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Conscious Creation
Online channeling and Messages                      May 31, 2003
 Greetings Everyone!

The past two weeks have been a combination of upheaval and growth. Our issues have been front and center, and we have been forced to deal with things that we thought were long ago resolved. We are finding ourselves faced with Karmic issues and the opportunities to make different choices which will alter our paths forever.


The energies have been high and at times chaotic. It seems at times as if the energies are rocking back and forth, lacking cohesiveness and therefore direction. Once the energies gain momentum, they begin to affect us full force with little mercy as to the intensity of our reception and reactivity to those energies. We are being carried forward, at times, kicking and screaming with resistance to what we do not yet understand, but still we go, moving fast and furiously toward unknown destinations in our journeys.


Last week the energies were causing bouts of dizziness and lightheadedness. Much of this was caused by an influx of incoming energetics which is of higher frequency than that to which we are accustomed. Some of this was due to the seismic activity that occurred at serious levels in many areas of our planet. Algeria, Japan and Indonesia were all damaged as the Earth mother shook herself in an attempt to balance from within her own energetic struggle.


There has, for many, been perceptions of imbalance from within. Visual manifestations as the veils continue to thin and in some cases even disappear.     

Synchronicity is at a high right now. Be sure to watch for the subtleties around you. They are everywhere. Doors are opening where you least expect them, but then when you think about it, those doors are opening with perfect timing to what we need and have created from within our intentional manifestation.


Be certain that when you set out your intentions to the universe that you remember to let go of doubts and fears. If you send those converse feelings out with your intents to manifest, you communicate that you intend to create whatever it is that you are trying to manifest, but that you aren’t sure your really want it or deserve it.


The universe can only do so much with those mixed signals. It will either do nothing at all, which leaves you stuck in the old and nonproductive reality, or the universe will create for you only what you have asked for but with delays or worse, less than you asked for. With those kind of results you are left with a sense of failure, as if your powers of creation are not viable. In fact, when you send mixed signals out into the universal process, you get what you asked for… all of it. It is to remember that what you believe is the reality that you create. All of it, not just the good parts.


Traveling to the various cities as I have been recently has shown me a huge variety of humanity. There are mirrors to each of us everywhere, whether it is to our needs or our fears, let us remember that each of us is an integral part of the whole.  Each person that we encounter is a part of that same whole.  Each being that we encounter has made choices that have carried them to this now, just as we have.  It is to remember compassion in each and every one of our steps even when we do not comprehend the choices of others.  Each being is a viable and valid part of the universal whole. By example we can remind those beings of this, especially when they have forgotten…


I wish you joyous journeys in each and every moment of your travels. Remember, the only imperfection is that which you perceive. There is perfection in everything.


Blessings and Light.




Online Channeling May 30, 2003


Antallah antui asi asi asi antanui ensui ansui anshallah Greetings as you are as we are and all of us being of the Beginning, of Light.


Many of you await the changes that come. You have perceptions of what those changes will be like, what they will mean to your ways of being, of what they mean to the fullness of your journeys. Ask yourselves if, as you wait, you are a participating part of those changes, or if you wait as a potential victim for the changes to become your reality, for the universe to deliver the ultimate blow to your reality.


What is it to create from within yourselves?  What is it to become that which you intend from the very essence of your creative processes?  How is it that you have the power to manifest from within you the very reality that you perceive?


What is the essence of your creative power.  Certainly not your thinking selves.  Not your emotional selves either.  That which is the aspect from which you create is the very essence of your being.  Your consciousness.


From within your consciousness, you do not create as a separate aspect from the entirety of all things.  Contrarily, you work as an integral part of the whole. As if the intentions that you send into the universal process are a glorious set of harmonics that represent the reality that you intend. As those harmonics move outward into the universal process, they communicate within all things, changing the reality of all things to that which you intended.


If you wish to become of harmonic alignment from within your manifesting processes, you must denude yourselves of all things that interfere with the progression of your intent. Once you have accomplished your freedom from the negative aspects that you would have otherwise sent out with your intent, such as your fears, your beliefs that what you are intending is greater than you deserve, your doubts as to your own power, you then become of harmonic concordance from within your creative powers within the universal process.


Once you have become of this creative balance, the realities which you intend become. They become quickly, for when you have shed yourselves of those things which are contrary to the reality which you are creating, you have begun to participate from within the moment. In doing so, from that moment, the universe has all of its aspects in harmony with you as well.


Once in harmony with all things, not only are your creative processes more powerful, so are your intuitive realizations, your abilities to receive and transmit that which moves beyond the here and now and into greater knowing both within you and universally. Transition of mind, body and spirit become possible beyond any imagining that you have had.


There is a point within you from where miracles occur, a point where, beyond your understanding, beyond your feelings of humanness, is the point of Light within you. That point of Light is your direct line to the Source from which you and all other things are created. When you find within you that place, that connection, you have found the power to live your creative process from a platform of perfection.


Those miracles which you can create are limitless in nature. Those miracles which you can create are a result of an alchemic process within the universal process as you learn to use your consciousness to change and shift realities. To do this, it is not to focus on a result, but to change your reality to that which you mean to create. We repeat: to create the miracles that you intend, do not focus on the result. Instead, create a belief within you of that new reality. In such a way, that reality becomes.


So many times as you move through your creative processes, you grunt and you groan as if pushing a huge boulder uphill as you try to create a new reality. Your struggle is simply because you do not belief completely in that which you are intending.


Of human nature, there are many aspects which cause interference is the creative process. There are the beliefs that you are powerless in the overall scheme of things. There are the beliefs that you are unworthy of the benefit of your own creation. There are the beliefs that others will judge you for what you have believed and created.


We ask you this: Where do these beliefs come from? Certainly not from your own perfection. Rather, those beliefs originate from patterns of behavior which has been handed down from one human to the next in a chain of dysfunction which becomes more and more dense each time those beliefs are handed to another person. Those beliefs become a part of the human experience which ultimately cause you as beings of human nature (albeit a temporary situation in the totality of things) to become of the view that you are separate and less than the perfection of all things.


All the while within you there is a struggle against these false values which causes you to question each choice and direction along your journeys. Conflict within. Density of being.


We ask you to cast aside those false beliefs. They are not perfection of yours and anyone else’s. Ask yourselves in any given situation what your true feelings tell you. Ask yourselves, where the conflicts lie. You will find that those conflicts belong to others and are not your Truth. The Truth is within you. It is only your awareness which has become clouded.


And how do you find within you that which is Truth as opposed to that which is not? It is simple, really. In any given situation during which you find yourself of any level of discomfort, stop, step back from yourselves and assess how it is your are feeling in that moment. Ask yourselves where the conflict lies. What is your fear in that moment? What is your fear?


It is that fear which is causing you to act against every Truth that resonates within you. Step beyond that fear and into a reality of your own perfection.


As it is, those patterns which are handed to you from one person or another, one situation to the next, are full of mistruths and misguided. They instill within you a fear of one kind or another. Often more than one kind of fear. You begin to believe that the fear is a normal way of being. You become comfortable in your discomfort. Reach beyond that which you believe that you know and into that which you do know. Yourself. All of the answers that you seek are within you.


Do you think that others intentionally bombard you with dysfunctional values? It is not so. Rather, those who carry forward these patterns of behavior are simply lacking the tools from within to recognize or step outside of the patterns. Often, they do not recognize the dysfunction at all. To them, that dysfunction is a normal state of being. It is a box in which they fit, all snug and limited. Even though they do not feel comfortable, they know nothing else.


And so it is that we ask you to find within you that which is the perfection of your being. That which is the Truth of your perfection. That which rises beyond the personal conflict within you  and outward into the reality of miracles. You are a miracle. You are created from within the source. That which is Light. In such a way, there can be nothing less that perfection within you.


It is only your humanness which causes you to misperceive yourselves. You, the essence of you, your conscious being, are the power of all creation. You. There is not a more magnificent creature in all of creation than you.


And so it is that we return to Light.




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