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Another Transmission from The Reconnections.....


My Dear Friends,

We move now, in our studies together, to an extremely important focus

of awareness. The reverberation of its truth is ringing through

every culture and into every household on your planet at this time.

We are speaking of your collective awakening to the knowledge that

each of you is creator of his or her own reality.

To many among you, this insight is old, old news. You have been

using it as a foundation of living for many years. But to

others....the rest of humanity....who make up that "critical mass"

necessary to initiate your full planetary awakening...the impact of

this knowledge is becoming thunderous! It is literally knocking the

wind out of you, on several levels of consciousness, even as it sends

your planetary mind and emotions reeling. Do you comprehend the

difference between an individual awakening and a planetary one?

You would do well not to say: "I know this stuff already." Parts of

you may know a few things, but a whole host of you is still immersed

in the fragmentation dream. You are not just one physical body or

personality. You are an entire universe. Part of you "knows

things," and part of you is still asleep in forgetfulness. Will you

acknowledge one part of yourself, and disown the others?

Those of you who have made up the "first wave" of this collective

awakening shall soon be able to reap the benefits of your hard work.

You have faithfully held this tone of "personal empowerment" for the

rest of your world. Soon, very soon, you will get a full reflection

of that idea, shining back at you--shimmering from many new facets of

your Planetary Jewel!


To use a movie analogy to illustrate what is happening now upon your

planet, we call your attention to a 1983 film which was called "War Games."

In this wonderfully playful, yet sobering tale--two teenagers,

playing around with their computer one day, inadvertently hacked into

a U.S. Department of Defense Database. Believing that they are only

dealing with a California Games Manufacturer, the youngsters began

playing a game called "Global Thermonuclear War," which happened to

involve the entire defense grid that stood between the United States

and the U.S.S.R. One mishap followed another, as the two computers

actually engage in a virtual nuclear war online.

As one can imagine, the resulting chaos was enough to put everyone's

teeth on edge. It slowly began to occur to the kids what enormous

power they were exercising. They began to notice on the news that

the U.S. was put on full-scale alert, because its computers believed

that the country is being attacked by Russians. In one powerful

scene, this young girl said to her boyfriend: "Omigod, David! Is

that us? Did we do that?"

My Dear Friends, this is exactly where a good deal of your planet now

finds themselves. Computers and online technology are merely a

shadow of the incredible power that is available through usage of

your human mind. And each of you exercises this power every day,

though only a few of you realize what you are doing. Soon, many more

of you will begin to comprehend what is happening to you. And the

surge of that realization will fry some of your "circuits," indeed!


We speak now about the many fluctuations of empowerment that are

beginning to occur on Planet Earth. We include in this discussion

all types and levels of flux--whether they manifest as fatigue

and 'weakness' in your physical body, a sudden lack in abundance in

your financial resources, or massive failure of the power grids which

govern the flow of electricity to your big cities.

You have just experienced such a blackout in the eastern portion of

the United States and Canada. And, regardless of what "experts"

determine to be the "cause" of this setback, we tell you now that it

is but a surface explanation for an electro-magnetic phenomenon that

goes far deeper than many of you can imagine.

In order to explain what we are saying, we would invite you to return

with us to the "War Games" movie that was mentioned above. Right

after they had made contact with that important computer complex,

notice how distressed these young people became when they realized

the power that was moving through them. Notice also what their sense

of distress motivated them to do.

They switched off their computer. Do you get the impact of this?

Having realized that providence, coupled with their own personal

acumen, had granted them access into the "Holy of Holies" for the

U.S. Defense Complex, they decided that the best thing to do was to

simply turn off their machine and pretend that nothing had happened.

Does this sound familiar? It certainly should. This kind of

reaction is simply one more version of "the grand cover-up," which

began with Adam and Eve, and continues today in every part of

society, all the way up to the White House Oval Office, where overly-

zealous Chief Executives mutter into media microphones: "I'm sorry.

I just can't remember anything about that."

My Dear Friends, it is human nature to run and hide from personal

power. After all, you came here from realms of existence where you

could literally accomplish anything, just by thinking it. You put on

physical bodies, and placed yourselves under the constraints of

physical "laws," just so you could get a vacation from the exercise

of all that power. And now, as your Planetary Veil begins to wear

thin, your collective consciousness is beginning to remember--ever so

slowly--that it is YOU who are doing all of this. And the mere

thought of that is blowing up light bulbs, shorting out computer

screens, and making you all feel like running fast for cover.


We have spoken at length about energy basics in other transmissions--

many of which compare your 3D life to a huge game board, featuring

you as the primary player. In each universe, the player/creator of

that universe is really the only one there (uni=one)--though there

are aspects of him or her who have forgotten this. It is this

forgetfulness that creates the illusion of separation and

interaction, which the Oneself finds so amusing.

An "energy flux" is created when a creator's gaze moves from what he

or she considers to be "self," in any physical space, to what is

believed to be "other"--whether that means a person, an object, or a

place--and then back again. Each time your consciousness goes

through this "loop" of comparison, a vibratory "pulse" is created in

your energy field.

The more "others" you must identify, when you go through these

perceptual "loops", the slower will be the velocity of your

universe. After all, each time your awareness "pauses" to identify

an object or person, in order to examine and identify it, your energy

slows down.

Vibrations in your current universe have been accelerating because

your mass consciousness is steadily integrating the New Paradigm of

Universal Oneness. More and more, your consciousness is learning to

simply say "this is me" when it loops around the game board. No

analysis, no muss, no fuss. Everything is you. There is nothing to

fear, nothing to examine, nothing to identify. Faster and faster the

gyroscope spins. This is the pulsation of your "ascension" process.

How high up in the energy spectrum are you willing to

declare: "This, too, is me" ?? The higher your consciousness goes,

the lower it will also go. Everything expands in spherical

proportion. The Guardian Spirit guarantees this. Light and Dark

will always follow each other, as they fulfill their mandate to

maintain the balance in this, your Reconnection Universe.

The more you learn to trust, the less vigilance you need to maintain

while playing the game. Your focus begins to narrow itself to a

pinpoint--a laser, even--as you adeptly search the game board for

reasons to say: "I am not alone! There is something that I yet must

accomplish." As you continue the scan--searching for drama and

intrigue--your universe always seems to provide. Meanwhile, the

velocity of your signature vibration continues to rise.

While this is occurring, your planetary body is beginning to slow

down. It is now entraining its movement to a Creative Center which

is now physically represented here, rather than aligning with a

nebulous "God" Icon that resides only within the heavens. Your

Spaceship Earth has become a Multidimensional Vehicle for the Oneself

Child who carries authority and power, while still represented in

physical form.

We are speaking about YOU, My Dear Friends. You are doing it. You

are creating and expanding, and you are doing much, much more! And

we are here to assist you as you remember, to encourage you as you go

through your loops and processes. We are Tour Guides, on a fantastic

voyage through the Unseen Realms.


From this point forward, whenever there seems to be a sudden "break"

in your 3D flow of power, it may help you to begin saying: "Uh oh.

I must have scared myself, so I turned off the power." Like David

Lightman, in the movie "War Games," you just couldn't handle having

so much power and authority suddenly at your disposal. And so, you

found a way to "turn off your machine," temporarily, and pretend that

nothing is really happening.

But something is happening. Little by little, you are phase-shifting

your way back to Godhood. And God/Goddess/All That Is will be coming

here as well. Indeed, what does it mean to be a God or a Goddess?

Literally, it means that you admit to having power--that you are

someone who OWNS your abilities as a Conscious Creator. Prior to

that, when you simply thought of yourself as " mortal," you were

still a Creator. You simply exercised your power from your sub or

unconscious mind. Even these decisions to turn off the power are

only perceptual constructs--ways for your 3D consciousness to "take a

break," and pretend you are not really who we say that you are.

Do not be afraid of developing a "God Complex" as you expand this

awareness. It isn't really "complex" to be God. You simply ARE, and

you let everything else BE as well. You admit that it's all you.

This concept expands with the development of a strong Watcher Self.


Those of you who have been participants in a serious power outage

have borne witness to the mind-boggling lessons that can come with a

rapid transition between bright light and sudden darkness. Your

electric power systems can bestow a tremendous sense of divinity when

they are functioning properly. They bring life-saving medical care,

eye-popping entertainment, mind-expanding communication and

education, and they also bring heat and coolness to regulate your

immediate environment.

When a "kink" develops in the system--when your perceptual "plug"

gets pulled--the contrast between darkness and light can be

shocking. It is your way of saying to yourself: "This is how close

together these two ideas flow." Rings of Darkness are forever

wrapped around even the brightest light, cradling it constantly with

a soft, velvety presence. Shafts of Light stand forever ready to

penetrate and illumine any shadow that draws enough attention to


In all of this, there is Oneness. It is beauteous and simple. It is

glorious and grand! And when you feel your 3D self beginning to

penetrate the Veil with any degree of clarity or precision, there

will be aspects of you that will leap forward, and scramble your

vision........so that you'll have to fight through heavy "mists" to

maintain a sense of focus.

This is the work of the Guardian Spirit, which is Keeper of the

Balance during your Reconnection to Oneness. It is the Soul of an

ancient promise, made long ago--and renewed, generation by generation-

-that no "extreme" of any polarity can be allowed to gain dominance

over the others for any longer than would bring true benefit to all.

And this sacred promise, The Heart and Soul of Reconnection,

continues to gain momentum and authority with each passing day.

The powers that battle for dominance in the World of Form are doing

what they are doing in order to maintain an "ideal." By forcing the

issue of their "program" for the world, they believe that greater

peace and security will prevail. This campaign has been given

certain amounts of latitude and power, to the end that it will

ultimately produce an expansion of energy towards your Reconnection

to the Oneness. That road is a strange one--winding and twisting

itself (and you!) in ways that don't always seem acceptable.

The moment this "ideal" begins to steer your Multidimensional Ship

off course, the Forces of Chaos (within whatever nation or

circumstance they reside) are granted power to "tip the scales" back

into whatever balance is required to restore balance and open your

hearts to the new vibrations. This infusion of resistance energy is

called "nubbing," and it refers to an activation of forces--both

inner and outer--that can scramble the psyche, and boggle the mind.

If you wish to get a clearer picture of this process, we invite you

to re-examine the passages in your Scriptures which refer to the

scrambling of human languages which occurred at the Tower of Babel.

And so........My Dear Friends.....you wait, you watch, and you

smile. You have nowhere to go, and nothing much to do. It's all

laid out for you, and it is all functioning perfectly--just like

clockwork. It's about Conscious Creation, not Subconscious

Victimhood. Life is not something that randomly happens to you.

Rather, it's something that magnetically configures itself all around

you. It is your mirror. It is your reflection.

In days to come, we shall be more specific concerning how all of this

occurs. We will not tell you this in order that you might

conceptualize, strategize, or maximize your control. Rather, we are

revealing these secrets to convince you that you can finally relax .

Let it all happen! Let it all be. Let everything express itself as

it will. This current lifetime is not about accomplishment anyway.

Indeed, everything that is happening here has already been

completed. Do you understand this? This life........or, shall we

say "these lives?".........has already been lived. And you are

simply here doing a retrospective on all the "loose ends" that you

have avoided or forgotten, all across time.

Each time you find yourself suffering from "chronic fatigue," you

must realize that your body has simply placed itself on "tilt." You

have been "nubbed." At such times, a person may hear voices inside,

that say he or she is "just not trying hard enough." In actuality,

the exact opposite is usually the case. Your systems have "failed"

because you have been pushing yourself, and you need to let go. The

same is true of countries, cultures, world leaders, and social

systems. There is a rise and a fall to everything. It is the way of

the Oneself.

Truthfully, it's all perfect. You must believe this. Everything is

lining up, exactly as it is supposed to. You become distressed

because your Form Ego is not given enough notice, and things happen

where you are caught unprepared. Don't you realize that this is

exactly the purpose for which the Form Ego was created?

Why would an all-knowing God fragment Himself? He does it in order

to create a version of Himself that does not yet know how the story

line ends. It's like forgetting the plot of a favorite movie, only

to return to the movie theater and watch it again and again. On some

level, you are acutely aware of every cause and effect that occurs

within your universe. As you bring this aspect of yourself more

conscious, you will lean more in the direction of your 3D world, who

will reflect for you the joy and amazement that comes from opening

the "surprise gifts" that life can bring.

Sometimes, you are an "innocent child," playing and exploring, and

determined to grow up. At other times, you become a "parent"

energy, who dances with and cares for the earthly "children," as they

go about their maturation process. At still other times, you become

a Star Elder--as you twinkle in the heavens, high above the crowd--

watching and smiling, and drinking it all in.

It's all you. It's all NOW. And it's all very, very good!
<end transmission>

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