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From: http://www.sharonshane.com/harmonicconcordance.htm
Has a beautiful colored chart of the 6 pointed star.  
Days to Focus your Intent

Nov. 8 - 11, 2003
Channeled Message
from Thoth
as channeled by Sharon Shane

For more detailed astrological data go to www.harmonicconcordance.com
There are layers upon layers of meaning. We will give you some of the layers of meaning.
We will give you the necessities of understanding to share with others.

You are going into the year of the "six" and the six-pointed star.
(2004 = 2 + 4 = 6)  11/08/2003 = 1 + 1 + 8 + 2 + 3 = 15 1 + 5 = 6
That is very primary and very basic.

The energy on the days in November of 8 to 11, 2003 will be very powerful indeed.

We suggest you take advantage of those days to focus your intent.
You have worked very hard at cleaning out your closets.
Now what will you fill your closets with? See?
You have cleared the past so you could be an empty vessel. What will you fill it with?

 Start dreaming. Think about
what it is that's aligned with your Highest Purpose and Highest Good. See
yourself in the middle and the center of the Star of
David, that you call the six-pointed star, the Merkaba. See yourself in the
center of that energy. See yourself in the center of
that power. Spin that energy back and forth, and to and fro sideways like we
have taught you. Spin your intent from this center.
Very powerful alignment more so than the Harmonic Convergence. This is the
culmination of much work done on many,
many dimensional levels. It is a day of alignment, this four day period.
Don't worry if you miss a day. During these very
powerful days, take time and focus, meditate. Step into the center of the
Star. Become the Star of David, your energy fields,
activate your Merkaba. Be powerful.

The energies most specifically reflect in your world Divine Plan. All is in
alignment. It is a time to celebrate and rejoice. It is a
time of great accomplishment. Layers upon layers cannot totally be revealed
the fullness of which you could not comprehend. We
do not withhold information from you. We merely suggest that the information
is far too overwhelming for you to digest. Let it be
known that the Higher Realms are very celebratory as the sign in your skies
is the symbol of times long awaited in the
overall scheme of unfolding Divine Plan. It is an energy of alignment, so
focus on those days to align with your Higher Purpose
and let it be revealed to you in all its glory and magnificence. Let your
Self be revealed to you. Let your Self embrace and
be embraced by the Divine. What is the power and the symbol of the Star of
David other than the merging of the dimensions,
the merging of the lower self with the Higher Self. Union, Divine Union,
Communion as is spoken in the book.

These things are coming into alignment. Will everybody align on those days?
Absolutely not. Will you align? That is the question.
Choose. Choose to align your consciousness with Divine Plan. Choose to
align your consciousness with your Higher Self. You
must step into the center of your power. It is an invitation from your
Higher Consciousness to do so. The energies are there.
They are there for you to harness, to utilize, to direct with intent. Will
you ignore these energies? There are plenty of outlets in
your house you can ignore or plug into. You can ignore the electricity on
the other side of those sockets or you can plug in and utilize
it and direct it and harness it. It is the same principle. The energies are
there for you to utilize but you must plug in by aligning your
consciousness. Step out of your ego and into your power. Step into the center of your
Merkaba. If you do not know what that means,
let your Higher Self guide you. See yourself stepping into the 3-dimensional
6-pointed star and let it guide you to what that means.
You can practice now to prepare yourself for those 4 days are most powerful
to direct your intent from that center and not from your ego.
Your ego can intend and quite physically manifest all your lower resonating
intentions. You see it everyday around you. Everyone is
manifesting from low resonance either unconsciously or consciously, but
definitely not Higher Consciously. Higher Consciousness
must be harnessed by aligning with it and focussing consciously. That is
power. That is mastery. It does not come of its own.
You must claim it. You must own it. That's what makes you powerful.

If we were to come up to you and hand you a scepter and we say, "Here, we
designate you a powerful being," does that make you
powerful? Do you stand there and hold some silly item we hand you and say,
"Wow that makes me powerful." No. You must step
into your power by leaving your ego behind. Rise above the pettiness. Rise
above the worries. Rise above all the ego's meanderings.
This is the Harmonic Concordance, a very sacred and celebratory time.
Partake in the joy that day, whichever day you choose.
Align all four days, or align on one day. But practice now. Be prepared.
There's more to the Harmonic Concordance. There are grids, matrixes, and
geometries that are too advanced and would boggle
your mind. If you only knew what the mechanism of Divine Plan was, you would
be overwhelmed. We do not wish to overwhelm.
We only wish to give you the amount of information you can work with at the
level of your comprehension. We will give you global understandings that there
are some Lightworkers that will be able to utilize this information.

The matrix across the gridlines of Earth are connected.
Each Merkaba sends out the gridlines connecting with other
Merkaba's at the points. Imagine sending out energy
from the six points connecting with other Merkaba's around the globe. Can
you see what kind of strong matrix that will make? Powerful.
A lot of Lightworkers anchoring their energies in spots around the globe.
Anchor with them with the intent to raise the resonance
to Peace and Love. Do this on these days. There will be others doing this
too. Connect with your Light brothers and sisters
around the globe. Focus six points outward from your center in all
directions. Feel the connection. Feel how powerful when the
Light joins the Light and consciousness returns to its own to find its home.
See the great Light you will create. Tell others. Awaken
them to their remembering. Invite them to connect the Light strands to
create the power matrix around the world. Anchors, Light
beams holding it all together for those not yet ready to understand these
things. You are honored in your positions on the grid.

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