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Message from Valerie Donner - April 23, 2003
Dear Ground Crew:

The energies have shifted somewhat since my last writing. The intensity of the war is somewhat less yet we still feel that we are on uneven territory. So much hype so little truth. What do you feel in your heart about what is going on right now?

I am pleased that brave and courageous souls are stepping forward with important information. Praise God for the Internet and for our opening hearts that lead us to expanded truth and consciousness. We need it.

There are physicians coming out with truth about vaccinations, the pharmaceutical industry, allopathic medicine and how the huge trillion dollar a year pharmaceutical industry has done more harm than good. If you want an eye opener check out Dr. Matthias Rath (www.dr-rath-health-foundation-org), or Dr. Leonard Horowitz (www.tetrahedron.org). There is even a group that is moving forward to hold the media accountable for their reporting. I feel the age of empowerment is upon us.

What are you doing in your lives to be more empowered? Do you take everything at face value or do you look deeper? Do you stand up for yourself to be more empowered, to feel better about your choices in your life? I hope you are consciously doing this on a daily basis.

How are you fairing on shifting out of victim consciousness? This is a major undertaking for Lightworkers. We are the ones who carry the vibratory frequencies to create the critical mass of new thinkers. Through the chaos we ride the waves of change. We actually co-create the change with our hearts, souls and our thoughts. I hope you are stepping out of the confines of the boxed in victim hood. Maybe you are beginning to see and feel the Light of your most Divine Self. Maybe you are beginning to feel the freedom of your soul and your purpose as a way shower for the New Earth.

Hold this new vision within your hearts as these turbulent and confusing times begin to blast us through to the higher dimensions. We are assisted with this trajectory of truth by the photon energies that are coming directly from Prime Creator. I understand that the energies of June and July of this year will be profoundly affecting all of life on Earth. Meditate and begin to feel these energies that will impact us in a most unusual way. It could feel like an explosion within. It could be the zero point energies where we will be in oneness with God. Feel the energies and prepare for a deepening that you have been long awaiting. It is no longer time to wait and see but to meditate and be. Bring in these energies and you will assist the Earth and humanity to integrate them when they arrive.

I feel that after this big upwelling of Light our lives will be different. It will be an awakening of consciousness. Humanity will begin to look around for Lightworkers to show them the way, to teach them about the spiritual events that are now forthcoming. You will be much more on your pathways, dear ground crew. This is the time of the great quickening.

A Message From The Intergalactic Council
Through Valerie Donner
April 23, 2003

Greetings: We are The Intergalactic Council coming to you today with some important updates and news. Even though it seems that we are galaxies away we are one with you and the events as they are happening now on the Earth. We continue to monitor the war situation in the Middle East and look with utter amazement at the unfolding events. If ever this was a wake up call for humanity it is now.

With as much that appears to be happening on the Earth’s surface there is also a monumental amount of action occurring beneath the Earth. This includes the Middle Earth, with which many of you are not too familiar. Preparation is being made for the upliftment of the Earth into the higher dimensions. This is a community effort of all life on the Earth and within the Earth. Extraterrestrials are working within the Earth in supportive ways for the Earth and expanded consciousness. There will begin to be some revelations and mysteries unveiled.

Right now you are straddling between dimensions, the third and fourth. You are actually quite close to the fourth dimension. Within the Earth they are also preparing to springboard from the fifth dimension or higher. What affects one affects all. The Middle Earth also feels and monitors the surface of the Earth, like we do. Each of us has different roles to play in this surveillance process. Each of us works with Prime Creator and have varying responsibilities. In the Earth we have an intricate communication network. We have a quick response team that assists the Earth.

We are most grateful to the Earth as our home. We look forward to the day when all inhabitants of this magnificent planet will do the same. It is our intention to stand beside you as you transition to higher consciousness. This process will require letting go of the old way of living on Earth. This will be for the better and will also require that you go with the flow of events. This is a time when you will see the hands of God at work and will find that love around you at all times. Let go of what is no longer serving you. Do not be attached to your earthly things and know that all you need will be provided.

You are about to take off in your spiritual growth. Your missions will become clear to you. You will be glad to take off your blinders for what is about to be revealed about your true identity. You will find your self-love merging with the God within and the third dimensional world seeming of less importance. You will be walking between the worlds.

The new world you are entering is a world of glorious Light. It is comprised of crystalline cities, golden Light, new hues of colors, rainbow tunnels of Light in new places upon the Earth. We are excited with anticipation of your new adventures.

What is at play here is Prime Creator’s energies. These are unstoppable and that is why those who think they are in control of the Earth will find their own form of shock and awe. This is the time when even the best laid plans for control of the Earth must be set aside for true power. That is also why we ask you to trust the divine plan at all levels. We encourage you to open your hearts to your own God within and your own empowerment.

Feel free to be free. You are beginning to extricate your souls from their long held beliefs in imprisonment and enslavement. You are going to erase every core issue, every wound to the soul, every thing that has held you back from your divine remembrance.

We are the watchdogs of the Earth as The Intergalactic Council. Since we are overseers of this brave new world we stand ready to assist in whatever means necessary. We are here to assure you the divine plan is a given. We are here to empower you to believe you can do what is required to ascend this planet. We have worked with you before and know you are the best of the best. We assure you that you have what it takes. So believe in yourselves most magnificent brothers and sisters of the Light. Trust in the work about to take place. Rest in the knowingness that you are the facilitators of the Divine Hands at work. So be it.

In loving service to the Light. We are The Intergalactic Council.

Chemtrails and How to Improve your Health

I don’t know how many of you are aware of the chemtrails that have been decorating the skies the world over for over five years now. They appear as ordinary contrails, or vapor trails, but look heavier, with particles that expand them. Sometimes they are in formations of “X’”s, or other patterns and they remain for some time.

There are many explanations for these appearances. I don’t want to go into all of the aspects of them for if you are interested you can certainly research them on the Internet. However, they do affect your health. Mostly I have heard they contain ammonium oxide and barium as well as other chemicals such as what you would find in vaccinations.

We have them here at Mt. Shasta quite regularly. Although I choose not to be a victim of them something has affected my health as well at the health of others I know. Since early this year and off and on for the last few years I have had sinus infections. I had three already this year. I get well for a few weeks and another one comes. It is not fun. One day I asked for an explanation about what to do about my sinuses after trying many natural means of healing. (Liquid Silver, essential oils like Lavender, other minerals and vitamins).

A wonderful scientific e-mail came to me the next day. It explains the various ramifications of chemtrails and sinus problems are listed. The explanation was that the Barium Salt in the chemtrails lowers the negative ions and raises the positive ions. “Negative ions can help kill bacteria and viruses and are as necessary as water and air are to humans, animals and soil. Our body system will not adequately function without negative ions. They provide healing and good health to the total body and are utilized by all body systems.”

Some examples of what positive ions can cause are: arthritis symptoms, joint disease, asthma, high blood pressure, cancer, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, dry hacking cough, depression, suicidal thoughts, allergies and hay fever, respiratory illness, mania, general malaise, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, and clouded thinking.

Then I talked with a holistic dentist friend who connected me with a place to order ionizers. I bought one for my house and one for my car. The first night I slept with the ionizer on in my room my sinuses were fine the next day. I felt well and was happy.

In Conclusion

I support you, beloved Ground Crew to empower yourselves, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Let us all support each other in moving through these rapidly advancing times. We are the ones we have been long awaiting. Let us be here now and do our work.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner
©The Ground Crew 2003    www.TheGroundCrew.com

The Heart of the Mountain

By Valerie Donner

When the heart of the mountain calls, I answer.
It feels like the love of God
Shaking me to the core.
If I don’t answer, I will rot on the tree
Like an apple in wintertime that has not been picked.


When I listen
I create the most delicious results,
More beautiful and spacious
Than I could ever imagine.
I become the heart of the mountain.


I breathe in the energies of the mountain
Freely and softly,
Knowing that it reminds me of
Who I am and where I originate.


The heart of the mountain
Comes from the heart of God.
I am that heart.
This is my point of origin.
It is the Light that I am.


Walk with me to the mountain
So that together our Light will shine
And radiate out to places
Forgotten and unknown
Like a distant star in the night.


You cannot hide any longer.
When the heart of the mountain calls you home
There is simply no place else to go.
You were someone in someplace.
Now you are in the heart of the mountain.


You are home and you are free.
You have your spark with your destiny.
That is what the mountain
Calls you to do.
It calls you home.


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