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DK Special Evening class November 8, 2003

Harmonic Concordance Part II of II    Part I
"Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Star of David"

Channeled by Terri Newlon revterri@lifetimeaddress.com

Djwhal Khul here.  Tashi delek.

All right, I am going to first of all just give a little bit of a report as
to the energy work.  It is coming along quite nicely and I am quite pleased
with that.  We are just going to reinforce a little bit of what we did
earlier today.  A very quick run through to kind of finish clearing the
energy.  Essentially what we did was pull certain emotional storage out of
various organs, glands, and such around the body.  So again we will ask if
any additional fear has been stored in the kidneys, adrenals, pancreas or
spleen, let it just be quickly pulled out of the body and that it be
replaced with a very bright white light which represents love.  It is very,
very pure love vibration.

That if there is any anger stored in the liver, gall bladder area or in the
intestines, colon or bowels.  That could even start with the mouth,
esophagus, and stomach.  Any anger stored in there that, again, that be
pulled out of the body and replaced with that pure white light of love energy.

Then we go to the energy of hatred and make sure that that is pulled out of
the brain, the heart muscle, and the spinal cord.  And that the bright white
love energy replaces it, filling the brain, spinal cord and the heart muscle.

Then we go to the energy of the war and the violence and ask that that be
pulled out of the eyes, the thyroid, and the base of the throat there.
Again, replaced with that pure white light.

Now the energies of revenge, again the bones and the skeletal structure, all
of the bones, the genetic code as in whatever energies are passed down
through your bloodline and also the skin.  So, out of those areas we ask
that the energy of revenge be pulled out and away.  It is just no longer
stored in the body.  Again replacing with that pure white light, first
filling the bones.  Really letting the bones sing with love.  Really
allowing them to sing like a tuning fork with love.  Then into the genetic
code wherever it might be. It might be what determined the color of your
hair, the color of your skin, the shape of the body, facial features and so
on.  Whatever it might be, fill with pure white light of that divine love
energy and then the skin also, really beaming with that beautiful white light.

>From here, we will go into the mastery aura, which is that white glow around
the skin, a kind of a golden yellow color around that and the final layer a
clear diamond white color.  We don't need to focus on the cloaking this time

But I will go next to the Star of David form up above the crown, the Star of
David, and below the feet the same symbol, the Star of David.  If you want
to see the Star of David surrounded by a hexagram, a six-sided figure
outside of the Star of David that is most accurately what the chart looks
like.  You can add the hexagram in.

All right then, let's bring in from above that pure white light which is
just love, just divine love.  That is all that it is, coming in through that
symbol up above, down through the body illuminating your entire body, going
through the symbol beneath the feet and straight down into the earth grid
system.  Really, breathe that energy straight down.  We want to charge the
earth grid with love until it is just overflowing.  There will be some areas
that I think we can direct it to more deliberately such as the Middle East
and so on.  Wonderful, wonderful energy work.

Let's call forth the violet flame.  We are going to put not only ourselves
in the violet flame but also the earth.  All of the lessons that are learned
on earth even the lesson of war and so on, we are putting all of that in the
violet flame to be transformed back into love energy.  Now our focus, of
course, is world peace, inner peace and world peace.  Very, very important.
"I believe in world peace.  I believe in inner peace.  I believe that we are
all made of love."  Say to yourself things of that nature.  Really, look at
what you want to bring into manifestation.  In other words, right now feed
what you want to come true.  So this is a very good time for that dreaming
what the world would be like if it was all peaceful, how people would be,
what your daily life would be like.  Go there and imagine it and really feel
it in your body.  Make it real by feeling it.  We did a little bit of
creative thinking in that direction a little earlier today.  I would
encourage you to keep doing that.  Just really let yourself dream.  How
would your body feel?  What would daily life be like?  How would you
exchange?  What do you exchange for a pair of new shoes or whatever it is
that you are shopping for?  What is the money medium and that sort of thing?
Play with that.  Play with it in your dream state.  Fall asleep in that
energy particularly the next 2 nights.

All right, good.  We are going to do some Oming at the very end, and we will
join our Om vibration into the global Om vibration.  First, I want to
acknowledge again that the body is not storing the past and that you are
connected directly with that pure love aspect of creation.  Let's bring in
one more energy influence.  I think that is appropriate now, which would be
the Three Star One.  For anyone who is not familiar with her energy, that is
the holy trinity or the oversoul of Melchezedek.  Let's focus on the Three
Star One.  Let her come through your body through that Star of David above
your head down directly into the earth.  See if you can just run her energy
as strong as possible.  What is going to happen in your own body is an
awakening of all those areas that were sort of turned off, where the
consciousness was not communicating, wasn't in the loop.  What will happen
for humanity is basically the same thing.  Ideas that couldn't be born
before now will suddenly be born.  New creative thinking will come about.
New resolutions will come about.  The Three Star One is a very key element
to world peace.  If you are not yet really all that familiar with her,
please familiarize yourself.  Maybe work with it and maybe get the Three
Star One flower essence from www.GaiasOwn.com or whatever.  The vibrational
pattern and the invocation are very, very important.

So, let's see here.  One more thing, I think, which is to open the body to
love.  To feel more love and to be more in love with all of creation, with
yourself, with other people, with the earth, with the heavens, with all
existence, to really move more into a state of love.  Being in love with the
One, rather than being in love with certain things and opposed to other
things, which is how normally, life works with resistance to some things.
Just keep opening the heart center in full complete love.

Now we have done some honoring of the negative energies and we have done
some invoking of the positive energies.  Since we do have a primarily
dualistic planet here, I think that it is important to really balance at
this point.  We don't want to over-invoke peace because the backlash for
that is war in the various regions.  What we want is the balance and that is
very, very important.  So, we have cleared it out of the body.  We have
invoked love in its place.

Now what I want to invoke is balance in the world so that if someone
receives a burst of love and they don't want it there is no need for a
violent backlash, for example.  That they can just choose to ignore the
energy that they don't want.  That is very important balancing that you keep
what you want in your body.  That is your choice and your free will and then
in the world, let's see perhaps even the scales of balance.  How can I say?
Although the scales are balanced, the scale is always elevating.  It is
always moving up in vibration.  It just stays balanced while it is doing so,
so we are not tipping with one side way up and the other way down.  So we
want to keep the scales balanced but see them sort of evolving up into
higher vibrations more refined vibrations for the global energies.

Good.  That is looking much better.  You can also ask for the same thing in
yourself, you know.  Whatever duality you have to play in this world,
wearing a physical body and so on, that you keep your polarities balanced,
that you keep them close to one another.

Now, from that balanced state again we focus on the love energy.  Let's send
that love energy out.  Send it around the planet.  Kind of like a beacon or
a light shining on everything.  You can shine this in the direction of say
children or homeless or elderly or ill people.  You can focus the energy any
way that you want or you can just send it to all of humanity.  Again, it is
the balanced energy.  Good.

All right, I am going to open the line for some sharing of experiences if
you care to comment or share what you are experiencing or if you want to
again share a vision of world peace.

STUDENT:  I would like to ask a brief question.  I was wondering if it would
be beneficial for us to continue working with the Star of David symbol on a
continuous basis?

DK:  Yes, the Star of David symbol will still be of use to you.  It is very
important to keep working with it because it opens a gateway or a portal and
it is opened.  Right now it is being used as a symbol of divine love and
letting in the new age, the golden age, bringing in the way that the world
will be.  So, keep working with the symbol, and if you wear it above your
head and beneath your feet, it will simply make you a channel of divine
love.  That is what you will be channeling is that pure divine love energy.
You can also channel it through the chest, down the arms and out the hands,
out of your eyes and wherever you want to use it.  But do keep working with
the symbols.  As above, so below symbolized in there.  The number 6, which
is service, devotion and family, recognizes the soul family or the Oneness
family.  It should be a very powerful symbol for quite some time to come.
Particularly looking at the value of the next week and the Tuesday, which is
11/11.  The numbers 11/11/2003 are very, very powerful.  That is really the
culmination day and also that it is 3 days past the full moon so we are
still in that lunar energy as well.  So, 11/11 is another prime day to
really focus on world peace as well.  (Would it be beneficial to use the
symbol also on the planet as well?  To visualize it perhaps over the North
Pole and the South Pole and the divine golden light flowing in through the
Star of David?)  Yes, you can transfer it that way as well.  (Okay.  Thanks
very much.)  You are welcome.

Anyone else?

STUDENT:  I would like to say that the new world for me signifies a society
whereby great care is taken to produce images that are very beautiful and
very healing and images through all kinds of means particularly through the
movie industry.  I see these images being disseminated for the healing of
everyone.  Also, I find that we will - we need to disseminate beauty and
create beauty consciously in our cities and everywhere because I feel that
beauty is so important in nurturing the soul.

DK:  Yes, beauty is a reflection of creation. You will find a lot of things
changing internally as a result of this work   There is more desire to have
beauty in the surroundings and then, of course, you know, you are working as
a prototype for humanity.  You are working a little bit ahead of humanity
and sometimes several decades ahead of humanity in relationship to
enlightenment and full conscious awareness.  So, you will begin to see it
reflected in many things.  So look for it.  Look for it and smile when you
see it.  (Thanks.  I am smiling already.)  Good.

For those of you with a strong influence of Scorpio or Taurus that is really
being aspected strongly with this lunar eclipse, again put them on the
scales of balance.  Put Scorpio and Taurus or whatever else is going on in
your chart.  It could be a certain aspect like your health or your
relationships or whatever.  Just keep putting them on that balance and see
them in perfect harmony with each other.  Certainly not in conflict or
resistance but just in harmony or co-existence.  Again, put the power, feed
what you want to grow and don't put any power or don't give any food into
the things you don't want to happen.  That is very, very important at this
time.  Energy follows thought.  Wherever you are putting your attention is
what you are going to get.  If the mind wanders into something negative,
thank it for pointing that out to you, let the negative energy go and come
back into that pure love state and keep rebalancing the body.

As usual, the group is very efficient with energy, so we are just about
done.  We will probably work with some Oms in a moment here.  Yes, I think
we are ready.  Let's do start with some Oms and I know that we are not going
to sound all that wonderful together but I think it is a good idea to do it
anyway.  So if you want to be on mute you can.  (Sounds of muting)  Well,
there is a lot of muting going on.  (So, you want us to mute, do you?)  No,
not necessarily.  We are going to start Oming.  (It is good if we can hear
each other.  I think it will be wonderful.)  I would agree.  (For how long
shall we sound Om?)  Probably just going to do it about 30 seconds but what
I am going to do then is to infuse it into the earth grid and into humanity.

(Sound of Oming begins now.)

Feel the energy being delivered out there and joining with the Om vibration
going around the globe.  Really, take a moment to feel the energy moving in
the mass consciousness.  Vibration is everything.  That reverberation
through the human consciousness will have an impact.  It can't not have an
impact.  It must have an influence or an effect.  So, take a moment to feel
the Om of Peace running through humanity reminding everyone that they are
made of love.  That all these other things that they play in are just play.
They are illusions.  They are not really the baseline of consciousness.  You
should start to feel very different sensations in your body or perhaps in
your surroundings.

Well, wonderful work.  At about oh, I would say 6 minutes past the top of
the hour and again at 15 minutes past the top of the hour if you can Om some
more right around in there maybe for 3 to 5 minutes it would really be
helpful, very, very helpful, to kind of boost a time or two with the global
consciousness with that Om.  It is literally going to be a strong vibration
in the planetary consciousness very, very soon here.  You could go to
www.worldpuja.org if you want to do it there.  Usually when they organize a
world meditation it is a very nice event.  So, you can check their web sites
often for various things.  If you want to join them soon you can do that as well.

I just love what I am seeing going on with the earth vibration.  I hope you
are getting glimpses of it too.  Very good.

All right everyone.  Thank you and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul
Harmonic Concordance Part I, Great Healing Technique anytime, Djwhal Khul, Rev Terri Newlon, 11/9/03
(Transcribed by Joan Taylor)

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