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DK Teleconference Workshop, Saturday, April 26, 2003
Eliminating Resistance and Polarization: Part 1 of 2,  Part 2
Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon RevTerri@lifetimeaddress.com

Djwhal Khul, here.  Tashi delek

Well let's see.  Resistance and polarization are two very interesting topics.  If anyone is  having difficulty hearing, I would ask you to tune in with your psychic ears and hear me in stereo, actually inside your head as well as through the telephone.  That is one of the things that we do on an ongoing basis which is upgrading your natural spiritual abilities and psychic development, maybe even learning a little white magic here and there.  We'll hope that we don't blow out the telephone as we did Wednesday.  I'm not going to put it directly in front of me this time. 

So, clearing resistances.  I want to talk about it a little bit first so that you have an idea about where the pattern comes from and how it manifests.  Resistance is a result of not knowing that you can simply make a pure, clean choice about something.  It's that simple.  If you feel stuck in a job because you need the money, you'll have resistance to it because you don't feel that you can just choose another job, or no job or whatever.  It's  that trapped feeling that creates resistance or tension and It's a normal part of human development to the degree that even when you are going through a spiritual process and It's something that is unknown to you, like energy is accelerating and you feel different, maybe your sleep patterns are off and your taste buds are changing, you'll move somewhat into resistance to some degree because you feel like you don't have a choice in the matter, as if you are being accelerated without your permission.  Also in relationships of all kinds, business relationship, personal relationship, even relationship with the Earth or maybe your internet provider, (now that we've had a discussion about that) whatever the relationship is, there will only be resistance if you're feeling that you can't choose freely.  So the first thing that we're going to do is set up an exercise that whenever you notice that you are resisting something you simply stop and choose.  You can choose anything.  Maybe you want to eat that piece of cake and you are resisting the urge.  Then you look at it again and you really want it and you are resisting the urge and you tell yourself I can't because It's got sugar in it, It's got flour in it, It's got chocolate in it, It's got nuts in it and I'm allergic to those. Whatever you are going through in the resistance process, It's because a choice is not yet made.  You can fool yourself and say, I choose to eat the cake, and then say, I choose not to eat the cake, but you still want the cake.  You can get caught in that dynamic of resistance.  When that is occurring, wh
you think you've made a choice but you haven't fully committed to it energetically; it's just a mind trip, if you will; you're not fully present with your choice.  Then what you will do is condense your bodies, make sure you're fully present in your physical body, and then choose again.  We can play with some examples of that when we get going into it, but for right now I'd like you to pick something that you've noticed that you really resist, like maybe a relationship, or moving the relationship into the next phase, or ending a relationship, or changing it from a love relationship to a friendship.  Could also be your relationship to food or your energy, your relationship to your own personal energy level. Maybe you've been tired and you've been resisting being tired or you've been ill and you're resisting being ill --- you want to be well.  It could be a job or moving to a new location.  Also spiritually --- I know you're all counting up: How many can I pick? We'll go through the exercise a few times and then at the end of our class we'll also do the healing transmission and you'll get to do a lot of this clearing today.  So spiritually maybe you are resisting mastery, maybe you're deliberately sabotaging it so that you don't have to own your own power.  Just a thought!  Maybe, maybe, that might be happening to one or two people on the call or reading the transcript. 

So, pick one; just select one for right now and remember you've got plenty of time to get to the rest of them --- there's all of eternity.  So pick one resistance and what I'd like you to do is set up a reciprocal flow with it.  Imagine that whatever the resistance is, that it's right out in front of you and that you can set up this flow with it, then try to feel something coming from it to you, then something going back to the resistance itself. You really want to own the power of the resistance and you might be surprised at how strong it is, or surprised at how weak it is.  It can be either way.  Also, you might feel it in a spot, like maybe the Throat Chakra, or maybe the sexual energy in your body, maybe your Heart Center, or maybe it's making your feet ache, or a hip.  Pay attention to where it lives in your body consciousness, because if it's in your consciousness it's in the body consciousness --- there's no separation.  When you feel things you can actually heal them.  When you're just thinking, oh, yes, I know I resist that and I should clear it, clear, clear ---, you're getting only one tiny level.  If you don't tap into the feeling modality and shift it from the cellular sensation out of the consciousness, then it's not a very thorough removal.  That's one of the reasons I like the work of Byron Katie very much.  Its ownership --- you move into ownership, this is how it feels when I carry that thought, and this is how it feels to other people when I carry this thought or I produce this resistance.  It causes pain in other people.  It causes other people to maybe not want to be around me because I can't make a decision.  Go into the ramifications of the resistance.  How much of a price are you paying to indulge yourself in resistance?  Which is also saying, "I'm afraid I don't have a choice". It can also be, if I make a choice I'm afraid I'll make the wrong one, so I will resist and resist and resist rather than choosing. 

Again, pick one.  It's very powerful now.  We're going to feel that reciprocal flow building, really feel it in the body strongly, please.  Then, with your entire being make a choice, a choice that will get you out of that loop.  You should feel the energy change rather dramatically.  Sometimes it drops off; there's no reciprocal flow any more.  Sometimes it smoothes out; sometimes instead of a push/pull, you've got a full energy flow.  (Pause)  All right.  Wonderful.  Let's do another one before I open it for discussion and then maybe you can share what experience you had if you want to.  Again, pick one thing that you're conscious of, that you're in resistance to.  In this one I would encourage you to go physiologically --- the body resisting losing weight, or the body being insulin resistant, or the body resisting digesting foods properly, headaches, other pains in the body, maybe arthritis or something like that.  Try something on a physical level that is an indication of resistance in the body and set up a flow with it.  Imagine that it's out in front of you and you are receiving energy from it and giving energy back to it.  You're setting up this energy dynamic so that you can feel the full effect that this particular resistance has had upon you.  (Pause)  Feel it in your body, maybe coming from another point in your body than you thought it was.  (Pause)  Sometime you'll pick up another emotion to it, say guilt or shame or something like that.  Really move into the emotion.  Embrace it.  Set up a flow with it.  (Longer pause)  All right, now that you've really embraced the resistance, make a choice and consider not just choosing something, but also allowing it.  I choose and allow.  We'll go more specifically into other examples for those who need some help deciding exactly what choice will get them out of a particular resistance form. It could be as simple as I choose and allow. I choose and allow losing weight.  I choose and allow balancing my blood sugar.  I choose and allow balancing my PH.  I choose a
and allow feeling great in my body.

Now I want to talk a little bit about polarization and how that sets up the dynamic for resistance.  You notice the word resistance is often used in war.  The resistance did this, blah, blah, blah.  Polarization is something that was really heightened on the planet.  It's starting to come back into a more feminine energy, more toward Oneness coming up here.  We're just starting into it so I want to facilitate that and the idea in your own personal consciousness: avoid polarization.  Avoid any strong statement in either direction.  As we were getting ready for the call this morning I was listening to plenty of dialogue about polarizing, so rather than polarizing against a company, or against a government, whatever you would polarize against, instead think of it as all-inclusive.  In other words, go down into the function of a single cell and re-think the way that works with electrons and protons, the nucleus and the cell wall, and all the things going on inside a single cell.  It could look like polarization in the negative, but when you look at it like an organism the parts are all interdependent on one another.  So one is not bad and the other good, they're just there in complement for each other.  Then when you look at your life, maybe shopping for insurance companies and this one has this attribute and this one has another, and this one has a bad reputation this one is reliable.  You're sorting everything out.  Make it all-inclusive instead.  Think of it all inside the cell and then you're going to focus on one part of the cell, but you're going to continue to allow all the other parts to interact.  In other words, they are all going to continue to exist and you do not have to be polarized against them in a personal way.  You just pick your point of focus.  If I take that to the dynamic going on now between war and peace and that whole concept, the extreme polarizations are saying there absolutely should be war and there absolutely should never be war.  And then there are some that say that sometimes It's just
probably going to continue to happen, that we need military and bombs and weapons and whatever.  Again, put it all inside a cell and think of it as this beautiful work of art.  It's not the kind of work of art where you can say, Well, I don't want that blue dot in there.  I think I'll take it out. It's already existing; it's beautiful just the way it is and there's nothing to change about it.  When you think there's something to change you move into polarity against the change.  When you think there's something to change, you actually move into polarity against the change.

Let's say you decided to move your dresser into another spot in the room.  The initial energy is a polarization and even a slight resistance to the change even though you're looking forward to seeing what it looks like in another spot or making the room more balanced or Feng Shui or whatever.  That's the initial response: polarization.  Then you make the choice yes, I'm going to move the dresser.   Resistance says, no, I don't have the energy right now, or I don't want to pull all the drawers out, or there are too many things on top, going through all the list of why not to move the dresser, and then your list of why I should move the dresser and then maybe you can't move it until you get help and so on.  But there's a polarization, resistance in play until the deed is actually done, in place.  Then the energy about moving the dresser is gone.  It should be gone. 

If you still tend to hold on to things after you've moved it, like Maybe I  shouldn't have moved it, maybe I should move it back, now I should move something else.  That's a form of torment in the mind, or a form of torture in the mind.  It means that you are over-thinking, but also deliberately torturing yourself mentally.  If that is the case, go back into childhood and ask yourself who in the family was the mental torturer.  This does not have to be someone who talked.  It could be someone who was busy in their head a lot of times, but didn't necessarily say it all out loud, but really as a child or an adult you were very sensitive and picked up on their thoughts.  Or who was the worrywart in the family?  Maybe the whole family operates that way.  Then again you'll have resistance to that initially.  Oh, it was Grandpa, constantly running on about things, or there's Mom, You should this and should that and did you empty the garbage yet and what about your shoes?  Did you put them in the wash; did you make your bed?  Maybe it was that, the initial Oh, yes, that's who it was.  There'll be a resistance; automatically there'll be a polarization to that person, to that pattern.  So again, what we want to do is set up a reciprocal flow with it.  The energy moves very, very nicely.  It's embracing and loving the energy, rather than repelling it or hating.  You can't change anything you're still in resistance to.  The change only occurs when the resistance stops or is remedied.  So let's set up the reciprocal flow to whomever in the family was the mental torturer, mentally tortured themselves and you picked up the pattern.  Maybe they mentally tortured everybody else, too, but you have simply picked up a pattern.  You're not stuck with it; therefore you don't need to resist it.  As we get in touch with the energy and any side emotions that come up with it, maybe guilt, shame, a tight feeling in your stomach, cringing or being afraid or getting verbally defensive yourself when you sense the pattern coming up, whatever
that needs all of its parts to function --- That' show creation works.  (Sound of outbreath)  Then let the energy go, just let it dissolve into a very peaceful bliss.  Make your choice: I choose peace.  I choose and allow peace.  I receive peace.  I give peace.   Then this pattern of mental torture --- the other person, or the whole family unit, they still own that unless they decide to transcend it. It's still their pattern, but you don't have to have it.  You transcended the pattern for yourself.  All right.  Good.

Taking it to a world degree, I think you're all acutely aware of what happens with polarization and resistance: our country versus their country, or our religion versus their religion. When that polarization gets so strong, people actually act against human nature, begin to kill each other and forget their humanity, getting into their righteous cause. We're seeing it very clearly playing out right now with all the distrust going with it.  It's a global scale for the healing transmission.  I would like to work on that resistance in the Middle East, the resistance between religions and such.  Whether I say it specifically in the healing transmission or not, that's where your energy work is going to go.  So we'll work on healing that.  In the meantime, anyone care to share a realization or experience from what we've already done this morning?

STUDENT:  Djwhal, I experienced both exercises in my throat and thymus.  I did one on sabotaging mastery and felt in the throat and thymus.  Then I did one on my arthritis and I was so surprised that that's where it showed up, in the same place and even stronger.  So I'm going to have to do some considering about what that is all about.  I didn't expect to feel it there at all.
DK:  Good.  Mostly in the throat?  (Just beneath it, with the thymus, upper chest.)  If you were, just off the top of your head, to say what emotion lives there, what would you come up with? (Fear.)  Fear, exactly.  Arthritis is very much fear based.  (It was so strong.  It shocked me.)  Good!  This is revelation.  The truth revealed is a good thing, because then you feel it, you become aware.  It's about awareness as well.  You become aware of all the things that we normally keep hidden from our own self, hidden from the unconsciousness.  So, good.  I think that being in the Aquarian Age in general, you're going to see more things connected into that Throat Chakra than normal, and also different patterns in the communication realm.  Some of that could be attributed to different technology and things like that.  But communication patterns are very rapidly changing and, again, that sets up a fear and a resistance coming into the Throat Chakra. This is why there are a lot of thyroid problems that are not really thyroid problems and a lot of immune system or thymus problems that aren't truly immune system.  (I know that I should be doing work on the phone, more distance work and I have resisted that.  I have wanted the face-to-face and I definitely think that has to do with communication there in the Throat  Chakra --- and mastery.  It's all right there.  That was a big AHA.  And in just talking about it, the pressure has subsided.)

 Good.  I'm encouraging many healers to learn to work on the phone and to do conference calls and to work on the internet and maybe video conference and whatever they need to do.  That's very, very important, because as we get a little further into this decade you'll see a lot less travel, more troubles with shipping and more troubles with flying.  Automobiles at the moment look to be all right, but there also will be some restrictions with that coming up in a couple of years.  So using other methods, such as telecommunication, or electronic or wireless, radio and television, is very, very important.  Those kinds of things are the new medium of teaching.  Healing can be just as powerful over the telephone as it is in person.  (It all brings such truth to that.)  Yes.  I would be extremely limited in the number of students I could reach if it weren't for this medium.  Anyone else?  I do want you to share your experiences about resistance and polarization and any realizations that you get add more depth to the workshop.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, for me it was resistance to self-love and I feel it in the center of my chest, well, an aching in my heart, in the center of my chest, just pain.  I know that it comes from fear and the resistance to self-love.  When we talked about the patterns that we imitate, I picked up a lot of issues from my mother.
DK:  I'd like to go into the self-love issue a little bit more in depth because that's really the core work for everyone.  I do feel that the pressure ache in the chest, yes, is my own self-love is missing. A lot of heart attacks are because of missing self-love or looking for love outside of self until the heart says, No, It's supposed to be inside of self, but you haven't fed me in so long I'm going to quit on you.   Those are self-love issues.  So I had fun with the channel yesterday.  I'm not too much on modern music, but I'm sure the rest of you will know this song.  I think it's a Beatles song.  "Money Can't Buy Me Love".  I was having her change the lyrics.  It took her quite a while to get it, but instead of I don't care too much for money, it was, I do care much about money, money can buy me love, meaning self-love, and then moving that around.  One of the ways that spiritual seekers very effectively sabotage themselves in the self-love department is not having enough money to take care of their bodies.  So I think the song was about using money to get love which is a whole other issue, I'm sure, but what I am talking about is letting yourself receive whatever you need in order to love yourself, take care of yourself and stay in service.  And, again, feeding that heart, that self-worth, self-esteem, self-love aspect --- and really feeding that.  Give yourself that energy.  Don't look for that outside of self.  Very important.

 Now, let's all take a moment to take that ache, if you can feel that pressure or ache in the chest, take it out outside and put it right in front of you.  You might just want to hold it in your hand.  We want to give the body the experience of what is the sensation when that heaviness is removed.  Set up reciprocal flow of the lack of self-love that you're polarizing with or resisting.  Now it's out in front of you.  (Outbreath)  Breathe that energy through.  Set up a reciprocal flow to it.  You might notice it also triggering something else in the body.  The colon is also a very hot spot, for colon and heart are very closely connected.  Set up that reciprocal flow of energy so it's pretty strong.  Again, we're encompassing everything, all-inclusive.  We're not going to get rid of that shadow aspect.  We're going to love it and include it in the process.  You don't go and slay or wound or dismember your bad parts.  What you want to do is incorporate them exactly as a cell uses all its parts.  So now, again, the choice: I choose and allow self-love. If it didn't feel real to you yet ask to get all the way into your body, totally, all parts of your consciousness condensed into your physical form.  Full occupancy, no vacancy.  Then again, I choose and allow self-love. That should feel a little it different.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, I found also that if I say I am here because I choose to love myself, it works very strongly from that passionate quote that you gave years ago. 
DK:  And even I would modify it now:  I am here because I love myself, not because I choose to. (I agree.)  Anyone else?

STUDENT:  Djwhal, with the first exercise I had something tangible here in the house that I've been resisting.  It worked beautifully.  Not only did it work, but it I saw what else I could do.  It gave me inspiration.  With the second, I felt nothing and what you just took us through really helped me, because when I'm working with myself I tend to philosophize and I don't make it real.  You helped make it real.  I took it out of myself and put it in front of me and then I could work with it the same way I worked with the tangible one. 
DK:  Good.  Excellent.  You have to make things real.  Many of the spiritual students mean quite well, but they're in the head.  They're not really anchoring what they're learning.  It's all philosophy, rather than realization.  (That's my shortcut, I call it.)  It's all about the physical plane.  This is a good thing to remind oneself from time to time --- and I do mean everyone --- the reason you're here, the reason you're in a physical body, is it's all about the physical plane of consciousness.  You are Lightworkers to affect change on the physical plane: changes in government, changes in the way food is grown, changes in the environment, changes in peace policies, changes in whatever, That's what you're here to do.  You're working in the world; otherwise you wouldn't be having a body.  (In just the past week I've had some real AHAs about all this.  Some of this stuff I've heard all my life that I didn't know I didn't understand.  They were talking about, literally, know thyself.  My God!  They're talking about literally!  And the Buddhists   with their mindfulness --- that was just a few days ago.  Holy cow!  Talking about  literally.  And so I've been philosophizing for years about things that are literal!)  Yes.  In Buddhism you study and study and study and study, spending anywhere from two to five decades studying.  It all seems very mental and complex, the flavor of my telepathic transmissions to Alice Bailey.  It was very intricate.  You learned every little intricacy of everything, but what it was meant to do was bring you back to know thyself by knowing how creation and nature works and how a cell works and how physics works.  And you went through all these levels, but everything always came back to the self, because it always does.  So know thyself is the journey and when you're semi-present in the body, half-ejected or whatever, you do not get to know the self.  You can't, because you're not immersed in it.  By removing resistance you're free to say, oh, O.K.  I choose being in a physical body on t
because that's what I came here to do.  Why resist it any more?  And the other thing about the body, when you fully occupy it, then you can fully heal it.  Miracles occur when presence condenses and fully occupies the physical body.  That's what makes it transform.  (Well, I have been so impressed in the last few days with all I thought I understood and I didn't.)  Well, you know you always come to a deeper realization.  You did understand and now you understand deeper.  Don't polarize.

STUDENT:  Djwhal, would you say a little bit about how playing the victim comes in with self-love?
DK:  Oh, yes, I love doing the victim pattern with self-love.  That's one of my favorite topics.  If you are playing victim, there's always a polarization of the bully, the victimizer and the victim, or the perpetrator and the victim.  Usually what you're resisting is your own dark side.  Any time there's a victim pattern running, I'm a victim and the other person's a perpetrator, or maybe its government, or whatever, that is polarization, as it is saying you are resisting your own dark side.  So let's say --- O.K., I'm picking one that's familiar in mass consciousness --- Let's say a drunk driver hits your car.  You're considered the victim, which means also the victim is in the right and the perpetrator is in the wrong.  That sets up that polarization.  It means you're resisting that aspect of your consciousness.  So if we pick that apart, do you ever allow yourself to act irresponsibly?  A little bit --- you're certainly not driving while impaired.  But do you let yourself be playful or irresponsible or do you keep yourself under tight control?  Or maybe it's a sign saying, I am being irresponsible in my life; I am being irresponsible.  And because I'm not being responsible I get this mirror of someone who is really being irresponsible victimizing me. So it can work either dynamic, but It's a shadow aspect that you're resisting whenever you're in a victim mode.  Let's say someone is bad-mouthing you, saying really bad things about you, trying to discredit your character, ruin your business, make other people hate you.  You're a victim.  That would be a resistance again, polarization and resistance to the part of you that really would like to criticize.  Maybe it is very critical of other things --- I've seen the dynamic many times.  The criticism can show up, not against other people, but against things, like maybe this kind of car is totally unacceptable: I'm very critical of this carmaker, or this restaurant, or I'm very critical of this movie or this book.  So the critic aspect could show up in any other as
where your criticism shows up.  So if someone is bad-mouthing you, you would go into your own critic and make peace with it.   That's embracing the shadow side. 

Again, Debbie Ford's book, The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, is another good read and Jungian philosophy in general, depending on how you want to work with the energy.  Byron Katie work will also get to that neutralization of polarities.  That's a very important thing to remember: neutralize it in yourself and then this external example doesn't have to be there to show you what you're not looking at.  (Last night I was dreaming I was trying to keep people from looting my Dad's office that got flooded.  They were taking stuff and I was running round trying to get stuff in the car before everyone took it.)  Who was being victimized there?  (I guess my father) Well, the office flooded, your father's objects, and you felt responsible to try to hold it all together when it was someone else's event.  Another thing that might have happened in that kind of dream is standing back and going, Wow!  Look at all this happening!  Not feeling like you had to get involved and try to stop everything or fix everything.  So in the shadow aspect I would engage the inner male that wants to hold everything together and may not want that job anymore; and then the flooding, flowing, That's an emotional release, and the looting is letting go.  So there's a lot of symbology there.  I would go into that. 

The looting is also a carry-over from things going on in other places on the planet.  The consciousness picks that up.  I've been looking at the dream plane lately, there've been lots of people dreaming they've been bitten by a poisonous snake, dreaming that they're drowning --- a lot of drama going on in the dream mode.  That should be lifting probably by today or into next week sometime depending upon your personal chart and how you respond to Mercury retrograde in the configuration that it's in.  But for the most part, I would say it should be lightening up by now.  And again, personal power, personal empowerment, means taking care of your own business.  Somehow service has been interpreted as taking care of everyone else's business.  It's not.  It's taking care of your own business, setting a healthy example and from there facilitating others as needed.  Watch that tendency to --- I'm not speaking to you personally, I'm talking to everybody, because I'm seeing the tendency looping around through the group.  Watch the tendency to want to jump into other people's lives and hold things up for them or fix things for them.  Pay attention to self-love. 

STUDENT:  Djwhal, for the first one I used my tiredness and it was kind of like I was so tired it felt like the other side was very weak.  I'm not sure if that was because I was so tired I couldn't visualize it.  I didn't know what to do with it because I couldn't get the reciprocal flow going.  
DK:  Ah!  Well, that is resistance.  Too tired to do work is another form of resistance.  All right, Lets see if w can get to that one.  Anyone else that was just too tired to set up the reciprocal flow or feel it?  Let's do that again.  I would like for all the ones who either didn't think they felt anything because they were still working in their heads, or who were just too tired, maybe feeling a little ill today, to soak up the energy.  Really soak up the energy.  You can be in resistance to your resistance.  That is what I see happening there.  Another way of doing it, rather than setting up a reciprocal flow, just tune in to the body, particularly, how does your Solar Plexus feel?  (I haven't been feeling it.  It's more up into my heart because I've been having palpitations or hormonal stuff, so that's where I've been feeling most everything.)  Go to your Solar Plexus and tell me what you're feeling there.  (It's expanding out sideways.)  Emotional ejection, which will cause some heart palpitations, by the way.  When that third chakra is off to the side or turned a little or too high up or too low down it will reverberate --- usually in the chest, sometimes lower, but usually in the chest.  So let's bring the emotional system, rather than resisting it, let's just bring it back into alignment.  I choose and allow the divine flow of creation.  I am perfectly aligned in the divine flow.ΓΆβ,¬?  Good.  Everyone soak up the energy.  It's right there.  I choose and allow receiving all of this healing energy. I'm sending it quite strongly right now to all of you.  How is your body feeling now?  Your chest and Solar Plexus?  (It feels better.  It just sat up.)  Good.  How about energetically?  Do you feel like you have more energy?  (Yeah, good.)  Your voice even sounds a little more energetic.  Good.

So it's about bringing up energy.  Resistance takes a tremendous amount of power.  It's the difference between hauling a heavy load uphill and just coasting downhill, not even needing an engine.  Flow is flow; resistance takes tremendous amounts of power.  I can guarantee it's using up way more energy than you're even aware of.  Anyone else before we go into the healing transmission?

STUDENT:  Hi, Djwhal, can you hear me?  (Yes.)  I was aware that I was resisting DK so I just made a choice to let that go.  (Good.)  What I experienced in the initial exercise was really important.  I've been working this last week or so and coming into the realization that I had closed my heart to people who in the past I believed were not loving in the way I wanted them to be.  So I chose to step away from them.  They were teachers and other people and I had cut myself off from them; I had held them in separation, somehow.  But in the exercise I chose to work with the energy of resistance that --- there's a man I have been with in a relationship of friendship and he has wanted more,    but I have known that I have not.  Yet there is a part of me, I could feel it, that hooks into him because it still wants attention in some way.  In the exercise what kind of opened up for me was the understanding that I was still wanting his attention, although it was not of the highest (word?) because I thought that other people were not giving me what I thought was caring.  What this led to was this realization that I have believed I have not been good enough, not devoted enough to God or a higher power, and that it will reject me because of that.  I don't know if this is clear, but it was a very profound realization for me and it will continue to unfold and become more clear.
DK:  Good.  There are many who stay in a relationship that is not in the divine interest of either party because there's an aspect there that says --- It's really again that self-love issue --- you really don't accept affection from those --- just to feel some affection coming from somewhere or out of guilt that you shouldn't reject another person or this a good safety net for me so I'll just keep the energy going even though It's not my ideal. It all comes out of the I don't love myself enough pattern.  Once you recognize that, you can set up the resistance energy, resisting being with them or disconnecting from them both, and flowing.   You might even try the dynamic of the symbol of infinity: instead of the reciprocal flow in an oval shape, set up a symbol of infinity, a figure 8 on its side between the image of him and his affection and you until you just move into that.  What you'll be choosing instead is I choose giving myself affection.  And see what happens there.  I see people's energy tied up in relationships when they really should be freeing themselves to be in better relationships --- both parties.  There's just enough confusion, or just enough of a tether, that when someone begins to withdraw attention the other says, I want some attention.  Don't go away.  The push/pull effect that gets traded back and forth is an interesting dynamic.  Of course you can learn a lot from it, but if you're spending a lot of time in resistance rather than acceptance, what you're teaching yourself is I don't know how to love myself and I don't know how to be in a proper love relationship with another partner.ΓΆβ,¬?  That's essentially what you're showing yourself.  So I would move toward the deep inner knowingness that you do know how and that it's worth whatever its worth to move into self-love.  Is it worth what appears to be a risk but is not a risk at all.  It's just resistance posing a risk.  I hope that met with a few ears today.  (Well, it got mine.)  Good.

I'm going to go do a little energy work before going into the healing transmission.  If you need a little break, don't hang up the phone.  And know you'll get the energy no matter where you are. 

Djwhal Khul  
 This is the end of Part 1 of 2 Eliminating Resistance and Polarization

DK Teleconference Workshop, Saturday, April 26, 2003

Eliminating Resistance and Polarization,   Part 2 of 2 Healing Transmission
Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon RevTerri@lifetimeaddress.com

This is a meditation for the workshop on Eliminating Resistance and
Polarization, Saturday, April 26, 2003 and I am Djwhal Khul.  Let's
begin with a beautiful golden white light in through the Crown Chakra
and then a beautiful blue white light coming up through the bottoms of
the feet.  Now, the body will begin to show you where it has resistance.
It might show you the collar bones; it might show you the chest; it
might look like tension in the Solar Plexus or your lower back.  But pay
attention to the body because it will show you right now as we work with
these energies, the golden white coming from above, the blue white light
coming from below.  Let it point out to you where is any resistance.  It
might be the jaw; it might be a rib, one side of the rib cage there.
Whatever area it is, take the strongest one, imagine that you let it
drift out in front of you, or you can physically move it with your hand
and put that resistance literally about an arm's length away so that
it's not in its usual operating mode.  It's in a different arena and you
can really look at it and steal into it and play with it.  It's kind of
like taking a beautiful crystal off the shelf and keeping it in your
hands for a while, or putting it on the table right in front of you so
you can admire it, or gathering up some clay and beginning to shape
something with it.  You've just taking it and moving it to a viewing
point, an interactive point.  Now set up a reciprocal flow.  It can
either be coming from you into that resistance or from the resistance
coming to you, whichever starts first, then just keep the flow going,
the constant flow back and forth between you and this resistance.  Now
since it's out in front of you, you should be feeling something changing
in your body as that reciprocal flow keeps going. If you would prefer to
use something like the symbol of infinity or a circle rather than back
and forth, you can change the flow to suit your needs. (Pause.) And then
at a certain point the energy will begin to transform just because
you've communing with it rather than resisting it.  It will begin to
transform. As it does, make a choice. A good catchall kind of choice
might be something like; I choose and allow Divine Presence.  When the
Divine is present, polarization doesn't exist, resistance doesn't exist,
only the flow is there in Divine Presence. We're   talking about your
own Divine Presence and all Divine Presence. The mind can create
resistance; the emotions can create resistance; the physical body can
create resistance, but when we expand all of that into Divine Presence,
it is non-existent.  It cannot, resistance cannot, live in Divine
Presence.  Creation just does not work that way.  So, again, I choose
and allow Divine Presence.  The energy is still rather strong because
you've not fully present in your own vehicle.  So bring yourself back to
fully anchoring, being fully present, in your own physical body, all
your fields condensed into one place. (Pause) And then again, I choose
and allow Divine Presence. Or you could say Divine Flow, you could say
Pure Creation, God's Healing, whatever words really accomplish that task
for you.  Good.  All right.

So we'll go to the next personal level here. Find another point in the
body.  Ask your body; it will show you. It would love being paid
attention to.  Ask the body, what would you like to heal?  Then put that
in front of you and set up a reciprocal flow with it. You might have
some realizations or you might just have sensation only. (Pause) If you
can, know the resistance deeper, remember resistance occurs because you
think you don't have a choice. You can ask yourself, what is this all
about? Why do I feel trapped in this?  What makes me think I don't have
a choice? Really contemplate that for a moment on this exercise.  What
pattern is running that makes me think I don't have a choice? What would
that choice be about? It might boil down to something very simple and
very basic like, I'm not good enough. I can't receive a healing because
I'm not good enough, or I can't accomplish all of this because I'm not
good enough, or I can't move into mastery because I'm not good enough.
There's an operating system somehow looping back to self-love.  See if
you can get where you've been trapped in a particular choice.  I can't
expand right now, I don't have the resources. I can't change my
relationship because then I won't have anyone. I can't move into a
better place because I can't afford it. Where is the can't? Where are
the roadblocks?  Where are the resistances being set up? Where do you
think your choice is limited or you don't have a choice?  What is under
that?  How does that go back to self-love?  (Pause)  Maybe it's I don't
deserve to receive help. Maybe you've helping everybody else very busily
to cover the belief system that you don't think you deserve to receive
help because you've not good enough or you don't love yourself enough.
They're all patterns. They are not who you really are. You are
beautiful, all-inclusive spiritual presence. We are all the same:
angelic presence, ascended master presence, human presence, it's all the
same creative process. We're at one. Again, focus on whatever resistance
is coming up, set up a reciprocal flow with it until it just transforms
because finally that shadow aspect is getting recognized, it's  getting
neutralized as well through recognition. Good. 

At this time I would encourage you to take as much energy as you can and
if it bothers you, giving you a little headache or sticking in your
throat or making your digestive tract do strange things, open yourself a
little bit more. That's just resistance at play. Take it out in front of
you if you want. Again it's I don't deserve it. I'm not good enough, I
don't deserve it. Let yourself deserve it. Let yourself gracefully,
easefully, open wide.  Expand your consciousness. You are not a limited
being.  You are infinity and eternity even with a physical structure.
It's just your casing that you've putting everything in; it's your
shell. Expand yourself beyond that point and ask for all resistance to
just dissipate now, because as spirit you know you have free will choice
at all times. The next step in that is just to be comfortable with any
choices you are making in any given moment.  Instead of struggling
against the choice, make a choice and get fully present with it. If you
decide to make another choice, then just change it and be fully present.

Now that we're in this expanded state, there is always a motivation. One
twist of human-ness is that humans want something, so a good question to
ask the self is, what do I want? Say it's with the relationship partner
that you have, or you've not in a partnership and you want one, or it's
about a health issue or whatever. Ask yourself what do I want? What am I
trying to get when I make a specific choice?  Maybe it's making a choice
to repel a partner.  What do I really want?  Or am I making a choice to
hold on to a partner that isn't quite right. What do I really want? What
am I trying to get?  (Pause)
Maybe you've trying to prove over and over to yourself that you are not
worthy of love. You've feeding a pattern, in other words.  So let's take
the pattern, I am not worthy of love; I am not worthy of deep love.  I
am not worthy of true spiritual transformation or complete healing, or
whatever it is.  Some pattern is running in there, not good enough, not
worthy of. Pull it out of your consciousness, put it in front of you,
sitting there like a nice beautiful gift. It's your shadow side. It's a
part that will operate to survive whether it's in your highest good or
not. We want to love it, and incorporate it, and acknowledge it's a very
important part, how everything works in a cell, it's a very important
part of that cell. It may be a little part that's sick right now, but
still an important part. So, set up reciprocal flow to the pattern not
being good enough. You can always set up resistance, always polarize,
because creation is good enough and creation is love, so that very
dynamic is the polarization there and we're   eliminating that
polarization. Keep going. You might see that dark side getting larger.
It might gain a little more power before we neutralize it here, so keep
it out in front of you, the reciprocal flow going, say; I trust my
divinity, I choose and allow Divine Presence, and I expect a complete
healing now, until it neutralizes. At some point it will just sort of
dissolve like it's no longer its own entity, it doesn't have a charge on
it; it's not an energy pull or drain. It just now becomes dispersed into
the consciousness as clear energy. (Long pause) Good. All right. I am
fully present. All aspects of my being are condensed into my physical
body. All aspects of my being are condensed into my physical body.

We're   going to do a little planetary healing. For those of you who
want to go on that journey it will continue to give you a personal
healing process, or you can stay with whatever is going on inside your
body and be present with that energy and not necessarily follow along.
Whatever you feel like doing is fine. So, I'm going to go on a global
scale to the current polarization. There are actually many polarizations
going on, so it seems: maybe polarization between two different ways of
living, polarization between different religions, polarization between
war and peace, lots of polarizations going on that are creating battle,
lots of resistance, costing lives and damage to the environment, many
things going on as a result of this resistance, this polarization. We're
going to boil that down. If you can get a picture of all these
polarizations going on, each one has a root going down, a thread. If you
can trace that thread deeper they all lead to the same seed, one seed
resistance showing up in many, many forms. We're   going to go into that
seed and sort of pluck it out of the consciousness of humanity. It shows
up to me as being buried in the Earth in the Middle East.  But whatever
image --- your consciousness will give you whatever image is best for
you to work with in the healing process here. So let's pull that one
seed of resistance, that one seed of polarization, pull it out,
literally put it right in front of you and begin the reciprocal flow
with it.  I like the symbol of infinity. It's a little cleaner inside
the body, but you can set up a circular flow, receive it on your left
and send it out to your right. We want an energetic relationship with
the seed of resistance for the entire planet. 

Whenever you expose a dark side or a dark element --- by that I don't
mean a darkness, per se, it just means shadow, something that works
against the way creation actually operates. Whenever you reveal it, the
energy shifts. That's what transformation is: it's becoming aware that
that's the way the consciousness is and then making an energetic effort
to do something else with it.  So we're taking the power of resistance
out of this seed thought form and we're taking the tendency to polarize
to the point of righteous death and destruction out of this main seed.
If you would, continue to create reciprocal flow with the body. Your own
physical body is going to go through all of its lifetime where it fed
this seed of resistance. So we're basically winding through the body,
taking away the power that you previously fed to this, any religious
wars you were in, any other polarize argument, even now, peace versus
war and whatever else is going on, but particularly --- I'm seeing a lot
of past lives being cleared, the wealthy and the slaves, one religion
and the other religion, one kingdom and another kingdom, all of that
being cleared.  Good. 

Notice, please, what is happening with this seed energy. Is it
shrinking?  Is it getting less?  Maybe it's fading; maybe it's becoming
more porous or more fragile.  Keep sending the reciprocal energy. It's a
very deep pattern.  If the energy seems to get very sluggish and it's
hard for you to keep a reciprocal flow going, ask for a boost of light.
Choose and allow a boost of light --- a booster --- I'm not sure I've
got the right word there --- a reinforcement of light coming into the
body to give you a little more energy here. And let's always think of
the resistance out in front of you as no longer having any power, just
by virtue of its having been pulled out and exposed. It has lost its
power; it has lost its food, if you will. What feeds resistance is to
stay hidden. It's not hidden anymore; it's right out there in front of
you, so its power will wane just because of that.

Now, I'm winding through many members of humanity, particularly in
certain countries involved in all this conflict and in certain religions
involved in the current conflict. While I'm doing that I'm gong to ask
you to keep sending reciprocal flow, or you can work on a personal issue
and the energy will continue to run.  (Long pause and outbreath) I'm
going to try another approach here.  I'm going to ask Melchezedek to
pick up that seed and hold it, putting light into it from his eyes, kind
of a laser breaking it up, making it lighter. And from there anyone
tethered to that seed is going to get the energy delivered up through
that tether right into their own thought consciousness. This is about
reminding people that they do have a choice, that they're not being
victimized, therefore the do not have to keep attacking, or
counter-attacking, or whatever. You want to see a new seed thought to
choose for yourself, and only yourself, not for everyone else, and that
being implanted, if you will, in the minds of those members of humanity
who are deeply, deeply rooted in resistance. It's going to give them
just a little counter-seed thought there. If they don't want to give up
the old seed, they can at least have both present and can choose to feed
one or the other unconsciously. We'll see what happens there.
Melchezedek is giving each one of them options. 

There are some leaders gathering --- and gathering and gathering --- to
disuss how to create peace and harmony in the Middle East, most of them
from within that region, from that region and of that blood and of that
Earth. I really want to support their effort and see if humanity in that
region will begin to accept the idea as at least possible to at least
imagine peace, imagine where it could be if these old thoughts stop
recycling. And then, likewise, your own life can be much more simple. It
doesn't need to be struggle, polarization and resistance. It can be Oh,
I have a choice. I'll make this choice.  It doesn't matter if everyone
else makes the choice or not. Don't go there: the whole family has to
make the choice. No. Just make the choice for yourself. Period. That's
the only one you have power over, your own self. 

While Melchezedek is doing that, I'm going to call your attention back
to one more personal thing.  Let's pick a task that you have avoided
doing.  Maybe it's  organizing something, maybe it's  a letter or buying
something that you need, a task you have resisted doing, that you keep
putting your energy toward and then not doing, or thinking Oh, I should
do that, and then not doing it.  Take that particular task, put it out
in front of you and set up the reciprocal flow with it. It should rather
quickly dissipate now because we've done this exercise enough times.
And then make the choice: I choose to delete the task or I choose to
complete the task.  Then give yourself a date: I choose to delete it
now, or I choose to complete it by 8:30 this evening or by the end of
work next Friday.  Pick a time if you choose completion.  (Pause)  Good.

Let's go back to the image of Melchezedek working with that seed
consciousness.  I think it's looking very good, at least the seed in his
hands has been transformed to primarily light instead of dark. (Pause) I
just saw him break it in two, tapped it over his knee to break it in
two.  He's really making some symbology here, that it's time to get on
with peace.  Interesting that he chose to break the seed of resistance
into two. Now he's grinding them against each other to powderize them.
Another good image, to take polarities and rub them against each other
or bring them into the same energy field.  Again, they're neutralized,
so that's the symbology that he's working with there.  He's that's
powderizing the seed so it can't have form anymore.  Now, with the
leaders in that area that are coming up with plans, plan after plan
after plan, some parts of the plan are accepted, other parts are not.
What we want to do is have everyone move into the same frequency so they
begin to resonate with each other, begin to have similar visions or the
same vision so instead of Oh, that's your vision, it's not mine, they
begin to have the same vision at the same time that peace can exist and
how it can be prosperous for everyone and beneficial to everyone.
(Pause)  Good! 

That was just so wonderful I would like to mirror it into the body.
Within your body, if you have any system working against another system,
like the immune system working against some parasites, or your neck
working against your shoulders, we want to go into the body, create a
specific frequency within the body, around 8 Hertz. That's what
everything resonates at normally.  Ask for that frequency. And for all
aspects of the consciousness within the physical to begin to resonate or
harmonize on that exact frequency of health and well-being. That is
health and well-being. It's just under 8 Hertz, between 7 and 8. I
choose and allow all cells in my body to resonate at the exact frequency
of optimal well-being which is between 7 and 8 Hertz. (Pause) Good.
(Pause) The body will begin to physically change.  It begins a morphing
process to make all the energy shifts. Some of them happen very quickly,
some of them over a few hours, maybe as long as three days.  It should
not be any more than three days to integrate. If you don't feel
perfectly well and balanced by Tuesday, There's probably some more
resistance operating, in which case you might want to get a session or
do some more inner work or do something. But I think that we've really
done a nice piece of major work here. You can choose grace and easy in
the integration process, integrate rapidly, stay balanced, stay in the
optimum health frequency and stay out of polarization, stay out of
resistance, just go with the flow. Whatever is the easiest flow is what
I would recommend you put your attention to out of self-love. Flow,
flow, flow. Enjoy feeling good. You do deserve that. You are worth it.
You are love. How could there be a polarization of self-worth issues
when that is your essence?  You are love.  Your entire creative make-up
is love manifest.
No matter what it looks like on the planet, it's important for you to
remember who you are.  All right. Good.

Thank you all very much and my love to you.

Djwhal Khul 
This is the end of Part 2 of 2 Eliminating Resistance and Polarization
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