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Growing from "ME" Consciousness to

"US" Consciousness

 Gabrielís perspectives about events that are either already beginning to take place or in the works, as well as what they represent and how we
might respond to create healing out of this spiritual crisis and emergence)

Before we share any specifics about world events, we want to share some perspectives we believe are key to our healing as a planet. The focus of this first article will be to clarify some of the primary issues we all share at this stage of our growth and development.

By learning to look at the world from the perspectives of common humanity, we will ultimately grow into a much deeper understanding of ourselves. This is vital, for the true point of power always starts with the SELF.

The only way we will truly heal and transform the limitations of our world is to connect to the source of power within the individual. That will come as we learn to look with courage at ourselves with deeper honesty and deeper compassion. That courage needs to start with ME and YOU.

(To be able to share a great deal of information with as much clarity as possible, I will separate main ideas into small sections.  Each section will begin in RED. Important key points within those sections will be emphasized in BLUE.)


We live in a world that is unfulfilled in many ways.

We are entering this new millennium as a world with major symptoms of the limitation, fear and defense that accompany unfulfillment. Why is that? We are a world of people who do not know how to fulfill our own deepest needs as empowered individuals. The good news is that more than ever, we are also a world that is searching for something more.

Why do we not know how to fulfill our deepest needs?

What we first need to consider is that we are all creatures of learned behavior. We begin as primitive, little ones who first learn and grow by imitating what we are taught or that which is modeled for us. Within that process, our choices can only become as sophisticated as the depth of our teaching allows.

For instance, in our earliest years we are all focused on issues and choices of survival. In order to move into higher, more evolved choices, we must first feel safe, trusting the foundation of those initial levels. Only then can we continue on our journey to becoming individuals of depth, with a true sense of self in empowerment.

Our growth into a sense of self takes place primarily as we are nurtured through a series of emerging needs. These needs encompass the development of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.


Let's look at a healthy model of this process to gain more clarity.

In the healthy model, it is first up to our parents to meet our primitive needs. As infants and toddlers we are unable to respond for ourselves. However, as we begin to grow and trust that we are safe and nurtured in the world, our parents begin to teach us how to identify our own needs. We then begin making primitive choices for ourselves, while we continue to be guided along the way. The older we become, the more we learn to take responsibility for meeting deeper and deeper needs for ourselves. This is how we individuate with a sense of personal power.

By the time we reach adulthood, this process of nurturing support has taught us that meeting our own needs is our divine opportunity and right.

This healthy and natural unfoldment also teaches us to embrace life one step at a time as a PROCESS. As we do, we are able to watch the miracle of each unique individual emerging step-by-step with an awareness of their own value.

A final benefit of this healthy model is the fact that by growing into the ability to meet our own needs, responding fully to our emerging feelings, dreams and visions as individuals, we naturally create a world of empowered, valued individuals who are fulfilled from within. Once an individual trusts that fulfillment is possible and natural, they also understand the benefit of supporting others in their process of growth. A world in "US consciousness."


Why have we not evolved into a world of such advanced choices and fulfilled individuals?

First we need to understand that the world evolves through a process as well. Mass consciousness always reflects the various stages of that growth, very much like a large group of people moving from first grade to second and so on. Each of those stages on our planet usually lasts about two thousand years. We do not have to look far to find that we have been caught in the limitations of a certain stage of our development for a very long time.

Remember from the healthy model above that the only way we can move from one stage to another is by feeling safe in the foundation we have built at our most recent level.

As we look to the reality we find ourselves in at the moment, it only takes backing up one generation to your own parents to see how our present limitations have been perpetuated. It boils down to the fact that your needs were not met fully because your parents were once children who were not taught how to to identify and fulfill many of their needs. This means they were unable to build a complete sense of self within.

Within these limitations, we have been a world passing on fearful, conflicting choices for generation after generation. This has resulted in a world that has not felt safe enough to move on to more evolved choices - primarily apparent around our emotional and spiritual needs.

These deficiencies have left us with many holes inside, seemingly stuck in certain stages of survival consciousness. All our parents could do was pass on what they knew from their experience. We also need to see, however, that this involved passing on some deep concepts of fear, defense and limitation.

Why would they do that? The answer is simple. People in survival are afraid of change.


Finding the courage to look to the truth...

In order to find clear solutions to our present challenges, we need to return to the beginning. The first stage of our experience on Earth depends upon learning to feel safe in the world. This actually begins with learning to feel safe within the family.

Since we were born into a world of limitation, we typically developed a sense of what is safe by trying to fit in to the limits that our parents were safe to experience. We will call this their comfort zones. These limits have most been often defined by their perspectives of right and wrong, enforced through reward and punishment.

Most of us were taught that whatever we did or expressed that agreed with our parents' comfort zones was "right." Anything that triggered feelings and memories connected with their past pain took them out of their comfort zones. This was not safe to their wounded nervous systems and was considered "wrong" or unacceptable.

Anytime we were good (in the comfort zone), we were rewarded. Anytime we were in conflict, we were corrected, encouraged to change or even punished until we learned the "right way." These limitations of reward and punishment were then expanded into a system of eternal reward and punishment from individuals in our religious systems - based on the same survival approach of pain and fear motivation. If we were good, we would go to Heaven. And if not...!

It is important to remember that these perspectives of right and wrong were established when we were very little people. Since we were completely dependent upon others for our survival, these perspectives were anchored deeply in our nervous system. A child can only feel safe when accepted in the family, so challenging these early comfort zones would only bring them face to face with a fear of pain, punishment and even death.

Within all of that, it is no wonder we never learned to trust the process of growing into our individuality through nurturing and the process of trial and error. Just like our parents before us, we have remained afraid at the core to consider change. It has just seemed too risky.


There are four primary effects of this system that we need to be able to identify in order to move forward.

First, when our needs emerged unmet, we did not feel safe. One of the choices we then began to make to survive involved developing layers of defense and separation. We literally surrounded ourselves with layers of energetic armoring to compensate for those unmet needs.

A second major compensation involved developing a mask of who we thought we needed to be to please Mom and Dad. However, the reality is that this required us to disconnect from vital parts of our authentic selves, leaving us with a deep sense of feeling unsafe and alone.

Third, we need to understand that since Mom and Dad did not teach us to connect to OURSELVES to fulfill our needs, we have remained dependent upon them energetically - even into adulthood!

This boils down to the fact that on the inside we are like wounded children. We were taught that someone OUTSIDE of ourselves would define our limits and comfort zones. We were taught to focus OUTSIDE ourselves to gain acceptance. We were taught to look OUTSIDE ourselves for a sense of validation or approval. This came from the fact that in those primary stages of our development, someone outside of us was in charge of fulfilling our needs and ensuring our survival.

The result of being stuck or frozen in this early stage of our growth leaves our nervous system with the impression that the source of our safety and fulfillment must be OUTSIDE. So in many ways we have remained like children, waiting for someone outside ourselves to give us permission to move forward.

This may make no sense to your adult logic. This is because we have continued to grow and learn, having moved out of the house and even creating other families perhaps.

However, we need to begin to realize that our nervous system is like a computer. What we put into that hard drive is what comes up on the screen of our lives. If we have only input a first-grade emotional education, that is all we can call on from within. When the computer gets imprints of limitation and fear, it also doesn't magically delete these foundational experiences just because our logic grows.


Imagine it this way. When a child shows up to first grade, it is all new and a bit scary. However, they soon discover there is a big person sitting behind the desk - the powerful teacher. So the child naturally looks to the teacher to feel safe. Imagine that the teacher says nothing of any impact. Nothing of importance is shared or taught.

Do you think the child is going to gather the information on her own? Do you think the child will feel safe and nurtured with the first-grade needs which show up from within her sacred little self? Do you think the child will actually know when it is time to move on to second grade? Do you think the child will embrace the idea that school is a safe and nurturing place to grow and reveal her deepest self?

Then for the sake of clarity, let's imagine that what the teacher does share is a very clear list of rules of right and wrong. Let's say that the teacher is not comfortable with her feelings or creative individual expression. She will then suppress those parts of the child in the name of feeling safe. She will do this thinking that it is best for the child - since it is what gives her the illusion of comfort zones.

Chances are, through imitation and habit, the child will simply show up to her first grade desk day after day and year after year. She will continue to get bigger, but without nurturing education her nervous system will not know how to grow. And since the "powerful teacher" is the closest thing she has to feeling safe at school, chances are she will not risk creating conflict, rejection or punishment.

Learning to trust ourselves within the process of growth can only come when we feel safe. Without that trust, all of our focus remains in survival mode. Without that trust and sense of safety, we are not capable of truly individuating into our own power and autonomy. We simply grow into bigger people on the outside, but still look outside ourselves for direction and a sense of self.

The main problem is that our needs inside keep emerging right on schedule. When they are not met, we simply accumulate deeper levels of unsafety and aloneness. Outside, we may continue fulfilling the mask of what we believe is required to keep the peace or avoid conflict. But inside we are screaming silently, "HEY, WHAT ABOUT ME?!?"

"Me Consciousness" in unfulfillment.


The fourth effect of this system is the fact that searching OUTSIDE ourselves in an attempt to replace our unmet needs has created a world of junkies. In our yearning for replacements for our unmet needs, we have become "junkies of gratification."

In our childish myths, we have hoped that a bigger house, a nicer car or any number of other things would give us a sense of self. We have hoped that achieving a certain level of status would give us a sense of safety and value. We have searched and practically raped our planet into her own survival threat in the name of filling in the void.

This is a rather bleak picture of the limitations we have been exploring and attempting to move through for the last two thousand years. We have been in a stage of exploring duality, the conflict and limitation created from a system of right and wrong, reward and punishment.


However, the wonderful news is that we have reached the time for an evolutionary step into the next stage of our evolution and learning.

And we have a great deal to look forward to as we learn to access the tremendous well of our untapped potential.

It is likely that you have become aware in recent years that we are in a time of accelerated change. We can see it happening all around us. But most have not realized that this is a literal shift of evolution, attempting to raise mass consciousness.

The truth is that things are beginning to shift on the inside of our lives, just as much as we can see them shifting on the outside. The challenge is that we have learned to focus outside, while suppressing and avoiding much that is going on inside. However, if we are willing to learn how to look to our own lives with courage, we will see that we are being energetically encouraged to wake up to our authentic needs once again in new and powerful ways!

This requires that we wake up and respond to the wounded child within. We can already see this happening in the fact that more people are searching for deeper answers than ever before. People have been waking up to the fact that our old choices are clearly unfulfilling. People have been admitting "the Emperor is wearing no clothes." And people have been searching for something more.

As a planet, we are beginning to move into the next phase of our learning and development. As we move into this new millennium, we have reached a time when the SOUL is rising from deep within to guide us into the next layers of fulfillment and self-empowerment. It is now time to reclaim the sacred individuality we left behind so long ago.

We need to realize that it is never too late to grow into our emerging needs, fulfilling ourselves one step at a time.


What do we do now?

Waking up is a process of inner enlightenment, shedding light on that which has long been held in the dark within. This process of enlightenment is very closely tied to the process of dis-illusionment.

1. If we are going to grow in the exponential potential of this time of change, we must first begin to recognize the habitual limits of our comfort zones. In other words, we must be willing to face the child's illusion that the world is based on our family's system of right and wrong, reward and punishment. We need to realize this is merely a child's perspective of fear and control.

The adult reality we need to face is that our old choices have merely built a fortress around our wounded inner selves - the self that was buried in unmet needs.

We have now reached the time to move up and out of the survival programming of our lives. We are ready for a planetary move into the energy of our hearts for the first time in our recorded history.

As we begin to pay attention we will see that there are already inner symptoms of change taking place as things are heating up in the kitchen.

2. We need to respond to the feelings that are rising, which challenge the inner child's comfort zone myths. Though most of us were not taught to pay attention to a great deal of that which is happening within - for years now the wounded feelings we have always been able to hold down in the name of survival for so long are beginning to rise from deep within.

True to form, many people have been unwilling to change or respond to these rising feelings. Just look to the huge amounts of people that have become drug dependent in an attempt to move away from the pain. Whether people are on "anti-depressants" or alcohol or some other form of addicted gratification to distract and numb out, as a whole we have been unprepared to respond and feel.

We simply need healthy information and nurturing support from one another as we learn to move out of our frozen comfort zones into an awareness that we are no longer children dependent upon "big people" for our survival or fulfillment. As adults we have the ability to respond, to choose to feel and reconnect to our true depths with no threat at all.

3. As we look within, we need to take a quick inventory.

Ask yourself: "Am I fulfilled? Am I at peace with the depth and intimacy of my life? Am I clear that I am an empowered creator of my own life?"

Or "Am I ruled by what is familiar, afraid that change will only take me out of my comfort zone? Am I afraid that if I change, I will risk punishment for being wrong? Am I afraid of a God who demands a very similar list of rights and wrongs to that which my parents taught me?"

This will give you a great place to start looking at your life with honesty and compassion.

4. Finally as we move forward, we need to make some clear choices about what serves us and what does not serve us any longer.

We can either continue on in limited choices of looking outside in gratification or we can finally take the path of inner fulfillment with clear and healthy tools - and learn how to do what is most natural!

The energies of natural evolution will continue to increase in the coming months and years - making it more apparent than ever that our choices have been empty and unfulfilling. The powerful energies that have begun to move will continue to encourage and even force change in our world. We can either learn to ride the exciting new wave of change or we will have to fight and defend in an attempt to stay in the comfort zone.

We can see the individuals and groups in our world who are going into a deeper fight in this time of change, such as the increased conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. This will do nothing but remind us that fighting for a ME that is unfulfilled will never work. However, beginning to realize we are a world of scared and unfulfilled individuals who are trying to force on the world their limited ideas of right and wrong will help.

We need to see that what we have been doing is trying to change, control or punish others to agree with our comfort zones of right and wrong. As children being true to what we were taught, we have tried to change "THEM" so we can feel safe. We have become the limited parents who don't know how to look within to reclaim our true needs as individuals. Only when we learn how to value and respond to our own individuality will we be able to come together as a world in US consciousness.

Survival consciousness believes it must have an enemy.


This is a time when our consciousness is awakening so that we can grow beyond an outer focus, trying to gratify ME at the expense of a more fulfilling vision. It is time to find out that we are quite well-equipped to respond to life as empowered, compassionate adults - one step at a time.

It is time to look within, so that we can learn to trust and fulfill. We can then get on with creating a world where we reach out and encourage one another.

Looking towards the privilege of "US consciousness" allows us to realize that at the core we are all the same. We all have the same basic needs. And we all have a deep desire to love - for that is what is most natural.

US consciousness. One for All and All for One - the One who knows him/herself and the One who celebrates him/herself and the One who fulfills him/herself!

So be it.

This is the first of many articles which are to follow. We hope that you will share these ideas with those you love. Reach out and encourage people to consider these things, for inner and outer change has only begun to accelerate and transform the world as we have known it to be. And it is up to each one of us and our daily choices that will create a "new world of US consciousness" one step and stage at a time.

The next article will explore the POWER OF THE INDIVIDUAL, for so many people have lived in this childish notion that we do not have a true impact or really matter in the grand scope of things. But we have been so wrong!

So stay tuned and find out how you can begin to take grounded steps into empowerment, into creating a healing world...

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