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Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Star of David HC Part 2
DK Special Call, Saturday, November 8, 2003

Great Healing Technique Anytime   by  Djwhal Khul
Harmonic Concordance,
 Part I  of II

Channeled by Reverend Terri Newlon RevTerri@lifetimeaddress.com

Djwhal Khul, here.  Tashi delek, everyone, and I would like to start right
away with invoking the mastery aura, if you will
.  The dense white light
around the body, then the golden white light around that, and then the
diamond white light going further out, and then we are going to cloak today.
We're going to put on a cloak to hide the aura.  A flat black around the
outside is the recipe for cloaking.  You can also use a mirror finish for reflecting
any negativity that may be coming to you, but I prefer the cloak today.

How is everyone doing?  (Wonderful.  No sleep.  Fine, thank you.)  Well, I
heard a little bit of everything, mostly wonderful.  That's good.  It
probably was hard to sleep with the full moon and all the excitement going
on, on the inner planes.  Either that or you were having very interesting
dreams.  That might have awakened you from time to time.  Even the animals
aren't interested in a lot of sleep right now.  It's going to be fun.  All
right, let's work with a few things here, just to clean things up.  I'd like
to go with a Violet Flame, first of all.  Really, bathe yourself in the
Violet Flame.  We're going to work with raising the vibrations of certain
patterns, violence in particular, but also war and hatred and anger, even to
the milder degree of just being upset, and so on.  We're going to raise
those up today, so we're going to do a lot of energy work on the body, then
we're going to work with the astrological configuration which I find very
fascinating, quite frankly, with the Star of David and the hexagram.  It's
really a very fun energy chart that's going on today.  So, Violet Flame and
we have our mastery auras on.  Let's continue, please, with invoking a blue,
a Love/Wisdom, Second Ray blue color, and let that run through your body.
Good.  Then the Christed White, please.  This one is going to be coming up
through the body and flowing out the top like a fountain or a geyser.  Let
the energy come straight up and then fan out at the top there.  All right.
We're going to just --- your energy work is moving along very, very nicely,
so I'm just going to keep working here.  For anyone who has just come on the
line, just energetically catch up and trust that you're doing that.

I'd like to make a formal invocation.  We have other Masters visiting at the
moment, but I'd like to formally acknowledge and invoke them.  First of all,
Kuthumi.  Also on the Second Ray energy, Maitreya.   Sananda, also called
Jesus.  Let that energy be very, very strong, please.  In the feminine, we
have Quan Yin and Mother Mary.  As I say each of these names, a part of
their energy field is going to move through your energy field as well, so
you can take on the quality of those Masters if you want to, or let it be a
healing of whatever type your body is looking for, a multiple healing maybe:
the body, the mind and the spirit, and so on.  I'd like also to invite El
Morya and Vywamus, Lenduce, the higher aspect of Vywamus, and, of course,
Mother Earth and Sanat Kumara.  We can't go without St Germain today, I don'
t think, so let's invite him in as well, and let's also invite Hilarion,
Paul the Venetian, the energies of Melchezedek, Three Star One, Serapis Bey,
and all of the Archangels.  Good.

Now, in your body we're going to go into the storage, if you will.  I talked
about preparing for this eclipse, getting rid of things that are stored that
are no longer needed or beneficial, including some possessions or old tubes
of tooth paste in the drawer, whatever.  Get rid of things that are not
needed.  Now we are going to go into the body, physically, to the kidneys.
They're on the backside of the body pretty much, there at the base of the
rib cage, halfway tucked into the ribs and halfway down from the ribs.  Then
the adrenal glands sitting right on top of them.   We're particularly going
to extract fear, all of the fear that has been stored up in your
consciousness this lifetime and all other lifetimes. This is a core fear
removal.  So, take a deep breath.  When you exhale, just let it all go so
the kidneys don't need to live in fear any more and the adrenal glands don't
need to be pumping all that adrenaline, fear and worry and all of those
things that over-stimulate the adrenals.  We'll replace this with pure love.
So, what we want now is to feel love.  It's going to look a lot like a white
color for most of you.  It might have a little violet or a little pink in it
for some of you.  But it's going to look dense, dense white, kind of a
bright white for most of you.  Just pack that whole area, you can pack it in
from the front at the base of the rib cage, too, if you want to, but we're
going to fill the void.  The fear is gone; we'll put the love in its place.
Healthy kidneys and a healthy digestive tract are really fundamental.  If
you're not making sure to preserve your health in that area, or working at
correcting some kidney deficiency or some digestive trouble, like not enough
friendly bacteria in the gut, or not enough digestive enzymes, or what have
you, those two areas are really fundamental for longevity of the physical
body.  So, do put your attention to that area.  It will serve you very well,
particularly not to have distractions of ill health and so on.  Good.

Now we're going to go into the pancreas.  The pancreas is on the left side,
usually thought of towards the front on the left side in the ribs, just
under the breast.  You have a stomach muscle up there by the diaphragm, a
little to the right and the pancreas is tucked under it a bit a little more
to the left.  That's for regulating blood sugar, but the pancreas can store
also, a tremendous amount of fear.  So, again, you can just feel the angels
scooping it out or the Masters extracting it, what ever works for you ---
and on the out breath, please.  (Strong out breath).  If you close your eyes
and breathe out it's even easier because the muscles relax and the body lets
go with the eyes closed.  (More out breaths continue throughout the
exercise.)  Good.

All right.  We're going to go to the spleen next, a little lower down than
the pancreas on the left side of the rib cage, a little lower down and a
little toward the front.  It cleans out the blood supply as it's recycled
through the body and going back to the heart.  It really works in
conjunction with the lymphatic system and the immune system very, very
strongly.  In the Chinese way, it's the distributor cap for the organs.
Again, fear is what we're clearing out of this particular site, any stored
fear.  It's very connected in with survival, too.  Immune system, lymph
system and blood supply, they're pretty immediate there.  So let's let that
go out and now we'll pack the love into the pancreas and the spleen.  They'
re close enough together so we'll just pack that bright white, really,
really bright white love energy, packed into the pancreas and spleen,
filling that void.  See if you can inhale it even into those areas.  You can
go back to the kidneys and adrenals and inhale love into those.  Exhale the
fear and inhale the love as a replacement.  That might be an easier way to
think of it.

All right.  Let's work with the anger component next.  (And by the way,
there are some who are joining us today on the second call and I am
including their light bodies in this exercise.)  Anger.  We're going to
start with that lovely livid liver.  Let's go to the liver, right side of
the rib cage.  We'll include the gall bladder in there --- liver and gall
bladder, anger and hurt, or having been wounded.  That is going to come out.
Again, on the exhale, close the eyes, and let the anger be uninstalled,
literally be drawn out of that area. It might come out as heat, that
woundedness, anger, irritation, upset.  Again, we pack in that bright white
love to replace everything.  You can actually see these areas we're working
on, instead of the color of the organ, just turn white.  Inhale love; the
whole liver and the gall bladder, just pack it in there.   All right.

There're a few other places I think would be anger-resistant.  That would be
the intestinal tract, so intestines, also colon and bowels for the
anger-resistance.  It's going come up a little bit differently.  Like the
saying, "I just can't digest this right now." is a resistance, but really
coming from an underlying anger, sometimes fear, but usually agitation.
Oftentimes I am seeing an inflamed digestive tract, which is saying it's
angry or irritated.  Anger, irritation, and inflammation --- it's all the
same translation in terms of spirit consciousness.  So let's do the
intestines, colon and bowels, pulling out the anger.  Good.  Even sometimes,
what they call halitosis, bad breath, a bitter taste in the mouth, is from
anger in the gut.  So, let that all drain out.  If your stomach has been
acting like a volcano lately, let's pull that out as well, the stomach and
the food pipe coming from the mouth to the stomach.  Good.  We'll replace it
with white love.  You can see it going into the mouth if you want to, almost
like you're drinking white paint, just coating all down through he food pipe
into the stomach and through the intestines and out the other end.  Maybe go
back to the starting point again and bring in some more white energy,
flowing through the mouth and down, all the way down through the body and
just keep bringing it in with every breath you take, packing more love in.
You can't get too much.  Just bring it in, as much as you can there.  Good.
All right.   Wonderful!

Now we're going to work with hatred.  I'm going to start with the
brain ---don't worry; it'll still work when we're done.  Go into the brain
tissue.  This going to include somewhat the spinal cord, all the way down to
the base of the spine.  So, you might feel it all the way down the spine in
addition to the head.  We're going to go with the removal of any hatred in
this area, programmed in by relatives or community or past life,
self-hatred, negative thoughts about the self, any kind of hatred, and just
let that be extracted from the brain and perhaps also the spinal cord.  Make
special note of any of the self-hatred things, such as "I don't like myself
when I procrastinate, or when I don't have enough money to pay the bills, or
when I look at myself in the mirror, or when I'm over-weight or
under-weight, or aging, or whatever the programs are.  Really, get into the
hatred aspect and let it all be purged.  This one's taking a little bit
longer.  It's a little bit more complex.  Now we'll bring in the love, the
white love energy, as a replacement to fill the void before the subconscious
gets busy filling it in with whatever programs it wants.  Bring in that
bright white love, all the way down the spinal cord as well, please,
especially down to the sacrum.  Good.

The next area for hatred is going to be the heart muscle.  (By the way, you'
re working as a prototype for humanity.  It's not just those working at the
moment.  We're working on all of humanity here.)  The heart muscle is a very
interesting place.  I'm more concerned with --- more so than wounding, or
fear of love, or all these other things that are normally corresponded to
the fear --- what I'm seeing in there is self-hatred, lack of self-love.
And sometimes a closed heart towards other people, for a certain reason.  It
could be fear based, or whatever, but it is a form of hatred from the heart
muscle.  So we want, again, to get rid of the storage here as you breathe
out that hatred.  Your in-breath in self-love, and then you breathe out more
hatred and breathe in white self-love, breathe out any form of hatred,
breathe in the white love.  Keep doing that until it's just white love all
the time, there's no hatred left in there.  Then we have our affirmation:
"Let my heart use only love".  I'm going to continue doing a little bit of
deep cleaning there in the heart muscle.  If it's aching a little bit, don't
worry about it.  Well, if you're worried about it, you can call 911, but I'm
doing some very deep, intensive work there.  Good.  Good, good, good.

I'm going next to war and violence in general.  Now, this will be
interesting because I'm just polling the bodies to see where it's most
commonly stored.  I'm picking up several areas, which is interesting.  Let's
start with the eyes.  Your eyes see pretty much what they want to see ---
you see through the personality or through the soul, or sometimes a mix of
both, and it's interesting: I could put ten of you in a room and show you
something and you would all see something different even though you're
technically seeing the same thing.  The eyes are selective in that way.
There is the ability also, literally, in the hatred, to scowl through the
eyes or to look at someone with mean energy in the eyes.  So that is what we
're going to get rid of, a tendency for violence.  Of course, your eyes show
many things.  They are termed the windows to the soul and they can show when
you're upset or when you're happy or whatever as well, but we're extracting
out that war and violence from the eyes.  As the out breath goes out, let
that energy go.  Really, keep emptying the eyes and perhaps even the optic
nerve that goes back to the brain, so the eyes basically tell the brain what
they saw.  Keep clearing, clearing, clearing out of the eyes, out in front
of the body there, any tendency toward war or violence, mean thinking,
giving someone a dirty look, all of those things.  Let then all come out.
You might feel some corresponding energy in some other places in the body,
the navel point and so on.  It will be interesting to see.  Pull in now that
pure white love.  The eyes are to be fully illuminated with that bright
white.  Again, this bright white can carry back through the nerve system
into the brain.  If you want to spread it to your sinuses, to your whole
face, whatever you want to do with the white energy, we have enough of it
now in the body to do that.  Just see it peeking out everywhere.   All
right.  Good.

The next area is the thyroid at the base of the neck there just above the
collarbone.  The thyroid, responsible for metabolism and some other things,
but again, because it's closely connected with the Throat Chakra, speaking,
and that sort of thing, we're going to work with that as a place where war
and violence is stored.  Of course, when the body won't metabolize properly,
that's an act of violence against the body, the thyroid at war with the rest
of the body.  Let's go into the thyroid and on the exhale let any stored
energy there -- it doesn't just have to be that particular component; there
could be some fear in there, or something else.  Just keep letting it out.
For those of you who know how to do extracting work or Reiki, or different
things where you can feel the energy in your hands, this should be really
something that you feel quite strongly.  I'm very appreciative that you're
doing the work.  There's going to be a lot of the sounding of the "Om" and
other peace symbols going on later in the day when the moon is in its
eclipse, but I think this preparatory work is very, very important to make
the "Om" and the peace reverberation even more powerful.  Keep letting
everything out of that thyroid.  And there's the parathyroid glands, too,
which have to do with letting the body absorb calcium into the bones, and so
on.  There's quite a bit of possibilities there for what might be stored in
that region.  Good.  And now let's pack in that white love energy, just pack
it, over-pack it, really; really work in as much density as you possible can
of pure love energy, going into the thyroid.  And you can also let it into
your vocal cords, drain out what might be stored in those vocal cords and
put love back in.  And really focus on that Throat Chakra right now as your
ability to express Divine Will coming out of the Throat Chakra as well.
Good.  Occasionally, if you want to exuberantly say,  "I am love!" as you're
realizing this is who you really are, not those other programs that were in
there, go right ahead.

There's another component that I'm looking at globally that I think we could
get rid of some storage on.  That's revenge.  I know a lot of these are
interrelated; you could boil the emotions down.  But I'm looking in the
group programming of humanity, and how they are stored specifically, so that
it will have a little more exact effect, rather than a general effect.  This
is going to be an interesting one.  It's in the bones, most definitely in
the bones.  It's also in the genetic codes, like two religions hating each
other or two families hating each other.  A component of it gets passed
through the genetic code.  We could go down to chromosome level, but we'll
just focus on the word "genetics", knowing that it gets passed down in the
blood line, if you will.  Start with the bones.  Now, that's an interesting
thing to think about, your bones, your structure, that which holds up the
whole frame.

The bones are also like a tuning fork.  When they are aligned, they vibrate;
they literally carry vibration and sound it off like a tuning fork.  When
they are misaligned, it can stop them.  But the bones actually deliver that
tuning fork-like vibration to the soft tissues in the body.  So whatever
your bones are singing about is very important, if they are singing pain
that's the message your soft tissues get.  If they're singing revenge, that'
s the message your soft tissues get.  If they're singing joy, that's the
message your soft tissues get.  So, if you know anything about tones and
vibrations and which tones provide healing and which ones are discordant,
that will make more sense to you.  So out of the bones, please --- really we
can say revenge, but also we can say anything that isn't love --- drained
out of the bones now.  Just as fast as we drain it off we want the love
coming back in, liquid white.  You could even see the bone marrow turning
bright white inside the bones themselves.  Now, if you've had a little
titanium stuck inside there, Teflon parts, etc., consider them your bones.
Draw out anything that isn't love and put back in love.  Claim them as your
body parts, in other words.  Love, love, love.  Just keep draining off
anything that isn't love and putting love in.  Pack it in around the skull,
down the spine.  Let it flow through the ribs from the spine, down the arms,
down the legs, pelvis --- every bone you can think of and then the ones you
can't think of.  Inner ear, just keep going, going, going, with all the
skeletal structure, filling with very bright white.  Now your soft tissues
should be feeling much different.

Let's go to the genetics, the composition between your mother and your
father that gives you the color of your skin, the color of your hair, the
length of your upper arm, the shapes of your toes, and so on, those genetics
that actually define the way you grew the body in the womb and then
continued to grow it outside the womb.  Let's go into those genetics and
remove any revenge, all the way back through the bloodline, or anything else
that's in there that is not love.  You want to pull it all out.  If you have
very fearful family members, pull all of the fear out of the genetics.  If
you have angry or addictive members in the bloodline, pull all the anger and
addiction out.  If you have hatred or prejudice or any of that, pull it all
out of the genetics --- or victimization --- definitely pull that one out of
the genetics, it's not love.  Any veterans or people who fought in wars,
going all the way back through the bloodline, pull that out.  Anything that'
s in there, suicide, anything stored in the genetics that is not pure love,
out it goes.  Good.

While we're at it, I'm going to add the skin, the skin itself. You know,
when you have something under your skin, those kinds of sayings, or
irritation in the skin, it can be a lot of things.  So we want to clear the
skin now, also of revenge or anything in the genetic code or anything that
might not be love.  This is quite important because it is the skin that
tells the brain what to do.  Let it drain out and with each breath in
replace it with that pure white love.  Remember that your bones are filled
with white love.  Between the bones and the skin alone you should be in
pretty good shape tight now.  Good.  Let's go back to the adrenal glands and
just give those a little soft pink color, candy cotton pink, a soft fluffy
pink, on the adrenals.

This is very important to send out to humanity, too, so pretty soon we'll
get to a point of delivering all of this energetically to humanity in a form
of brainstorming.  Maybe we can find another term for that --- creative
thinking about what we want to see in the future.  All right.  Now.  The
Star of David pattern, two triangles, one pointing up, one pointing down,
making a six point star.  That symbol is going to be very important later
today.  Now we're going to put one just above the head, hovering about two
or three inches above the top of the head.  You can make it wide like a hat,
going out quite a bit wider, if you want.  Then we're going to put another
Star of David under the feet, about two or three inches under your feet, and
make it the same size as the top one.  They can be anywhere from five or six
inches in diameter to two or three feet.  Don't get it too large because we'
re going to use it as a channel.  Now beneath you we're going to get a
picture of the Earth's grid system, or just know it's there, even if you use
the traditional one on a map where you have base lines and meridians going
around the globe.  This really is a different kind of grid system; it's kind
of a matrix pattern.  There are several, really.  It's not necessary to know
exactly which one you're working with, and you might work with several.  So
I'm going to leave that open-ended, because you each have different
purposes, different styles of connecting in with the Earth and I think they
are all good.  So, we're going to let that be a multi-dimensional experience
there on the Earth grid.

Now that pure white love, that pure, pure energy, that is void of all those
other lesser emotions( the higher vibration always wins) ,so this pure love
energy is now the dominant energy.  We're going to let it come in from
above.  If you want to see it as coming from the Three Star One, or Holy
Trinity, or just universal energy, you could do that.  It's coming through
that first Star of David, down through your body, through that second Star
of David, and directly into the Earth's grid system.  Every time you breathe
you should feel the energy rush a little stronger through the body, and it
may be more of a slow filterage, rather delicious, a good over-all
sensation.  From there in the Earth's grid system the energy is going to
keep spreading, spreading, spreading, so you're actually anchoring the
vibration of love and peace right now.  It's going into the grid system now.
So later in the day when you do some Oming, and so on, that's going to be
picked up just like your bones thing.  The grid system is going to hold that
vibration, really pick it up and magnify it.  Keep breathing.

There's a lot of information about the Earth's grid systems.  If they don't
fit your belief system, don't worry about it.  Just go with the concept that
all things in Creation have a blueprint of some sort.  Your body has a
blueprint.  It has meridians in that acupuncture way of studying it.  That's
a grid system, for example.  The Earth and all living things have a grid
system and sometimes more than one system.  So just trust that, just like if
all of your acupuncture points and all of your meridians were open and
flowing you would be in optimum health, that's what we're delivering to the
Earth, everything open and flowing, optimal health, pure love.  And while
you're doing that, if you can, also pull the negativity out, or see it being
pulled out, of the Earth.   Anything she's been storing for humanity, or
whatever, that is not love is being forced out basically, because the
dominant vibration is the love energy.  So negativity, wounding, toxicity,
and so on, are all leaving Earth's body.  Good.  Really good anchoring work.

All right, let's see here.  As usual with this group, we're a little ahead
of schedule, but that's good.  Let's go into what I call a spiritual state
of being.  Yes, you're human, but you are also spirit, a pure spirit
dwelling in a human vehicle, if you will.  You're intermeshed.  You don't
want to be separate.  A sense of separation inside yourself is usually a
painful state in one way or another.  Either you feel like you don't belong
or you feel like the world isn't the right place or it isn't good enough or
it's doomed.  You'll get a sense of separation if you create that inside.
So we want the integration of spirit into your human form, but right now I
want to focus primarily on that spiritual state of being, already
enlightened, already filled with universal wisdom, applicable wisdom, wisdom
you can use and apply daily in life.  Let's emphasize that part of you which
is also that pure love energy.  Just call it forth, "My spiritual state of
being" or "My spiritual core," maybe "My enlightened self," and as you keep
working on that, if you close your eyes, you might see an energy pattern.
You might see your own blueprint pattern.

Certainly, I hope that you are beginning to feel the change in your body.
And above all,    remember to breathe because that is the power.  Breath is
power on the physical plane.  Power is simply light; it's the creative
consciousness; it's what you're made of.  So restricting power, restricting
breath, is denying yourself the light that you are.  It's very interesting
how the consciousness can do that to itself, but it certainly does happen.
Now, let the light just keep going through the body covering everything that
we didn't discuss, like maybe a joint or the reproductive system, and so on.
So, let the light keep flowing through your body.  Keep in mind you've still
got the Star of David above, the Star of David below, the Earth's grid
system is getting the benefit of all the energy that you're running, and you
're invoking your own spiritual self.  Now, I'm going to let the energy keep
running through the Earth's grid, and from time to time throughout the day
and into tomorrow, you can send a burst of love, energy, or a burst of peace
down into that grid system.  When most people are living in a state of love,
then the world will be peaceful because the other modes of operating are so

We can also, I think, with this group --- again, you surprise me sometimes
with your efficiency here as Lightworkers --- let's pull that energy back
up.  It's down in the Earth grid, which is fairly well saturated.  There's
still a little more work to do, but let's see it shining out from the Earth,
like the rays of the sun will shine out.  You've seen solar flares, so you
can see it flaring out from time to time, this nice white love energy.  Then
see how many members of humanity decide to adopt that dominant energy.  That
love energy is always stronger than anything else, but you can use the mind
to resist taking it to stay in something that takes a lot more energy to
manufacture.  So let's see humanity soaking up that white light.  They're
receiving it up from the Earth.  Good!  Now, if you want to, you can spread
it around the planet, too, in rings around the planet.  Some of you are on
the ground at sea level and some of you are in the mountains at various
levels, so if you send it out from the level where you are and see it go all
the way around the planet, spreading all the way around the planet on your
level, then you can feel the ring below you and the ring above you.  Then we
have some in Tibet.  They're very well aware of the astrology and they're
doing a lot of prayer for world peace, primarily the "Om Mane Padme, Hum".
So, it's a good one to chant today, if you want to.  Or just the "Om"

Well, let's have a little creative thinking.  I'd like to keep the focus on
the positive, like what the world is like in a state of world peace or the
New Age, the Golden Age.   Anyone who would like to share their perceptions?
That is, if you're not too blissed at the moment.

STUDENT:  Well, I'll share.  I see people being very happy, growing, wanting
to help one another and very giving.

STUDENT:  We've done away with the monetary system so there's no stress
about that anymore.  Whatever you want or need you can get.  It just

STUDENT:  I hear children laughing, all children being able to laugh, really

STUDENT:  No process will be considered unless it is beneficial to Mother

STUDENT:  I see a world with leaders who act in the highest interest of all,
who are connected to the Ascended Masters and the Hierarchy.

STUDENT:  I hear Mother Earth laughing.

DK:  Take a moment to see yourselves laughing, joyful, happy, moving through
every day alive.  Imagine that deeply within.  Take a moment to live that
out so you're claiming it at a cellular level of sensation.

STUDENT:  I see people walking down a road, or riding a horse down a road,
singing, like the singing cowboy, yippee-yi-yi-yo and everybody's just

DK:  And are you seeing yourself happy?  (Yeah, I may be one of them walking
down the road.)  (Spoken like a real Texan.)  Good.

STUDENT:  There are no slums or ghettos.  Everyone is living in a beautiful
place, everybody's happy.

STUDENT:  I don't see any structures.  If you feel like laying down, you
just lay down.  Grab a bush.  (Was that a pun?)  No.  No, I'm sorry.  That
was furtherist from my mind.  I just saw a cushion.

STUDENT:  As I was breathing out the white love light, I could feel
humanity, and their bodies connect, then their bodies connect to the Earth
and it was just one rush after another.  Just peaceful love everywhere.

DK:  Very nourishing.

STUDENT:  I see a very slowed-down pace of living where in the reorientation
of community, whereby people come together in smaller groups for common
purposes and the structures in which we live are much more closely oriented
to the Earth energetics and to the sun and to openness.  And there is much
more of a free flow between the inside of the home and the outside of the
home.  There's gardening and a conscious and clear relationship between the
humans and nature spirits and fairies and so forth, and a great deal of joy
in restoring that mutual respect and that very nurturing positive
relationship between the humans and all aspects of nature.

DK:  Good.  Thank you.  And just a few things to put out here for
envisioning.  I see people coming together to prepare meals, gathering with
"I got this from my garden, I got that from my garden, I got this from my
farm, and whatever".  Coming together to prepare meals, pooling their
resources, literally.  (Every day's a potluck.  Sounds great!)  Actually,
every day's a joint effort and potluck.   (Well, I feel blessed at my age
because they'll just say, "Here, let me do it." )  (Baloney!  I think you
will have a lot of extra chi.)  (Well, that's what I'll tell them.)

STUDENT:  I saw the Earth throwing off all the darkness and chunks of
darkness breaking off and beams of light were steaming out into space and
the Earth was just becoming lighter and lighter and beginning to glow and
radiating out like a sun in the sky.  Beautiful.

STUDENT:  That reminds me of a question that I have.  During the eclipse
tonight, are we going to see the light that the Earth is producing?  They're
talking about how dark it's gong to get.

DK:  It's interesting.  Truth in spirit is that there is no light or dark.
It's just one.  It's just a field and there is no light or dark.  It's been
described as light because there is no blocked vision.  You can see
everything clearly, but it would be interesting.  Essentially, what's
happening there is that the Earth is in the middle and the sun is on one
side and the moon is on the other side.  I would go with what's going on
globally, which is the sound of the "Om" and then see what happens.  We just
worked a tremendous amount of energy into the Earth's grid system and it is
holding quite a bit of light.  The moon we haven't really worked with.  We
might later today.  I'll take a look and see what's going on there because
it's a part that's going to get some shadow on it.  I think maybe the
underlying thinking that I'm having here is that if the mind perceives only
one energy, it doesn't perceive light or dark.  Maybe that's the way to go
there, is to see the Oneness strongly integrated into all things, no matter
what appearances are.

That would also extend to, if you hear news of more war, or shooting or
killing or whatever, do not get discouraged, do not waver in your faith that
peace is here, not just that it's going to be here someday, but that it's
already here.  It's a matter of awakening and unveiling it.  Don't get
discouraged.  It's the mind going back to play with that light versus dark,
that age-old good versus evil and so on.  Don't entertain the polarity.
Stay in the Oneness as much as you can.  And keep working with that
sensation within your own body when you are living in a peaceful state.  You
mostly want it anchored at the cellular level of consciousness, because then
you naturally spread it to others.  And be happy.  Find yourself just
sitting there smiling throughout the day.  That would also be another way of
doing it.  Some of you may need to take a nap after all of our energy work,
which would be fine.  Some may need to go for a walk.  Some may need to sit
in the bathtub.  Remember that water does discharge a lot of excess energy.
H2O.  It's the hydrogen that pulls the excess energy out of the body.   You
may even need some water therapy today, at least drinking a lot of water to
replenish it after all the energy work.  Feel free to call upon me, by the
way, just call on the inner planes and say, "Djwhal (or DK), I need some
help stabilizing here", or whatever.  Also, remember that flower essences
are very good for helping you, and whatever else normally works for you.
You might want to read some poetry or whatever will keep you in that energy.
Now I'm seeing that the group is getting a little wobbly, as I would put it,
on the energetics, so I'm going to do a little stabilizing as a closing

Let's go to your place of being able to ground your sense of connectedness
to your physical body, connectedness to gravity, literally.  So, in your
body, the gravity center is just below the navel point, the t'an t'ien
center, as it's sometimes called.  It's in the pelvic region, and if you do
any sort of Tai Chi or yoga, or something that requires a balance, you can
maybe strike one of those poses and hold it energetically as a means to
really get into your center.  Pay attention for a moment to gravity and feel
the relationship inside your body to the Earth gravity point, maybe even
keep drawing the energy from your gravity to the Earth so that you can
literally feel the gravity holding you snug against the Earth.  Feel a point
of tension there like you're tethered to the gravity center of the planet
and at the same time feel happy, joyful, peaceful and so on, those at the
same time.  The gravity point will be what helps you stabilize the energy
work.   In other words, stay grounded, stay in your body.

And if you do need to check out of your body, I do prefer that you lay it
down flat first.  Lay down on your back, prop your knees up a little bit,
make sure that the small of your back is flattened out so your sacrum, your
pelvic bones, your shoulder bones and the back of your head are all lined up
against the surface of the planet --- unless you're six stories high or
something.  But you want your body face up so that those energy centers are
rejuvenated by the gravity of the planet while you might want to check out
of your body and go flying around, play in the energy grids, watch the
energy patterns and just have fun.  But again, lay your body down safely.
Don't do that while you're walking or driving a car or something.  Be very
careful.  So, we're going to ask for stabilizers for the body.  Some of you
really like the light and you're not particularly feeling the body very
much, so let me come up with another remedy here.  But I don't think you're
going to get very grounded.  You might just want to sit in meditation after
we've concluded our call.  In the case that you can't get grounded, keep
your body in a safe place.  Don't put it in danger of falling down stairs,
that sort of thing.  Be very careful, move slowly and ask for the light body
to really dominate the physical body, so that you won't get injured.  You
want your light body being the main operating system, so if you happen to
walk into the wall you won't be bruised by it.  You might bounce off of it a
little bit, but it's not going to injure you, for example, because you didn'
t see that the wall was there.  Again, move slowly; be gentle with your
body.  I want a happy loving body to carry you into the New Age, well, well
into the New Age.

Again, stabilizers.  Ask your body what will stabilize you.  It might tell
you to drink a big glass of water; it might tell you go eat some meat; it
might say wait ten minutes before  you get out of the chair; it might say
rub your feet across the floor, shuffle your feet a while before you try to
walk.  Ask your own body, "What do you need as a stabilizer?"   I think most
of you need some food, most definitely, and water, so consider those as
well.  All right, I think we're at a good point for closure here.  I'll be
calling in at 4:15 Pacific, 5:15 Mountain, 6:15 Central and 7:15 Eastern.
Call the same number.  You might want to get on a little bit early so the
line doesn't get too jammed.  We'll continue our work and we will be
sounding the "Om" by then as well. Thank you and my love to you,

Djwhal Khul

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Star of David Harmonic Concordance, Part 2, Djwhal Khul, Rev Terri Newlon

(Transcribed by Mary Smith)
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Just when you thought it was over!

The Harmonic Concordance anchored in some incredible consiousness and
energy. Now that it is here it is doing it's work, many are feeling it.  The
body and consciousness is going through all kinds of processes.

The collective consciousness and the Earth will also go through a healing
crises as well.
How one experiences these new energies is directly related
to their environment and their consciousness. Wherever there are lower
vibrational attitudes, emotions and deeds, there will be upheavel.

Many are feeling emotional roller coasters between saddness, anger, love,
joy, and bliss. The institutions, religious, government and business are all
having to adapt to these new energies. Some will hold on to the old ways.
They will even become violent and act as if they are insane many of which
are. The actions against Humanity and the Earth will all come forward. Those
who capitalize at the expense of Humanity and the Earth will be made known,
the masks are all coming off and no rock will be left unturned. This is a
process no man can stop, it is beyond even the most darkest technologies and

Go with the flow, act on the inner guidance and all will be well. Avoid the
monkey trap. You know that coconut with the hole in it filled with the rice
tied to a tree? The clentched fist is all that is keeping you, along with
attachment to the rice. There will be lots of coconut traps to keep you from
fullfilling your own unique purpose. There will be a forward march. A march
into enlightenment, the new world or golden age of peace.  Listen within,
avoid the monkey traps and do what your inner soul prompts you to do.

As for a little detail as to what is unfolding, there are regenerants. These
regenerants have been involved in the control and manipulation of Humanity
and the Earth for quite some time. It is no longer man against man, it is
the regenerants against man. They have plunged man/woman into wars,
destroyed much of the environment and enslaved humanity for quite some time.

The enslavement is through dependency. These regenerants are responsible for
many of the diseases that plague humanity, supressing the cures, supressing
clean Earth friendly technologies that can restore the environment and the
individual freedom and prosperity for all. Separation, againstness, fear and
suppression are their tools. According to their knowledge, the only way to
insures their survivial is by amassing great wealth and power.

The regenerants are completely ignorant of universal law.  They are unaware
that actions against Humanity and the Earth in truth insures their demise.
Some of the regenerants are waking up to this fact. They have an opportunity
for enlightenment as well, yet first there is an atonement. They must shift
their actions and resources towards the awakening and healing of Humanity
and the Earth.

Their time is very short. The Last Waltz of the Tyrants," a very appropriate
book," is coming to a close. The music is going to get very loud. They will
be spinning and dancing in all their arrogance until the last days. Then
there will be a silence. The only words heard will be, "It is finished".
Then comes the darkness for them.

All the pain, sufferning and loss of freedom they have inflicted on others
will be felt within self.  It will be a balancing that comes with the golden
age. It is like a near death experience, yet this time the entire planet
will experience it. Before one passes into the golden light they must
balance their karma. This is now being felt by many, a preparation of the
soul, a harvest so to speak.

Welcome it, flow with it, learn to release the past and find the impeccable
integrity to not participate in any further actions which are not in service
and the highest and best good of Humanity and the Earth. Pass it on.

James Gilliland
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