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  From the Winter Solstice 2003 Newsletter

From Saint Germain:
Empowering Lightworkers through the Network of Light

Excerpt of a message channeled by Antera on 9/14/03

Note from Antera: The following is excerpted from a series of messages I received from Saint Germain while my husband Omaran and I were camped high on Mt Shasta where the veils are thin, for a week in September. Our home is in the town of Mt Shasta, but we rented it out while we are on an extensive tour. We were just driving through on our way south when the mystical mountain "pulled" us up there.

Germain: Welcome back to the mountain! I greet you!...

We are all very happy that you heeded the call to come up on the mountain. For these energies can be found no where else on the planet, no where else!... It is one of the most nourishing spots on the planet--for you and for many of us. And of course you know there are many gathered within the mountain, for this is a congregation of beings and you have been invited...

We are all in this together and everyone has their part to play. Every one of us, myself included, has a part to play in transforming this planet. This is our goal, and always has been our goal--our most important work, my most important work, and the work of all of you who are on the planet now, striving your best to do your part within the greater context of everyone else who is doing their part. For many of you have felt alone in your work. Many of you, and I speak to the lightworkers of the planet, have felt as if your work was in vain, as if the planet was not ready for your work, for the energies that you bring to the planet, for the transformation that you are willing and able to do.

We have been trying to encourage all of you so much! And yet, still the connection was not there--the connection between all of you together--for this is what it takes to create the great transformation that we are working on. It requires this Network of Light. It requires all of you to connect with each other.

This is what we are convening about on this mountain now, how to network all of you together, how to better bring forth a solid front, so to speak, a solid Network of Light on the planet, and to bring you into more communication with each other… so you are not separate, so you know that you are doing your part because you see the effects on the greater network. For it is this greater network of light that you all work upon, and you can see the effects if you tune in to it.

If you try to work alone and you do not magnify your efforts by putting them out into the network, then it may seem futile, like nothing is happening. But if you tune into the Network of Light, if you consciously call to each other, magnify and congratulate each others' work, and send positive energy out, helping all of the other lightworkers do their part and be successful in their work, then your own work will become tremendously successful. This is a feedback system that can be used by all of you, but we do not see it being used very much.

We do not see many of the lightworkers tuning into this vast Network of Light that is available. It has been created by all of you and yet it is still in bits and pieces because many of you do not use it. It was created many years ago, and it is now at a point where it can be fully utilized as a magnificent feedback system to magnify each others' work.

The way it works is that you send out positive energy to all the other people, all the other healers, all the other teachers, all the others who are doing work of the heart and bringing more Light to the planet. You connect with them and send them the most tremendous burst of love and appreciation--to all of them! Wish them the greatest success! Tremendous success! Wish them to have hundreds and hundreds of clients! Wish them to have many, many people in their workshops. Wish them to have the greatest success they can have! And they will do the same for you. So you see, you put it out and it comes back to you multiplied. Then you send it out again and lo and behold, we have a working Network of Light on the planet! A system of cooperation, a system that works! A system that can transform this planet into the new age so quickly!

This is what we meet about. We need to get this out to the lightworkers. We need to get it out quickly! For we see that this will tip the scales, this very act of connecting, of letting go of the separation, of letting go of everyone working on their own…. of letting go of any kind of competition between you, of letting go of any wishes of your own success over others... letting go of the ego… letting go of all that is not embracing the entire lightwork network. It is time to think globally! For all lightworkers!

We know it is easy to get caught up in your own work, it is easy to get caught up in your own troubles. If you think globally and really tap into the wonderful energy grid that is around this planet, specifically to empower lightworkers, then we will see real change. We will see the lightbearers rise to positions of leadership, and the old fall away as it was always intended to do.

We cannot give up! And some of you have. Some of you have actually given up, because it was a little hard, because other things got in the way… because there are so many things happening in the world and you feel like your work is not making a dent. But let me tell you it is! Once again we rally you, we rally all of you. We tell you once again your work does make a difference--everything you do. So we are simply asking you to tune into each other, so that you can see that you are making a difference, so you can see what others are doing, so you can see the effect on the gridwork around the planet.

Know that no matter how bad things look in the world, if you concentrate on the Light, if you concentrate on this transformation, then it will happen. Do not allow your thoughts to stray to judgment of those who are making mistakes, judgment of the leaders who are doing things you may not agree with. Remember, as a lightworker it is your job to maintain the lightwork grid, and to put your effort into the grid so that all may benefit. It does not do any good at all to be judgmental of those who have not reached a point where they can do the same. They may be "younger" and need to make mistakes. But there is no reason to judge. Because if you look back in your own history you will know that you made similar mistakes at some point or another, most likely, and it didn't do you any good to be judged. It only did you good to be loved, and to be helped through.

So we know it is a challenge, but we hope you will withdraw your negative thoughts and feelings from those areas that beg for negative thoughts and feelings. Withdraw them, and put that energy into the lightwork grid in a positive way. Put your thoughts and your energy where it can do the most good. Concentrate all of your efforts because that is what it will take! That is what it is taking... to transform this planet.

And though I am working from a much higher level, so to speak, we are all one. We are all one with the I Am Presence. We are all one with the God Force Presence. When you succeed, I succeed. When I succeed, you succeed. When you raise your Light, I raise my Light, and we are all in this together. Every one of you is so important to this task.

Whatever your work, whatever your job, whatever the part of the grid you are maintaining, and brightening, that is your job! Do your best at it! Big or small, it does not matter. You chose where you are, that is your job and it must be done. Every job is important! Even if your work is simply on the inner planes, charging up that lightwork grid, that is so important. So please do not think your job is too small to matter, because it all matters and we are watching every single one of you! At all times!

The meeting we are having is about just this, bringing this to more lightworkers' attention--bringing in and finding new ways for lightbearers to become empowered...

Many blessings!

Copyright © 2003 Antera
Center for Soul Evolution
PO Box 740, Mt Shasta, CA 96067

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