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"The Dark and the Light are Uniting"
Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
9 Cimi, 4 Moan, 11 Ik     5/3/03

Greetings! Again, we come before you, dear Hearts! The events that we have been discussing with you are about to unfold. They are only the first in a series of announcements that will lead to our formal arrival upon your shores. When we reflect upon this time, we are filled with intense joy! We look forward to ending the cloaking of our vehicles of Light in your skies, and are eager to introduce ourselves to you. These occurrences will set in motion the final stages of our first contact mission. Our many liaison and diplomatic teams wish you to know that they dearly Love the people of your world, and are impatient to initiate a general debriefing with you concerning what has actually developed during the last five years of Earth's first contact mission. The Galactic Federation of Light is equally delighted to await your entry as a full-fledged member of this organization. Moreover, we are preparing the set of rules governing your union with both Agartha and the Cetacean Nation. Together, you will form a most magnificent new galactic society that will repopulate the now-desolate planets of Mars and Venus, as well as the reformed world of Maldek.

      This new star-nation has a most wondrous destiny. As we have told you many times before, it will become the focal point for a number of major conferences that will assist in reshaping physicality.  Let us elaborate.  Many of you know that your planet's core contains a massive singularity, which is the 'seed' that formed the Milky Way Galaxy.  Furthermore, Mother Earth possesses special electromagnetic fields that are regulated by the Sun.  The Sun, in turn, is strongly influenced by special inter-dimensional energies that emanate from this galaxy's central core.  Heaven has blessed this galaxy, especially Mother Earth, with a number of unique dispensations. Eons ago, when this sector of Creation was formed, it was chosen to be the major prototype for this Sixth Creation. Heaven carefully observed this galaxy and formed special, local heavenly Administrations for your world and your galaxy. Anchara was only permitted to bring its darkness into this galaxy because you are such a singular prototype.  Finally, for these very same reasons, your global society was allowed to 'fall' into limited consciousness.

      One way or another, you know these things. You are also aware that this galaxy is destined to transform its shape from spiral to spherical. That is, the arms of your galaxy will fold into one another to form an enormous oval ball, which, in Creation, has long been known as the 'starry ring of golden knowledge'.  Unlike other similar galaxies, ours will glow with a strong golden Light that will become a pathway to Heaven for all physicality.  The crucial component in this operation has been the transformation of your present, limited state of consciousness.  Shortly after your 'fall', Heaven began to correct this situation.  But, owing to the natural evolutionary process put in place by Anchara for certain dark Beings and their worlds, the final stages of this correction have been delayed until this present moment.  Now, the dark and the Light are uniting. This is part of the prophecy that Lord Michael handed down to us eons ago.  We have mentioned it to you before.  It sent us on a grand quest that has resulted in the transmission of the Galactic Federation's messages to every part of this galaxy.

     Because of what you are doing, your galaxy, now, is united. An exalted coalition has joined together and authorized a first contact mission in its name. Therefore, this first contact mission, supervised directly by Heaven, is a divine intervention.  As we have reported many times in the past, these factors have made this undertaking our most unique first contact mission.  As we move into its next phases, we are most grateful for the important lessons that we have learned from you.  You have taught us about how quickly a limited consciousness society can be transformed.  We have learned that our long-time opponents can actually be worthy allies.  You have also taught us that totally distinct fleets and peoples can be quickly integrated into one grand series of fleets.   And we have realized how the power and prophecy of Heaven can produce an astonishing sequence of grace-filled events.  In this, we feel most blessed and most grateful.  Soon, we shall meet, and the final, necessary series of events that will complete this first contact can be set in motion.

      As we await these events, we have initiated our final, pre-first contact surveys of Mother Earth and your global society.  Our Motherships are preparing to open themselves for your coming visits.  Our on-ship liaisons are concluding their many tour protocols for your visitations.  Our crews are eagerly awaiting the approaching celebrations that will be part of these formal proceedings.  We are human galactic societies that are transported with joy!  The time draws near when a rapid end will be made to the laws and lies used by your governments to keep us apart.  Soon, the truth will be revealed.  At long last, a new era will begin on your world.  That new era will thrust you out into the galaxy and make you privy to an inestimable increase in your knowledge of the stars and those who inhabit the countless worlds that orbit them.  We have framed this experience in a way that will free you of your darkest fears, and bring to an end your long xenophobia concerning who we really are.

      This process is part of the accelerated awakening set forth by Heaven.   As we have noted many times before, you need a mentor who, easily and lovingly, can help you through the last lap of your mutation into fully conscious Beings. This has been a trying experience for you. To further add to your difficulties, the last dark cabals on your world have engaged in activities that created the impression that a grim and unenlightened world was your only future. This has added to your uncertainty, and only slightly extended the time they have to control you.  Now, dear Ones, this time is reaching its foreordained conclusion.  The moment has arrived for a new and glorious Light to shine down upon your world.  This Light will cleanse you of the sufferings inflicted by the dark, and deliver you to the radiant future prophesied to you by Heaven.

      That future will manifest the many Earth changes you have heard about. Mother Earth, with her nine continents, twelve seas and five oceans, will become a place of wonderment.  Mighty mountains larger than any you now know will fill the land with undreamed-of magnificence.  At night, the skies will brim over with a thousand-fold more stars than you see, now, in your sky.  Two slightly smaller moons will also glide across your night.  One of them will possess an atmosphere less dense than Earth and be able to support life.  In many ways, this moon will resemble your former Earth and will become a place for you to honor all who ever have dwelled upon her.  Furthermore, you will reside in a solar system that has ascended, and become a true beacon for the Light.  Your Sun and her daughter-worlds, also, will be transformed.

      Earth's neighboring water-worlds will become your new residences.  Without exception, you will cease your habitation of their surfaces.  Only small colonies, formed around node-centered temples, will remain.  There, you will perform splendid rituals and use your natural abilities to maintain the life-force and vast eco-systems of these worlds.  Life on all of these many water-planets will positively teem.  Life-forms found only in your history or geology books, as well as some that are strange, even to you, will be seen there.  Your task will be to sustain these populations of flora and fauna.  You will see to it that their atmosphere is bursting with life and that the land and its surrounding waters remain as clean and pristine as possible.  Finally, you will monitor the energy fields that hold your solar system together to ensure that the proper balances are maintained.

      Today, we have discussed what is unfolding on your world and the events that lie in your future.  We ask you to remain undividedly focused and wholly prepared for whatever will be required of you.  Know that our formal appearance in your lives will be the sign that the final stages of your transformation are about to begin.  We now take our leave.  Blessings, dear Ones!   Know in your Heart of Hearts that the infinite Supply and unending Abundance of Heaven is yours!   So Be It!   Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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