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Did we just enter the Twilight Zone?
Aluna Joy with the Star Elders - July 2003

Note from Aluna…. It has been a long time since the Star Elders had something to say to the masses. Usually their messages come in sessions or in small groups of sacred site adventurers… but at this time they have a strong message to share. It is an interesting time we live in and with the Star Elder humor, wit and wisdom they can help us see a new perspective so the shift can be anticipated with excitement not dreaded with fear

Just as you thought life couldn't get any weirder - it did! You don't have to be a super psychic to feel that the energy has accelerated with a strange new twist in the last few weeks. Many are feeling a little dizzy or out of balance / out of body, while others are feeling just plan tired and taking some much needed cat naps. We are also seeing a trend of small and some not so small weird mishaps; from bumping your heads to full on life threatening accidents. Other health issues are on the rise as well. Some are feeling confused and feel stuck and without guidance. This transformational, evolutionary amplified energy has certainly got everyone’s attention. Something has shifted and you are not real sure what this means, what caused it, and how you fit into the new energy. You find yourself questioning who you are and why you are here with a renewed vengeance.

Now before you get all twisted up in this energy, like a slice of sour lemon you drop in your glass of summer iced tea, remember you are not alone in this. You didn't do anything wrong. The bump on your head or skinned knee isn't karma pay back, nor is your enemy attacking you. Simply put, we have all just entered the spiritual twilight zone. This may sound scary but we have to remind you that this is what you came here for. So we are a little surprised that you are not completely excited. >From our perspective that twisted lemon slice is tasting pretty sweet in that cool ocean of summer tea your floating in. This is just what you wanted, and we are here to remind you to as to why.

Do you remember that you came to Earth this time around for the much anticipated BIG SHIFT of the ages? Your not being here this time around was completely out of the question. That would be like missing out on getting tickets to the Big Movie Premier. You couldn't have that… so away you came… all in a big hurry to get here so you wouldn't miss out. Well the mission was accomplished. You haven't missed out on a thing and the front row tickets to the big show is in your pocket. You made it just in time!

Now being here for the big shift, the premiere for earth’s ascension, means that you will learn and enjoy energy fluctuations and accelerations without knowing fully what is going on. The big mystery of knowing you do not know, is part of the fun you expected when you bought the ticket. We are little kids exploring the world and we make of it what we will. It is like a big cosmic roller coaster, we scream on the way up and down, but we love it just the same.

Activated by eclipses, record breaking solar flares, this year’s solstice, that was aligned with the center 20 days of Mayan cycles (June 23-July 12), has acted like a place in between worlds, between the past and future. We have come to the end of what we know and are now crossing a HUGE evolutionary bridge to what we are becoming. So if you are feeling a little strange, ungrounded, tired, confused and just plain out if it, this is why.

So lets explain what is happening. Earth is a living energy source. Certain places on the planet have more energy emitting from them than others. Any time a location on earth rises toward the sky it is connecting to cosmic forces thus accelerating the earth and any living thing that gets in the way while this process is going on. Many adventurous souls are attracted to these powerful places as they simply feel good to them. It doesn't not matter if the person knows what is happening or not. The energy is received and used to raise that seekers consciousness.

Many of these powerful places are obvious and were marked by ancient ones in the form of pyramids and temples. Other power places may not be marked but are usually on mountain tops or other interesting raised areas of the earth. Even the crest of a wave in the ocean is connecting to the cosmic forces. This is why surfing, mountain climbing etc are such a powerful sports. So now you see why we are attracted to climb to the top of the mountain or pyramid, or catch that last wave, we intuitively know it is helping us adjust to rising energy.

If you go to a mountain top that naturally receives and emits huge amounts of energy that also has remains of an ancient culture that honored the energy, now that’s what we call a real hot spot! An example would be the monasteries in Tibet and ancient cities in the Andes of Peru. Even in the flat lands of Maya, the ancient ones built temples on raised earthen platforms. They built pyramid atop pyramid to build energy within it to created a high energy spot.

So what is happening now is, through celestial alignments and shifts in time and space, Earth is now getting more energy. More is being received and emitted from earth in power places. ALSO… The radius of the energy field around power places has doubled, so more land mass is being activated than before.

How humanity handles this energy is related to how they have been living. No one is exempt from this energy at this time. All are being activated at a higher level than before. All are feeling it, even if they don't know what it is that they are feeling. There is no place to hide from it. Even those who live in very low or minus altitudes (low energy areas) are getting it more than before. If you are in a body and living on earth, you are in for the BIG ride. So hang on.

The people who had the time, or had the means to travel to sacred sites, mountain tops etc, over and over in their life time will find the raising energy a little easier to handle. These ones have become accustom to the powerful energy to a certain extent. It is not certain that they will be unaffected by the accelerations, but will be able to attune to it quicker and with greater ease.

If you are one of these energy junkies you are also here to help those who didn't have the means to listen to that inner calling and travel to the mountain tops or temple sites. They were busy keeping the world going for you by stocking the grocery shelves and paving the roads so you could eat and travel. These ones are going to need a little encouragement that it will be all be OK. They will find you.

For those feel they got the wrong ticket some how, or changed their minds and don't want to come to the big premier will leave and come back some other time. Again, there is no right or wrong way to experience this amazing time. From our perspective humanity is going through the shift of the ages and many out there in the cosmos are bummed they didn't get their tickets in time to join in the fun. So appreciate what you are experiencing as it is the best roller coaster in the galaxy.

So how can you deal with the energy today and for the next few years until 2012…??? Be careful. If you don't feel in balance watch your head so you don't get a bump… get sleep when you need it, drink water and talk to like minded souls to ease the worries you might be having. Remember the rules have changed, the cosmic landscape has shifted, so don't worry if things don't make sense. They won't. You have nothing to compare what is happening today. You are entering into new exciting territory. Things will not work the same as they did before and your motivations and passions will change with the new currents. You may not have clear direction for a while. SO… have FUN, and enjoy life.

We all knew this was coming, but isn't it a little strange that the day is upon us now! We had almost given up hope. We had heard about this so many times in so many ways that is had become spiritual blah ~ blah to our inpatient ears. But we are feeling the energy now and this is great confirmation, but also gives us new hope that all the inner messages we have been getting are coming to pass.

What is next after we cross the bridge to the future? It is a simple as this…. when we get to the future and what we are becoming, what we are is what we have become during this journey. So if you are asking what is on the other side of the bridge we are crossing… that is up to you! It is up to US collectively. So enjoy the journey. Have a joyful time and live with the heart wide open to all possibilities and expect the unexpected. Because what is in the other side, you could not have imagined from where you are standing now.         http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988, Sedona AZ 86339 Ph: 928-282-6292 Webpage: www.1spirit.com/alunajoy - E-mail alunajoy@kachina.net

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