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Q: There are millions of books out about diet.

B: Yes.

Q: And I really want to investigate that with you. I have a lot of pain in my body and I feel it's because... a part of me feels it's because of what I eat, okay? So it's not just that I'm making it up, but actually a chemical thing is happening when I eat sugar, or when I eat white flour and grease or something, right?

B: All right.

Q: So I've been having this battle, and I think that's part of the problem, and I really want to go into this with you. I don't know... okay, I say I'm going to clean up my diet because I want to feel better, but then I create a tension because I also want to eat certain foods. You see?

B: Yes.

Q: Like I want to go and have a donut and coffee.

B: But that is because you think you are depriving yourself of something.

Q: Right. Okay, so I have been through all this for years. So then I say, right, it's better not to deprive yourself, go out and have it, enjoy it, get it out, if you want to have it, go for it... right? And then I start feeling physical...

B: All right, one moment. Understand that what you are doing, to some degree, is simply making the assumption that if you recognize that your body consciousness is telling you that you are now of a vibration where the ingestion of certain foods does not agree with you, in recognizing that to be a truth for yourself in that moment, you can also, if you relax into that realization and do not judge yourself, realize that you do not have the urge to eat it.  Only in the next moment when you judge that you may be depriving yourself of something do you create the urge, and the panic that goes with it.

Q: But wait a minute... what I think is... okay, I understand what you are saying.

B: All right.

Q: And also, how about... like I wonder, well maybe I just think the food's bad.  Maybe if I created the idea that I can eat anything I want and be totally fine?

B: Yes, you can do that too.

Q: Okay, I say to myself, why not create the idea that donuts and hamburgers are just fine, and my body does not respond negatively, right?

B: All right.

Q: So that's one thing...

B: But does that actually fit the vibration that you know yourself to be?

Q: Well, I would say, not really... but then how come, although I can eat vegetables and brown rice and good food, there always comes a time when my body says, hey, I'm bored, and I want ice-cream and whatever?

B: All right.

Q: And then I do that, and then...

B: Why not trust your body consciousness yet further, and allow yourself to attract yourself to an alternative that will not affect you negatively, but will satisfy the same idea.

Q: Like... what do you mean?

B: Like you might find someone who will introduce you to something new that will make you feel like you are eating ice cream, but you will not have the same reaction.

Q: Oh, I'm not just talking about ice cream... but I know what you are saying.

B: I am only using your example.

Q: I know! I know, I realize that... I know it's like, if you want a candy, eat an apple, or whatever! If you want a coffee have a...

B: No, no, no, one moment, one moment, one moment. Understand that it is not the idea of forming a structure, yet again. We are simply saying that if you are willing to continue to trust the same body consciousness that lets you know what vibration of food matches the vibration of the being you are, you will discover something that will satisfy you as an alternative.

Not that you have to say, all right, let's see, that is a substitute for that, I'll do that, okay. No. You are falling into the same idea of urge and deprivation by doing that. It is simply trusting that whether you are even cognizant of what that food may be or not, in that moment you will find something, if you need it, that will satisfy you and not conflict with the vibration that you are.

It may be something you have never heard of. It may not even be food! Allow yourself the opportunity to know that your body consciousness will attract you to whatever represents the vibration that will match you, whether it is food or not.

It can be a situation that will ease the craving; a circumstance rather than a food. It can be an experience; something exhilarating that will make you forget you are hungry; because you are not really hungry. If you can forget that you are hungry, then you are not hungry. Do you follow me?

Q: Yes, I do.

B: Now, allow the idea to be a little bit broader than just the idea of food. For food is only a symbol of sustenance, of support... of self-support. It is only a symbol.

Q: Okay, I want to ask... I have this belief or idea that food causes disease. Okay?

B: Food does not cause disease.

Q: Okay, okay, okay... let me just play this out here. So people get whatever disease they have because the body's toxic, okay?

B: In a sense.

Q: So I have this judgment on myself that, oh, obviously I feel arthritic and full of pain because I just ate, for three days, anything I wanted to.

B: All right. Why are you creating that idea?

Q: Well, because... then I say, okay... well, this is what I asked you before... what about saying I could eat anything and my body doesn't have to have that kind of pain?

B: All right.

Q: Well, that doesn't seem to work.

B: But understand, again, it is because you are attempting to do something that still goes against the grain that you know yourself to be, rather than letting yourself flow. You are making the assumption that you have to replace all of this with all of that.

Q: No, when I let myself flow, I eat what I want! And then I feel that that's why I have pain... or maybe that's not why I have pain...

B: But you are still creating the association. It is the same thing. You are giving yourself pain when you do not eat - emotional pain - when you do not eat what you feel you want to eat, because you feel you are restricted. And then when you allow yourself to eat unrestrictedly you give yourself physical pain. You are giving yourself pain in both scenarios because you are making it an either/or situation.

Q: Right.

B: Rather than simply going with the flow. Even when the flow may bring you something that has nothing to do with food as what will sustain you. We are simply suggesting that you are limiting the definition of the experience and so you are finding yourself cornered, going back and forth between the only two things you think will fulfill you. And there are many other things and situations that could provide the same idea of sustenance.

Q: Okay, I'm at the point where... is my body reacting because I think food makes me sick, or is my body reacting because chemically food makes me sick?

B: There is no difference between the two, fundamentally.

Q: Well, yes there is... I could change my belief.

B: One moment. If you accept the idea, in general, that there are certain chemical substances within your physical reality that will make anyone generally sick to take them, you will abide by that belief.

So, simply you can understand that by testing that out, you are showing yourself that you do believe that that particular idea, with that particular substance, is a representation of your agreement to go along with the mass reality belief about that particular substance. All right, well, and good, and at the same time, you can recognize that that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to change the belief about that. Having that belief about that substance might be serving you, in the way that it is, to allow you to find something else, not just food that will sustain you. You follow me?

Q: That's interesting about finding other things to sustain you besides food.

B: Yes.

Q: But the thing about pain... I'm just wondering... I think that there are real things that cause... I think there are real things that I ingest that cause me pain, not just the idea.

B: Both are the same thing.

Q: I hear you saying that, but...

B: Understand that the "real thing" is only your agreement to go along with fundamental universal reality that all agree to abide by, that you call laws of physics. But you all created them together. Abide by some of them, you will.

Q: Well, why don't we write a million books on how to change our ideas about buying into beliefs about chemicals? I mean why are there a million ways to clean out the body... why don't we just write a book about changing our ideas that food is "dirtying" your body?

B: Many individuals have. But simply recognize that you have written a million things because there are millions of you, and each and every one of you, for you, is the way that you need to be. Now, it can work, in general, for many people because they agree to have a general concept that a certain physical reaction will generally occur to everyone. But understand, there will always be exceptions. You can be an exception; we are not saying you can't be. Simply allow yourself to know that, if for the moment you are choosing not to be an exception, then let that be an indication to you that there is something else that will do the job.

It is the same idea as saying you are choosing to look at a sign as a wall, as a block, instead of a sign telling you turn left and turn right. Turning left and turning right, when you encounter that wall, is the way to go straight ahead. So you are simply saying, well, here I am having this conflict with the idea of putting this in my body and it creates this reaction, so obviously, I have a belief that it is going to create that reaction. Now, why can't I change that belief? You are insisting on trying to change the belief instead of letting the belief be a sign to lead you where you need to go to look for the alternative that will serve you. Do you follow me?

Q: Um... yes.

B: If you are obviously agreeing to go along with the mass consciousness about what a certain food will do to you, then take it as a sign that there is something going on other than that particular focus that you can begin to recognize. And it is not simply the idea that you must change that belief; it is the idea that the belief will change when you move in the direction the original points you. And if it is away from ingesting that substance, then allow yourself to attract whatever substance or situation will sustain you.

Q: All right. One more thing...

B: All right.

Q: .. I feel like, when I'm on my trip, I will think like, "oh, I'll want to eat everything and go everywhere, and I don't want to have to limit myself if I meet someone at their house and they say, stay for roast beef and potatoes." I don't want to say that I don't eat potatoes and roast beef, right? I want to be completely open to everything.

B: You are missing the point. The point is that when you know, when you know you are functioning within faith and trust, you will only find yourself in the houses that will serve you what will sustain you without discomfort; and that will automatically and synchronistically show you what will support you, without discomfort.

Why are you assuming that you will find yourself in situations where you will have to choose between something being eaten and something not being eaten, because there might be the choice of being discomforted?

Q: Because I guess I like food that is discomforting!

B: All right.

Q: I'd attract myself to that. I'd attract myself to the donuts and sauce. I

B: Why?

Q: Because there's a side of me, like, I'm saying that even though I get sick and everything, I go, Yeah.

B: But how is it serving you?

Q: I've been asking myself this for ten or fifteen years. I don't know. I don't know! I don't know.

B: I don't believe you.

Q: I don't...

B: When will you know?

Q: I think... I say to myself that it's serving me because it's showing me that I need to be more respectful of my body, more sensitive and all that.

B: Maybe.

Q: Okay.

B: What else? What else can it be showing you? What else? Open up, expand a little bit, it may not only be that. What else could that scenario possibly be there for?

Q: (Long pause) I get mixed messages, like I said.

B: Go ahead.

Q: One part of me says I need to treat myself better and love my body more.

B: All right. What else?

Q: And then the other side says that, no you don't, you're just beating yourself up because you want to enjoy good food like everyone else does in the world, so quit beating yourself up.

B: What else?

Q: I don't know!

B: One moment. Let anything come into your imagination, whether it seems to have anything to do with the situation or not. Now, what else?

Q: Okay. (Pause) Oh, I got something!

B: Thank you!

Q: That I want more stimulation, so I use food.

B: Ah ha!

Q: I want more stimulation and I want to live on the edge, so I use food that will, like, do something to me. And then I always have to pay for it later, but at least while I'm doing it, its stimulating.

B: Now you get the bigger picture. Thank you.

Q: So, maybe... I just got this... maybe I could find something that would stimulate me and I don't have to pay for it later.

B: Oh... thank you. (Audience laughter)

Q: (Laughing)

B: Thank you. Now let that sink in and see what happens.

Q: All right, thank you so much.

Q2: I have a question.

B: All right.

Q: What food do you eat, and how do you prepare it? Do you cook it, or do you eat it raw?

B: For the most part it will be the idea similar to what you have expressed as vegetable, grain, fruit, and so forth. Understand that for the most part it will be, as you say, quote/unquote, in its natural state. But understand also within our civilization we have an idea of food in a sense, which would seem and is, natural - organic as you would say - but it was not in that way, originally native to our planet.

It was created by our own consciousness, supported by our own mentality, and consumed and used by our own physicality, in that way. Therefore it will be a manifestation we have created, again, so as to utilize as little as possible of even the native vegetation. It will be similar, in that way, to vegetable, but it will be a creation of our own consciousness.

Q: So does it grow in a laboratory or does it grow in the land?

B: It grows in the land.

Q2: Is it one piece of something? I mean like a combination... one thing? Or is it that some are vegetable, and some are fruit?

B: It is one thing.

Q: One thing. Is that a combination of all of that?

B: Yes. Thank you.

Q: Thank you.

Q3: Can you discuss the idea of food for fourth density?

B: We can discuss the idea.

Q: What is it that our bodies are going to need more and more, as we become lighter?

B: We have discussed, many times, the concept of sustenance, food sustenance, that is more representative of your body, of the planet, in that it, perhaps, contains about 70% water, is more natural, raw, what you call organic in state, so that the life-force is in the food, so that the nutrients are in the food, so that there are no toxins in the food, that would deplete and tax your system. Obviously, the lighter foods, and if you will eat the foods that are lighter and more energized, you will find that you actually need to eat less of it.

Q: Also...

B: You will also live longer as a result.

Q: ...the idea of pesticides...

B: Yes?

Q: There seem to be many, many pesticides, and on one apple for example, there were five pesticides.

B: Yes.

Q : Just recently...

B: Yes.

Q: ..on one grape, seven different pesticides.

B: Yes.

Q: Is there anything we can do naturally to...

B: Well, of course.

Q: ..besides washing them, because somehow the washing doesn't help either.

B: You must understand that the idea needs to begin from scratch, with the way that you allow the food to grow. Now, there are, perhaps, a few things that could be done to remove, or shall we say, lessen the effects of what damage has already been done, but why bother? Allow yourselves to thus regenerate the whole idea of how you even access your food, how you even grow your food to begin with. And allow yourself to avail yourself of more natural means that are already part and parcel of the way the world works upon your planet, of the way reality works, of the way creation works, so that you know that you are getting what you need. And again, understand, listen to the concept of the ratio, listen to the concept of the balance of why your foodstuffs are being grown the way they are grown, and so on and so forth. You have in your mind, because of the way you have structured your society, this concept that you need to grow massive quantities of food to feed the world. If you would eat the food in a natural way, grow the food in a natural way, absorb the life force and the nutrients in a natural way, you would need less food, and what you could grow naturally would feed the entire population easily. You follow along?

Q: Sure.

B: So, it is an issue of balance. It is an issue of allowing the natural thing to be there to do its job, and give you the sustenance and support that you actually would naturally get, instead of creating certain systems that insist you have to do it this way, you have to do it that way. Which then builds up stress, which then causes a need for it to be done, in your eyes, in an unnatural way which compounds the problem of needing to do it more and more, and more and more—take up more and more space on your planet for the growing of that food, or the raising of this, or the raising of that. When in fact, naturally, you need very little of that, very little at all. Do you follow along?

Q: Absolutely.

B: So it is the mind set to begin with, that creates the ball rolling, that sets up the premise that makes you think that you don't have enough, that you come from an idea of lack. And if you go back to the more balanced way and let them grow in a natural state, then whatever it is that does get harvested naturally will be enough. And everything else that is thus shared with the insects, with the other animals, with the weather conditions, and so on and so forth, will be that portion of the food that is required to go back to nature to sustain the balance for the next portion of food, that will also sustain you and the rest of nature. You need to really understand the total, holistic, engineering mechanism that is the Earth, and how flawlessly it already works, if you let it—if you let it. Does this make some sense to you?

Q: All right, yes.

B: Is this explaining the concept sufficiently enough, as you asked the question?

Q: Oh yes, thank you.

B: Thank you.

Q4: Many people have used the word meditation tonight.

B: Yes.

Q: And I'm not understanding...

B: What is meditation to you? Life is meditation.

Q: Life is meditation. When I go inside to get in touch with my own awareness and sensitivities...

B: Yes.

Q: I leave imagination to the side.

B: No.

Q: It's not consciously left to the side, but there's a...

B: You are going into the dimension of your imagination when you meditate.

Q: Isn't imagination then a certain channeling of mind energy?

B: Not so much the idea of channeling mind energy, although that can come into it, but imagination is the conduit and the channel between all that is your physical reality and all that is not. Not that it isn't real; it is just not

Q: (Pauses)

B: Where do you wish to take this?

Q: I'm not sure.

B: What is it you are looking for? What do you find that the idea of your meditation does for you?

Q: It does different things.

B: Yes.

Q: When I was sitting here and the physical channel sat down in the chair in the very early start of the evening, it was quiet, and I just closed my eyes and everything stopped inside.

B: Yes. Which means you were infinitely accelerated.

Q: And then when you started speaking, I got incredibly drowsy.

B: Yes, it is not unusual.

Q: And I remained in that state...

B: You are disassociating, unlocking from realities you have previously considered to be the only realities with which you have interacted. You are disorienting from them and reorienting to other realms of yourself. That can, in your civilization, from time to time, cause the idea of drowsiness, as you are, to some degree, pulling back or pulling out of a strong focus in physical reality.

You are forming conscious connections while you are awake with more of your consciousness, and at the beginning it can cause the idea of drowsiness. So that you create a buffer that is comfortable in which you can experience that idea. Do you follow me?

Q: If this drowsiness... it sometimes feels like a block of wanting to prevent myself from delving into what actually is going on, or the energy that's going on.

B: It can feel that way, but you do not have to consider it a block. Simply consider it a sign that points in an unexpected direction - follow it.

Q: How do I shake myself out of that drowsiness?

B: It is not the idea of shaking yourself out. That is the point. Use it. Go into the dimension of imagination and explore.

Q: When I go into that drowsiness, I sleep.

B: That is only because you judge it. Go into it, and do not judge it.

Q: When I sleep, I lose the consciousness.

B: No. No.

Q: That's what makes me...

B: No. No. No. No. You think you do.

Q: I don't remember.

B: But that lack of memory is created. You are choosing to be unconsciously knowing. But choosing to be unconsciously knowing is the same thing as being consciously unknowing. Which is the same thing as being unwilling to know, consciously, what you think you know unconsciously. It is the same equation.

There is no need to carry with you the belief that you do not know what you need to know, consciously. It is only an assumption upon your part that you do not know it consciously, that creates for you a situation in which you can know it, which is only in the unconscious state.

Know that you know whatever you need to know, consciously, and allow physical life to also be part of your meditation. You do not have to shut physical life off in order to meditate. You can flow with it. And that can allow the idea of drowsiness to become dream-ness: dreamlike qualities, not drowsiness, but dreamlike.

Your life can begin to take on dreamlike qualities, and as it does you will recognize - if you choose to - that you are now living your dreams. And they are one and the same. And your imagination has functioned as the conduit that has blended physical reality and dream reality into one dimension of imagination. Which may, from time to time, have dreamlike qualities. But it does not have to translate into drowsiness.

Simply utilize your imagination. Recognize that it was your imagination to begin with that gave you whatever method of meditation you are comfortable with. So recognize, far from setting your imagination aside, your imagination is what was responsible for creating the type of meditation you do. Do you follow me?

Q: Yes.

B: Then imagination is the source of all you wish to accomplish. Go within that, and you will be awake and aware in the dream.

Q: Thank you.

B: Oh, thank you!

Q: I was wondering if you could help me with a confusion I've had for many years on just the topic and the activity of meditation.

B: Meditation.

Q: Yes. I'm always confused about what exactly I'm supposed to do, and how that differs from just thinking.

B: 'Tis up to you. Thinking can be a form of meditation to some degree. The idea however, most generally representative of meditation, is to allow yourself not so much analysis but more the idea of a seemingly detached observation—what you may most colloquially refer to as daydreaming. Now, have you ever daydreamed?

Q: Oh, definitely.

B: And in the daydream state do you not feel a little more floaty, shall we say, than when you are actually sitting there thinking about something in a very precise way?

Q: Yes.

B: Then allow yourself to recognize that in terms of what you generally call meditation, that energy, moved in the direction of the daydream, is more precisely representative. You follow me?

Q: Yes, but I don't see myself as an observer, or—what was the word you used—detached? Did you use that word?

B: The idea of detachment is to actually know that you are attached to everything; that is true detachment. Detachment is not actually separating yourself from anything. True detachment is actually encompassing everything, when everything is absolutely on the same level and equal; then nothing gets an undue proportion of attention. To many individuals that may seem like a detachment, but it is actually a very centered state of awareness and peace.

Q: Mhmm.

B: So allow yourself to simply expand in your imagination. Expand, expand, expand, expand until you feel, in whatever way is correct for you, in whatever methodology and by whatever terminology you feel so appropriate—expand until you are a bubble that contains everything. Then simply explore all of the different things you contain. That's meditation.

Q: Mhmm.

B: You follow me?

Q: Yes. And if I choose to focus on one of those aspects, then that would be meditating on that particular aspect.

B: That is all right.

Q: Okay, well that clarifies it.

B: Even analysis can lead you back into a form of meditation. It is also a form of meditation in and of itself. Let us put it this way: almost any particular state of consciousness can be one that you can ascribe to a form of meditation, as long as you do not bring worry into it. You follow me?

Q: Yes.

B: Simply observing, focusing, exploring, examining—no matter how minute—can be a form of meditational focus. The worry that often comes with many of the ways you analyze things: that is what is not truly, in that sense, meditative; so, similar state of awareness, but without the worry. All right?

Q: Great. I can do that.

B: Yes, you can.

Q: Yes. Thank you.

B: Thank you very much. Sharing.

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