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Dear Friends of Sananda:
There are several messages to send you now, including a channeling from Master Hilarion. Other items will appear at the end.

Compassion rains forth in times of confusion.  Do you not feel it?  I suggest you look within your hearts to hear the higher calling you have.  It will emanate to those across the land, for many will be caught up in changes occurring, and you will reorganize your own lives to assist them if you can.  I do not wish to concern you with aspects of fear, for never would my purpose be such; rather, it is of intent and style to dominate the times ahead with aspects of healing, love and compassion to come to the fore.

The Earth has completed, in some respects, a previous life in which she has been unable to compose herself with the correct balance of love vs. negativity predominant now.  There are forces at work of which you know little or nothing, sight unseen perhaps, in every corner of the world.  The balance of power, held by the Earth, has gone and now must be regained, which is what will be forthcoming in the next several years ahead.  To realize and to actualize this regaining of her power will be to regain strength yourselves, in the true sense of the word.  It means to illuminate your lives with a greater receptivity from those elements which feed you:  water, air, earth and fire.  Yes, surely there are other elements as well from each of these sources and from spirit world as well.  What you are receiving now is l/l0th of what is normally possible, but so much disruption has occurred, your subsistence level is greatly altered.  Feeding you now becomes important.

Within a greater plan for the Earth are divisions we oversee, much as you would consider your government having a division of labor and alternates to assist in one area or another.  With this in mind, it would be helpful to understand that my concern and awareness most closely aligns with healing your plane and all those contained within or on it, from the very basic kingdoms to the more 'progressive' in style.  Healing cannot occur until much is cleared away that is blocking the light and infusions of energy so necessary now.

I am guided in some ways, by the conflagrations of beings who also enjoin to assist at this time.  We on higher levels are not alone in our attempts to bring a closer and more real outcome to your world.  But in that context, we also realize that it is important to filter out those energies which are harmful, less than advantageous to you all.  This is an effort being made at this time from another level beyond earth.  At the same time the competition for 'air time', if you will, has grown greater as well.

Holding more light is definitely necessary whenever possible, and this will mean a greater need to clear away those energies which have held you in limbo or fear or anxiousness for some time.  The timing could not be more important, for the connections on earth are going to overflow in a few days with a new concern, altering greatly perceptions of your government and what's being done in Iraq.  Speculation is not necessary; it is time to see that more pain inflicted upon the Earth creates nothing but more pain.  Nothing is to be gained by lessening life, no matter where it occurs.

And herein lies the overall complexity of the situation.  For to regain control of the Earth and to manifest in a complete way to restore life to all populations on the planet, the Earth must be free and clear to do so.  The restrictions so grandly placed upon her by man's design must be released for freedom to ring as you would wish.  No matter what country or place in the world.  For freedom to ring, clarity must prevail.

Contemplating this will be many of you peering around the corners, attempting to discern what elements will be cleared first - how and where.  The time is coming for many of you to know that the changes to be affected are in force and much will begin to take away the positioning man has decreed necessary for his/her own survival.  This cannot be the instrument of decision, for without contemplation of the Earth herself and all needed for her survival, yours would cease to exist.

The next several years, as I said, will bring about enormous changes.  Not all changes will be easy to contemplate, nor are they specifically discussed through these messages or those received on earth at this time.  However, what is important are things for you to understand as a result.  Most importantly are the inner signs you may feel from time to time that lead your thoughts astray from the normal ones each day.  Is there worry or fear?  First and foremost I ask you to clear these energies.  For those of you in the world who use the Violet Flame, I suggest you do so regularly.  I will also suggest use of the Emerald Ray to infuse your being with higher energies of healing, for fear primarily results from aspects of your being not healed.  The Emerald Ray, of which I am a part, is a consistent cleanser and provides sustenance atomically to reharmonize your thought process.  Call this or the Violet Flame in each time you witness thoughts coming forth that do not sustain you.

Next, I would like you to realize much that comes forth are your patterns.  Patterns from the past that release negativity or conditioning to the world no longer needed by you or the world.  A regriding of yourself is as mandatory as the regriding of the planet.  To produce the higher thought forms, the elementals which hold light are required to make changes of a finer sense possible.  Let us loosen the belts that are too tight and free up patterns no longer needed.  To accomplish this, it makes sense to see your patterns as they are.  Many have not completely been aware of their daily activities and how repetitive they've become.  Make a note of what you do each day and change it.  If you get up at 6:30 a.m. consistently, change it to an alternate time.  Think about the patterns in your life -- the way you live, the friends you see, the calls you make, the things you say, the foods you eat, etc. etc. and begin to change them.  Allow for something new to enter in, giving you space and movement once again.  Request assistance from your guides, your higher self, and those beings present with you to allow greater movement in your life.

As this begins to occur for each of you, a new sense of yourself comes through.  A higher connection begins to generate wherein you can hear more easily that which is your higher self.  And when you can hear more easily, your choices are better and you live in a world where you begin to create from within, not without.  By refocusing and allowing this aspect of self to come to the foreground, you are also putting the Earth in a more judicious place wherein your are able to listen more keenly to the needs of All.  Hearing your higher self is enabling you to hear All.

For some of you this task may seem impossible and for others, it is a new way to start.  Many have written Lois asking for advice or expressed  concern at messages posted to their mailbox, along with information on Anchoring Light.  Everyone will benefit from this process, but it is also required that each one of you post your own requests individually as to what your concerns are to be answered in a higher way.  I am offering some guidelines here, but surely you can extend your thoughts in a higher way to be heard.

Listen to your intuition; do not dismiss thoughts and feelings or messages (which come in an endless variety of ways) to guide you.  If these message come forth with fear, please take time to clear them.  Repeatedly.  This does not mean you cannot listen, but action without out fear will prove highly intuitive; action with fear results in other outcomes.

Lois has chosen to send you several other pieces of information to consider as well.   Be well in the advancement of your own life and know at the same token you are assisting the Earth plane equally.  New balances will be reached for a time on earth to be ushering in greater responsibility and care for all that abounds.  A time when peace becomes the probability; not war.  A time when life is tantamount and fear declines.  A time when greater manifestation of light pervades the Earth granting the wisdom to choose a higher path.

I come as a healer and seek ye to be healed.  Know that I live among you in thought and deed.



I am grateful to Hilarion for his unending help.

I've included two websites below.  The first being significant in addressing times ahead from Devra West.  This information greatly expands what has been said by Sananda and Hilarion to date.  The second is informative and validating some additional information I
shall add at the end.

www.sacredarts.org Please click on "Full Moon Teachings" and when that page appears, go to the bottom where a box holds a space to click on Sept.23 teaching from Lord Maitreya.  Discussion of the Higher Plan is given with great care.

www.citiesoflight.net.kadjina.html has a specific reference to what I shall add below which might be of interest to some.  As always her channelings are informative.

An Anchoring Light workshop is planned for Mt. Shasta, California, on Oct. l8. Information on a group meditation practice for clearing the Earth and yourself will be given.   Not a 'how to meditate'  practice, but rather, a sacred geometric format co-creatively assisted, produces vaster amounts of light, which I call Acupuncture for the Earth.  Through it, we clear ourselves, and assist the Earth.  Groups connected simultaneously will begin clearing and stabilizing areas in between as well. Two channelings will be offered at this time -- one from Sananda and the other St. Germain or Hilarion or both.  I apologize for the many changes which have occurred with respect to these workshops.  Lord Maitreya makes reference to the fact many things now will be pulled together last-minute aborting those longer range plans previously made.  Surely this has been the case for me.

Those who previously indicated  interest in attending Mt. Shasta will be contacted shortly. If you have not let me know as of this date, please do so now.  This workshop will include a channeling from Hilarion and one from Sananda.  A talk and shorter channeling will be given in Ashland, Oregon now planned for Oct. l3.  Registration necessary.  Email me at:  hilo@bcn.net.  Per guidance, a later date for this area and more time for you to plan is not
in the offing, so if you can attend, I hope will will do so.

Many of you have asked for specifics on what will be given at the workshops, in particular, the channelings.  This, of course, is not possible, for they haven't been given yet!  I cannot say what specifics will or will not be offered.   Sananda has been clear whatever he chooses to say will be done in a venue where people can ask questions, which is not possible with an internet offering like this.

Regarding what can be done, I will tell you our group was advised, many months ago to have extra supplies, and in particular water.  As we are an east coast group, in our needs would relate to this locale, in particular firewood or heat backups,  foodstuffs, pet foods, meds or vitamins, gas, etc.  Each person decides for themselves; no specific list was given.

Regarding the potential earthquakes and water-related activity on the West Coast, St. Germain, Sananda, Hilarion and Thoth have all given me to understand that the nuclear testing by North Korea will trigger the plates in the Pacific Rim, which in turn, will disrupt plates on the West Coast.  Despite news reports to the contrary, N.Korea will proceed.  Additionally, services in Calif. might be less effective with a governmental changeover at this time.  It looks chaotic and unable to function as smoothly as one already in place.  My understanding is different earthquakes will occur over time starting this fall throughout next year, perhaps some highlighted along fault lines, creating disruption to normal services.  Some will decide to move.

None of us can fully 'prepare' for what might be ahead, but we can do our best to be clear,
to focus on furthering light, to release our fears and to pay attention to the subtlies and not-so-sublties we receive each day, to bless and honor our earth.

I believe Sananda's Message, the one from Hilarion, and those from the many channels like myself are simply to remind you of what you already know and have forgotten, not what you don't know.   If you find yourself angry or upset by what you are reading, use it as an opportunity to clear that and allow the receptive part of your being to come forth with inner guidance appropriate for you.   As Hilarion says over and over to us, "I am here to remind you who you are."  And so it is.

I am guided to offer also that love is the greatest offering we have and are given, so maintaining that alignment will prove highly beneficial.  Monitor yourselves closely to see where you move this aside during your waking hours.

Here's a visualization to practice:

See the entire West Coast, from Alaska to Mexico covered in golden mesh, with the edges wrapped and sealed around the coastline.  The mesh might look like a nylon stocking, encasing and holding all intact over the Golden State and those adjacent.  Each l5 second visualization with help.  Do not add in judgement or fear with this.  Simply see it.  Consistent visualizations hold more in place.

Blessings All,
Lois Hartwick


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