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Channeled Messages From The Master Djwal Khul  (below)

Message from Valerie Donner - August 26, 2003
Dear Ground Crew:

We have another day until Mars reaches its closet connection with the Earth in 60,000 years. Have you noticed its presence by the intensity within and around you? You might have stronger reactions to things that in the past might not have fazed you. Mars represents intensity. It is close to us at this time to assist our evolution. Please see this as a great gift to Earth and life on the planet.

Some other symptoms might be mood swings, the feeling that you need to clean out the closets or clear out things that you no longer need, or the desire to resolve long-standing issues. It seems like we need to be scrupulous about everything and to pay attention to details. This requires balance and focus. It takes commitment to do the job at hand. These energies also facilitate the manifestation process. I just did a session with a client where we cleared out some energies and issues. She called me three days later to say that she had two wonderful manifestations since the session. This is a manner in which Mars is serving us. Move ahead with your issues and let Mars help you to create wonderful next steps.

I feel this is an exciting time to be on the Earth. I like being a part of the interesting events that spring up regularly. Does anyone sense that the moon has moved to a different place? One of my friends feels that it has moved. If any of you have feedback on this question please let me know.

I am grateful to see the changes occurring now because we are on the move. I know that divine grace permeates these openings and events. Here in California we see people taking back their power with a recall election with our Governor Gray Davis. The “Terminator” Arnold Schwarzinager is a viable running candidate. It feels like this is the energy we need for change throughout our planet. The old ways that are not serving the people are being replaced with new energies of change. Empowerment is what we need. Perhaps people will see they had the power anyway.

As fear is replaced with love, and apathy is overshadowed with awareness, people will become enlightened with events such as blackouts, and will look for deeper meaning behind them. They can find ways to assist each other and cooperate like they did recently during the U.S.’s worst blackout in history. Over 50 million people on the east coast and in Canada were without power. One of my clients in New York City had to walk down 17 flights of stairs to leave her office. It took her two hours to walk home with so many people on the streets (usually a 30-40 minute walk). Then she had to walk seven flights of stairs to her apartment. She spent two days inside her apartment without air conditioning during a hot spell eating mostly cereal because that was the only food she had.

I don’t know what percentage of people drink coffee but even if five million people were without their coffee for two days there must have been some unhappy people looking for a caffeine fix. That alone could create upheaval even if it’s just the coffee pot. What about not being able to use the computer, or view their televisions? We know that these occurrences can be catastrophic for some.

These events create the need to think fast on your feet. One friend of mine was caught at the airport in the blackout. She quickly asked where the next plane that was departing was going to, found out the destination had electricity, and went there instead. This enabled her to take another flight to her destination and avoid the blackout.

In the quiet and stillness maybe some people began to connect with each other again. Perhaps they found time to pray or reprioritize things in their lives. Maybe they even talked to God and found inner strength. The good that occurred from these blackouts does not have a price. When we evaluate the financial ramifications to business we know they are substantial however what remains in the human heart is priceless.

A Channeled Message From The Master Djwal Khul
Through Valerie Donner

Greetings, beloveds, I am Djwal Khul.

Much is occurring now on your planet and much is at stake. You may be finding yourselves making many adaptations and adjustments in your lives right now. There is more to come. You might see your lives speeding up like the old fashioned black and white silent movies. They could even seem out of control.

This is all the more reason for you to establish your roots to the Earth. Some of you have a tendency to get impatient and wonder if the ascension process will ever happen. Trust me—you are in your ascension process right now. The divine plan is at work and if you reflect upon what is happening around you will see that life is not the same. Is this enough evidence for you?

It will become increasingly apparent that transformation is in action in the days to come.

Your power systems will continue to be a focal point. New forms of power are in order. Your new forms of inner power are also in order. Your consciousness is changing. Even the masses are questioning some of the spoon fed material they have been long consuming. There is simply so much happening that you must be on your toes.  Look for deeper meaning with everything and continue to question.

This is a time to find your inner strength. As spiritually aware beings you are stronger than most because you have the best tools with which to work. You have your inner guidance, prayers, meditations, group gatherings, and telepathic connections, dream state awareness, faith and inner knowing. You for the most part are connected to your guides, the masters, angels and to God. Of course, there is always the opportunity to broaden and deepen this connection. These tools will serve you the best.

If you properly position yourselves with your own strategic plans you will be exactly where you need to be at all times. Even if you are in the throes of earth changes you will be safe. The strategy to follow your heart, your inner guidance and knowingness at all times will be a safeguard. If your consciousness is more in the fourth dimension you may not even be aware of most of the earth changes that are occurring. You will be elsewhere.

Strategy is of considerable importance now. This is because every choice you make affects your homecoming. It means that you need time to prioritize and to clarify where you are going, who you are, and what you want. The inner focus is a necessity even if the third dimension feels as if it is pressing in on you. This is the strategy of ascension and is why you are here. Each one of you has a different responsibility in the process and your own way of getting home.

We in the Light Realms are standing closer to you than ever. We are at your call. Anything we can do to strengthen your resolve and to help you to reach your goals is what we are here to bring forth. As you sit at the breast of the Divine Mother, you beloveds, have the Feast of the Father at your fingertips. On your pathway home you will discover many tasty morsels about yourselves. You will journey into the depths to rise to the highest peaks and find yourselves home at last.

This divine journey has been a long and arduous one. It has taken you through the greatest of challenges only to bring you to this polished state of new birth. I recommend you recommit to your homecoming, beloveds. Recommit every day in meditation resolving to let nothing stop you on this important journey.

We as masters made our ascension in times when the energies were not so conducive. There were few of us. Usually it was one at a time. We relish the energies that are with you today as you uplift yourselves from the density of the third dimensional earth plane. God and the Earth are providing you will the grace and ease of a gentle birthing process. You are doing it together in the full form of the precious Lightworkers that you came here to be. You are assisting each other as well as the Earth as you reposition yourselves for the higher frequencies of Light. We are assisting you and you in turn will work with the rest of humanity for their homecomings.

This sounds like a big job and it is. You are worthy of the task and shall rise to the occasion. Nagging self-doubt and lingering fears should not prevent you from owning the task. Let Mars enable you to purge and transmute the past and anything that is holding you back from your work. Release the old programs that keep you in separation. You are headed back to the oneness and the oneness is what you shall manifest.

The frequencies of Light from the photon energies are brighter than ever. You might notice this as you see the extensive growth of your plants and trees. They are reaching up to the heavens in fully glory and so are you. This Light is affecting the consciousness of every living thing. In reality there is no battle between the Light and the dark. All is one. The dark energies are simply making way for the Light and they allow the Light to be even brighter. They are serving in showing the way for the Light to reflect more of itself.

As the Light reflects more of itself you too are reflecting increasing Light energies within and around. Each Light bounces off the other and at times it can appear that the darkness too is more pronounced. If you simply remember to commit to your homecoming and to let the Light work through and around you, you will be doing a large part of the work you came here to do. The Light is filled with God’s love and your love so this makes a pretty package for the planetary ascension.

Keep your pockets filled with the golden crystalline energy of God’s love. It is precious and it makes you even Lighter and more fulfilled. This is the Source of true abundance. The love of the Divine Mother and Divine Father, the love of Self, the Light of Creation are all rolled into that one package of a worker of the Light. When you fill your pockets with this abundant love your heart will find its way back to the heart of God. This is your homecoming. You have been waiting in dire hunger for this return to the Feast of the Father.

Drink with joy in your hearts, beloveds, for the nourishment that sustains you. It will see you through as the birthing process of the divine feminine soothes you. The breast of the Mother is available to you for your joint homecoming. You are God’s precious children of the Light here on the mission of the grandest scale ever. You have been hand picked and you shall be rewarded with the fruits of your labor.

I am Djwal Khul in loving service to the Light.

A Channeled Message From The Master Djwal Khul
Through Valerie Donner July 24, 2003

Greetings Beloveds,

I am pleased to be sharing with you today. You are now in the throes of creating Heaven on Earth. You have planned and prepared throughout many lifetimes to arrive at this pivotal point. This is where you put your cards on the table, beloveds. It is where you own up to your purpose on this Earth. It is where you step into your destiny.

Throughout this lifetime you have painted pictures of the dreams you have for life on Earth. These dreams are imprinted in your hearts and are the key to the unfolding of these times of change. There are filtering points of Light that are entering into your DNA through the focal point of the heart to cultivate the dreams. They are wave like patterns of energy that trigger the truth of these encodements and they will bring about much change. The Earth herself also has the same trigger points. You are both being assisted in these activations in profound ways.

This is the manifest destiny of you both. It is the merging of the Light Realms back with the Earth Angels. It is when you dance together back into the Light. If you will tune into your own hearts you will feel the heaviness wanting to depart. In fact, this is what it is doing as you unlock the areas of darkness that have blocked your remembrance of your own Light. The filters are being removed and the messages are venturing forth.

This is a necessary completion point. It rings throughout your entire being as well as the universe. The Earth herself is at her completion with the third dimension and so are you. As the old breaks away it may feel somewhat awkward to move into the new. You may feel as if you are on shaky grounds, like a colt trying to walk on its new legs. But you will stand strong as you surge forward to do your intense earthly missions.

There are murky energies before you, beloveds. These energies need your Light. Those creating these energies may be oblivious to this need but they do indeed need your Light. Your Light will serve as a beacon for the new and for the removal of the old. Your Light is so powerful it will free those who are trapped in darkness. Some will welcome this freedom and others will chip off in their entirety. Only the Light will preserve this planet. She stands in the middle of the murkiness as she moves toward clarity and love.

Strengthen your resolve to complete your missions, beloveds. Please do not be fooled by what you see around you. Know the illusions are separating so that you can see the truth. Pass through the gateway of self-doubt and fear. Do not let these feelings rob you from your destiny because they have truly served in this way. They have held you back for far too long. You are too important to the mission to allow anything or anyone to stop you now.

When you find these emotions pressing in on you, go into your heart chakra and ask for a clearing. We will give you all of the assistance you need for your movement forward. You can do it, simply ask for assistance. We are here.

Remove the clutter of your minds that swirls around in the third dimension. It is all too easy to become preoccupied with the third dimension. You are learning to be in this world but not of it. In these times of change 3D can be a distraction from your spiritual pathway. Make your spiritual pathway the primary goal of your lives. This is the importance of what you are now doing. It will take all of the focus that you have to maneuver through these times of tribulation.

This is your official notice of being called into service for the Christing of the planet. You need this notice to awaken from the illusion to create the new dream. Hold it in your hearts and work with the Light to manifest the real. Stay on a positive footing even if the earth moves under your feet. She knows what she is doing and so do you. Things will become strange and different. You will wonder what is happening but in your hearts you know what is real. You are going home, beloveds.

Place God, Prime Creator, whatever names you give to Universal Source, first and foremost in your hearts. This is where your divine guidance originates and it is now stronger within you than ever. In you God is pleased. We are ever so grateful to you as we embrace you from the Light Realms. All of the Angels, Guides and Masters revel in your presence and they marvel at what you are doing on the Earth.

Refrain from self-judgments and stand in the great Light of who you are. You are the Gods and Goddesses that are moving the Earth forward on your mutual transformation. Stand in the peace of the perfection of this moment. You are the gifts and the givers.

I am Djwal Khul in loving service to your destinies.

The Feast of the Father

By Valerie Donner

The table is set.
The guests are lining up
Waiting to be fed.
Mother is in the kitchen
And Father is in bed,
With his dreams of you
Fully in his head.
He sees you
In your divine dress,
Letting go of your
He sees you
In your robes of gold.
He can’t wait to See you
Or for you to behold Him.
And She is there
Preparing everything,
As the dinner bell
Is about to ring.
You can hear her song
You can feel her sing.
“You are coming home
My precious ones.
You have done your job.
And now we are one again.”
The Feast of the Father
Awaits you all.
You have heard the word.
You have taken the call.
All are waiting
For the knock on the door.
So you can be with us
Forever more.

Valerie Donner is the founder of The Ground Crew website. She is an intuitive healer/ reader, channel, teacher, speaker, poet, and writer. She channels Djwal Khul, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Kuthumi, several beings from Telos, the underground city beneath Mt. Shasta (left over from Lemuria), the Intergalactic Council. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to bring profound healings to others. She is available for sessions over the phone: 866-281-2402 (toll free in the U.S.), or 530-918-9128, fax: 530-918-9138 or e-mail: valeriedonner@earthlink.net Her mailing address is: P.O. Box 889, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

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