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June 8th, 2003           Channeled by June Stephansen
"Christos Light"        Message From: Joelle
 High Vibrational Energies

 Attuning to the New Frequencies


Upon spiritual awakening we start the process of changing our physical body and our mental higher self to manifest itself forward to the 5th dimensional realm our new home.  The final destination will include receiving through restructuring of the DNA/RNA the 5 D and for some the 9 D body through the Ascension process.  The Earth is currently going through the Photon Belt and by doing so the earth’s vibrational energies are quite erratic for we are receiving high vibrational and low vibrational frequencies simultaneously.  This will continue to happen until 2005.  Presently there are many humans who have made the adjustment to the higher vibrational frequency can recognize the ill effects of the Photon Belt’s lower frequency resonance, however it does still affect us.  Others however, the newly awakened and those who have not quite awakened yet, have to deal with the erratic ups and downs of these high and low vibrational frequencies.  Please check the Kirael.com site for Photon Belt monthly forecasts.


The earth is currently in the 4.5 D Astral plane and is moving toward the 5 D Physical plane.  There will be a dimensional overlay of the two physical planes for a time.  We will be approaching the 5 D realm by 2005.  Both 3 D and 5 D Physical realms remain until everyone Ascends or and has completed the process, estimated date 2012 for completion.  At that point the 3 D realm will disappear as we know it.  There will be an additional dimensional realm of 9 D.  Lemuria has presently made the shift to the 9th dimensional realm.  Human’s who reside in this 9 D realm, also reside in the 5 D realm, for you see there will be an overlay of both dimensions.  Those human’s of the 5 D realm will not be able to have access to the 9 D realm but the 9 D realm human’s will have access to the 5 D realm.   Every human on the 3 D realm will be asked if they wish to ascend to the 5 D realm.  Approximately 2 Billion people will make the jump or ascend to 5 D.  Many will not wish to go.  They will stay behind.


During the awakening process our consciousness is then opened up to our higher self and is allowing for transformation in areas of thought, sensitive emotions, and heightened awareness.  All of which are in the high vibrational frequency range.  Our feelings and emotions will take on new management by experiencing highly evolved thoughts and responding with carefully chosen words and actions.  We then become very aware of a higher aspect of life.  Our intellect has just graduated to another level of consciousness.  We become less self-centered in our old ways living in the material world and become more openly aware of our natural surroundings or habitat as well as looking at the world from a different perspective.   We find ourselves taking accountability for our eco system- the way we live becomes a high priority.   It is important for us to reflect on how we see the world by sharing our views. 


Once awakened our senses start going through an uplifting adjustment from a Low Vibrational Frequency into the new High Vibrational Frequency- this is done gradually.  Although, over a period of time the subtle changes can be uncomfortable, for our physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies are simultaneously going through these changes.  Releasing low vibrational frequencies causes pain in the physical body.  The DNA process begins to alter.  All twelve strands of the known DNA are reconnected.  The entire body becomes Crystalline with the added DNA/RNA.  Therefore one becomes “half Density and half Light”.  The size of brain capacity will also change.  10% will increase to 45% usage of the human brain. 


In the progression of physical, spiritual, emotion changes many things are released through the body, over time, most karma in this lifetime goes away and disruptive past life karma in the chakras is released accordingly.  It would be to one’s advantage to have your Chakras cleared even if you are a natural clear.  Many people hold baggage that can interfere with the body’s ability to heal when going through the “Awakening Ascension Process”. The current body chakra system will expand from seven chakras to thirteen chakras.  Illnesses, diseases, cancers will completely disappear in humans going through the physical changes by the time they get to 5 D. Some people will require help or assistance for such a release of these illnesses by the use of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Techniques that are currently being introduced on the earth plane at this time.  


Shamballa unlike Reiki works in the higher vibrational frequency range.  By the year 2005 Reiki will be obsolete, that it will no longer work efficiently.  Reiki is becoming ineffectual because of the high vibrational frequencies incoming from the Photon Belt- all this is happening because the higher vibrational frequencies are overtaking the lower vibrational frequencies as we move into the 5 D realm.  All of these physical, emotional, and spiritual changes are for the New Human Evolution to take place, obviously healing technology and symbols have to be formidable for these incoming changes. 


Currently there are 1024 New Shamballa Symbols.  There are only two people presently residing in the 3 D realm, East/West have the ability to give the symbols through attunements and this is to preserve the integrity of the Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing modality from loosing its true character for healing the masses as a modality for healing instead of a method for making money.  Reiki has lost it masterfulness of its teachings and has become a lucrative money making business and less emphasis on the true nature of its use – Healing!  All Reiki Masters and lower Reiki levels will be able to acquire the attunements necessary for them to heal others according to their level of mastering of technique but will not be able to transfer any symbolism to another Reiki master, teacher, student or anyone for that matter..   This new action by the Galactic Federation of Light, the Angelic Realms and the Creator will uphold the integrity and vows to the sacredness of this form of healing and as you can see many have given up the healing for the less virtuous undertakings of selling it out. 


With new enthrallment to our heightened beingness, we are seeing, feeling and understanding the new positive or better known in the Universe as “High Frequency Vibrations”, notwithstanding that the old “Lower Frequency Vibrations” still exist.  Unfortunately the old low frequency vibrations seem to affect us more because we are still residing on the 3 D physical and 4 D astral realms.  Until everyone has the opportunity to make the shift, and release their lower vibrations, those lower vibrational energies will remain.  The more people who make the shift the increase of high vibrational energies will occur, and gradually our lower vibrational frequencies will evaporate themselves out of existence.   


Our patience for exposure to the lower frequencies make us uncomfortable living in the 3rd dimension.  We start separating ourselves from our families, friends and loved one’s as a result of misunderstanding of these energies.  My point is those of you who are spiritually awakened have the advantage to understand, comprehend, compensate and or adjust for being in the Higher Vibrational Frequencies.  Those of the lower vibration however cannot experience the higher vibrational frequency until they spiritually awaken or progress in their spirituality.  Obviously they are at a disadvantage and it is for you the spiritually awakened to understand and interpret these energies and put them in their proper perspective.  Having the love and compassion to deal and except these difficulties without malice is the key to social survival, otherwise life is lonely and the percentage of spiritually likeminded at the moment is pretty low in any given geographic area.  Also your growth may be at a higher level than that of another less spiritual minded, so the process of discovering someone or others of the same level of like-mindedness are hard to find.  The next stage is to enlighten others to a higher level of understanding by sharing articles, internet sites of interests, books, lectures and group meetings.  Before you know it they will be just like you.


For more information on the New Shamballa Multi-dimensional Healing Symbols please contact June Stephansen at jstephansen@earthlink.net


I Am That I Am, Joelle of Sirus B

Senior Medical Officer, Galactic Federation

New Jerusalem Starship


  Rev. June Stephansen               jstephansen@earthlink.net

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