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AA Raphael 31 March 2003
Brian Murphy
Daylesford, Victoria, Australia


Another way to look at this triad is to envisage yourself, the
Consciousness, as a train driver and the Inner Being as the train
conductor. The Conductor ensures that the passengers are safe and
well, that all their needs are taken care of and that they alight at
their destination with all their belongings. You, the driver, are in
charge of the way the train is driven, paying attention to all the
signals, ensuring that the train stops and starts where it should and
making sure that the train has enough fuel.

The Higher Self, on the other hand could be likened to the rail
system, laying and maintaining tracks, managing the switchpoints at
the appropriate time and making sure that the train progresses on its
journey according to the prearranged timetable. Needless to say that
in this analogy your physical body is the train and your body organs
could be likened to the passengers with the exception that it is
highly unusual for our passengers to get on and off our train.

With this analogy you can see that planning and plotting must have
taken place prior to the train service being established. Firstly
there must have been a need for the service in the first place, then
there must have been a planning process where the mapping of the
track layout, stations and switchpoints were all decided. The
planning would have been made at a much higher level than the train
driver or conductor where the highest purpose of the rail system
would have been debated and decided according to a much higher
purpose than running just one train.

With this analogy, one train is important, and one train is all we
need to consider in detail but we must bear in mind that the rail
system services many trains with many starting points and many
destinations. With our analogy we will consider one lifetime to
equate to on train journey with an expendable train, after all it
will be such a long and arduous journey, something akin to travelling
right across a continent, and back again using a circuitous route.

On our journey, when we start out our train is brand new and shiny
ready to tackle everything on its path. You are urged now to envisage
a train load of passengers such as Mrs. Heart, Doctor Liver, the
Kidney twins and the Lung Brothers, just to mention a few. I'm sure
you can envisage this, and our Conductor readies himself to the task
of ensuring their comfort and that their every need is taken care of.

Quite an excitement builds as our train steams up ready for
departure. Although we don't know our destination on this journey,
something of a mystery tour, we trust that the rail system is
functioning to perfection, and off we go...

Now, like all journeys it would be rather boring if we continually
traversed the same kind of countryside for the whole journey. We
would expect to encounter all sorts of terrain crossing our
continent. We would expect hills and dales, mountains and rivers,
deserts and lush green pastures, and we would expect to stop
occasionally at least for refuelling and resupply.

Now, as we traverse our continent we must expect to encounter hills
where we would expect our engine to labour. We would expect to
traverse mountains where the going will be even more arduous and we
would also expect some relief, a downhill run or two after conquering
such mountains and hills. We would also expect to traverse a great
deal of easy going country where nothing at all could be expected to
impede our progress. Isn't this just like a life with its ups and
downs, also with its easy going and perhaps mundane and boring

Many Lightworkers are on such a journey. Many of you are going
nowhere in particular yet experiencing much along the way. Many of
you are tackling the mountains and labouring away at the hills just
waiting for the downhill run whilst others are just cruising the flat
plains in an easy and carefree manner. All are appropriate. All are
going somewhere and all are experiencing and learning on their life
journey. The easy terrain brings just as much experience as the
mountains depending on the lesson to be learned. About the time that
you think you know your destination, bang goes a switchpoint change
to send you off on a different track.

Isn't this just like life? Just when you get used to something, just
when life seems easy, along comes a drama to upset the status quo. If
you care to look at this for the experience value alone, you will
discover much about yourself. If you take the view that the game of
life is all about experience and learning then you will come to know
that these diversions are necessary to expand your experience, and
without experience learning cannot take place. Experience is
learning. Learning is experience. These two are inseparable are they

How does this all relate to our Triad?

For a start, we have previously discussed the role of the Higher Self
and we said that the main function of the Higher Self was to achieve
Soul growth. This begs the question of what exactly is our Soul and
if we are to achieve Soul growth, how does it grow?

Some people tend to think of the Higher Self as your Soul and some
people relate the Soul as the part of you that flies off to heaven
when you pass over. This is not entirely accurate.

The Soul is actually your Ka, the fifth dimensional replica of your
physical body and as such your Soul has all of your personal
attributes. Being a replica means exactly this, a replica of your
physical characteristics, but also containing your emotional and
mental bodies, which never die like your physical body. True, when
you die the Soul does sort of fly off to the light to return home for
a while but your Higher Self and Soul are not the same thing. After
physical death, the Soul and Higher Self do come together to review
the life just past, and they do set about planning for the future,
yet they remain separate as far as beings and function are concerned.

OK then, how does the Soul grow?

The ONLY way the Soul can grow is in the area of knowledge and
experience. You all know that you cannot take anything else with you
out of the physical world. Money, possessions, relatives and pets are
all left behind. Retained knowledge is the sum total of your past
life and the more you have of it, the more you grew. Remember also
though that you are experiencing and learning on behalf of All That
Is, and that we are not necessarily talking about the stuff of
scholars. The mundane, and not so mundane stuff of family life counts
as experience and for many this is a great experience. For others it
may not be so great. Anything that you do and learn from counts as
experience and the accumulation of knowledge and experience
contributes to the growth of your Soul.

Coming to the point of reincarnation, what role does your Soul play
in this act? If your Soul is the 5D replica of your physical body,
how then can a Soul reincarnate?

This is rather simple in fact. Your Soul is actually a hologram
which, as you know in the physical realm is a 3 dimensional picture
stored on a 2 dimensional medium. In 5D we see it a bit differently
than you. We see it as an interference pattern superimposed on the
etheric medium of love, and as such we see the Soul as a 3
dimensional being as well the interference pattern generator which
can be likened to your 2 dimensional hologram storage medium. The
great exception with us though is that our hologram is stored as a
time sequenced movie, if you like, and that being time dependent, our
hologram can take on different forms, especially in the physical
realm. This is why a single Soul can be an adult one day and a
newborn baby the next. It's the same Soul just with different
physical forms at different times, so not only does the Soul grow
with regard to body size each lifetime, it grows with respect to
accumulated knowledge and experience as well. This accounts for why
some people seem to be instinctively more knowledgable than others,
or more "cool" with regard to their reactions than others.
Their "instinct" which is the Soul's domain, tells them that we have
done this before and it no big deal. You should know that presently
on Earth there are souls from many different backgrounds and many and
varied experience levels. There are a lot of new souls as well.

Before we go any further with the topic of Soul Growth, let me just
say that I think the best way to approach the idea of reincarnation,
is to look at it as a Soul's journey. Starting as an idea in the mind
of God, through the physical experience of life, to being reunited
with God once again, all the while gathering as much experience as
possible in the physical realm. This will take many, many
reincarnations on planet Earth and elsewhere to accomplish. From an
idea, through physical life, then back to God, remembering that you
are God, and remembering that I am God also.

OK, now on to Soul Growth.

"How come I can't remember my past lives?"

Actually you can remember your past lives, up to about the time you
learn to speak, then you gradually forget all about them. After that
your memory of past experiences from past lives is purely instinct
and comes through your etheric DNA as recorded responses to physical
stimuli. The genetics provided by your chosen parents only affect the
two physical DNA strands and have nothing to do with instinct and
auto-responses. They can pass on such things as accumulated immune
responses and other such thing as genetic physical weaknesses, but
that's about the limit.

Some people actually retain memories of their past lives well past
their childhood years but this is rare. Those that do however usually
develop personality disorders and that is the main reason for
forgetting in the first place. It is enough to cope with the
personality associated with this lifetime without bleed through from
previous lives.

Soul Growth then, how is it measured and why is it so important to
your Higher Self?

Soul Growth, as far as recorded knowledge and experience, is not
measured really. Your experiences are recorded in your Akashic
records and I suppose the size of the file could be considered to be
some sort of measure but it really isn't important. What is important
is where you are in relation to your Soul's aim of reuniting with All
That Is.

A new soul instinctively knows that it has much to learn. An
experienced soul instinctively knows what it still needs to be
experienced, so I guess a measure of soul growth is purely
instinctive and could be viewed as the proportion of collected
experiences measured against instinctive expected experiences. Sounds
a bit complicated but that's how it is.

The importance of all this, to your Higher Self, is that your Higher
Self's prime goal is simply to reunite with God after collecting all
those experiences that life can produce. These experiences are also
the goal for All That Is, so by compiling the collection of ALL human
experiences from ALL humans, you can see that life is well and truly
in all its glory, and all its misery, a brilliant learning
experience. Good, bad, dark, light, it's all experience and it all

That's about it for now.
Until next time, be in peace and be peaceful.

AA Raphael 31 March 2003
Hi Guys,  Herewith the latest from Raph.
Brian Murphy,     Daylesford, Victoria, Australia

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