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DK Teleconference Class Wednesday,  June 11, 2003

"Gold and White Healing Energy"
Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon, revterri@lifetimeaddress.com

Djwhal Khul here.  Tashi delek.

I would like to begin with gold and white colors mixed together and bring the gold and the white all the way through the body please, particularly focusing on the solar plexus for a moment.  And then the still point energy which is just beneath the solar plexus.  Now, if you could shake your hands out that would be wonderful.  And then lets bring in a violet flame, a very pretty violet flame.  Maybe also ask for St. Germaine‚?Ts presence.  All right, then. 

We have a lot of healing work that I would like to do today.  We have more conflict in the Middle East and I have been very involved in that project.  We also have a lot of other things going on, but mostly I am looking at the astrological configurations and how they are affecting people.  My hotline recording, which is still good really through this weekend covers that phenomenon a bit and urges everyone to please be very careful with your body.  We are in a very high accident prone time.  If it doesn't show up as a kind of little accident, it can be just bumping into things or hitting your head on the car door, twisting your ankle or whatever, or major accidents.  It can be manifesting more in the form of the body getting sick or say having an allergic reaction for no particular reason or maybe the heart beating too fast in the middle of the night for no particular reason.  This is what we are seeing and that is what we are going to work on today to help release some of that. 

So, again, the gold and white light emanating from the Still point.  Take a fraction of a second to really drop down into the Still point.  Good, and with the group energy, that really is a bit easier.  And then surround yourself with the violet flame to transmute anything coming in to your field.  In other words, astrological influences coming in or maybe influences of another person coming toward you.  Or maybe your environment like maybe the smell of blacktop or something like that.  The violet flame in the aura is to also protect you from receiving these things.  It is a transmutator or transformer of energy back to the violet flame light.  You can also use the words, I am that I am or just I am in conjunction with the violet flame.  That would be most helpful as well.  So we are seeing this as injury, accident, illness at a very high rate now.  Sometimes accidental death.  Humans and domestic pets mostly.  There will also be some wild life and marine life affected as well.  What we want to do is to first of all make the very personal choice of whether or not you want to play in all this chaos or you would prefer to stay in your Still point in the present moment.  I choose Still point and present moment.  I like sometimes to say words like, I live here now, referring to the Still point.  I live here now.  Try repeating it and give it a moment to sink in after you have said it.  It is very effective. 

All right, let's focus on the animal kingdom first, I think.  Let's just send a pale pink light.  Again, you can shake out the hands and then point the palms out in front  of you so you can imagine your heart felt energy or your chest with the energy coming from the heart chakra and then amplified by your hands and continuing to move forward.  If you put your hands up you can feel the chi.  With that intent you can push against the chi and then pull back away from it.  Push toward it again.  What we are doing is sending pale pink light to the animal kingdom.  That is to buffer or cushion.  It is the way of saying to the animals, ‚?oYou have choice too.  You can choose to play and find yourself injured or wounded or dead or ill, or you can choose this pink light as your protection and choose to be well and strong and healthy and happy through this time period.  If you would like you can extend that to the planetary.  Some of the trees are not surviving or certain flowers, various parts of the garden doing more poorly than they should and that sort of thing. 

Now, you can go on to the earth if you want to, crystals and mineral kingdom.  Although I think crystals and such are actually doing just fine during these energies.  They don't particularly need extra support from light workers, I will put it that way.

Turn your attention now toward your own body again.  Gold and white inside surrounded by violet flame on the outside.  Ask that any belief systems and distresses any imbalances, it might be as simple as your pH being a little too acidic or unable to sleep peacefully or your digestion not working very well on up to injuries, surgeries and so on.  Just take all of that and let it be dissolved so that it is no longer evident in your energy field.  You want to completely neutralize at a vibrational or energetic level. 

Good, all right, now let's send it on to humanity.  Thinking first perhaps of loved ones, friends, family members, fellow light workers, those that you know are challenged by something going on in their lives right now and you can send them energy.  We are going to go back up not to the pink all by itself, but with the gold in it.  So a pink gold color.  A soft color, pleasant, nurturing kind of color and send that.  It will kind of come over you like a wave of peace or serenity or relaxation of some sort in the body, both as you are sending it and as you are receiving it.  Good, wonderful.  Let's extend it please to all of humanity.  If you want to be specific you know like to a certain region where there is unrest or where there are maybe children who are hungry.  You can pick a certain group of humanity or a certain common denominator.  You can start with a group and from there send it on to all of humanity.  Or you can go around continent by continent.  Take your pick as to how you prefer to work.  The important thing in this kind of light work is to feel the energy changing.  You will literally feel it changing in your own body.  You will be more peaceful.  You will feel more balanced and if you are not, if you are feeling worse then there is something wrong there.  You are not taking the energy for yourself as you are giving it.  So make sure that you are putting your receiving cap on.  ‚?oYes, me, I get to receive and benefit and then when I am full my cup can runneth over and help other people.‚?Ě  That would be my next bit of caution there.  So many light workers are so busy serving everyone else that they are neglecting themselves, and that, during this time period will show up in a variety of ways.  Maybe adrenal exhaustion most likely or something like that.  Also there are a few other creative ways.  One way or another it will make you rest.  A headache or whatever takes you out of circulation and makes you pay attention to your own body.  First, to be a good giver you have to be a good receiver.  So put your receiving cap on or maybe a whole robe.  Some of you might want a whole receiving chamber surrounding your.  First you fill up and then when you cup overfloweth the energy goes to everyone else.  That should feel good to you, good to your body.   

All right, wonderful, the energy is feeling better.  I still think that we are feeling challenged until about the 15th of the month or until about the full moon, Saturday, the 14th, which is the full moon.  It will either be very favorable for you or very challenging for you.  I doubt that there will be much middle ground on this particular moon.

All right, I am going to go ahead and open it to questions here and hope that we can hear clearly.  Who would like to begin with question or comment?

STUDENT:  Will the (?) when you take it inside, will that improve the over all health and all your organs?  Should we do it every day?

DK:  The energy work that we just did, whenever you work with that internally several times a day is what I would suggest it is going to be very beneficial.  Very, very beneficial just as a light worker and a healer in a position of helping other people, it is a very important exercise.  (Thank you.)  You are welcome.

 For the person who did ask the question, Do I have to wait for all these people?, no, you can chime in whenever you want with a question.   Who is next?

STUDENT:  DK, may I ask you about the seven point eight six hertz?  Initially a few weeks ago you had mentioned that that was an ideal vibrational level, energy level for humans.  Then during the May 31st workshop I sort of thought that you were upping that a little bit and that we should aim for a little bit higher.  And also the millivolts.  Could you explain the millivolts a little bit?

DK:  Well, yes, let's see if I can do this.  The body, the physical cellular frequency is ideally when the body is well and balanced is about 7 to 8 hertz.  Some say exactly 7.86.  There are a few systems that differ, but it is right around in that range.  If you just measure the frequency that a cell puts out in the body, that is going to be about it.  So when the body is getting sick or is ill, either has been ill or is about to get sick, that frequency lowers, sometimes considerably.  Sometimes down to 5 or 6, quite a drop by the way that I would look at energy fields.  Sometimes when you are doing a lot of energy work or healing work, it can get up a little too high.  You don't want your body out of resonance with the rest of the world or other people.  I think many of you had mystical experiences or maybe after one of our healing sessions.  That particular Saturday which was May 31st in which we did the full implant removal which was really a very complete clearing.  Not just implants but all kinds of things.  We restored the energy field and some of you were buzzing for a day or 2 because your body had been brought back to the proper frequency and you were not quite used to it.  Some of you got a little zealous as usual, and went to see just how high you could stretch that because you got lodged in the mind that higher is better.  Higher is not always better.  What is best is whatever your body decides or finds comfortable in that range.  Not what the mind would like to program the body to do.  Essentially what we did was move a little bit higher.  The highest frequency in a pure environment is about 12 hertz.  That is a very thick rain forest.  The reason that I pick that is because within that hertz frequency the oxygen is more available.  There is more of an oxygen content associated with a frequency of about 12 hertz.  But then the encouragement is to let your body pick somewhere between those 2 ranges where it is going to settle and feel its best.  It tends to bump itself up or down according to environment.  The body and all of the energy fields really function quite a bit in the way a chameleon does.  So, if a chameleon is on a green leaf, the chameleon turns green.  If it is on a brown soil, it turns brown and so on.  It blends in with its environment.  All energy fields do that.  So when you are in a chaotic environment, for example, the first thing that happens is that your energy field will go into sympathy with or match or resonate with, harmonize with, the chaotic energy. 

Mastery would involve noticing the chaos and then choosing whether or not you want your energy field to go into resonance with it or to contrast it or to transmute the chaos altogether or whatever you are going to do with it.  So that would be free will choice rather than just the automatic natural occurrence of your energy field matching its environment. So if let's say you are driving into a very busy city and let‚?Ts say it is very hectic and stressful, you can have ways of keeping your own personal environment, your own auric field and maybe the entire extension of the auric field around your vehicle all in a certain kind of environment that is not in battle with the rest of the environment.  In other words, you don't want to go into combat.  You don't want to have too much of a contrast so that you go into combat unconsciously with your environment.  You want many times to sort of cloak yourself or be a chameleon, but keep your energy centered.  Go ahead and turn yourself green but remember that you are still a chameleon and not a leaf.  There are different things that you can experiment with in terms of frequency.

Now for the other question, there is another kind of cellular structure frequency called a millivolt.  I don't have the technical scientific explanation for it.  I don‚?Tt try to do technical scientific through this channel.  I use her more in the health realm and psychology and philosophy.  So I don't have the exact data or a way to explain it other than to just ask you to attune to the words and see if it makes sense to you or not.  As I am speaking about the millivolts, I am working with your body now to get you in touch with that.  Again, that would be, if you were not interfering with your own body, a lot like a child or maybe your lovely pet, dog or something.  They don't have belief system getting in the way, so often times they will get injured or something and then very quickly they are well again because they are not projecting anything mind made at the problem.  That is why they heal quicker.  In your own body it would be a matter of scanning to see where have I projected man made thoughts, man made lower frequencies, and let them sort of set up housekeeping or have a place to live within the body.  Did I believe that I was going to get tennis elbow so now I have it?  Or, in fact, is there some sort of joint problem there that my body is saying, I have a deficiency.  Give me a certain supplement.  And then the elbow will be better.  So there are different things that can go on within the body.  Some people are so certain that they are going to have the heart disease that runs in the family or the diabetes or whatever it might be that runs in the family that they start working on it before the body is even manifest.  They literally lower the millivolts in that section of the body or they go into sympathy with maybe my father died of a heart attack at age 36 and I am 32, so I am going to start identifying with my father‚?Ts heart attack at 36.  Essentially what you begin to do is copy his energy or download from his energy into your own body. 

 Those of you who know computers, same thing.  There is a program out there and if you download it, now it is in your computer too.  Or you can choose not to download it.  That is another way of saying it.  If there are no downloads and you are purely working on spirit, not thought forms, then that would be the proper vibration for the body, 70 to 90.  A lot of light workers are going to be somewhere around 87 or 88 and that is going to feel just right.  Others are going to think 76 or 77 or 80 feels good. You can just kind of intuitively feel about the numbers there.  But millivolts, simply put, is just another measuring system.  Another way to give you numbers for the mind to grab on to.

If that doesn‚?Tt work for you I think the important point is to think in terms of being a pure spirit that is capable of transcending whatever.  Let me rephrase that a little bit.  I don't mean ignore an illness and pretend that it is all a matter of higher vibration.  But I do mean to say that when you focus in your body and you are aware that it is a little low that day or it is a little too fast or whatever, then you can adjust yourself.  You sort of adjust.  Many times Kuthumi when he was teaching would show me things by using flow of water.  He would show me a clear flowing stream and then he would show me an obstructed stream.  And then he would show me where the sides had been dug out so that rather than the water going all the way down where it was supposed to go it was flooding out to the sides in a couple of places.  So when you look at the cellular vibration of the body you are thinking of channeled flow really.  Is the current or the flow the way it is supposed to be going or has something altered the course, either obstructed it or redirected it or what have you.  So when you study the way the glands and organs interact with each other they have a certain flow or system that is the Divine Blueprint and those flows can get interrupted by different things.  So essentially, I think the encouragement here is for your own healing process so that you can be of full service, whatever full service is for you.  It might be part time for you versus full time or over time.  Everyone has a different gauge there.  But it would be to just clear away obstructions, clear away obstacles and let the body have its natural flow.  (Thank you.)  You are welcome.

Anyone else?  Are you feeling a little bit better as we are working today?  (Yes.)  Good.  Does anyone feel the fear or anxiety kind of hanging in the air there?  (I can.  In Texas everyone is just fried.  The entire emotional freak out level and it seems to be pretty much across the board.)  Yes.  Anyone else noticing.  (Yes.)  Good.  People are acting very strange, aren't they?  They are not themselves. 

All right, let's do a little energy work because what I am feeling now in the heart center is a lot of fear.  The fear energy, not in the solar plexus but up in the chest in the heart center area and sometimes off and on through the throat center.  I see some very interesting responses to it such as a lot of forgetfulness or agitation or anger in some form or impatience.  Mostly inability to focus.  People will start one thing and forget what they were doing and start another and forget that and start a third thing.  They can't remember why they are standing in the middle of the room or they are in mid sentence and they can't remember what they were talking about.  Fear energy I think has a lot to do with a war component, Mars energy and some of the war component.  So let's take a moment to kind of calm that down.  For those of you who get to see energy fields, when you close your eyes you might see it as a pattern.  It is kind of a course energy pattern, not a refined energy.  It is kind of rough.  If you are more of a feeler, there is almost a bit of a trembling inside or a dread, like dreading something bad might happen but not really understanding why.  Take a moment to breathe all of that right down into your still point.  We are acknowledging that fear exists and then we are choosing with mastery not to participate in it and we are going into still point.  It is really like pushing your own reset button.  Take me out of this ballpark and put me in another ballpark, please.  I want the serene place, the quiet retreat.  And then do it again, and again, and again.  Periodically you will pop back out and you will feel the fear program running rather high again.  And again any time that you can see it in strangers or neighbors or whatever and see it working out as a pattern, then you know it is planetary.  It is not personal.  Again, feel the energies, maybe not your most favorable feeling and then take it into Still point. 

This is a good time for those of you who work with flower essences and homeopathics and so forth to really work with those kinds of vibrational medicines.  The homeopathic, the Aconite 30X can be very helpful.  Please remember that children and animals will begin to pick up whatever is in your field.  So if they start acting out or misbehaving or whatever, they are probably feeling the fear that you are feeling.  They are just a little more in tune with it.  And you can again, say around your children or your pets, even say in the presence of maybe a neighbor who is acting strange or whatever, just going into that Still point.

Now I am going to work with the release of energy up the spine, also designed for some healing work today.  Not Kundalini energy. Not that much fire energy, but just kind of a flow of warmth coming up the spine to support the cerebral spinal fluid.  So inside the spinal cord and around the brain just warming that energy up a bit.  

Good, all right, that should help.  Anyone else with a question or comment? 

STUDENT:  The cerebral spinal thing was a yum.  Thank you very much. 

DK;  You are welcome.  That cerebral spinal fluid also has a claming effect upon the body.  It tends to warm things up and make the body not so fearful.

STUDENT:   I saw what I believe was a fairy for the first time the other day.  So it makes me wonder why a fairy would appear.  Is it just random or is there a purpose for a fairy appearing?

DK:  Well, they are around all the time, so I don't think it is a matter of a fairy appearing.  I think it is a matter of your finally just seeing one.  So they exist doing their function.  Kind of a faction of the angelic kingdom.  Usually they are just manning a post of some sort.  (Somebody else saw one in the same spot, so that kind of confirms what I thought it was.  The next day they saw it there.  So I just wondered why it was in that particular spot. )  They have jobs to do in particular spots that is what they do.  (Okay.  Thank you.)  You know, some places have higher concentrations than others.  The question isn't really about fairies, it is more about just acknowledging that you can see them now.  You will probably be noticing a lot more of that type of phenomena.  (That's good.  Thanks.)  You are welcome. 

STUDENT:  I just had a question briefly about moving the feelings into the Still point.  Is it complimentary to working with the blue triangle and that sort of thing?  Does it accomplish similar end in terms of bringing balance or neutrality to the emotional state of the pattern behavioral state that really isn‚?Tt in our highest good any more?

DK:  Yes.  Taking any energy into the Still point is the same thing.  It is taking you closer and closer and closer to your Divine self rather than your patterned self.  So it is in a sense a form of pattern removal.  Another way of accomplishing the same thing.  (So you just take a moment obviously to acknowledge it and feel it and just bring it into the stillness and let it move, just let it ‚?" is that accurate?)  Yes, and then you will feel the Still point and keep retraining all of the emotions as they surface.  Even sadness or grief you can take into the Still point.  Anger, rage you can take into the Still point.  Exhaustion, being tired, you can take that into the Still point.  Whatever it is, just keep playing with it in the body.  (Yeah I will.  Thank you.)  You are welcome.

Some of you will get very sleepy going into the Still point.  That's all right too.  Eventually you will hold your consciousness up there.  (I feel a whole lot better.  I have been a little bit ungrounded the last couple of days.  This has really helped.)  And again, a common pattern within the masses the last couple of days.  Very common.  One of the reasons why there are so many accidents happening.  People aren‚?Tt in their bodies enough to navigate them. 

I think we have time for maybe one or two more.  Anything else for today?

STUDENT:  Can I come back to the (?) there?  I am a little bit intrigued that you are saying that the body is resonating about 7.86 Hertz.  Reading a lot of books saying that the earth is accelerating and that our bodies have to keep up with that pace and that we should actually increase our frequency to and 8 or a 9.  A second question relating to that, every organ has a different frequency.  So the frequency you stated, 7.86, isn‚?Tt that the frequency of the heart and ideally as well - -.

 DK:  Ok, you are really cutting out there so I will try to answer the part that everyone could hear.  The earth Hertz frequency is changing.  It is raising up.  Your bodies contain earth elements.  You contain the minerals and the oxygen and certain things and your bodies will naturally adapt to whatever frequency is in the environment.  In other words, you will go into resonance with or sympathy with the local vibration.  At this point the basic over all body vibration is 7.86. It is not just the frequency of the heart.  Obviously each part of the body like bone resonates at a different rate of frequency than say the skin and so on.  I am working in general way because it is much too laborious to look at each one and look at frequency.  But the other thing really that I look for is harmony and I would not necessarily recommend that everybody try to raise their body to 9 Hertz. 

 Again, you want to look at harmony with the environment.  The body will naturally progress up as a survival tool as needed.  Let the body rule.  One must always let the body make the decision, not the mind when it comes to what is the body going to resonate at.  It is not your mind knowing a number and projecting it on to the body.  It is really a little bit of information and allowing the body to find its optimal point.  Sometimes you will feel this is too fast.  Unstable when the frequency gets too fast, and then slow down or sluggish when it gets too slow.  If you want to play with it go ahead and ask the body, Go to 7.86 Hertz and feel it.  Ask the body to go to 9 Hertz and feel it.   It might cause a little bit of fear or anxiety or almost nausea.  More like I might throw up or I might die.  Every body is going to have a different response and a different frequency.  The goal is not higher frequency.  The goal is ideal frequency for your body.  I know I am repeating myself but I can‚?Tt stress that enough because of all the information that is out there saying, Go to a higher frequency or jump to another dimension or you are going to be left behind.  They are telling you that you have to jump into this dimension whether it is third or fourth or fifth or eighth or whatever.  Or you are going to be left behind and so on.  I don't view that particular information as true.  It is an interesting perspective but not necessarily true.  Creation doesn't leave anything behind.  Energy is always ever present.  Again, don't let the mind get in the way.  Deal with how your body feels and it will tell you yum or yuck. 

 STUDENT:  So, Djwhal, could we just say, I choose the ideal frequency for my body and just go with it?

 DK:  More like, Body, go to the ideal frequency please.  (Okay, thanks.) 

 All right everyone.  I hope you are feeling better.  I am going to keep monitoring with humanity and the animals in particular and see if we can keep doing this work.  But again, the gold and white inside, violet all around you and then do what you can to stay present and stable in your own body and especially make sure you are drinking enough water during this time period.  Consciously choose whether or not you want to play in these war like energies, and if so, go right ahead.  If you choose to stay in a peaceful, serene state, make sure that you are clear about your choice for yourself.

All right, thank you and my love to you. 
 Djwhal Khul

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