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Online Channeling and Messages

May 2, 2003


Greetings Everyone!


The energies have been stranger than usual this past week. Not necessarily in bad ways, but extreme. There is more information coming through that we can assimilate consciously. We are being infused with knowledge and knowings far beyond our cognizant grasp. Many have expressed to me their frustrations at knowing that hey are receiving information yet are unable to pull it forward into their minds. This is not necessary. What we are receiving is beyond this place, beyond our rational capabilities. What we must remember is that we are more than the dense manifestation that we know as our bodies, our human selves. What we are getting will surface as we need it.


I have also had a huge number of reports of continuing dimensional overlays. This is appearing to many of you as flashes or columns of light, or as if the world suddenly tilts or appears hazy. Others of you are experiencing these as a diffusion in your vision which might appear much like rain when there is none or as clouded vision.


In all of the new perceptions  it is important to remember that you are not alone in your experience. You are not losing your minds. On the contrary. In many ways, you are returning to what you already know. Remember to breathe. Relax with your experiences no matter how amazing they seem at the time. If you find yourself without anyone else around who understands, search out others who understand. There are more than you think! Too many people remain quiet about their experiences because they doubt the validity or are concerned about what others might think. Be who you are. We are everywhere!!!


The earthquake activity is escalating just as the Masters have said it would. Of note, there was a 4.5 quake in Rome, GA, USA, which is an anomaly. Also, there was a larger one in Turkey yesterday which caused many deaths and much destruction. Our prayers are with all who have been affected. We will be seeing more activity of this kind as the Earth attempts to balance with the energies upon and around her. We are also witnessing weather anomalies… huge and powerful storms, large hail and fast winds. This will continue as the weather patterns change. There is a lot of glacial melting which is changing the temperatures of the oceans. This in turn affects our weather patterns.


We have also been experiencing massive solar flares this past week. My point in all of this is that we are affected in many ways. As Beings of the One, consciously or not, we are affected by everything that occurs both in this reality and beyond. We must realize that we have the choice to change our experience by raising our consciousness above all that we are experiencing. It is much simpler than we think. It is really a matter of remembering that we do have choices. That is the first step. The second step is to step outside of our selves, our fears and into a greater reality. That of the One.


I have a huge response to the Master’s message from two weeks ago which spoke of genetically altered foods. Many of you expressed concerns as to how to know the difference. One of our readers kindly sent the following info that I thought would be beneficial to all:


She says “…the SKU on their produce tells a lot about it. A standard four-digit number means "Conventional." A five-digit number beginning with 9 means Certified Organic. A five-digit number beginning with 8 means Genetically altered.”  I found this to be extremely helpful!


Once again, remember that your experience is based purely upon the choices that you make. Each one of those choices has the potential to take you down a different path, a different level of growth and experience. Yesterday, as I walked into the grocery store, I nearly ran into a woman who was being handcuffed by a police officer, I assume for shoplifting. Our eyes met and there was a communication between us that was beyond words. I wanted to touch her and tell her that nothing was as bad as it seemed. In her eyes I saw the recognition. I wondered what led her to that choice in that  moment, and I realized that it affected much more than her. This was much bigger than her, but in her desperation she had forgotten that she had a choice. What I finally realized was that this woman was validating her own feelings of less than perfection. Hard to watch yet I had a sense that this was a pivotal point in her life. She had begun to believe what others had instilled upon her. We are all perfect. There is always a choice. Whether we remember that or not is up to us.


I wish each of you the personal freedom to choose which path, which road, which perfection that your journey will follow. You are as free as you allow yourselves to be. Be in peace.





Online Channeling

May 2, 2003


Antallah antui ahanshalla tui esi asi  From the light of your own perfection we greet you.


It is that we wish to speak to you of the coming times. There are many changes occurring within your realm, within yourselves. That which is the reality which you have known is changing. That which is the consciousness from which you have perceived is no longer that which is has been.


The doorways are opening. The communication among worlds is becoming. That which has been your perception of limitation, of alone-ness is moving into the Light and away from the darkness.  That which you are is becoming evident as your realities are changing and that which you know is beyond words.


Those things that you sense, yet cannot express have become a part of you, harmonically shifting your very make up toward that of remembering the ancient knowings. You are coming full circle back to yourselves.


As the energies come into your local area of the Universal pathways, they are merging with you. These energies are carrying information in Light form which enters you between your particulates within the null zones, re-harmonizing your very structure into the now which is the same now that has always been. There is  and has always been only one now.


The re-harmonization which is taking place within you is returning you to your Light being-ness, restructuring your very make-up toward a perfect synchronization with all things. With this comes a higher awareness within you. What you had forgotten to perceive is coming forefront to you. What you had forgotten that you knew is reentering your consciousness.


And what does this mean to you?  What difference will these changes make in your lives?  Why is it that now you are experiencing these changes when you have struggled for so long to know your purpose, to gain the cosmic understandings which have eluded you to this moment?


Dear Ones, it is simply that in your evolutionary process you have blocked your rememberings with your more human natures. In such a way, you have filtered that which is from that which you think. In other words, your thinking selves have over-ruled your perceptivities as beings of Light.


What this means to you is that you are becoming of yourselves once again. You are coming into a state of awareness from which you can instantaneously assimilate the knowings which are given in each moment from within the Universal communication network.


You are becoming sensitized once again to all things in such a way that you begin to move into a more intuitive state of being. You are becoming telepathic once again. Your intuitive selves are moving to the forefront. You are remembering that which is the relationship from all things to all things as well as your part in that relationship.


Once you have maintained a grasp of the elusive concepts of which we speak, you will become of Light once again. It is not to rationalize these events, rather to allow them to become of you.


In this now, there are certain aspects within the entirety of the Universal interrelations which are causative to your changes. That which is Light is becoming of an intensity unlike any other time in your realm.


The structure of you is changing. That which is your DNA and other aspects of you are being rewired. The impulses from one aspect of the chains of proteins to the nest are developing new relationships. You are being rebooted in every way.


As this occurs, you are releasing from within you with a magnitude that often seems unbearable. Your emotional issues are front and center and you feel as if you are not of balance. The truth is that you are coming of balance and this feels foreign to you as that which you have held is no longer of necessity.


Your lives are changing overnight. Do not resist the change. Rather, allow yourselves to be carried with the current of those changes to a greater reality. It may not feel that way in the moment, but new doorways of opportunities are opening for you. In those changes you are shedding that which you no longer need.


You are being given opportunities to walk through those new and different doorways so that you may re-harmonize within the all. To do so means to let go of all that which has been keeping you Earth bound. It is to let go of those emotions which do not serve you. It is to realize that the only thing that makes you powerless is you own perception of less than perfection.


No one can take the power of you. It is yours. It is your unique place within the relationships of all things. It is to act from within those relationships from a platform of your uniqueness. In such a way, it is to realize that power is a perception. Perfection is Truth.


To remember your Truth is to allow the power of all that is to rise within you. Upon that rising you will find not the perception that you had imagined, rather your innocence which had become lost in your journey. Within your innocence resides your true nature. That one which has no judgment, no prejudice, no fear. Simple being. Now there is your real power.


You have confused your perceptions of what it is you are seeking. Mixed with mentality, emotional clouding and social pressures, that which you believe you are seeking has become convoluted with the imagined truths of others. What is your truth? What is it that your hearts say to you when you struggle with decisions, with what it is you feel about yourselves? Where have you hidden the truth that you seek? It is there within you.


Reach past the illusion not with your mind, but with your greater perception of reality. Step outside of your comfort zone. You will find that it is not so comfortable after all. That which is Truth is Bliss. Anything less is only as comfortable as you have convinced yourselves.


This is the true Awakening. To realize that which you are. From there you return to that which you have always been. Perfect in every way.


In the coming times, it becomes necessary for you to become aware of that which we speak. Having this conscious awareness creates within you a change of your vibrational frequencies toward higher harmonization. Once harmonized within perfection you begin to realize that that which you have sought was yourselves. And you are the One.


And so it is that we return to Light.




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