very possible if you depend on Tantra.

Philosophia Perennis

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Two lovers can be transformed so deeply that all their seven centers can start meeting. Tantra is the science of transforming ordinary lovers into soulmates.

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More on Soul Mates and Twin Flames


The circle with the word "SOUL" in it depicts one Monad from one of the
Soul Groups containing 144,000 Monads. Each of these Monads in the "Soul
Group" contains a total of 144 individuals. Each Monad divided into 12
branches which are called "Oversoul Souls". Then each "Oversoul Soul" broke
down into 6 sets of twin souls or flames. Upon the final descent into
matter, each of the six sets made the final and very painful separation into
male and female twin souls or flames.

You and your twin soul or twin flame together are one of these pairs of 6
in your primary soulmate group. The other 5 sets of twins in your primary
soulmate group are known as your "near twins". Since each Monad, as depicted
above, contains 144 individuals in total, the other 132 outside of your
primary soulmate group in your Monad are known as your secondary soulmates.
Sometimes when one meets a "near twin" in life, they can easily mistake them
for the one and only true twin soul or twin flame. However, if the one and
only true twin soul or flame steps into the picture eventually, the
confusion is readily cleared up because there is no mistaking the true twin
flame. Your intuition will let you know in no uncertain terms. There is a
feeling of spiritual love and awareness unmatched by any other love you may
have felt in the past.

Upon ascension, we again begin to reunite with our brothers and sisters.
According to Kushi, "upon becoming human, we then start to return to
Infinity, through an outward-moving spiral of decomposition and
spiritualization, melting personal and individual entities and once again
achieving union with the Eternal One or Source".
We become one with our Source or God again and from what I understand there
is not greater joy for us to experience. We as humans cannot even begin to
comprehend this level of joy!

St. Germain explains ascension as a process of moving further up back
through the hierarchies and dimensions until we eventually reach the source
again. The first step is to realign with our twin souls, then the
individuals in our primary soulmate group a.k.a. "near twins" and the
remaining 11 secondary soulmate groups in our Monads, etc. In a channeled
message through Paul Yandeau entitled "St. Germain on Himself, Soul Groups,
etc.", from Spiritual Endeavors.org, St. Germain states that "as members of
a Monad take on greater Light in their mastery of remembrance, they
contribute to the Soul Group's greater Light in its mastery of remembrance,
and as the Soul Group evolves in taking on greater Light, it too, takes on
greater amounts of Light to evolve in its mastery of remembrance".
As more and more soulmate constellations begin to reunite, through the
process of spiritualization, we will continue to ascend back up through the
hierarchies and dimensions until we all reach the source again, the highest
dimension of all and the state of perfection. St. Germain also tells us that
if all of the universal truths and knowledge were made known to our finite
human minds at one time rather than gradually, "our finite human minds would
blow a fuse". Therefore, spirit gives us the pieces of truths that we can
handle and once we integrate these into our consciousnesses, further truths
are revealed to us. This is a never ending process until we once again reach
the state of perfection.

Our planet will be experiencing a huge evolutionary leap in consciousness
in this New Age. Our planet as a whole will be ascending from 3rd dimension
to 5th dimension. The Mayans predicted this end of the old reality as we
know it to commence on December 21, 2012. Their calendar ends on that date.
Edgar Cayce has prophesied that by the end of this New Age of Aquarius, we
will be a completely telepathic civilization. This is a 5th dimensional
state of being.

Many light workers are currently in the process of ascending and they in
turn will help others to ascend. As we enter this new Age of Aquarius, also
known as the "enlightened era", these ancient truths will be coming back
into the light and out of the darkness. Many twin souls are beginning to
align with their counterparts as well as their higher selves. This process
is currently underway. however, it is just in the beginning stages. We will
be returning to our pre-fall state when we were one with our spiritual twins
and our higher selves and had full consciousness and awareness of our
spiritual identities.

This is the plan that the higher forces have for our planet in this new
age. We will be entering a "New Reality". But this will not happen
overnight. This is a process and not an actual event. It is gradual but

It is important to point out that it may not be the plan for you to realign
with your twin soul in this particular lifetime. This is determined by
divine timing and the plan for your individual twin set. Your twin may not
even be incarnated on the earth plane at this point in linear time. Or your
twin may be a child or even a baby somewhere on the earth plane. Your twin
could even already be in the ascended state in a higher dimension, waiting
for you to join them. There are no cut and dry situations when it comes to
twin souls. However, any spiritual work to align with their higher selves
that either twin does will naturally "elevate" the other and this will help
to expedite their eventual reunion. Rest assured that you will be reunited
with your twin in divine timing. Twin souls are eternally connected to one
another by a silvery/blue cord which can NEVER be severed. We are also
connected to our higher selves by a similar silver cord which is attached to
our crown chakra.

There is another reason that Twin souls are coming together at this
particular point in our earth's evolution. According to Dr. Maurie Pressman
and Patricia Joudry in their groundbreaking book, "Twin Souls, Finding Your
True Spiritual Partner", "it is believed by many that humanity is on the
brink of a quantum leap in consciousness. Enlightened people are preparing
themselves for this in their own ways, realizing it is time for us to awaken
to our origins and our potential and take responsibility for ourselves and
for the earth. We believe that twin souls have a special contribution to
make; their coming together in numbers at this time has a reason at both the
individual and planetary level. When twin souls join, they generate a vortex
of energy that may be seen as a light in the darkness of society's
unconsciousness. In completing each other, the whole becomes greater than
the sum of its parts: the two create three, and the third is a very potent
force, a force of light and love at an extremely pure level. This kind of
energy, which partakes of the energy of both twins, is different from that
of individuals or even groups of people working together. It is the special
offering that the twins have to give to each other and expend in service to
humanity. The image we see is that of a dark auditorium lit by an increasing
number of individual flames. Each flame represents the conscious and
harmonious relationship between twin souls. Eventually, as the twins
multiply, there will be so many flames, so much light, and so much energy of
that particular sort on the planet that this will act as a catalyst and help
to bring about the expected breakthrough of consciousness".

Captain Lyur here,
I am reactivating my list Lover's Touch., a list about twin souls and soul mates.
Here is a first text. I do not agree with everything in it, but this is a start for discussions.
We will speak later more on the vision of the Command on the subject from
Ashtar and Athena (the physical beings aboard the "Admiral Flagship",
not a person incarnated on Earth !) 
So please come and join our list of soul mates !

"Finding Your Soul Mate"

Balance Partners are the people you meet as you move through your
spiritual journey.

As the program of our reality moves towards balance and closure - many
will evaluate all aspects of their lives - physical, emotional, and
spiritual. New connections will be forged that will be permanent.

As most souls will not meet their twin flame in 3D - just soul mates
from other experiences and lovers - the Balance Partner is as
important as the lover.

They usually are another aspect of your soul experiencing in 3D at
the same time but in another space.

When you meet your Balance Partner - it seems to happen by accident.
This is because the souls guide the meeting not the 3D aspect of who
you are. The recognition should be there by both partners - the
connection forming quickly.

You 'attract' each other as you are on the same frequency and have
things to share. The synchronicities that develop between you stagger
the mind and hence raise the frequencies of both people.

Balance Partners can be of the same or opposite sex - as this is not
about sexuality but spirituality.

These Partners are not necessarily in your life for romance - as they
are there for both of you to balance that which your soul is here to
do at this time. This can lead to romance as that is one level of
balance - but that does not have to be the reason your souls chose to
meet. If the relationship is in balance it will grow - or else it can
have a bad ending for those who confuse their Twin Flame with a
Balance Partner - and get too caught up in the emotional body
forgetting the spiritual reasons for this union.

Spiritually you enchance each other's growth. It is an exciting time
as you 'trigger' each others' awareness.

You have half of the information needed - and your Balance Partner has
the other half.

The Balance Partner can make your world exciting as each day something
new seems to surface. You feel you are with the right person and the
right time.

The Balance Partner can make you feel complete on many levels. If you
are able - you can experience a connection between your chakras -
often brning balance to each other's chakra (emotional) systems. This
triggers your DNA so that you remember more about who your are as a
spirit than as a 3D expression.

A Balance Partner can live near you or far away. You may never
physically meet. You can talk on the phone or email with each other.
Your conversations may increase from infrequent to several times in a
day as you are both growing in ways that you cannot with anyone else.
Events become exciting.

Your ability to experience and communicate goes beyond 3D - often
knowing what the other person is doing and involved with - as if the
telepathic 'line' of connumcation between you is always functioning -
or can be easily accessed.

In some cases Balance Partners have overlapping dreams in which they
each remember the same experiences.

Balance Partners are often vehicles that lead one or both partners to
other people to enhance their growth. This can create a 'spider-web
effect' as we are all linked. Don't allow petty jealousy to stand in
the way of this growth if you have fallen in love with your Balance
Partner and have problems sharing. You will lose your Balance and your
Partner - the 3D 'games of emotions' winning out.

If your Balance Partner is emotionally unstable - you may not be able
to balance them - and may have to move on as trying to balance that
person creates imbalance for you in areas that were once balanced.
Balance Partners come in for growth and fun not create greater
imbalance in your life.

You can meet more than one Balance Partner in your lifetime - and
generally do.

Balance Partners can remain in your life forever or move on once the
two of you have moved past that which brought you together in the
first place.

Please remember that the function of the Balance Partner is to create
balance and understanding for both of you. Make it fun and
uncomplicated or it will end and you will miss whatever opportunity
for growth your souls have created.

Copyright2003 Aveyah Dawn Beiling
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