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March 5, 2003 - The Feeding of fear, the Fueling of Terror

"We wish to discuss your growing fascination with all manner of apocalyptic prophecy, ancient and new, and how you bring about and create your nemeses by feeding the very fear of them through the lower vibrations of consciousness: the survival self, your three dimensional existential 'cage'.

Although it is still a relative abstraction to you that you 'think' things into being, we remind you that the entire illusory field of 'vision' that comprises your global perspective is utterly formatted through projections of the collective unconscious. This is becoming clearer to you on the one hand, where you recognize how operating in right mind and right action produces positive and constructive manifestations of those energies.  On the other, you remain rather mesmerized by the overwhelming shadows that you have still to recognize as your own demons, for it is your stimulated fear that hypnotizes you into fueling your terror and strips you of your power - as you shrink before the dark fields, where expressions of disharmony are brought to crystallization as the events now playing out in the Earth realm.

So let us look again, and again, and yet again...to recognize the fear.  To dissect it, piece by piece, until the very essence of its nature can be held up to the light, just as a cell is revealed through the microscope...Let us move beyond the shadow, where you walk with the light of All-That-Is directly overhead, proud and erect, in clarity and serene awareness of your unfolding personal reality.  You are the decision-maker; you are the free-willed consciousness unit that determines what transpires in your life - however else it may appear to you.  This is your movie: you are the director, you are the actor, you are the camera and the film ... the audience.

State your real fear the nature of that beast that takes you by the throat and shakes you from your roots out loud, valiantly and with a new determination.  You have an incredible assortment of fear factors from which to choose, but what is the primordial fear?  What is at the core of this growing terror?  Is yours a fear of total annihilation?  Is it the fear of death that grips you? Do you fear the omnipotent master, cracking the whip of arbitrary authority over you?  Is it the fear of losing what has been, or facing what may come...the end, the beginning ...or this historical moment, when all appears so decisively dark and irresolute?

Is your terror the lurking madman, intent upon your death and destruction?   Does it come in the form of 'weaponized' bacteria or in ships from outer space ... a careening comet?  Are all of these demons intent upon your demise?  Time it is that you consider how your perpetual state of mind affects not only your personal reality but that of all that surrounds you.

The momentum of mass media and the thought-shapers is building the Armageddon scenario, where all goodness and beauty is destroyed and only darkness survives.  Will you shake yourselves from this feeding frenzy and stand for that beauty and goodness and Light?   Will you send into the ethers, that infinite viewing screen of the greater perspective, a knowing that the farce that is playing is but a 'limited engagement', and that the true nature of the human spirit is rising?   And will you understand that this is the Great Initiation, humankind's opportunity ... nothing more, nothing less.  You decide if you will cross the Tibetan bridge, leap from the burning tower or reach the highest mountaintop.  You and you alone decide whether you will conquer the fear and move into position - heralding the New Dawn.

Observe.  Look between the cracks, through the smoke, and beyond the obvious. Truth shines through.

State your intention: "I am spirit essence - I am the embodiment of Universal Mind. I intend that the heart and conscious mind of the light forces of the Universe prevail."   Deflect the comets from your sovereign space, refuse the bearers of dark tidings, stand tall against the winds of change.

Be brave, be strong ... be starlight."

Channeled Teachings for the Awakening of Earth
from the Council, 
through  Patricia Cori

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