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Excerpt from DK Teleconference Class Wednesday, April 9, 2003


“Special Exercise to Help People of Iraq”

Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon terri@onepost.net


Special Note:  This is just the first part of the transcript with a timely exercise.  According to DK, the people of Iraq are choosing to no longer be subject to torture, chemical poisoning and other threats like famine.  The fear is still very strong in that area and this energy work is to help dissolve the fear and manifest peace.  The full transcript will be coming out at a later date and will cover the topic “Resistance – Its Penalties and Remedies”.


Djwhal Khul here.  Tashi delek.


I am very excited about today for many reasons.  Again, our title is “Resistance – Its Penalties and Remedies.”  A good thing that we are going to talk about remedies.  I think you already know some of the penalties.  We will be pointing that out and then how it connects in your personal life and how it connects in the war consciousness. 


Before I go into that I do want to say that I am very pleased thus far with the war progress, in that I think there was a lot more potential for quite a lot more harm to be done and quite a bit more casualties.  Thus far that has been averted.  So before we begin with our topic we are going to do a kind of a world peace, inner peace meditation.


If you would please flush 3 times before you open which is a channeling technique.  Feel energy coming in from above right into the crown.  I usually inhale that in and click into the crown chakra.  You might even feel a little bit of weight on your crown or almost like you are wearing a light hat or something.  On the exhale, spiral it down the body like a Roto-rooter literally clearing all of the charkas and it goes straight down into the earth a bit.  So we do that 3 times.  Breathe in, connecting into the crown and then spiraling.  So when you are exhaling really whoosh the energy.  Feel it spiraling down, very, very strong all the way down through clearing the charkas and anchoring into the earth.  We don’t want to just get the upper charkas.  Now more than ever is the best time to be inside your body as far as you can get inside your body.  So, again, flush before you open is 3 times.  Make sure, and you can do it a little bit more if you want.  You connect the spiritual energy into the crown and then on the exhale spiral down the body vigorously clearing the pathway.  Then above the head just open the doorway, if you will, to the spiritual plane. 


We are going to have a fun experiment today.  If you feel comfortable with it, please invite me in. I can do a whole class at once so that is not a problem.  You can say, “I invite the authentic Djwhal Khul from the spiritual plane, the ascended master, Djwhal Khul, into my chakra column.”  For some of you I will center around the stillpoint or around the navel, sometimes the third eye or the throat or the heart center, maybe the solar plexus to calm it or I might sit on the crown chakra.  I go basically where it is going to be most comfortable for your body or more strategic for your clearing process.  Let’s also invoke Melchizadek, also to come in through the crown chakra and then reside somewhere in the body.  Sometimes a presence will go into your auric field around your physical structure rather than right into a chakra or maybe sometimes say your knee is bothering you and the being will center themselves in the pain in order to transmute it.  So kind of let Melchizadek go wherever he wants to go.  And then the third invocation here is for the Three Star One.  That would be the oversoul of Melchizadek simply put.  She brings the element of peaceful energy.  It is simply that it is the part of your consciousness, part of everyone’s consciousness, that is peaceful, that doesn’t struggle, doesn’t set up duality or do any of those things.  It uses the remainder of the creative energies that can’t even be conceived of within the dualistic concept of the universe  It taps into everything else so it awakens your potential.  It is essentially an energy to save thyself.  I was asked a few times about the word savior in the Three Star One invocation because belief systems related it to some other religious program.  It is not a religious factor at all.  It is not about putting all you belief in a savior.  It is really essentially save thyself by breaking out of duality.  That is all that it means.  Certainly I never encourage making any of the spiritual figures worship focus or an icon.  It is just an interactive process.  So it is always all about the self and nothing more. 


Now with this presence inside of your consciousness of myself, Melchizadek and The Three Star One, just let the energies begin to smooth things out.  We will turn our attention toward the well known war in Iraq and to the energies there of the local people, the Iraqi people, choosing to have the blood shed over.  Choosing to no longer being subject to torture and chemical poisoning and other threats like famine and all of those things.  We want to really energize that they have chosen to have things be as easy as possible and to end a very long suffering.  So that is what we are putting our energy into.  If you can work with Iraq as a motherland and then the consciousness of the people in general in a way of clearing any remaining negativity just go ahead and pull that out.  I think that what we want to do is make sure that the next step as I see it is not having any form of attack from outside of Iraq coming in from another country there.  Coming in with some kind of a chemical weapon from another country.  That the focus is the choice of the people and that the dominant energy there is no more suffering, no more being attacked and so on.  Just keep pulling the energy away there.  Some of those Iraqi soldiers I think were not deserting.  I think they were relocating.  So we want to keep the energy clear there.  Again, asking that the will of the people be honored and that no one else’s will can override it. 


Now there is still a lot of fear in the area, a tremendous amount of fear in the area.  So over the next several days keep working with transmuting the fear there.  We don’t want to invite back in the possibility, in other words.  So keep working with clearing the fear.


(Note:  DK requested that this part of the transcript be sent separately as an announcement quickly so that everyone can start working on it.  The rest of the transcript will follow.)

Fritz from California shared this new method of working with DK's blue triangle for pattern removal.  DK does recommend a conscious "ah ha" or realization of your pattern in addition to "unknown issues".  Have fun and please let me know what happens when you try it.
The process: inscribe in a blue triangle
the words "The unknown issue presently blocking my progress." Then throw
it into the sun. Seems to solve unknown problems quickly.

 Rev. Terri

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