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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
8 Ix, 7 Tzec, 12 Manik            10/21/03

Greetings! We come again, dear Hearts! As your present reality prepares to shift, many things are unfolding throughout physical Creation. In your galaxy, measures inspired by the Anchara treaties to bring this galaxy together are being concluded.   In the past half-decade, we have united our various defense fleets, re-equipped our Science & Exploration (S&E) fleets and significantly increased our administrative sectors to their present 24.  We have also organized more than 56,000 successful first contact missions and brought nearly 55,000 new members into the Galactic Federation.   The result of these developments is the forging of a new Galactic Federation, which expands the jurisdiction of its main headquarters beyond the confines of the Vega star-nation.  This dynamic organization is the foundation for a flourishing Inter-Galactic Union.  Tens of thousands of new galaxies have joined us since we began your first contact mission well over a decade ago.  Our intention remains to use your star system as a major conference site for future meetings of the Union.   Heaven assures us that the moment for the first series of these proposed meetings is not far off.

      Every day, the various galaxies closest to our own send representatives to your world to verify your progress toward first contact.  The major liaison boards headquartered in the Vega star-nation also closely monitor your daily advance toward a new reality.  What you are doing, dear Ones, is very important to us!   Heaven instructs us on what they will expect and what they allow.   Keep always in mind that you have a degree of free will in the way your grand scenario will end.   Thus, it is crucial for you to stay vigilant and keep yourselves perfectly focused on the events ahead. Many influential people on your world champion your cause.   Yet many others remain either neutral or against you.  Now, in spite of these past and present difficulties, a growing tsunami-like wave of favor for your cause is surfacing all over your world.   This rising wave of affirmation makes your victory inevitable and extremely close.   We caution you, despite many important announcements, to stay centered and to commit yourselves unwaveringly to whatever will manifest the victory all of you so dearly desire.

      Our role in this cosmic drama will continue to be that of overseer and, when necessary, protector of this procedure.   First contact, in your case, is extremely unique, unfolding itself strangely and in most unforeseen ways. Each day, we watch the last global cabal, dedicated to an old scenario that involves secret control and perpetual conquest of its 'enemies'. These individuals and affiliated groups are struggling to the bitter end. They show no mercy and remain as arrogant and obstinate as ever. Nevertheless, their power to control their environment is quickly shrinking and their enduring arrogance has alienated most of their former allies. As its isolation increases, this cabal recognizes that ultimately, its goals are doomed to fail. Nonetheless, this group soldiers on as though it eventually will win. Each day, we stand amazed at its undying and stubborn loyalty to a lost cause. Even though deep incursions are constantly coalescing against its power, this cabal's day-to-day media blitz remains intact. Although its propaganda-like operation makes you feel as if nothing is changing, this last cabal is fully aware of how very close it is to meeting its pending doom.

     The positive energies that are flowing through this galaxy and, indeed, all of Creation, make it further impossible for Earth's last cabal to succeed.   Now, dear Hearts, in spite of all that is unfolding before your eyes, your victory is inevitable.    The divine plan decrees it and the divine intentions of Lord Surea will it.  Your world is transforming, at this very moment, into a new reality. That reality will end this cabal's vast power and will bestow upon you unimagined freedom attached to immeasurable abundance.  These operations are part of an enormous shift in the way you define yourselves and your environment. Your new perceptions will be part of a formal series of contacts between you and your spiritual and space families. These links will renew ties existing between your brethren in Inner Earth and the Beings in Heaven who have guided you for so long. Moreover, they will transform your galactic quarantine into a rapturous celebration of acknowledgement from your diverse space families. This will be your moment to shine, the time for you to fulfill your exalted destiny.

      We began with a brief perspective on the events taking place in this galaxy and throughout physical Creation.  Your accomplishments, dear Ones, are as important as our own.  The purpose of this message is to emphasize this to you as often as we feel necessary. Heaven has a definite timetable in which these events can take place. All aspects of Heaven, having watched you closely in grace and blessing, have observed that this timetable manifests on your world. Despite what you may see before you, we ask you to remain focused upon what is unfolding. These events are occurring in a stated order, which assures you an inexorable victory. They make it impossible for your last cabal to wriggle out and attempt to recast this new reality in its own image. Our task is to see that this cabal and its multitudinous parts are fully exposed to view. Only utterly naked will they be ready to stand, in rightful judgment, before Heaven and you.

      Your role is to see these matters through to their inevitable conclusion. Until now, the stages, involving movement through your world's complex secret power structures, were carried out in secret.   This was distasteful to us.  We felt strongly that you required some information concerning these developments.  Nevertheless, your Ascended Masters assured us that these matters would demand a discreet range of actions executed within the accepted corridors of power.   This process took more than a half-decade to complete.   It allowed us to weed out potential weak links and discover ways to achieve our shared objectives.   We are pleased that this method of secrecy is about to end.   Very soon, you will have the privilege of encountering, in your media, the woman and men who are our Earth allies.   With this, a long period of encumbered activities finally will be over.

      To most of you, the post-announcement World is destined to begin as a great shock.  Your global society is aware of the grave crimes committed by this last cabal.   However, it does not fully understand what will succeed it.   Here, it will be important how new financial and monetary networks replace existing ones.   The final series of new international banking regulations will be reformed by these announcements.  This last cabal was doing everything in its power to recover some degree of financial capability after being stripped of its assets more than a year ago.   This development led many of this cabal's remaining allies to abandon its cause.   Nonetheless, its continuing efforts to create new assets have created needless chaos in many world financial centers.    The new global reality will bring to a close these overly strict procedures.

      These new regulations were threatening to move the Euro ahead of the U. S. Dollar, thus causing a severe financial crisis in North America.   Further, this operation had the potential to force the need for draconian financial legislation in affected nations.   The announcements will eliminate this possibility and replace them with new currencies, ensuring abundance and putting an end to the long reign of North American predominance.   Now, in its stead, there will be widespread cooperation between nations.   In this next short period of time, you will see a new reality based upon mutual trust, global peace and united effort.  Following that, you will witness the rise of personal sovereignty and the end of nation-state tyranny.   It is crucial for each individual to use her/his immense natural abilities to cultivate a world that can function beyond borders.  Out of this will emerge your galactic society.

      Today, we have shown you why you are so close to the dawn of your new reality.  In fact, Heaven has already manifested many preliminary stages that you will need to achieve it.  Our role is to be, first, an observer and then, the principal actor.   In this, remain unswervingly focused and wholly committed to your victory!   It is on the horizon! We now take our leave.     Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the continual Prosperity and perpetual Supply of Heaven is yours!   Selamat Gajun!   Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One!   Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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