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SUMMER of 2003

On the morn of July 23, 2003 the star Sirius rises before the daystar, our
sun, issuing a declaration to all that the ATLANTEAN-EGYPTIAN-SIRIAN NEW YEAR
has been birthed
. This is a doorway of unprecedented opportunity to swim
foreword with the stellar surge of awareness that precedes the day-light.

Since ancient times Sirius has been known and revered in many cultures. In
ancient Atlantis the mysteries were based on information received from the
Sirius Masters. After the third fall of Atlantis, the Sirian mysteries spread into
ancient Egypt. As early as 3000 bc the Egyptians started celebrating the
helical rising of the star Sirius declaring this the New Year as the Nile flooded
its banks in the time of the great lion, in the month of Leo.

Sirius is the home of Christ Consciousness not only for our planet and solar
system but also for this entire One Galaxy. Sirius has always been a spiritual
prototype for earth and played a vital role in earth's early evolution.
Spiritual energy streams forth from Sirius into the heart chakra of our Sun and
then comes forth to earth through the sun's rays.

As the rays from Sirius arc onto earth via the sun on July 23, pre-dawn, we
will have another opportunity to activate the 11 Christ seeds within. These are
dormant DNA encodings that await stellar emanations and configurations in
order to open sealed soul records/truths of each Light Being held within the
human costume.

On July 23, 2003 go out before dawn and look to the east. Whether cloudy or
dark seen or unseen, the star Sirius will rise to meet you. Asking you to move
your awareness into the galactic storehouse of knowledge that has quietly
awaited this time. The emanations will begin on this day and lend themselves until
the time of 9/9/2003. It is in the quiet times in-between words and thoughts
that you will find the key that unlocks what has been unseen until now.

On August 8, 2003 we are given a rare opportunity to walk through another
'Doorway of Accelerated Awakening', the 8:8 LIONS GATE
. This Awakening will occur
within the cellular records of all beings. These cellular records are held
within a crystalline code in the form of a tetrahedron (3 sided pyramid) which
exists within the codon of each strand of DNA, which resides within each cell
of the body, as well as each cell in the Universe.

In ancient times the 'Records of Remembrance' were hidden deep within the
earth physically and dimensionally, under, above and around sacred sites. The
Mother Matrix of these encodings lives within the Great Pyramid of Egypt guarded
by the Sphinx. When the ancient skies were aligned in a specific stellar
alignment an energetic doorway was opened to the sacred sites. Allowing entrance
through these sacred encodings.

We all carry within us cellular awareness of every sacred site ever issued to
earth, from the beginning of time on earth through out time in our immediate
solar system. It is just a matter of fine tuning our intention to receive these energies.

The only way earth can move forward is through the heart (anagram for earth).
Every tool, meditation and OM is a fruitless tree unless one moves into
direct contact with the heart. Since the Universe knows we are stubborn of nature
it has aligned some stars to shoot that cosmic cupid arrow our way. Activating
a doorway of love so vast one is automatically included within, without any effort.

The stars that come to us to lead us down the aisle of the 8:8 LIONS GATE are
ALHENA (constellation of Gemini), ROSETTA NEBULA (constellation Lyra) and
Quasar OH471 in the star system Auriga.

ALHENA is marking stone for what is ahead. It inspires us to act on our
greater soul truth and purpose. It indicates a turning point that has been reached
and announces to us it is time to leave the fence of indecision. ALHENA
energetically creates a specific geometric seal, which allows a starseed link of
communication. This star requires transfiguration. Asking us to embody our true
galactic light coding, issuing a command of waking to the dormant coding within.

The ROSETTA NEBULA is a powerful pulsing magnetic field whose rhythms extend
into unknown dimensions of aetheric space. This is a broadcast energy that
affects all ferrous matter (iron) and magnetic substances on earth. Humans are
receiving energy emanations from this nebula, which affect the molecular spin
within the blood. This nebula houses a vast repository of galactic historical
information, which is being made available to humanity through the blood. Images
of powerful upcoming changes will be made available to many, allowing the
prophecies to be dispersed alleviating negative outcomes and possibilities.

QUASAR OH471 brings the image of the souls mission and purpose into view in a
most unique and magical way. It stimulates and mobilizes our fragmented parts
into a unified morphic field of inquiry. It ignites a unique unexpected and
magical turn of events. Quasars are the signatures of distant galaxies housing
multi-spectral emanations outside our sphere of consciousness.

These stellar connections and dimensional bleed throughs will serve to open
us to unique possibilities not part of our cellular awareness.

Whichever way you look at it or shake it up the ancient Nu (the birth/seed
sound of ancient Egypt) becomes the New. Leading us unto the street of free
will, up and down the path of personal choice with a large helping of the sacred
and a sprinkling of the divine. We are destined to become more than we know.
This new mirror reflection will give to us what we have been seeking for eons.

August 8, is a Natural doorway. Nothing forced, nothing prodded, nothing
stressful. Just a natural downloading of remembering from the heavens initiating
our dormant light codes. Lifting us up to a place where we can see the parade
of light that is yet to come. Set your intention as you set you watch on August
8, 2003. Allow the floods of the ancient Nile to fertilize your soul with
Nu-trients that are needed for your growth. See behind the curtains to the new
(NU) you that exists beyond all space and time and body.

Time has quickened and in August the Time matrix shifts into unknown areas.
In the time of August 2003 what was named the Philadelphia Experiment (August
12, 1943) is opening up again to birth another Time transformation. Time, as we
perceive it will shift. TIME known and unknown conjuncts itself, as the
timing chain of the universe pauses to lick its past wounds. The 'Time Gates' open
on 8/12/2003. All that was hidden is seen all that was seen is now clarified
in the light of a new knowledge imbedded within the codons of a dormant seed
chromosome. The past and future walk hand in hand in the now as forlorn lovers.
Revealing all possibilities to a newly birthed remembering. Gather what you
may along this path; fill yourself, as the fruit from this tree does not fall to
earth again until 20 years have passed. The energies rises from 8/8/2003 to
9/9/2003 spend them well as molten Mars reaches down to touch earth with the
moist breath of ancient healing.


In honor of these most welcomed energies I am creating a wonderful healing,
activating, energizing, accelerating 1 oz. bottle of Quantum Orchid/Gem/Flower
Essence blend called 'GALACTIC GATEWAYS 2003' which will house all of the
emanations spoken of above. It will have 8 powerful essences picked by spirit that
celebrate the time to come. It will then be downloaded in a glass pyramid
with the stellar patterns of ALHENA, ROSETTA NEBULA AND QUASAR OH471, as well as
the Great Pyramid and Sphinx Energies of the 8:8 LIONS GATE. The TIME MATRIX,
August 12 energy will be issued to each bottle separately and not as a group downloading.

This essence should be used between 7/7/2003 and 9/9/2003 when the energies
are fully integrated. Cost of this Essence is $22.00 which includes Mailing in the USA
Send check, Money order or use www.paypal.com

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
2320 Bagdad Ave.   Orlando Florida 32833 USA
407-568-6799     email quantum77@earthlink.net

***star information is from Fred Rubenfeld and Michael Smulkis

By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
www.theQuantumAwakening.com    quantum77@earthlink.net

On July 23, 2003 we enter the sign of Leo and the Sphinx Stargate, as we all stand at the entrance to a new understanding of Light, Life and Love. On that day rise early from your sleep and walk out to meet the Goddess Isis in the form of the Star SIRIUS as she rises before the Sun of the Sun. Within her loins of light live three Stars. Two are known and one comes forth in all of her glory. Last year 'Sirius C' announced her energy.  She is the Seat of the healing Female Soul, living and future, the Sun of Hope. She comes forth energetically not seen by the sky eyes, but felt by the heart. Announcing to all within this solar system her presence and her presents.

Visualize the emanations and radiance of these 3 faces of Sirius coming forth into your THIRD EYE, into YOUR HEART, and into YOUR CROWN. As she gives you the gift of the cycles of Time. Connecting you and your higher trilogy chakras together with the crown, third eye and heart of all the sacred spaces through time known and unknown. Bringing you to a point beyond this intersection of time and space as a doorway is opened right before your very eyes. Announcing to you long lost parts of your being that arise from a galactic sleep into wakefulness. The tone of creation sounds in every cell of your body on earth and cycles through all 144 levels of your light, homeward to the monadic entrance of your beginning. The tones of the Father Universe sounds within the Sons of man completing a Cycle of Time.

Sirius C sends out two of beams of light. Merging the sacral (2nd chakra) chakra with the third eye announcing to all of life to see from within and create from that point. Do not seek externally for your creation but know it is held lovingly within the womb of all men and woman on earth. The Light from the Great Central Sun beyond the Sun, needs you to manifest, needs you to receive, needs you to hold the light.

Without the assistance of those of earth, the light just continues to travel onward without a host. Know then your importance in the schematics of the Living Photon. Light needs you as you need light; yours is but a symbiotic marriage, arranged yet sacred in origin.

Hold within your thoughts on the morn of July 23, 2003 as you look at the Star Sirius, A SACRED INTENTION. Let this Sacred Intention be broadcast to all of life as you step out of one cycle of time into another. Letting go of the baggage of the past that you packed so lovingly. Leaving it by the wayside.

Clear Ye the way within yourselves for what you have cried out to receive, THE LIGHT OF PEACE, THE LIGHT OF LOVE!! When you finally come to that clearing within the sacred space of yourself; nothing to blame, nothing to bar your way, no excuses, WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR LIGHT!!! The upcoming energetic doorways and sacred events ask you to answer that question.

On July 23, 2003 Sirius rises before the Sun announcing the ATLANTEAN and Ancient EGYPTIAN NEW YEAR. On August 8, (8:8) 2003 we have the 8:8 LIONS Gate. Activating another level of the dormant remembrance of ancient truths, on earth and in the stars. Bringing into remembrance on a cellular and stellar level the sacred Activation of the Hall of Records on every planet and star within this One Universe.

In the time of August 2003 what was named the Philadelphia Experiment (August 12, 1943) is opening up again to birth another Time transformation. Time, as we perceive it will shift. TIME known and unknown conjuncts itself. 

On August 17, 2002, we celebrate the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence (1987) (and for those who can still remember Woodstock 1969) (the baby boomers knew innately that August 17-19 would always be an important time).

Also in the month of August 2003 the maleness of molten Mars reaches down to touch earth with the moist breath of ancient healing. Balancing the yin and yang within the molecular spin of all matter. The warring energy within self is replaced with clarity. Within that clarity one is empowered to seek choices of self that do not rub spirit the wrong way. What is hidden within the crust of Mars will soon be felt on earth. As the red breath of Mars makes its way to earth using the solar winds to dance upon. Ancient matter meets itself. Uncovered will the lost truths be, as man is scientifically proven to be connected with the red planet.

September 9, 2003 (9:9) brings us to the close of this summers consumption of stellar truths and emanations. Resting for just a short while until the time of 11:11.

As far as the exact times for Sirius rising it will be different times and dates through out the world. trust yourself. it is aligned with the first day of Leo so check for that in your part of the world. Remember Intention is what counts.
What I normally do is go outside and  face east  and allow the energies of pre-day  to enter me. I asked that I be released of all that no longer serves me and be filled in completion with that which serves my highest soul path and spiritual evolution. The night before I make a large Star of David on a piece of paper and in the center I put my new years spiritual resolutions. All that I yearn to become giving thanks for all that I am already. I leave this out all night for the sirius energy to embrace.
A good tone to use for this process would to be NURRRRR which activates the angel chakra between the 3rd eye and the crown chakra. place tongue on roof of mouth and tone this as long as possible it is a very high frequency tone,remember to roll your R's. (Jonathan Goldmans sound info)
All intent is amplified at that time so just flow with it,  blessings Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Your world reflects your beauty, your love, your anger.
Change yourself and you will change  the world.
May Miracles manifest in your life everyday.

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