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St. Germain: Delays Are In Divine Order

Spoken through Ariana Sheran

A Chat with Saint Germain about our Wondrous Future

My energies of love are with you.  I am Saint Germain.   It's lovely to be in your presence.

Sandora: We understand you've been so busy helping we who live on Earth.

Saint Germain: Well, it's not that bad because I simply make duplications of myself and send one off to do this and one off to do that while I sit back and just kind of relax.

Sandora: When are we going to learn to do that? (Laughing!)

Saint Germain: When you come over to Spirit. Yes indeed. It's a little bit like being a boss and having employees. You delegate and send them out on details, little jobs. Little do they know in Washington how many of me get around but I think some of the people are beginning to have a clue. I turn up in Russia and the next minute I'm in China, then I'm in Fiji and so on. Soon they're going to put two and two together and realize that maybe there's more than one of me.
Dalphiaana: That's pretty neat stuff!

Saint Germain: Well I am totally enjoying this time. I wouldn't call it an assignment because it is totally voluntary on my part but it is more like a mission with you on Earth. I have decided to come and put a physical presence, actual footsteps on the Earth. I'm making of myself a bridge between your planet and Spirit and people in the higher echelons are already realizing this because I pop into meetings unannounced or walk through the walls and sit with them in their conferences. They realize that there's something more to me than a human being so when all of this comes to most of the people on the Earth, rather than just a few, it's going to make a very big difference to people's belief systems.

Actually, people are going to need a set of new beliefs; the belief in life after death, the way of life beyond death plus the belief that those who are in finer dimensions can come to Earth and do missions. For many, just the belief of life after death is a phenomenal one because a lot of people go around in fear of death and it is the least fearful event of your life that will ever occur. Of course, the moments before the death, I can't give any promises there but the actual death process is magnificent and beautiful. It is a transition, a coming home. There is joy; there is love and caring that occur with this. It will be so marvelous when all of the people on Earth realize this. What is going to eventually happen is when people realize the process of death, they'll be able to give it up. You won't have to have death anymore. You'll simply step into another dimension with no death needed because what you see, you create. What you understand and believe you create and that's why there's still death on the planet. It's a tradition. It's the belief that "Aunt Mary died and grandma died so of course I'm going to die too." But this is not necessary. You can make for yourself another plan such as

"I'm going to step into the next dimension and stay there."

Dalphiaana: Cool!
Saint Germain: The energies aren't quite there for this but they're getting closer. Definitely it is happening and it will be wonderful. I care so much about the Earth's children, as do all of the Ascended Masters and teachers. It's like you're our babies. We want to hug you and love you and keep you to our hearts.

How Will the Children be Helped?

DeAnna: Speaking of babies, after NESARA is implemented, how are the children on the planet, who have needed assistance, going to get it and will it happen quickly? Will all the children get all the help they need? Will it be fragmented or are we finally going to be able to bring children into this world and meet all their needs?

Saint Germain: A very excellent question, DeAnna. Thank you. When NESARA comes into existence, it will circle the globe. Now, various countries will have various government changes, various rule changes so every single thing will not happen exactly as in the United States. However, all of those countries are required to have Constitutional Law, which is Common Law. Because of that, each person is treated equally and each child as well. Because the banking changes are going to affect so many people, there's going to be a lightening of economic pressures. The whole world is going to breathe a sigh of relief at once! However, the countries are given several weeks and months to implement their systems so it will take some time, especially for countries that are going to need a lot of assistance with this.

NESARA itself is going to lighten the load for the world's people and the world's children.

There's another way that the Earth's children are going to be helped. After NESARA is announced, the prosperity plan people will be funded. When many of these people bought into the plans, it was with the idea that they would help the world and to help humanity. Some of these programs will fund people millions of dollars. They will therefore have the money and they know that the money is to be shared. There are hundreds of thousands of people who will receive money. Each person will have a different pet project, something that is very dear to their hearts. They will have pet charities as well and so logically that is where money is going to be put. I think a lot of people who will be funded realize that one of the first things to combat on the Earth is hunger. Therefore, I think a lot of the people who will be contributing to charity and their pet projects will send money to organizations that deal with children or that deal with hunger. This is another way that the children will be helped. It will take months; yes, it might take a few years. Within five years, all of the children in the world should be very, very happy, joyful, have full tummies, be healthy and have money of their own.

Dalphiaana: Beautiful!

Sandora: I'm very concerned about the North American children because what they are often fed is dreadful. I'm also concerned about the food that is being sent to other countries as to how much of it is the same. Now we have genetically modified foods that aren't labeled. What is the quality of the food that is being sent to the hungry right now and will it help them be healthy?
Saint Germain: Thank you. Another excellent question! You will find, among the prosperity plan members, many of them who are nutritionally minded and many of them who are health minded. These people will be funding their pet projects. Therefore, they will be giving money to wholistic and alternative practitioners and spas. You're going to find that soon all of the rules for the alternative medicine practitioners will be eased after NESARA so that more and more people can legitimately do their business and do their healing. As with the feeding of all of the children of the world, changing this is going to take some time. However, it will occur and it will change the world. People will learn to be more responsible for their own lives. When money is not an issue, they will be able to purchase better food. As far as the genetically modified foods, definitely they should be marked on packages of food or signs in the store. You can be sure that many people's pet projects will be just that. A lot of money is going to go to provide labeling for those projects.

People who work in spas and clinics, where there are several alternative practitioners together, are going to be joining forces with medical doctors. They're all going to be working together so that no matter what occurs to a person they will be able to go to the clinic and be looked after. Alternative medicine is going to begin to affect the regular physicians, especially the family physicians. When money is no longer an object for those physicians they will begin to recommend hometown treatments that work just as well as drugs. The big corporations and the big drug industries are going to be squashed. Then they will not have such a huge influence on the doctors anymore.

A lot of people are going to wake up about medicine and their health. They're going to realize that the pills they're on are slowly killing them, especially when they interact with other medicine and they're going to demand natural healing. More and more stories are going to come out in the regular press with regard to Reiki, Johrei, spiritual healing and hands on healing. All kinds of beautiful stories are going to come forth also, where other people received healing by eating naturally or by eating certain foods for certain diseases. People will begin to realize they don't have to have radiation for cancer, for example. They can go to a clinic, stay for a month or two and have a good chance to be healed. "I'll have somebody there to look after me, to tell me what to eat, what to drink. I'll go outside to get fresh air, maybe sit on the beach and I'll be fine."

Money will not be an object. They'll be able to go there and this type of clinic is going to spring up in many resort areas so instead of going to a resort for the winter, you go to a spa for your health. You spend a couple of months, get really finely tuned and you'll be set.

Sandora: I've been looking forward to that for a long time. This is marvelous.

New Forms of Natural Energy

Saint Germain: Another thing that is going to come to the fore is going to be the differences in transportation. The big oil companies are going to have big changes in a gradual way. There are many inventors out there who are finding wonderful ways to power vehicles without smelly gasoline and oil. Good, clean, God's energy is going to look after the transportation. It's already invented. We just have to have the oil companies move closer to the background without the government regulations that are now holding the alternatives at bay. It's the same story with heating your homes and the energy that you use for lighting your home. All of this is going to be done without the public utilities. Therefore, you won't have to pay so many taxes and fees to the utility companies because you're providing your own energy in your own house with your own alternative ways of doing this. Won't that be wonderful!

Once NESARA is announced, it's like wow! You're going to see these alternatives come forth. It will be totally wonderful. It will take some time for this big changeover but the laws are going to change to be more for the common people than corporations. That is what I'm working for. Each and every person is sovereign on this planet including each child and each native of every country. The governments are there to serve the sovereigns, not to control them.

The Church of the Future Will Have Meditation Time

The churches also are on the planet for solace, for comfort, for sociability perhaps and the control that they have exerted on people because of all the particular dogma that they have created within their ranks is going to be stopped. Religion is another of those control agents that definitely needs to be modified. I want every single person to realize they can talk to God or Divine messengers themselves. The church does not have to do it for them.

Actually, the church keeps their people from talking to God because when they go to a service the church keeps their minds so busy there's no time for them to meditate and talk to God or hear what God has to say. I can't understand how come in church there is not more time for personal prayer. They should at least give people five minutes to do their personal prayers in the church service but no, they've got to have the service done within an hour, they have to get all of their points across and all of their programs as well. That is one of my pet peeves! (He laughs so we all did.) The church of the future will have meditation time! Yes, it will. We will have a revolution in religion as well. I certainly did get on my high horse about this. More and more can come out, the more your minds work and the more questions you think of. We really do appreciate your diligence. We can almost hear the wheels turning in your heads.

Our Changing Belief Systems

Sandora: Will there still be more separating of the wheat from the chaff in coming years after NESARA?

Saint Germain: Oh yes, Sandora. Yes. That will continue. It will, indeed, even intensify. It's true. You are in the final years but you aren't there. This entire so-called separation of people will occur until you get into the finer dimensions because people have that choice right until the big change occurs. They can change their mind and go the other way. As time goes on, many, many more people will go towards the Light. They won't commit crimes nearly so much because they have enough money and their families have enough food. Crimes of passion will occur no matter what, for example a fight in the family yet the pressures of economics won't get in there so the family isn't going to fight so much. It's going to smooth out family life. There shouldn't be so many crimes after NESARA.

Sandora: Will people be upset because they've been deceived when the hidden truths come out?

Saint Germain: There will be many people whose belief systems will be totally broken down and they may be angry. This will be healthy though, as it should last a very, very short time when they realize all of the advantages that are going to come to them. Immediately their economics is going to improve. Over time, everything else is going to be better, their health, their transportation, the place they're living in and their religion. I think that anger will be short lived. It's a normal thing for people to be angry in the circumstances but it won't last because all of a sudden you have extra money and you go to visit somebody a thousand miles away, for example. The thing is, the sky's the limit.

The information that Ariana shared in her last newsletter about the breaking of the belief systems and their rebuilding is valid. That is exactly what will occur and, in a lot of cases, it's going to occur very, very quickly, not like it took you, Dalphiaana and Ariana, one year for each chakra system as you went through it. For some people it's going to take much less time. The energies are quickened and it's going to be fun to watch! There'll be so many choices, so many people to help and so much joy. I'm sure you will be doing more travelling. People who love their jobs will stay in their jobs but there'll be many changes with regard to that. The job market will be topsy-turvy for awhile as people who don't like their jobs will not feel tied to them and they'll look for something they like a lot better.

This is a huge change. The Earth has not seen anything like it. This is a one-of-a-kind thing for the Earth and we are slowly bringing this through to you. We're going slowly because we want all of the parameters looked after. We appreciate your consideration of the time it has taken and we love each and every one of you, realizing all the time that some people are actually very disadvantaged because it's not already here. However, if we make certain that every detail is looked after, then the transition should go smooth and all of the changes should occur beautifully in the next year or two. That is what we're waiting for and working towards. I am working very hard sending out all my different bodies. Actually I feel very, very blessed to be one of those who is actually here on Earth in their bodies. It's kind of fun to be back on Earth again but even more fun because I can still do the things that I can do in Spirit, like popping around the planet. (Laughing!)

Light Centers Will Be Many and Varied

Sharon: Can you speak to us about Light Centers?

Saint Germain: Something like this is the type of thing that Prosperity Plan members would just love to have a part in and they will donate some money so that Light Centers can be built. Not only that but people are going to come who are drawn to this idea and they will come and do their part. Perhaps they will be builders, landscapers or people who would coordinate the first programs. It is simply a matter of like attracting like.

There will be many of these around the country. There will be lots of wonderful centers and they will each be oriented to the interests of the people that are drawn to them. There will be centers for education. There will be centers for healing. There will be centers for animals and this will all be guided. We thank those of you who are already following your guidance and going forth with these energies. For many, their dreams will be fulfilled.

DeAnna: I'm thinking of the children again, our aboriginal people and the tragedy of their lives with multigenerational abuse. I'm assuming that there will be centers specifically for this type of healing.

Saint Germain: Yes, however there will not be Light Centers that are only for aboriginals. This, we would like to get away from. Although aboriginals might make the Center and therefore they would be the ones who would probably come, it should not say, "This is an aboriginal Center," because we want the world's people to be together. We would like to see more mixing and matching.

Organizations such as the Red Cross should get a big boost when the Prosperity Plan members receive their funding and I would say that eventually insurance companies would go out of business. If anything happens, people will have the knowledge that they have enough money and they can handle situations.

The Delays are Not Delays

DeAnna: I am thinking there's going to be a big market for coordinators!

Saint Germain: Oh, absolutely (much laughter as DeAnna is a Red Cross coordinator!)

Everybody's life will be improved after NESARA, as long as I have my way, and things are truly coming into focus very well. All of the delays that you hear about are not delays. They are simply repositionings and improvements that are occurring so that it will all run smoothly. Anybody who is sick and tired of all the delays should take my job for awhile. (More joyful laughter!)
All Will Be Looked After Through the Changes.

Ariana: Can you imagine, Saint Germain is the world's most phenomenal coordinator. He's coordinating all the world's people and governments. He's a magnificent coordinator. It's been such a nice visit.

Sandora: What a job! He's doing very well, but my goodness!

He makes me have more hope.

Saint Germain: There is reason to hope and for those who are hopeless, and there are many in the world, will have a most marvelous surprise and awakening. I definitely want to watch that happening!

Dalphiaana: You're doing a fantastic job, Saint Germain.

Saint Germain: I am just thrilled to have spoken to you this morning. It has been a very great pleasure. As well, it's good therapy for me to just come and talk to you about what I'm doing and what my hopes are to people who understand and who have their own hopes and dreams about the same situations. All will be looked after through the changes.

DeAnna: I am still in awe every time I come to a channeling. Today it's Saint Germain; last time it was Elvis. Somebody asked me what did I do at the meditation. I said, "I hung out with Lord Michael." It still floors me!

Saint Germain: You are some of the brave ones who are stepping into the finer dimensions on your own and you are forerunners, each and every one of you who understands and endeavors to make these connections with us. Being forerunners, you will be called upon in the future to assist others who don't understand these things, and I know you know that. It's totally joyful for we, who are working closely with the planet, to be able to just have a nice visit with you as we did this morning. We brought out a little bit more information to answer a few of your questions, to calm hearts, to bring peace and to bring joy.

May love, joy and peace follow you in your week. In all things you do, remember Spirit is with you and we are not only guiding you now but also we are along for the whole ride.

I am Saint Germain. I love you. It is a joy to be in your presence.

Sandora: (Joyfully!) Keep up the good work Saint Germain!

Ariana: That was a good P.S., wasn't it! We have tears all over us. It was a lovely touch.

Spoken through Ariana Sheran
Saturday, September 20, 2003

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